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Date posted July 11, 2020

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The future may seem uncertain nowadays, with the COVID-19 virus still present in our midst. As the number of positive cases continues to rise, various quarantine measures have been implemented to help curb the transmission of the new coronavirus. Unfortunately, such restrictions meant to protect us from infections have taken a toll on our economy. With challenges like these plaguing us, where can we run to?

Thankfully, there is one place in the world that continues to offer us a sanctuary in the middle of the pandemic—our home. Our homes serve as our best protection against viruses and disease. Apparently, it is also the place where we can begin anew through work-from-home schemes and online businesses. Recognizing the value of the home, don’t you think it might be time to consider getting another one? Despite the challenges that we face today, here are some reasons why investing in a new home might help secure and protect your future.

Luxurious amenities offer quality living in Residences at The Galleon.


Ensured comfort and convenience

While many of us have managed to make it through the pandemic by being resourceful, it cannot be denied that some people have things a bit better. They have immediate access to groceries, hospitals, and other essential providers. They have no problem getting to work even with traffic and transportation restrictions in place. Even though times have been tough on all of us, these people have managed to thrive by making the most of their premier homes.

While premier homes were once considered an extravagance, these spaces have more than proven their worth in today’s times. Offering comfort and convenience, luxury units have become the lifeline of residents during the quarantine. If you’re having difficulty nowadays in getting your essentials, investing in a luxury home might make your future brighter. Beyond the pandemic, you can definitely benefit from living in a prime location in the middle of the city.


Situated in the middle of the Ortigas CBD, it would be easy to attract potential tenants at the Residences at The Galleon.

An integrated community

As mentioned, it is always convenient to live in a place where your daily essentials are just a few steps away. Commercial, retail, residential and office spaces rarely come together to provide people the best of what life has to offer. Nowadays though, there are several projects in the metro that offer this integrated community setup to the city dweller.

One such project that is worth mentioning is Residences at The Galleon by Ortigas Land. Situated along ADB Avenue within the Ortigas central business district, this 51-story upscale residential enclave affords you easy access to key institutions and commercial establishments including Podium and SM Megamall for your retail and grocery needs. School such as Poveda and University of Asia and the Pacific, meanwhile, are within walking distance from your home. Lastly, offices abound in the area, allowing you to pursue your careers full-time while enjoying the best amenities in the city.

The grand lobby at the Residences at The Galleon offers you a warm welcome after a day’s worth of hard work.

Reliable investment

If you’re looking to earn money in the long run, investing in a luxury home will also prove to be a good buy. It will be easy to rent out your home as long as its features and offerings are suitable to a particular market. If your home is situated inside a central business district (CBD), it can easily attract yuppies, business executives, or even young couples.

Residences at The Galleon serves as a good example of a possible income-generating investment. With its prime location in the Ortigas CBD, proximity to commercial and office buildings, and luxurious array of amenities, it is bound to attract city dwellers in a cinch. The units are also spacious and well-designed by an established developer, so you are assured of quality construction. If you’re looking to rent out residential units in the future, investing in a luxury unit might be the way to go for you.

Retail shops at The Galleon provide easy access to the essentials.

A way to secure the future

Who knows what the future has in store for us in the “new normal”? Despite this inability to see into the future, investing in a new home has, more often than not, proven to be a good buy. Whether you’re looking to move in or rent it out to people, make sure you invest in a residence that offers quality and convenient living. If you also go with a tried and tested developer with a solid track record, you can also be sure that you have a partner that you can rely on even in the worst of times.

Secure your future by investing in a home. Even if the challenges abound nowadays, you can be sure that there will be a place where you’ll find comfort, convenience, and security in the middle of the city. Consider a home in places such as Residences at The Galleon, and you’ll always be ready for whatever the future might bring tomorrow.

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