Reaping the Benefits of a Smart, Tech-savvy Home

Date posted July 25, 2020

 / 04:12 AM July 25, 2020

Two-door refrigerators fascinated us then, but all eyes are now on fridges that can send photos of what’s inside them to their owners. Light bulbs now change into any color, televisions link up to Netflix and doorbells take snapshots of people at the door.

Our need for efficiency, functionality and sustainability evolved our technologies. We don’t have flying cars—yet—but some items at home were sci-fi items just a few years ago. Obtaining the latest makes us look cool. But, with concerns like work-life balance, climate change and COVID-19 coming at us, many more advantages come with smart tech at home.

Sit pretty

With packed schedules, it would be wise for us to work smart rather than work hard. Routines become more manageable if we can accomplish goals with less effort. That’s how online shopping and home delivery caught on. Smart homes imbibe that philosophy. Do things while relaxing in one corner. Let smart doorbells alert you to visitors. Turn devices on and off where you are. These benefits find new value amid the COVID-19 pandemic—the lesser surfaces you touch, the smaller the chances you get infected.

Connect to home

The “anytime, anywhere” proposition has been an unfailing motivation for people to avail of certain products and services. Consistency keeps us at ease. Smart home technologies afford us this. Check on your kid and elderly family members, even pets, from wherever through video monitoring. Keep harmful places off-limits with smart locks and motion detectors. Some apps and devices will allow you to talk to people at home from your phone.

Protect your investment

A home is a big investment, so we ought to protect it. Install products that prevent disasters or automatically alert us about events that can quickly turn up costly damages. A Wi-Fi connected smoke detector can help kill fire and then send out an alert. Some link up to fire departments or 911 hotlines. There are monitors that turn gadgets off when something unusual happens, such as leaks and power fluctuations. Detectors can also protect against crimes like burglary and vandalism.

Live with energy efficiency

Environmental crises make us want to live greener. Because of this, many of the newest devices in the market also promise less energy consumption and carbon footprint. Smart airconditioning and lighting consume energy more efficiently. When we leave home and forget to turn off appliances, smart technology allows us to check on them via phone—no need to drive back and burn fuel needlessly.

Work from home

COVID-19 made the work-from-home arrangement popular. That requires internet access, which not all addresses are conducive or ready for. A smart home, given the central role of the internet, is better equipped for Wi-Fi. Those who already live in one have it much easier right now, no doubt,

Get to reap all the rewards with the 56-storey Empress, the country’s first wellness lifestyle real estate offered by seasoned developer Ortigas Land. Not only does it offer topnotch security features, luxury amenities and well-balanced life, it also suits a tech-driven homeowner. It is Wi-Fi ready and USB ports in all the bedrooms. Dwellers can also take full control of their unit via a mobile app. With smart living, a software links them up to the smart plugs of the TV and kitchen appliances, smoke detector, airconditioner, lights, as well as temperature and contact sensors. Here is truly a “home smart home.”

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