Meet CV Sports Hub, Haven for Active Sports

Posted by Ortigas Land

Date posted June 10, 2021

Circulo Verde

Get Fit with Friends and Family at CV Sports Hub

Few spaces in the metropolis are fully dedicated to active sports, the outdoors, and team sports as much as CV Sports Hub in Circulo Verde, Quezon City.

CV Sports Hub is a place for sports enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and those who want to take the first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. The sports hub features two  key facilities for outdoor and indoor sports that you can enjoy with friends and families.

The Bike Playground


The Bike Playground is the first and only indoor asphalt pump track in the Philippines. Developed by Ortigas Land in collaboration with global pump track and trail builder Velosolutions, it has captured the attention of cyclists both in and outside Metro Manila. 

The indoor pump track is designed with berms, rollers, and jumps that loop back on itself, allowing you to ride the course continuously without pedaling. Experienced riders can ride the pump track to showcase complex stunts, but it is also a suitable area where newbie cyclists can learn and practice new cycling skills.

The Bike Playground also has an outdoor trail, ideal for cyclists and bikers who don’t have time to go out of town to get their trail biking fix. The outdoor track features a rough and grassy terrain, perfect for those who want to test their skills on uneven surfaces. The track also has a giant ramp that lets you experience the thrill of riding up and down a hill. Also located outdoors is the Kids Track, built for the young ones and those who are not yet confident to try the pump track and outdoor trail.

The Bike Playground is not just for cyclists. If you have friends or relatives who ride skateboards and scooters, you can also bring them with you so you can try the amenities together. The Bike Playground also offers bike and gear rentals care of Celeste Cycles, all at affordable rates. If you have kids, you can enroll them in the facility’s cycling class.


The CV Quad


Situated just beside The Bike Playground is CV Quad, a spacious outdoor court where you can play basketball with your friends. This quad is also ideal for other types of team sports, including volleyball, badminton, and futsal.

The CV Quad has been painted with Deco-flex flooring and boasts a FIBA-based quadrangle, which will give players a feel of how it is to play in the international basketball arena, as well as LED lighting, a digital scoreboard, and a shot clock.  

If you’re going alone, you can also use the area for running and jogging.


Where Urban Living Meets the Beauty of Nature

All these facilities are located inside Circulo Verde, an Ortigas Land 10-hectare community that combines nature with modern urban living, with condominiums and townhouses alongside parks, restaurants, and retail shops.  Whether you’re a young professional, a newly married couple planning to start a family, or someone who is nearing retirement age, the Circulo Verde community is a place you should consider.

Ortigas Land is an estate developer that designs and builds master-planned developments where people can live, work, shop, and play. We offer residential properties located close to entertainment, retail, and sports facilities. For more information about our developments, contact us today.



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