Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

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Capitol Commons

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Each has its own unique character, a distinct quality that smack-dab caters to the precise needs of its market.

Beyond just creating differentiators that allow its mixed-use estates to stand out, Ortigas Land is more importantly offering variations of enhanced lifestyles within its four master-planned estates to suit the evolving requirements of a much wider base of clientele.


According to Ortigas Land president and chief executive officer Jaime E. Ysmael, they make sure to leverage on the strengths of each estate by creating offerings specifically for the markets they sought to serve. From Capitol Commons in Pasig City, Ortigas East along C5 Road, Circulo Verde in Quezon City, to Greenhills in San Juan City, all four estates exude their own definitive vibe that many of today’s urban dwellers seek and aspire for.

“We are fortunate to have a very good land bank with the four estates uniquely positioned in key locations that make them attractive in itself. Of course, that’s not enough. We also have to do a lot of things with respect to the masterplan to make it really attractive for the intended customers. It’s also about having a clearer view of the kind of positioning that we intend to have for specific estates because they have characteristics that are unique to them,” Ysmael explained.


“Greenhills is really known for its shopping component so we’ll leverage on that, while Capitol Commons is all about being a lifestyle destination. Ortigas East is a work in progress, but we believe that its unique location and connectivity are something we can leverage on, then Circulo Verde is more of an enclave—a predominantly residential community with support retail in a nice part of Metro Manila where you have unique views and water features because of the Pasig River. The rest [of our land bank] are pretty much small parcels within the Ortigas Business District that benefits from the fact that it’s located in Ortigas Center, which is at the very center of Metro Manila,” he added.

And even within these four estates, one can readily find a curated, diverse mix of offerings, from residential, commercial to office developments that create a self-contained community to complement the hurried pace of modern-day living—not to mention the lush greenery in pocket parks and open spaces that offer a much-needed breathing space in the heart of the urban jungle. Some of these components already exist within the estates while planned ventures are set to provide a more exciting, more promising proposition for the homebuyers and investors of Ortigas Land.




Within a 10-hectare expanse in Pasig City is a healthy mix of upscale residences, premium-grade offices, a shopping mall, a food strip and lush pocket parks that seek to redefine one’s concept of urban living.

Capitol Commons, one of the newer districts to rise in the metro, proves to be the archetype of future cities where comfort, accessibility and convenience are all a given.

So far, Ortigas Land has launched here four upscale residential projects: the 64-story Royalton, the 62-story Imperium, the 62-story Maven and the 56-story Empress.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates


Comprising the commercial and entertainment component of Capitol Commons are Estancia Mall and the newly opened Estancia East Wing where the first-ever Ortigas cinemas and an SM store can be found; Unimart; and Gastro Hub, a food strip offering different dining concepts to the market.

Meanwhile, the upper floors of the Estancia Mall house 15,000 sqm of premium office spaces known as the Estancia Offices, while the Capitol Commons Park provides a refreshing green urban space where residents and guests can just relax.

Capitol Commons checks on accessibility, too, since it’s located along Meralco Avenue cor. Shaw Boulevard, within Ortigas Center in Pasig City. A lot of major thoroughfares and transport nodes are highly accessible, thus making it easier for anyone to go to and fro Capitol Commons, whether via private car or public transport.


Everyone’s favorite shopping mecca is undergoing a massive, P60-billion redevelopment plan to make the 16-ha Greenhills at par with the rest of the districts in the metro.

According to Ysmael, the ongoing Phase 1 of redevelopment here, which entailed a P10-billion capital outlay, will see the completion of a new mall with an office-for-lease component to be ready by 2021 to 2022. As much as 100,000 sqm of fresh leasable space will be made available upon completion.

So far, two residential projects have been launched in Greenhills, namely the 53-story Viridian and the 55-story Connor, while a wide array of dining and retail concepts awaits guests and residents at the shopping centers here, Unimart, O Square 1 and 2.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Greenhills may still be in the early stages of its redevelopment plan, but an exciting and impressive vision for this estate makes it all worth the wait.

Ysmael earlier said that the target was to transform Greenhills into a bustling, integrated estate: with a shopping center that will be expanded and modernized to augment the estate’s retail strengths; offices, upscale residential high-rises; possibly, serviced residences or a hotel; a new boulevard; and cinemas.

“We would like to make sure that Greenhills will retain that charm and tradition of having small shops. The first phase of development will make it much more complete as we will be adding more shops while at the same time retaining the original elements so we can continue the Greenhills legacy,” he had said.


Tucked in a quieter nook in Quezon City is a residential enclave that creates a new benchmark in city living.

At the 10-ha Circulo Verde, one can have a well- deserved sanctuary in the middle of the city, where you can easily enjoy nature alongside modern conveniences. As Ysmael had put it: “Circulo Verde is more of an enclave, a predominantly residential community with support retail in a nice part of Metro Manila where you have unique views and unique water features because of the Pasig River.”

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Here, you can find five residential towers; a townhouse community, an Industria Mall where you can enjoy the parks, shops and exclusive recreational facilities; the CV Sports Hub; CV Pitch; a bike playground; CV Quad (basketball, volleyball, badminton court); and Hachi Park, which is an off-leash dog park.

According to Ysmael, only a third of the estate has been developed, which means one can expect more exciting offerings over the next decade.


Exciting things are heading towards this bustling corridor, touted as the new battleground for real estate developers.

Along C5 Road in Pasig City is the 16-ha Ortigas East where a residential community (Maple at Verdánt Towers) and Glaston, which offers office spaces for sale, have been launched. It is home to Tiendesitas, a shopping complex; Silver City Office Campus; and other locations that include SM Hypermarket and Transcom Center.

While Ortigas East is already a thriving community, more can be expected upon completion of its P50-billion redevelopment plan.

According to Ysmael, they will be unveiling a fresh look for and a unique concept behind Ortigas East, formerly known as Frontera Verde, as based on the new masterplan. It will anchor on the fact that Ortigas East has one of if not the best locations among the company’s estates given its three major access points.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

“It has a very unique location. Also, we have some anchors there which we believe will add to the viability and vibrancy of the estate,” he said.

One of the initial plans is to put up a new mall with an office-for-lease component to complement Tiendesitas.

“We will configure it in a way that will make it stand out because that corridor is quite competitive. As you know, C5 is the new battleground and that’s why we have to make sure that our new products in that area will be competitive and will stand out,” Ysmael said.

“We’ll see if we can already outline the beginnings of what the new Ortigas East will look like. We will put in the necessary infrastructure utilities, landscaping, lampposts, signages, pedestrian areas, and then of course, we will have the mall, office component, and Maple, the first in a series of residential towers. We’ll intensify further the effort there so that we can already start demonstrating to the public what the new Ortigas East will look like,” Ysmael explained.

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