Maximizing Your Condo Space

Date posted June 10, 2021

4 Ways to Maximize Your Condo Living Space

There are many advantages to condo living in Metro Manila. You get to live within the urban center, it’s the cost-effective solution to living close to all your needs, and condominiums are relatively more affordable than regular homes while still having a place to call your own.

For some living in condominiums, however, space may be an issue for many reasons. You could have a growing family, or have plenty of possessions and trinkets that are hard to let go of. Sure, there are visual tricks to making your home look bigger, but that won’t do anything to make your household feel more comfortable in limited space.

That’s not to say that all types of condo living are cramped. If you want to maximize your condo living space, here are four tips to make your home more spacious.


Invest in Double-Purpose or Space-Saving Furniture

Do away with excessive furniture in your home by investing in furniture that can serve multiple purposes. These are a growing trend for economical condominiums where condo owners want to maximize their space. A few of these types of furniture include:

  • Sofa beds
  • Ottomans that double as storage space
  • Bunk beds or loft beds for your children
  • Dining tables with foldaway chairs

These afford you the additional space to use in your home. You can find these and other space-saving furniture online or at your local mall.


Think Vertically

Think of your walls and overhead space as real estate for your belongings. For example, plants are a great way to add some color and life into your condo, but instead of using indoor floor plants that take up floor space, install shelves or a wall rack to decorate your home with greenery. You can even use indoor hanging plants to create a focal point without taking too much space.

And this isn’t just limited to decorations: there are plenty of ways to maximize overhead space. Invest in a tall bookshelf rather than a wide one to maximize overhead space. Install an overhead pot rack in your kitchen to remove the cluttered pans and pots in your kitchen shelves. When you realize the potential of overhead space, you save up on floor space that can be used for other activities.


Establish Zones

Many condominiums have an open floor plan. While many homeowners manage to take advantage of this layout, there may be those who end up making the open space look cluttered and cramped because they failed to establish zones within the home.

For instance, establish your living room area by using a large rug and have your sofas strategically perimeter the area. Next to this zone, establish the dining area by setting your dining table as a focal point and using lighting fixtures to establish it as a zone separate from the living room.

This is just one example of how to establish zones. Use furniture, rug accents, plants, or even wall veneers and other wall accents to distinguish each area in your home. By doing so, you’re creating a designated place for various activities, thus maximizing the space you have.


Think Long-Term When Buying Your Condo

For those who have yet to purchase their own condominiums, you have the advantage of considering the long-term purpose of your condominium to avoid living in a cramped space in the long run.

For example, is this condo going to be your forever home where you intend to raise children? Then consider a multi-bedroom unit even if it’s just going to be you and your partner for the first few years. Or, are you a young couple planning to grow a family here before moving out to bigger living spaces? Then, a smaller unit would be practical for your needs.

This is important to consider, given that you don’t have to resort to various means of space saving when you make the right investment on a condo with more than enough space for yourself or your growing family.


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