Defining the fine features of modern day workspace

Date posted July 2, 2022

By Vaughn Alviar @INQ_Property

July 02, 2022

A considerable number of employees may have gotten used to working at home as they did so over the last two years because of the pandemic and the stringent lockdowns. Many of them may still have reservations about reporting onsite because of fears of contracting COVID-19. Forcing them to come in, however, might result in low productivity, conflict and turnover.

Therefore, instead of simply sending a memo to the employee mailing list, companies must respond to the root causes of the hesitation. Workspaces today should go beyond the usual features and must be suited to a postpandemic scenario. One ideal workspace to consider is 34-story The Glaston Tower.

Fine features

Giving workers the VIP treatment might just reel them back into the office. The Glaston Tower, which offers premium grade A offices set to be completed by 2023, will feature a grand lobby with 15 high-speed elevators. These will lead to over 300 office units designed to optimize productivity and collaboration.

The building includes parking and a Sky Lobby leading to a mall. It also has elegant restrooms with a shower area on each floor, as well as modern safety and security features, and reliable building maintenance. Well-being and sustainability, big musts for employees, are covered, too, as The Glaston Tower is compliant with the Green Building Code and is currently seeking a LEED certification.

Great location

The Glaston Tower also appeals to people as part of a bigger live-work-play project. People can easily get to food and retail establishments on the ground floor. Nearby are great destinations to shop and dine, including Tiendesitas and SM. Those who don’t want the daily hassle of commuting in the metro can take up units in the three residential towers of Verdánt Towers.

In addition, the building rises on Ortigas East, which espouses an eco-friendly, responsible lifestyle. All structures in the area must be equipped with green features. The Glaston Tower is also surrounded by open spaces, with 40 percent of Ortigas East dedicated to parks and open spaces. It is a walkable community, with pedestrian- and bike-friendly roads.

Big promise

Relocating in Ortigas East can provide strategic advantages. As an emerging central business district, the rates are far lower than traditional addresses. This allows companies to get more for less and room to grow.

Undergoing a redesign, Ortigas East has not peaked yet. As buildings rise, including a regional mall and a hotel, capital appreciation is imminent. One can confidently predict great things because the estate is in well-governed Pasig City and the exciting C-5 corridor; is highly accessible to the rest of the metro; and is set to benefit from big-ticket government projects.

Trusted names

The Glaston Tower famously got an 81-percent uptake a few hours after its launch and, as of this writing, only a few units are left. That is much-deserved for a project delivered by a trusted developer like Ortigas Land.

Ortigas Land tapped premier design firm RTKL, among the world’s top design firms, as a consultant for the masterplanning of Ortigas East. ASYA took over various processes, from architecture and brand design to marketing, leasing and property management. The company has completed over 1,000 projects in Asia.

If those do not convince locators that The Glaston Towers is a competitive new location, they can find assurance in the weight of the Ortigas name. After all, the developer has been on top of its game for over 90 years now.