Why LEED Certification Matters

Posted by Ortigas Land

Date posted June 10, 2021

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The Benefits of LEED Certification


The current, more environmental conscious generation of investors wants to do their part in reducing the impact of climate change and protect natural resources. In building environment-friendly, climate resistant buildings, investors have a chance to create a positive impact not just for themselves, but in the communities they are part of. 

That’s why the LEED certification matters more and more for up and coming buildings being built by the country’s leading developers. The benefits will be felt by investors, potential tenants, as well as the environment itself.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Developed by the US Green Building Council, this certification program assesses important environmental criteria such as: energy conservation, air quality, water use, and the type of construction material used by the developer.

There are four levels certification, assessed with a point scoring system: LEED Certified (40-49 points or credits), Silver LEED (50-59 credits), Gold LEED (60-79 credits), and Platinum (80 or more credits).The process of achieving LEED certification is done through independent, third-party verification services.

Tangible benefits felt by all

Let’s outline the concrete holistic benefits that will be experienced by all.

Cost savings: By using less energy and water, LEED certified green buildings will also generate lower utility bills. Depending on usage, direct savings on residential utility bills may be as significant as 25 percent on average.

Reduced carbon footprint: LEED certified buildings prove they use more renewable resources and building materials and have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the amount of energy and water that they use

Indoor Environment Quality: LEED certification also verifies the installation of all building ventilation systems. LEED certified green buildings maximize the circulation of indoor fresh air and help block out the intake of toxic outdoor pollutants, which increase overall health of everyone who in the building. A cleaner ventilation system has been proven to reduce respiratory ailments – including asthma and allergy, resulting in greater well-being and health for everyone – and a critical benefit with the advent of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. 

Ask your developers how they’re implementing LEED

Informed investors should ask their land developers how they’re implementing LEED in the building. Ask them about the kind of glass they’re using for their façade; the water management system; and what kind of paints and finishes are being used to paint and decorate interiors.

The best land developers in the market care about your health and the environment. Ask Ortigas Land how it’s implementing LEED certification at Offices at The Galleon in Ortigas Center. We look forward to your inquiries.



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