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What to Look For When Buying a Condominium


We’ve witnessed the vast landscape of urban lifestyles and central business districts become an intertwining characteristic of today’s developing cities. In Metro Manila, for instance, we can easily tell which cities serve as today’s “concrete jungles” – from Makati to Ortigas, Eastwood, and BGC – the telltale signs of progress are on the wall. Among other indicators, it’s infrastructure that primarily serves as a manifestation of a city’s growth and potential.

For this reason alone, it comes as no surprise when a property developer starts preselling a condo in C-5 Road – this can only mean that opportunity exists in and around the surrounding communities. Any individual seeking to start living independently can benefit from choosing the right place, whether it’s an apartment or a house. Deciding to live in a condominium, for instance, can greatly improve his or her quality of life. A family, on the one hand, can also choose to reside in a condominium if it presents them with better living options.


Condo Living: What Should I Know?  

Condominiums, often shortened to “condo,” are single unit properties in a building, such as apartment-style buildings and multi-infrastructure complexes. Condos will often have shared spaces, like a lobby, gym, pool, and parking area for common use. Quite different from living in a house, a condo means that a unit owner or a resident has to learn how to have less control over his or her living spaces. There are less maintenance requirements to worry about, but neighbors and condo policies to be mindful of at all times.

That being said, before choosing to buy or live in a condo, here are some important factors to consider: 

  • Location – As the most critical determining factor, the location of a condo plays a role in its value. A prime spot, such as in the central business districts, will merit some pretty good resale value. A safe and secure neighborhood or a thriving community are some things to look at when choosing a location. This means that there are nearby hospitals, schools, and malls or grocery stores. Naturally, this also means that transportation is accessible, and convenience is at one’s fingertips.


  • Amenities – Among the other perks of living in a condo, the amenities are an important factor to consider, especially since there can be many to choose from when looking at a condo building. Some condos will have a sauna or spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, private gyms, basketball courts, and many more, so one has to consider which amenities are the most beneficial. Thinking long-term helps, as these are things that one also pays for in their monthly dues.


  • Lifestyle – A significant factor to evaluate is one’s lifestyle. When thinking about buying or living in a condo, one has to consider its many differences from living in a single, detached home. If it feels too costly for an individual to maintain a house, then a condo might make more sense. However, one has to make certain adjustments in their lifestyle as well, since most condos have rules that concern pet ownership, playing loud music, having guests for a party, and renovations.


  • Size – While it seems like an obvious factor to take into account, one must do the prior research before committing to any real estate property ownership conversations. Find out the exact square footage of the unfurnished unit and imagine having to make accommodations for the necessary household items. Given an individual’s specific needs, not having enough space will warrant a reassessment of one’s living options. Consulting with a property specialist can also provide insight on the size of a condo unit – are you overpaying for a space in the sky, or are you making a wise decision that benefits your overall well-being? Be honest with yourself when a condo unit is too small for your needs. Look elsewhere as there are larger units available in the real estate market.


A condo’s location, amenities, your lifestyle, and the condo unit’s size are the primary determining factors to think about when considering condo living. It requires one adapting to a lifestyle that isn’t for everyone, oftentimes echoing a culture of hustle and instant reward systems. For those looking to tap the potential of living a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, condo living is more than worth the leap of faith.


Ortigas Land’s Maple at Verdánt Towers at Ortigas East

Ortigas Land, the esteemed real estate developer in the Philippines, has been conceiving and building master-planned developments for more than eight decades now. The Maple at Verdánt Towers, is the first of a trio of residential condominium towers, is currently in development along C-5, Ortigas, and Julia Vargas Avenue. A 16-hectare eco-estate for mixed use, it offers residents the lush green open spaces that are needed in today’s concrete urban jungle.


For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us now!

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Why Millennials Prefer Condo Living

Why More Millennials Prefer Living in Condos


Many millennials are now in the right age and financial capacity to start buying their own homes. And just like older generations, many millennials are looking forward to investing on living space they can call their own.

In the recent years, trends have shown that younger property buyers are shifting the real estate trend from buying houses in suburban areas to buying condominiums in urbanized centers. So, it’s clear that many millennials are opting for condos as their residential property of choice. But why? Here are five possible reasons why.


