Achieve Anything with the Right Amenities

Posted by Ortigas Land

Date posted October 27, 2020

Capitol Commons

There comes a time in our lives when we yearn to leave our parents’ nest and fly on our own.

While many of us enjoy the company of family and reminders of our childhood, the idea of striking it on our own has become the ultimate millennial adventure. To do this, we need more than a place where we can sleep and reside in. We need to find a space that will allow us to hone our talents, sharpen our skills and get our creative juices flowing. Such a home will help pave the way for us to become full-fledged adults, capable of maneuvering the world and pursuing our dreams.

The Maven in Capitol Commons is one such home that enables its residents to discover the best version of themselves. Primarily a residential building, this up-and-coming project by Ortigas Land uniquely offers a five-level amenity bar exclusive to its residents. This modern feature enables one to work, play and relax—all just a few steps away from one’s bedroom. If you’re eager to spread your wings and pursue your passions in your own new home, discover the wide array of amenities waiting for you at the Maven.

The 5-storey Amenity Bar of the Maven provides a wide array of fun and engaging activities for its residents.

For the driven dreamer

Work is a fact of life that many of us have to face every day. That, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it especially nowadays when telecommuting and home-based work have become the norm.

The Maven provides motivating communal spaces for career-minded people. It has a dedicated work room where one can browse online, check emails and work in peace. There is also a meeting room that can host small groups wishing to discuss business privately. A craft room, meanwhile, has been built with creative entrepreneurs in mind. The room allows residents to conjure their latest artworks and designs in an inspiring, imaginative environment. Lastly, a chat room is available in the amenity bar. Taking cues from the design of cafés, this room provides the space for people to have casual or intimate chats with friends.

Whether you’re a budding executive or an innovative entrepreneur, the Maven is set to welcome you in its own version of shared work spaces right next to your home.



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