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Date posted November 21, 2019

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Gerald Dizon ( - November 19, 2019 - 1:55pm

MANILA, Philippines — Through easy and tough times, you can always count on your pets for companionship, comfort, and cheer. They stay without judgment and suspicion, and are only happy to see you, any time of the day.

Owning pets is so beneficial that they can, in fact, even help you live longer.

In a recent study, pet ownership—of dogs, for example—has been associated to reduce mortality by 24%, as opposed to non-ownership. Separate research suggests that even just watching cat videos online leads to better emotion regulation.

These are just a few good reasons why pet owners should treat their pets with the utmost care, whether feline, canine, and everything else in between.

For existing pet owners and those planning on having their own fur babies, Tiendesitas Pet Village is the perfect place to visit. With several stores ready to cater to all your pet needs, you’d be hardpressed to look anywhere else.

Here are just some of the Pet Village stores you can visit, and all the must-haves they offer:


1. Pampered pets at Petville Hotel

Petville offers daycare services in the metro, where pets are taken care of while the owners are away. Cagadas

Much like real parents, you want trusted friends and family to look after our pets when we are out or away. But what if none of them are available? Thankfully at Petville, you can rest easy.

“We’ve been in the pet care and grooming business since 2011, and the emergence of pet hotels is a relatively novel concept in the country, and there is now a growing demand. We at Petville offer daycare services in Metro Manila so that their owners can leave their pets with us during their busy schedules,” said Brian Chua, proprietor of Petville.

The business also offers specialized services, depending on the specific needs of their pets, like frequency of feeding, playtime, and so on.

2. Professional shots by PetSnaps Studio

PetSnaps creates lasting memories with pets through professional shots. Cagadas

Pets often do stuff that just makes you go “aww.” They have unexpected expressions and cute acts that can melt your heart and make your day. As is often said about children, furbabies themselves also grow up so fast.

Create lasting memories with your pets through professional shots.

PetSnaps, a premier photography studio for pets, does precisely this for pet parents. With their passion, skill, and patient handling, the people over at PetSnaps can produce crisp, high-quality snapshots. These are perfect if you’re looking to get long-lasting mementos, or just aiming to level up your #Petstagram game. Visit their Instagram for more details.

3. Nutrition boost from GAT Petshop

GAT Petshop offers nutritional supplements to help advance your pet’s overall health and performance. Cagadas


Re-established in 2017, GAT Petshop is a one-stop-shop for all things pet essentials. Immediately captivating at the storefront is the abundant display of pet nutritional supplements, which come in different forms and uses.

Whether you want to boost your pet’s energy and appetite, improve coat quality and shine, digestion, mobility, and memory, GAT Petshop is the place that has the right merchandise. This is the store to go so that you can improve your pet’s overall health and appearance.

4. All for pet satisfaction by PetCo.

PetCo. has products that cater to different pet parenting lifestyles. Cagadas


5. Organic is also best for pets – Pawfect!

Pawfect offers good quality, organic trade goods that are sourced from European countries, like France and Germany. Cagadas


Edward Limoanco established Pawfect 15 years ago in Tiendesitas, specializing in pet care needs and good quality, organic trade goods that are sourced from European countries, like France and Germany.

Being in the business of show dogs and having competed as an exhibitor himself for the last 30 years, Limoanco naturally advocates for animal health and knows more about pet care than your average fur parent. Because of this, he has earned the trust of the store’s long-time clientele when it comes to pet-rearing needs.

“We’ve been here for 15 years, and we’re doing well because we have a lot of customers who trust us to take care of their dogs. We don’t force them to buy things they don’t need. With our years and years of experience and know-how, we know what’s good for our customers’ pets, so we know what to tell them when they consult with us,” he said.

6. Adorable accessories by Dogaholics

Over the years, Dogaholics Petshop has evolved to cater to the needs of other pets: cats and other small animals, like hamsters and rabbits—including all manner of accessories. Cagadas


For nine years since 2010, Dogaholic Petshop has been providing customers apparel and supplies of the best quality. Storeowner Minda Baldo, who was originally specializing in dog supplies, has evolved the store to cater to the needs of other pets: cats and other small animals, like hamsters and rabbits—including all manner of accessories.

Most notable of these are their leashes, and cute dog “jerseys” in time for the basketball season.

Treat your pets at Pet Village today

“Pet Village aims to give the best pet shopping experience in all of Manila, especially since we have everything pet owners need all in one place, making it very convenient and accessible, because it saves you the time from having to visit separate shops in different points in the metro, for example,” shares Gerald Tarayaw, owner of GAT Petshop.

“Treat your pets like you would important people in your lives, because like human beings they need love, care, and protection. Given all the irreplaceable happiness and affection they inspire in you, it is only right that you give them the best care,” he added.

Tiendesitas' love for pets doesn't end here! This holiday season, Pet Village shares the gift of wonder at Pets Unleashed.

Located right at the center of the stores, Pets Unleashed is a giant Christmas box where visitors can enter and enjoy an animal and lights show projected from floor to ceiling to all four walls. This unique and exciting destination is perfect for pet lovers young and old.


Visit the Pet Village in Tiendesitas Mall at Ortigas Avenue Corner E. Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig. You can also follow Tiendesitas Mall on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for their newsletter at for more updates.




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