Live Near All Their Wants and Needs

One of the defining traits of the millennial generation is their need for instant gratification. This is the generation that saw the rise of the internet and technology in their early years, so they’re used to having everything they need within their grasp.

What this means for the real estate market is that it shouldn’t be a surprise that millennials are choosing to live close to everything they need and want. Condominiums and residential properties situated at strategic locations in Metro Manila are close to business districts, commercial centers, and other locations within reach.

Rather than living in a suburban area and having to drive or commute to their destination, more millennials prefer to live in condominiums because it’s a shorter trip to get where they want to go. For instance, those looking for condos for sale in Shaw Boulevard will find themselves close to the Ortigas Central Business District, local facilities, and other areas to satisfy their wants and needs.


Need for Less Space

Studies show that aspirations for a traditional family life are decreasing with millennials. This means that millennials are either having children at a much later age than older generations, or they prefer to not have kids at all.

As a result, millennials do not need all the space and child-friendly features associated with traditional houses. And because millennials prefer to have children at a later age, they are more interested in buying properties that are more pointed towards single young individuals or young couples.


Too Busy to Maintain the Location

Unlike traditional homes, condominiums provide exclusive amenities and facilities that, in a traditional house, property owners would be required to maintain. Many millennials simply do not have the time to focus on maintaining property.

Through condo living, millennials would only have to focus on maintaining their own unit. The rest of the building will be maintained by the property manager who ensures all residents get the best level of service and maintenance standards.


Exclusive Amenities Millennials Actually Want

If we’re talking about buying a house, the cost of buying a house with a swimming pool, immaculately landscaped garden, and private gym would be way more than the average millennial can afford. These days, the best condominiums in the metro often come with a suite of amenities designed to maximize a resident’s satisfaction.

Unlike buying a house, millennials can more easily afford condo properties with the amenities they want. These are shared with the other residents, but these are exclusive to residents only. This can give millennials in the property market that edge they need to make their condo living experience much better.


Of course, there are many more factors why condo living is becoming more popular for younger property buyers. This is something to consider once you start looking to invest in properties when it’s time to spread your wings and find your own home.

For Ortigas Land’s premiere residential tower for millennials, Maven at Capitol Commons offers the perfect home for tomorrow’s young and successful professionals. It is the future address for residents who want unique facilities that cater to various lifestyles, passions, and interests.

Contact us today to learn more.

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Maximizing Your Condo Space

4 Ways to Maximize Your Condo Living Space

There are many advantages to condo living in Metro Manila. You get to live within the urban center, it’s the cost-effective solution to living close to all your needs, and condominiums are relatively more affordable than regular homes while still having a place to call your own.

For some living in condominiums, however, space may be an issue for many reasons. You could have a growing family, or have plenty of possessions and trinkets that are hard to let go of. Sure, there are visual tricks to making your home look bigger, but that won’t do anything to make your household feel more comfortable in limited space.

That’s not to say that all types of condo living are cramped. If you want to maximize your condo living space, here are four tips to make your home more spacious.


Invest in Double-Purpose or Space-Saving Furniture

Do away with excessive furniture in your home by investing in furniture that can serve multiple purposes. These are a growing trend for economical condominiums where condo owners want to maximize their space. A few of these types of furniture include:

  • Sofa beds
  • Ottomans that double as storage space
  • Bunk beds or loft beds for your children
  • Dining tables with foldaway chairs

These afford you the additional space to use in your home. You can find these and other space-saving furniture online or at your local mall.


Think Vertically

Think of your walls and overhead space as real estate for your belongings. For example, plants are a great way to add some color and life into your condo, but instead of using indoor floor plants that take up floor space, install shelves or a wall rack to decorate your home with greenery. You can even use indoor hanging plants to create a focal point without taking too much space.

And this isn’t just limited to decorations: there are plenty of ways to maximize overhead space. Invest in a tall bookshelf rather than a wide one to maximize overhead space. Install an overhead pot rack in your kitchen to remove the cluttered pans and pots in your kitchen shelves. When you realize the potential of overhead space, you save up on floor space that can be used for other activities.


Establish Zones

Many condominiums have an open floor plan. While many homeowners manage to take advantage of this layout, there may be those who end up making the open space look cluttered and cramped because they failed to establish zones within the home.

For instance, establish your living room area by using a large rug and have your sofas strategically perimeter the area. Next to this zone, establish the dining area by setting your dining table as a focal point and using lighting fixtures to establish it as a zone separate from the living room.

