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Date posted February 15, 2021

Empress at Capitol Commons

 / 03:15 AM January 09, 2021

Empress at Capitol Commons

We see the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, but we will emerge different from what and how we were before.

The COVID-19 vaccine signals that we are near the close of this chapter in history. However, what we’ve gone through has been transformational. This disruptor upended the life we had known and changed the workings of our world.

This might sound dramatic, but the adaptation got me to reflect on my life. Working remotely for nine months in my rural hometown, I was forced into a simpler life. Before COVID-19, I could barely save up. The hard work mostly went into fads and indulgences—to waste. With a renewed mindset, I’m now more committed to buying a home—a human necessity and, while the priciest buy of a lifetime, a beneficial one. This began as wishful thinking but, the more I looked, the more I got motivated.

Recently back in Manila, I’m still adjusting to city life. But I noticed that I’ve become a more conscientious buyer, asking if I absolutely need something, if it is worth it and if, afterwards, I get to set money aside. If I can keep this attitude up and do well career-wise, I just might afford a fine home.

I’ve set some standards for my ideal address. Poring over countless e-brochures, virtual showrooms and websites, I’ve come to visualize my dream space through Ortigas Land’s Empress at Capitol Commons and Maple at Verdant Towers in Ortigas East.

Maple at Verdant Towers


My future address must look awesome. Call it egotistical but, if I am investing in something big, I want to be the envy of town. Empress is a 56-story residential tower while Maple at Verdant is 42 stories high. Both are architectural stunners in the urban skyline. Passersby should look up in awe and wonder about the life I live. They wouldn’t be wrong to think I’m doing fine because everything inside screams opulence. Empress, set for a 2026 turnover, has only 771 units. Maple at Verdant, ready for occupancy by 2023, offers 692.

Ortigas Land did not hold back on the amenities as evident in the wide array of features it made available in its residential developments.


Ah, one of our biggest learnings from the lockdowns. If there comes a time—and we would be wiser to expect that there will be—that we once again have to hunker down at home and accomplish tasks remotely to be safe, more space will always be an advantage.

Both Empress and Maple share well-placed windows that prevent a claustrophobic feeling and a design that allows maximum use of space. Empress has studio to three-bedroom units with sizes ranging from 30 to 241 sqm. Maple at Verdant offers one- and two-bedroom options, as well as bi-level garden units or townhouses. Cuts range from 27 to 184 sqm. Both residences provide configurations befitting any lifestyle or arrangement.

Amenities allow residents to relax and unwind.


Dwellers at Empress and Maple at Verdant Towers can take the lift to get to the retail spaces at the ground floor, a convenience in normal times and an advantage when a situation like COVID-19 hits.

Even more exciting is the fact that Ortigas Land did not hold back on the amenities. Empress has a Reading Room and Pamper Room indoors, and active and quiet zones outdoors. Maple, all about contemporary life, has stylish facilities indoors. Outdoors, The Gardenwalk and The Landscape beckon. Both properties feature gardens and fitness facilities, as well as pools and lounges.


Crises make us sink or swim, but adaptable residences lighten the load. Empress is touted as the country’s first wellness lifestyle real estate, built with feng shui and color therapy, biophilia, reduced carbon footprint and waste management. Residents benefit from smart technology, as a mobile phone app helps them control the smoke detector and appliances. Maple at Verdant Towers emulates the hardiness and adaptability of a maple tree, fitting Ortigas East’s profile as an ecofriendly estate.

Ortigas Land’s residential developments offer a modern urban sanctuary in strategic locations.


Both residences belong in estates with economic, cultural and recreational spots. Empress is the third high-end condo in Capitol Commons, a great workplace and popular destination for shopping and leisure. Maple at Verdant Towers is the first residential project within Ortigas East, which also hosts the iconic Tiendesitas, an SM Hypermarket and Silver City. The enclaves are designed with open spaces, as well as pedestrian- and bike-friendly features. Everything residents will ever need, then, is inside the estate. If they decide to roam, though, schools, churches, hospitals, retail spaces, business hubs and transport nodes are nearby.

My eyes are really on Empress and Maple at Verdant. And my fingers are crossed.

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