For more than 8 decades, Ortigas Land has been perfecting the art of life, work, and leisure by conceiving of and building master-planned developments that have become thriving communities over time. As a trusted Philippine real estate developer, we’ve built some of the tallest buildings in Metro Manila, providing Filipinos with spaces to live, work, and play.

From the road networks to condo amenities, Ortigas Land meticulously designs each floor plan and traffic lane, ensuring a smooth flow of people and vehicles to all points of the development. Convenience is our priority — we see to it that the members of our communities are near everything they want and need. Sustainability is a must; we build flexible communities that leave room for growth for the current generation and the generations to come while being connected with the environment.

Our developments exemplify the best of urban planning, creating spaces for pedestrians and vehicles, integrating greenery into urban areas, and drawing a clear line between work and play.

We have created the paradigms of excellence in the Philippine real estate landscape and continue to change the city skylines. Since its establishment, Ortigas Land has remained true to its mission: to build great spaces for life — the kind of living spaces that every Filipino deserves.

Explore the communities that Ortigas Land has established:

The Esteemed Real Estate Developer in Manila and Beyond


We have been building traditions, creating indelible experiences, and developing new inspirations for living. 


Ortigas Land is the benchmark for modern urban living in Metro Manila. For more than 8 decades, Ortigas has built a legacy of building great places for work and play, thereby becoming an important landmark in the metro.