This is just one example of how to establish zones. Use furniture, rug accents, plants, or even wall veneers and other wall accents to distinguish each area in your home. By doing so, you’re creating a designated place for various activities, thus maximizing the space you have.


Think Long-Term When Buying Your Condo

For those who have yet to purchase their own condominiums, you have the advantage of considering the long-term purpose of your condominium to avoid living in a cramped space in the long run.

For example, is this condo going to be your forever home where you intend to raise children? Then consider a multi-bedroom unit even if it’s just going to be you and your partner for the first few years. Or, are you a young couple planning to grow a family here before moving out to bigger living spaces? Then, a smaller unit would be practical for your needs.

This is important to consider, given that you don’t have to resort to various means of space saving when you make the right investment on a condo with more than enough space for yourself or your growing family.


Ortigas Land has built a legacy as one of the esteemed real estate developers in the Philippines. We offer a variety of condominium layouts: from the luxurious residential towers featuring units more spacious than the average home, to the economical units that is the practical option for growing families, young single individuals, or those who want to live their golden years in comfort.

Browse through our website today and find your family’s forever home with us.

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Metro Manila Real Estate – An Investor’s Dream

Why Real Estate in Metro Manila is an Amazing Investment


Despite the COVID-19 crisis that has affected the world economy in 2020, it appears real estate prices have stayed steady, particularly in the luxury market.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released its Residential Real Estate Price Index Report for the 2nd quarter of 2020, which indicated record price growth of 27 percent year on year – and the highest yearly growth on record since 2016, when BSP began publishing the report.

An analyst from Colliers International also noted a range of price increases in the first half of 2020 for various pre-selling projects around Metro Manila, including the Ortigas Center district.

Market optimism carries over from 2019 to 2020

This optimism for Manila’s real estate market is a carryover of investor sentiment from last year. Knight Frank’s annual Prime International Residential Index 100 (PIRI 100) report, released last March 2020, reported a 6.5 percent increase in Manila luxury residential property prices in 2019, year on year. This makes Manila one of the most dynamic, fast-rising markets in this segment – third in Asia, and eighth in the world.

This has two implications for prospective buyers, especially investment hunters looking for upscale properties in the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

The first is that real estate investors who bought this year are potentially looking at doubling the value of their luxury real estate investment in as little as four years - a stunningly short period of time. The second is that committed buyers should try not to delay further on their investment, given these market rate increases.  

Confidence is related to quality real estate products

This level of confidence in the real estate market reflects the level of quality offerings by real estate developers in the Philippines, who are invigorating the market with centrally located properties boasting top-rate amenities that are highly in demand.

Luxury real estate buyers today want smart home technologies in their home, in the same way smart technology now exists on their mobile phones, tablets, and cars. Voice or device-operated commands for lighting, door security, and air-condition temperature settings are just some examples of this.

Well-designed kitchens in open layouts, with the option for professional level kitchen level appliances and modern, minimalist, modular furniture, give future homebuyers the chance to entertain into a luxury’s apartments wider living room space to a room full of guests.

Luxury apartments in the heart of the city also offer exclusive buyers the ultimate luxury of space – with expansive living room and bedroom layouts, high floor to ceiling heights, access to outdoor green spaces for running, yoga, and meditation, and outdoor swimming pools that help people of all ages maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Quality investments of this kind are rare in the market – especially in bustling, dynamic areas such as Ortigas Center, where Ortigas Land is currently building a brand-new real estate anchor destination with  Residences at The Galleon.

Secure your investment in something that lasts – and invest in Residences at The Galleon, a condo near Ortigas Center, with luxury apartments for sale at preselling rates.

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Find Your Dream Property Without the Stress

How to Find Your Dream Property


For some, life’s most important decisions include your plans for study at college; when to get married and have children; and finally, where to buy a home and set up roots.

Making a real estate investment is a huge emotional and financial commitment – especially if it’s your first purchase. It can be a very exciting process, though it can also turn into a source of overwhelming stress. You can simplify this process by focusing on exactly what kind of property you want and gathering the resources to purchase it.

Save yourself the stress of researching without clear criteria. Here are some ways of structuring the decision-making process – and end up with the dream property you’ve always wanted.


