Inviting Luck During Ghost Month

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Date posted October 27, 2020

Ortigas East

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 / 04:18 AM August 08, 2020

Situated in Ortigas East, the Maple at Verdant Towers is just one of several projects making up the grand masterplan of the area

As the world continues to fight the pandemic, our local operations in this new normal are already facing numerous challenges with the confusing quarantine changes.

And with the coming Ghost Month, which starts on Aug. 19 and ends on Sept. 19, we all need to make important preparations to welcome the good chi into our living spaces without disturbing the spirits.

To know more about the Ghost Month, you can join us today at 4 p.m. for a webinar hosted by Inquirer Property and Ortigas Land and where I’ll be one of the panelists. Titled “Inviting Luck during Ghost Month,” the webinar will be streamed via the Facebook page of Ortigas Land.

Meanwhile, here are my five helpful tips to enhance your home and to make sure it is “protected” from negative energies caused by the coming Ghost Month.

A clean house allows chi to flow through all spaces.

Disinfect regularly.

Keep your house clean and tidy

Chi flows through all spaces but it is blocked with negative elements like dust, clutter, mess and dirt. A clean and clear house, car and computer, not only bring a clean and clear mind but also allow positive energy to protect you by easily clearing away the negative energy.

The computer and TV are considered portals because of their mirror-like surface so they also need to be cleaned and ideally covered if in the bedroom.

Keep spaces bright and well lit.

Keep the lights bright especially in dark corners

Light is also positive energy. Invite this into your home by keeping spaces bright, especially the main entrance of your home. Make sure to replace all busted bulbs and broken lamps. Invite natural lighting into the room by drawing open the curtains especially in the morning.

A fresh coat of paint can bring in new chi energy.

Repair all cracks and repaint if possible

Now that most are working from home, small repairs could be done. Check on walls with visible cracks and repair them. If possible, apply a fresh coat of paint to bring in new chi energy into the space. If not, cover the cracks with a painting or decorative fabric during Ghost Month.

Your main door should be strong, solid and balanced.

Check on your main door to invite good chi

The care and upkeep of your front door is of vital importance. Your door should be strong, solid and balanced—no squeaking and could open widely without any obstacles. Make sure also the surrounding area is not cluttered and that there are no cracked pots or dead plants. All outdoor lights should be functioning and lit up nightly.

Make sure to replace all busted bulbs and broken lamps.

Keep natural air flowing into your place

Whenever possible, open all windows to have cross ventilation into the various areas inside your home. Especially now that the virus could be transmitted through air vents, have your airconditioning units cleaned from dust and bacteria.

I highly recommend BactaKleen Philippines (contact them through IG @bactakleenph) for total disinfection. BactaKleen products are non-toxic, water-based, anti-bacterial and odorless. They are also safe for plants (could be sprayed on fruits to kill germs), pets and even babies. Their disinfecting treatments last up to three months for long term protection.

During these uncertain times, keeping a healthy mind, body and soul is important to generate positive chi energy inside the home. Make sure to always appreciate blessings, move with gratitude and do acts of kindness to help protect us from the negative energies during Ghost Month.

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