Green and Sustainable: Get ahead by being part of Ortigas East

Date posted July 20, 2020

In today’s world, sustainability is a common goal and aspiration. For Ortigas East, we believe that sustainability is the key to get ahead.

Recognizing that sustainability is the way of the future, Ortigas East has built a holistic estate where communities can reap the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle, creating harmony between people and the world around them. It is deliberately designed with features that make green living a reality. 


Maple at Verdánt Towers

All of Ortigas East towers are built to sustainable standards. Residential towers are proudly compliant to the Philippine Green Building Code, while the community’s office building The Glaston Tower is obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. As such, these buildings are especially designed for forward thinking companies and discerning individuals who value well-being, a healthy and modern environment, and a conscious way of living.


The Glaston Tower 

Sustainable lighting designs are found in all buildings. This brings in natural light which is known to help enhance people’s well-being while at the same time bringing down energy costs. Window glazing for all buildings comply with the Philippine Green Building requirements to allow less transmission of solar heat and greater shading ability which prove to be more cost effective for the residents.

Even roof insulation of all building occupancies are Green Building Code compliant. Insulation helps these areas to be kept at a good room temperature, thus minimizing the need for air conditioning. Exposure to allergy-causing toxins are also reduced byusing paintings and coatings made from non-toxic and non-harmful adhesives and sealants.

Good air conditions in common areas and individual units are also ensured by Ortigas East. Operable windows and balcony doors are strategically placed in regularly occupied areas to grant natural ventilation and promote better air quality. Pocket parks and gardens that surround the community ensure breathable spaces and create a relaxing ambiance.

To conserve water resources, all developments within the estate make use of a rainwater recovery system. This efficiently recycles rain for use across the whole estate.

Ortigas East also extends its efforts to influence tenants to adopt sustainable practices by introducing a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which encourages proper solid waste management through the accommodation of containers for compostables, non-recyclables, recyclables and other or special wastes.

These highly valued features of the estate bring additional benefits to the community such as improved well-being, sustainable business practices, increased worker productivity, and a sense of community among those who live and work in the estate.

At Ortigas East, sustainability is a way of life for its community to get ahead and thrive.