  1. Assess your finances carefully

    It’s time to make a fair and realistic assessment of your existing funds. How much have you been able put away for a major investment – and how much more can you save from your salary and other sources of income?

    Review your savings, some of your longer-term investments, and explore housing loan options with your bank of choice. Set this information aside and come back to it after you’ve started looking for properties you want.


  1. Decide on the kind of property you want

Consider the lifestyle you lead; this will help determine what kind of property you want for the next phase of your life. Do you have a burning desire to build a house from scratch, grow your own garden, make space for a pool in the back yard? Or are you more interested in a city-based location that’s close to the action, near the malls and cinemas, and your favorite restaurants? 

Knowing whether you want a house of your own or a condo in the city will start to shape where you’ll want to look. The kind of space you want also matters, depending on whether you’re single, attached, or in search of a place to raise young children in.

  1. Look at location

Whether you’re single or already attached – focus on distances and landmarks, like the distance to your family’s house, your place of work, and convenient access to out of town destinations. If you’re already married with children, you’ll want to look at the commute time between school and home – and how convenient it will be to get them to school every day.

  1. Review yearly costs

Don’t forget you will be paying yearly real estate taxes, as well as management or association dues, once you’re the owner of a property. If you’re in search of a condo, ask what the monthly fee per square meter is, and what kind of services are or will be provided by the condo management service. 

  1. Do your research thoroughly

Once you’ve zeroed in on potential locations and properties, it’s time to start talking to realtors you trust and examining all the property information you can get. Don’t be afraid to lean on the realtor for all your questions, as their commission covers the efforts of transacting with you. At the same time, compare prices online; do research on forums; and if you know someone who’s invested in the property you like, get their advice and feedback on the real estate company, the realtors they dealt with, and their payment strategy.

  1. Visit the location as many times as you can before committing

    After assessing your financial resources and all the research is done, it really boils down to gut feel. To get a better feel of the property you’re interested in, try visiting the area at different times of day – in the morning, during office hours; in the evening, after work; and on weekends. Walk around the neighborhood and look at what’s nearby. Your future favorite coffeeshop? A great mall? A good hospital and medical clinic? If the area feels like home, you’ve probably found the place you want.

Ortigas Land offers beautiful, centrally located condo properties for sale near C5 and Ortigas Center with amazing amenities. Inquire today to find the very best property that suits your lifestyle and dreams.


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Maven at Capitol Commons’ Flexible Lifestyle Amenities

Maven at Capitol Commons: Celebrating the Flexible Lifestyle


Maven at Capitol Commons celebrates the active, well-rounded lifestyles of young urban professional and their growing families. Designed with them in mind, this 62-storey, two-tower development in Capitol Commons offers units in studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options ranging from 24-115 sqm – providing you with all the space you want or need to make your lifestyle work for you. These spaces give future residents amazing flexibility to live the way they want and near everything they need.

Maven at Capitol Commons is a stone’s throw from everyday essentials. Capitol Commons is home to a lifestyle community that includes three other residential projects – The Royalton, The Imperium, and Empress. It’s a short walking distance to Estancia Mall, Unimart Supermarket, Capitol Commons Park, and a stylish set of indoor and outdoor restaurants, all still within Capitol Commons.

Capitol Commons is located within Ortigas Center, a thriving hub for business and finance, and the doorway to many flourishing careers in local and multinational companies. It’s also near the vibrant working and living communities in Shaw Boulevard and Kapitolyo, home to many home-grown signature restaurants and bars.

Activity Rooms at The Amenity Bar

At Maven, residents will enjoy unbeatable access to unique lifestyle amenities. Termed the “Amenity Bar”, this multi-level activity complex boasts of the following facilities:

  1. The Living Room: An outdoor park with beautiful view of the Sierra Madre Mountains. (Level 2)
  2. The Party Room: A space for all celebrations, whether it’s birthday parties, bridal showers, baptisms, and other family and community events. (Level 5)
  3. The Fit Room: A workout facility with gym equipment, with shower and changing facilities located in the nearby Locker Room (Level 8)
  4. The Wet Room: A stunning infinity lap pool that’ll help you start your day or help you destress at the end of it. (Level 10) Still want to swim outdoors? There’s also an outdoors Lounging Pool and a Kiddie Pool on the 2nd floor deck area.
  5. Play Rooms: Multiple play area facilities, each with their own curated design and spaces for meaningful interaction. These facilities are spread across the Atrium and various floors inside Maven at Capitol Commons.


