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Date posted September 28, 2019

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There is a growing movement towards wellness as more people choose to have healthier lifestyles.

Some city governments are starting to encourage mobility by clearing road obstructions to provide lanes where people can walk or ride their bikes. More parks and wide open spaces are being provided to the public, while private fitness gyms and health and wellness centers have started to proliferate.

Even the Department of Health (DOH) is promoting wellness and encouraging Filipinos to adopt a healthier and more active way of living to help reduce major health risks that go with a sedentary lifestyle.

Wellness in cities

Wellness refers to the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Achieving wellness in the concrete urban jungle, however, could pose a serious challenge to city dwellers given the lack of open spaces, pollution, limited time to exercise and the highly stressful, fast-paced lifestyle.

Urbanites, however, now have a choice. They can choose to find a home where they are afforded that space to live, breathe and take it easy.

Seasoned developer Ortigas & Co. is introducing the concept of a wellness lifestyle to the Philippine market through the Empress—a 56-storey residential tower set to rise within Capitol Commons in Pasig City. This is touted to be the country’s first “wellness lifestyle real estate” where homes are proactively designed and built to support health and well-being of residents.

Indeed, it is possible to counter the stress and chaos that have become constant companions of those living in urban communities. Wellness can be within easy reach, thanks to projects like the Ortigas & Co.’s Empress, where you are given spaces that will allow you to lead an active lifestyle and achieve balance. And even within your unit there, you can also mirror the kind of wellness offered by the Empress. Here’s how.

Choose ‘happy’ colors

Do away with the hospital look. Each room in your home should exude warmth and joy. Choose colors which induce happy feelings and stimulate positive emotional responses.

Paint your space with the color red to bring warmth, energy and stimulation. Blue is soothing to the eyes, brings about calm and helps normalizes the heart rate. Green meanwhile relaxes the eyes while yellow brings a sense of security.

Take a walk

Combat stress by taking a walk as this can clear the head and increase your heart rate. Stop living a sedentary lifestyle. Move while your body still allows you to move. Brisk walk or follow a exercise regimen for an hour or so. Roam around the garden and enjoy the lush view and just forget the world. Fortunately, Empress will offer parks and open spaces where you can take a leisurely walk, spend some quiet moments, or meditate.

Find your spot

Don’t allow work to rule over your house. Find a spot where you can just breathe in the sights. It may be a nook where you can read a book in peace. Or just a comfy couch where you can laze around and think of nothing. Empress will offer expansive views of the metro that will surely calm and soothe your nerves.

Best home

Choose a place that fits the bill of having the best environment and a home that allows you to be the best version of yourself. The road leads to Empress by Ortigas & Co. It has all the amenities that one seeks to achieve health and well-being. From biophilic designs to color therapy, Empress aims to create a balanced lifestyle where its residents achieve holistic growth.


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