Things to Do in Tiendesitas

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Date posted June 10, 2021

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Things to Do in Tiendesitas


Tiendesitas is a treasure trove of bargains, a dining destination, and a mecca for pet lovers in the city. Just like when it first opened in 2005, this was a friendly, open-air market subdivided into various “villages.” Recently redesigned and reopened as an air-conditioned space, Tiendesitas retains many of these original villages in its newly refurbished areas, making shopping even more convenient!

Many of Tiendesitas’ shop owners are run by small business owners, so you’re supporting entrepreneurs if you shop here. Though some stores sell products at fixed prices, you can still practice your haggling skills, which like in most Asian countries, is a popular sport.

Ready to shop? Have a budget ready, bring your shopping bags, and let’s go! 


Shop for Village Bargains

Just like its sister market, Greenhills Center, this is where you go for great bargains and unique items at its various village areas, which include Fashion, Furniture, Personal Care and Novelties, and Pet Villages, amongst several others.

In Fashion Village, you’ll find plenty of current fashion for both men and women, children’s clothes, some export overruns at marked down prices, bags, shoes, and even K-pop novelty shops with some of the trendiest accessories and memorabilia! You’ll find them next to with Philippine food sellers, personal care and natural health products like oils, lotions, and soaps; home improvement and hardware; and small electronics goods and accessories. 


Visit Furniture Village

Furniture Village is the furniture market you never know you needed – and not just on the holidays. Just like its counterpart in Greenhills Center, Furniture Village is one of the most accessible spaces for small artisan furniture, home décor and lighting accessories, as well as authentic regional handicraft items from all over the Philippines – even stuff that’s hard to find, like Christmas parol lanterns, capiz shell placemats, or classic Philippine lacquerware. This is why it’s such a popular stop before an overseas trip and a great suggestion for foreign tourists and homesick balikbayan visitors.

Most of the furniture and accessories are new, but some of their sellers offer antiques and vintage items too –pre-loved furniture, records, old comic books, and other sentimental knick-knacks.


Pamper your pets at Pet Village

Pet Village at Tiendesitas is a mecca for pet-owners, not only because it’s pet-friendly, but because it offers a very wide selection of goods and services for your furry pets, with over three dozen retailers ready to serve you. Looking for grooming services, pet food, a brand-new stroller, or a huge dog bed? You’ll find it all here.

Many long-time pet owners swear by the pampering services at PetVille by The Purple Groom, which is a hotel for pets, as well as a grooming service, just like Pretty Paws Pet Specialty & Grooming Center. Then there’s Pet Co., which offers clothes, carrying trunks and all other kinds of accessories for cats and dogs – and Pawfect, Animal Hub Company which offers organic food for pets – a good alternative for nutrition-focused “pawrents”. Cornerstone Animal Clinic also recently opened another branch of their clinic at Tiendesitas, so you’ll be able to give your furbabies medical care and TLC from professional, board-certified veterinarians. 


Shop for sports at Decathlon

If you love sports and the outdoors and visit to Decathlon is a must. This French brand prides itself on its value-for-money offerings, with clothing, accessories and sports equipment for over 70 sports, as well as camping and other kinds of outdoor gear. The huge warehouse-sized space allows for some in-store try-before-you-buy experiences and check out their gear personally before you make a purchase.

Decathlon makes shopping super easy and convenient. It carries the most generous return and exchange policy in the country, allowing you the period of 365 days (yes - that’s one year) to return or exchange any purchase, as well as a 2-year warranty on most products. In-store purchase returns or exchanges are best made in-store, while Decathlon will let you ship back returns bought through their e-commerce website for free.


Eat well and Shop Organic

No shopping experience at Tiendesitas is complete without dining or ordering takeout from its various restaurants. There’s Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Krispy Chicken, as well as delicious Cebu cuisine from Rico’s Lechon. Lovers of Asian food lovers can also choose from Tenya, KPUB Grill, and Oppa Chicken. You can also stop for light meals, all-day waffles, and coffee at Zullo Coffee Roasters. 

If you miss the bargain market or weekend market experience – Tiendesitas by Ortigas Malls is the place for you. Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas corner E. Rodriguez Avenue (C5), not far from Ortigas Central Business District, Metro Manila. Ortigas Land has also developed condos near Tiendesitas, like Maple at Verdant Towers. Visit the Tiendesitas Facebook page to get the latest updates and news on special events and have a great time shopping!



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