To New Heights: How to Effectively Communicate With Employees About Your Office Move

Posted by Ortigas Land

Date posted November 7, 2019


Your office’s physical environment significantly impacts your workers’ productivity. If your office building has poor lighting, fluctuating temperatures, or even regular power and internet failures, it may be time to relocate. However, moving is still a big shakeup for your company. Some employees may find it hard to commute to your new location, while others may be worried about work schedules being disrupted. Months before you start work, consider these pointers to effectively communicate with your workers about the big move.


Announce Plans as Soon as Possible

Even if you only have preliminary drafts of your new office or you’ve found the perfect workplace for sale or rent in Ortigas, let your employees have a heads up on possible moving and construction dates as soon as possible. Gather everyone for a short meeting and show them the plans. Make the following details clear: the building name and address, tentative moving day, and features the new office or building has that your current one doesn’t have. 

If you have multiple designs you’re choosing from, ask your employees to vote for the entry they like the most. This way, you’re giving your workers an office they want to work in. This short announcement allows your employees to anticipate the move and adjust their work schedule accordingly. After the meeting, keep your door open if anyone has questions or suggestions about the move that they want to ask or discuss privately.

Form a Moving Committee

Now that you’ve revealed your plans, it’s time to gear up for the move, even if it is months away. Start by forming a moving committee that you can brainstorm with about the timeline, packing methods, moving companies to hire, and possible vehicle or housing incentives for employees who may have to commute further to get to your new location. 

It’s ideal to have managers and team leaders as members of your committee, as they know the needs of their department the most and they can cascade updates down to their members without having to call a big meeting. 

Provide Helpful Informational Material

Ask a few people from your committee to create an information pack for workers. Include updates about the information you disclosed during your initial announcement. Indicate how the workplace will be set up. Will you be transitioning to an open office system? Or are you going to go with a more private design with cubicles? Make sure to back these changes up with research. 

Tell them about the amenities the building has like better parking and security. Will your future windows let in enough natural light? Natural light is one of the workplace qualities employees want the most, as it improves mood and wellbeing. You can distribute these facts through email as a full-fledged booklet. Chunking the information down as a weekly newsletter with a countdown may also build excitement among employees. 

Even if you’re excited about your move, your employees may have concerns about your soon-to-be workplace. Keep them informed and engaged by providing regular updates and assurance that the relocation is worth it. Before you know it, it’ll be business as usual in your new place.

Choose an Experienced Developer for Your Property

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