8 Advantages of Condo Living

Date posted June 17, 2020

8 Reasons Why Condo Living Makes Perfect Sense

More and more Filipinos living in the city have gotten smart and are discovering the benefits and conveniences of living in a condominium. Singles, successful young couples, families with growing children, and even older citizens moving into retirement have all realized that condo living can outweigh traditional residential community life.

For most, here are the clear benefits.      


Living closer to work

One of the main reasons why Filipinos are more interested in condo living is the option to live closer to the workplace. You’ll avoid the stress and fatigue of traveling to and from work, but the more important gains are time and money.

If you live close enough to work, you may choose to walk, bike, or use hired transport services like Grab, instead of driving your car, which entails gasoline, parking, maintenance, and insurance costs. You’ll have more time for the gym, spending time with family and friends, and precious, needed rest before work the next day.


Nearness to goods and services

Living near places that provide convenient goods and services feels more essential than ever. The latest condo developments in the city’s most happening neighborhoods give you access to grocery stores, banks, coffee shops, malls, and restaurants just a few minutes away from where you live. Some might even be downstairs from you, or in the next block.

You’ll be able to order takeout and delivery from restaurants in the area, do important errands, or meet friends without the inconvenience of travel or looking for parking. For retirees, especially, these neighborhood conveniences, as well as living in smaller, more manageable spaces, is a distinct benefit.


Sports and lifestyle amenities

One of the biggest advantages of living in a condo community is access to several types of amenities that no longer require separate memberships or traveling long distances to visit. Today’s upscale high-rise neighborhoods are fully equipped with swimming pools, workout gyms, badminton or tennis courts, and basketball courts.

There are areas too where you can hold parties or special activities, even rooms where you can sing to karaoke. Rental and use of these resources is managed and coordinated by your condo management staff.


Condo management

Condo management offices, which run on association dues paid by all unit owners or tenants, have many key tasks. A key aspect of their management functions is the maintenance and cleanliness of your residential surroundings.

This includes routine cleaning of driveways, lobby and elevator areas, gardening, landscaping, and outdoor maintenance, and management of utility installation and repair for your phone line, cable TV, and Internet. If something breaks down, there will be someone there to assist you.

Condo owners or unit tenants share in this cost. It’s a fair exchange for the time and effort it takes to maintain these facilities, which are there for everyone to enjoy.  


Safety and security   

The other important aspect of condo management relates to safety and welfare of all condo owners and tenants.

Lobby staff and association office staff take care of coordinating rules and regulations within the condominium complex. Entrances, parking, and other access areas are guarded and monitored, as well as the inflow and outflow of external visitors. All safety and security-incidents are recorded and documented, and any CCTV monitoring footage can be consulted to help resolve any incidence of unauthorized entry, theft, or unpleasant confrontations.

In these post-pandemic times, condos have also adopted and are able to enforce strict sanitation and cleanliness procedures, as well as cleaning schedules for common areas and high-touch zones like the lobby desk, common bathrooms, elevator buttons, and door handles, with hand sanitizer stations in key locations to keep everything in safer, cleaner condition. 


Condo developments that feel like residential resorts

This really relates to the choice of condo you eventually choose to live in. Some of the more modern condo developments in the city have designed and developed the feel of their surroundings in a way that creates more of a resort-feel to them.

Pocket parks; wide, airy spaces; jogging trails; yoga and meditation areas. A common theme to urban residential resorts is the feeling of being able to get away without leaving your neighborhood; of having access to a haven that lets you relax and destress and get out in the open.

User plans optimize common areas and activity spaces, with things to do and places to go to, all of them not far from your condo unit. And when the long weekend finally rolls in, you don’t have to leave; you’re all set for a relaxing staycation.


A sense of community

One of the best aspects of well-developed condo communities is the creation of a neighborhood where you and your neighbors can be friends. There is an opportunity to meet and discuss common issues, as well as the chance to organize parties and activities for all ages.

Young families moving into condos as their starter home get to meet other families like them at a Halloween Trick or Treat or Easter Egg Hunt. Parks, playgrounds, and the swimming pool let families interact with one another in a safe, common environment.


An investment that appreciates over time

Beyond living and enjoying your condo unit, your condo is an investment that increases steadily in value every year, at rates that are appreciably higher than most financial investment products in the market.

Should you eventually decide to live somewhere else, you will earn a profit from the sale of your unit, even after only a year or two. You also have the option of leasing it to other tenants, making your condo a regular source of passive income. It’s also possible to use the condo as collateral for a loan if you need startup or additional capital for a business.  

There’s a land developer out there for you whose projects match your budget and the kind of lifestyle you seek. If you’re looking for a place to settle; a new home for yourself or your family; or a short, medium, or long-term investment, contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your queries.