A Luxury Condo’s Ideal Features and Amenities

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Date posted June 10, 2021

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5 Ideal Features and Amenities in a Luxury Condo


As the future would-be buyer of a luxury condo, you’re probably thinking about what luxury means to you. You have a wish list of features and amenities this property should possess.

You’re also looking at this future condo as a secure, long-term investment that won’t suffer in value in times of economic downturn. You may be the end-user of this property, but you’re also concerned about resale value – and may be looking to rent it out if you have other homes or apartments in your portfolio.

A really great, really unique luxury apartment is hard to spot. Let’s look at some of the most distinguishing features offered in some of the best upscale condos today – and help you choose a luxury property you really want.

The Best Location

This is a given: a luxury condo commands some of the best real estate locations in its own city. 

It’s close to everything you want it to be close to. Close to friends and family. The best shopping malls. Near favorite restaurants, great cinemas, and other entertainment venues. And best of all, close, if not close enough, to where you work. You’ll spend less time getting to work and arrive conveniently at the airport for a trip without too much trouble.

Some of the newest condo developments even have retail and commercial spaces in the lower floors for the convenience of their tenants. From where you live, it’ll be convenient to walk out for a leisurely stroll, grab a coffee, and do your errands. 

The Best Views

When you invest in a condo, you’re also investing in a great view of the city. Ask for location plans and the orientation of the unit you’re interested in. If you choose east, you’re looking at possible views of Antipolo, Laguna de Bay, and the Sierra Madre mountain range. If west, you’re aiming for views of Manila Bay and the coast of Cavite.

Thoughtful Design and Layout

When looking at your dream condo, examine for size and space. Ask about floor-to-ceiling heights and about spaces where you can work, study, or entertain guests.

Open plan kitchen layouts, for instance, allow you to cook and entertain at the same time. Bedrooms and other designated living areas should be able to provide you with tranquility and serenity when you are at break from work or relaxing on the weekends.

You may also be looking at common spaces and features outside your home that you and your family would enjoy. Parks and running trails, yoga or meditation areas, a spacious pool, and a resident gym, for instance. Some luxury condos also offer saunas, game rooms, day care spaces, and even a mini theater for video showings.

Smart Living Features

If you’re a fan of smart living, you might want to enjoy convenient control and management of various home features such as lighting, temperature, smoke detectors, and motion sensors that will protect your residence.

These kinds of features can already be managed via smart phone applications. Ask your real estate developer whether these kinds of amenities are available in the property you’re considering.

Professional Condo Management

Count this as an essential: the presence of professional home association and condo management professionals who will take care of residential security, property grounds maintenance, and family and community events. They’ve got the strictest protocols for safety and security and respond effectively to emergency situations in a timely manner.

To make the most of your investment, look for preselling condos in areas such as Ortigas EDSA, which is home to one of the city’s most vibrant business entertainment districts. The best luxury condo features amenities are only offered by the best developers in the business, who have a proven track record at building condos in the city’s choicest locations.



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