Natural Home: How to Create Green Spaces in Your Condo

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Date posted December 2, 2019

Ortigas East

Admit it; as convenient as it is to live in Manila, you wish the air was a bit cleaner. While you may think that your best bet for fresh air is to visit the province, you can still get your fix while living in the city.

A recent study published in the Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaption in Urban Areas Journal found that urban green spaces like the nearest park have significantly better air quality compared to the rest of the city. This is because they’re full of trees and plants that filter out pollution. Trees also cool the area by providing shade and spritzing water vapor. Apart from their physical benefits, green spaces may help improve one’s mental health, as walking around them reduces stress. 


However, not everyone has the time to blow off steam at the park. After a long day, you want to rest and unwind in your bed. Fortunately, you can do more than turning on the AC to improve your indoor air quality. You can actually create your own green space in the comfort of your home. Here’s how to do it.


Small Plants, Big Benefits

If you’re worried that the Ortigas Avenue condo you got during preselling is too intimate for greenery, there are a lot of tiny plants to choose from. Start with succulents. They’re low maintenance and come in different interesting shapes and colors. Take these choices into consideration: 


Echeveria - This is a rose-shaped succulent that can come in light green, brown, or even purple. They also produce flowers during the summer.

Aloe Vera - If you’re a skincare buff, this succulent is perfect for your home. Once your plant is about a year old and has a reddish shade to it, you can snip one of its leaves to harvest its gel. This substance can be used to moisturize your skin or treat sores and burns. 

Jade Plant - These have puffed, bright green leaves that can jazz up any room. Plus, they’re a symbol of good luck!

These succulents only need watering when their soil gets wholly dried out. Place them on your terrace or let them decorate your windowsill to get as much sun as possible. 


The Wall is Your Friend

If you’ve amassed a collection of plants and you’re running out of floor space, it’s time you used your wall. There are many vertical gardening kits to choose from online, and they require little to no tools to set up. You can also get creative and easily craft your vertical garden using old drawers and dressers. If you want to grow some vines, create a trellis with some wood, nails, and glue. 


Your condo is an escape from the chaos and pollution of the city. Make it even more comfortable by making small green spaces in every room. Use these suggestions, and you’ll be greeted by the relaxing and healthy ambiance of your plants every time you come home. 


Live in a Green Space

If you want to enjoy nature without leaving home, the Verdant Towers by Ortigas East is for you. Our new development is situated along Ortigas Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue, which is known for having 40% green spaces and convenient, interconnected walkways. And with amenities like a lounge pool and a garden deck, you’ll definitely get the relaxation you need after a long day at work.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new project.



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