Find Your Dream Property Without the Stress

Date posted June 10, 2021

How to Find Your Dream Property


For some, life’s most important decisions include your plans for study at college; when to get married and have children; and finally, where to buy a home and set up roots.

Making a real estate investment is a huge emotional and financial commitment – especially if it’s your first purchase. It can be a very exciting process, though it can also turn into a source of overwhelming stress. You can simplify this process by focusing on exactly what kind of property you want and gathering the resources to purchase it.

Save yourself the stress of researching without clear criteria. Here are some ways of structuring the decision-making process – and end up with the dream property you’ve always wanted.


  1. Assess your finances carefully

    It’s time to make a fair and realistic assessment of your existing funds. How much have you been able put away for a major investment – and how much more can you save from your salary and other sources of income?

    Review your savings, some of your longer-term investments, and explore housing loan options with your bank of choice. Set this information aside and come back to it after you’ve started looking for properties you want.


  1. Decide on the kind of property you want

Consider the lifestyle you lead; this will help determine what kind of property you want for the next phase of your life. Do you have a burning desire to build a house from scratch, grow your own garden, make space for a pool in the back yard? Or are you more interested in a city-based location that’s close to the action, near the malls and cinemas, and your favorite restaurants? 

Knowing whether you want a house of your own or a condo in the city will start to shape where you’ll want to look. The kind of space you want also matters, depending on whether you’re single, attached, or in search of a place to raise young children in.

  1. Look at location

Whether you’re single or already attached – focus on distances and landmarks, like the distance to your family’s house, your place of work, and convenient access to out of town destinations. If you’re already married with children, you’ll want to look at the commute time between school and home – and how convenient it will be to get them to school every day.

  1. Review yearly costs

Don’t forget you will be paying yearly real estate taxes, as well as management or association dues, once you’re the owner of a property. If you’re in search of a condo, ask what the monthly fee per square meter is, and what kind of services are or will be provided by the condo management service. 

  1. Do your research thoroughly

Once you’ve zeroed in on potential locations and properties, it’s time to start talking to realtors you trust and examining all the property information you can get. Don’t be afraid to lean on the realtor for all your questions, as their commission covers the efforts of transacting with you. At the same time, compare prices online; do research on forums; and if you know someone who’s invested in the property you like, get their advice and feedback on the real estate company, the realtors they dealt with, and their payment strategy.

  1. Visit the location as many times as you can before committing

    After assessing your financial resources and all the research is done, it really boils down to gut feel. To get a better feel of the property you’re interested in, try visiting the area at different times of day – in the morning, during office hours; in the evening, after work; and on weekends. Walk around the neighborhood and look at what’s nearby. Your future favorite coffeeshop? A great mall? A good hospital and medical clinic? If the area feels like home, you’ve probably found the place you want.

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