The inspiring masterplans of Ortigas Land

Date posted May 14, 2022

By Ar. John Ian Lee Fulgar @fulgararchi

May 14, 2022


A brilliant masterplan, when executed with the necessary foresight and expertise, may transform the lives of its inhabitants.

Each masterplan produced by seasoned developer Ortigas Land aims for exactly that—to provide distinct living circumstances for every urban resident. It thus continues to work on four of Metro Manila’s most prominent urban developments namely Greenhills Center, Capitol Commons, Circulo Verde and Ortigas East. Each endeavor exhibits the following facets that attempt to maximize the quality of life, social equity, and innovative design, while accommodating the present and future needs of city living.

Encouraging a culture of walkingAmid worsening traffic congestion, alternate forms of transportation are becoming a more popular option. The reconstruction of Greenhills Center is one of the many cities and urban communities that have awakened to the notion that a walkable city is an ideal model, as seen by the concept’s rise in popularity.

Upon completion, the redevelopment of Greenhills Center strives to revitalize the community into one that offers complete shop-live-work-play amenities and services in a single plot. With encouraging landscapes and centralized locations, it is only expected for Greenhills Center to have more feet on the street, a testament that walking can be better for all.

A steward of environment-conscious design

In the wake of climate change and weather events breaking records, environmentally conscious design is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

While natural and artificial forms of flood mitigation, stormwater management, permeability, bioswales, and rooftop landscaping are among the most recommended solutions, Ortigas Land combines environment-conscious design with modern life conveniences to offer design solutions for the environment and the people.

Circulo Verde, an example of how Ortigas Land created a green sanctuary in the middle of the metro, is a 10-hectare community that allows one to enjoy the beauty of nature and urban living at the same time. Circulo Verde is a great place for independent investors and even for starting families, with several spaces dedicated to recreation, such as parks, shops and industrial areas.

Wayfinding at ease

The desire for many cities to stand out is evident even in the most subtle forms of street graphics and urban architecture, making well-designed wayfinding a crucial component of masterplanning. Straightforward navigation helps residents and visitors make the most of a city’s topography.

With a 16-hectare land area, navigating between towering structures and crowded streets may be tricky. So, how did Ortigas Land introduce clear wayfinding into Ortigas East? It all started with the landscape. With 40 percent of its total area reserved for open spaces, it became one of the city’s tree-lined, bike- and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Promoting the richness of Filipino culture

The 10-hectare Capitol Commons, even before its construction, is already backed with a rich cultural history, being the location of the former Rizal Provincial Capitol. The upscale character of Capitol Commons is rooted in its past through the incorporation of Filipino-inspired architecture, which showcases ideal tropical designs promoting comfort through natural ventilation and daylighting.

From visions to realities

At a time when most of the world’s population is increasingly urban, local and regional masterplanning is more critical than ever. It is no doubt that a life-changing dimension to inventive planning can revitalize an ideal parcel of land, something that Ortigas Land continues to strive for every day.

The author is the principal architect at Fulgar Architects, pioneering unique and metamodern design specialties for various real estate projects from hospitality, condominiums, museums, and commercial to mixed-use township developments in the Philippines. He collaborates with multiple industry specialists to develop joint venture opportunities for landowners and investors. Please visit