Facilities for Work, Meeting Friends, and Play

Maven’s Amenity Bar facilities don’t end here!

Level 3 houses a Work Room for individual work and a Meeting Room for board meetings and other corporate gatherings; a Craft Room; and a Chat Room with a café’-inspired where you and friends can hang out.

Level 7 offers a Media Room ideal for movie showings, corporate screenings, or videoke parties; a Game Room for billiards and board game gatherings; and a Kids Room that gives spaces to kids to play safely and meet other children in the community.

The Ideal Condo in the Ortigas and Shaw Boulevard Area

Looking for a condo for sale in the Shaw Boulevard area? Take a look at Maven at Capitol Commons.

Maven at Capitol Commons is currently at the preselling stage and will make an amazing long-term investment for you and your family. Contact us today or give us at a call at any of our corporate offices to make an inquiry and book your own unit.

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Capitol Commons: Your Future Home is Here

Capitol Commons: Shaping the Community You Live In

Capitol Commons by Ortigas Land is a promising estate development that’s in the heart of the action. In progress for the better part of a decade, Capitol Commons encapsulates some of the most ideal elements of a thriving, productive community that gives equal spaces to work, play, and residential living at its finest.

Shopping and Dining
Whether it’s for shopping and dining, Capitol Commons has readied some of the best lifestyle stores and restaurant concepts that will form part of your future neighborhood in the Ortigas-Shaw Boulevard area. Head over to the al fresco area of Capitol Commons facing Shaw Boulevard, and treat yourself to a signature dining experience at Tipsy Pig, Sentro, or Black Olive – or buy deli and gourmet food provisions at Santis Delicatessen to cook at home.

You can also do your lifestyle shopping at Estancia Mall, which has Unimart Supermarket, which boasts the widest variety of fresh produce and imported goods at great prices. 

Schooling and Further Education
Worried about your children’s morning and afternoon commute to and from school? Capitol Commons offers strategic proximity to prestigious learning institutions, including Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, Reedley School, Domuschola International School, St. Paul’s College Pasig, and University of Asia and the Pacific.

Health and Medical Care
Whether you’re in the prime of your life or moving toward middle or retirement age, we’re also near health and medical facilities that are just minutes from Capitol Commons. Rizal Medical Center is accessible on the Shaw Boulevard area of Capitol Commons, while The Medical City, located in Ortigas Center, offers certified global standards of primary, secondary, and emergency care that make it a leading hospital destination in the southeast Asia region.

Prayer and Worship
Capitol Commons is not far from places of worship that nourish and nurture the soul. It is near Pasig Capitol Community Church, Holy Family Parish Church, and St. Francis of Assisi Church. Catholic worshipers can also visit the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong as well as the University of Asia and the Pacific for parish church services.

Find your future home in Capitol Commons

Capitol Commons is a vibrant 10-hectare community with lifestyle, office, and residential living spaces that will shape the way you live. It currently has four projects under development: Maven; Empress; The Royalton; and The Imperium. Three of the residential projects are currently in the preselling stage and will soon be made available for occupancy to the public while The Royalton at Capitol Commons is now ready for occupancy. It is strategically located within Ortigas Center, with three major access points that make commute and travel extremely convenient. It is also the official home of Estancia Offices, an 8-level facility with locators such as Verizon, Maersk, and other international companies.

To inquire about these projects, contact Ortigas Land, your real estate developer of choice.

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Why LEED Certification Matters

The Benefits of LEED Certification


The current, more environmental conscious generation of investors wants to do their part in reducing the impact of climate change and protect natural resources. In building environment-friendly, climate resistant buildings, investors have a chance to create a positive impact not just for themselves, but in the communities they are part of. 

That’s why the LEED certification matters more and more for up and coming buildings being built by the country’s leading developers. The benefits will be felt by investors, potential tenants, as well as the environment itself.

What is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Developed by the US Green Building Council, this certification program assesses important environmental criteria such as: energy conservation, air quality, water use, and the type of construction material used by the developer.

There are four levels certification, assessed with a point scoring system: LEED Certified (40-49 points or credits), Silver LEED (50-59 credits), Gold LEED (60-79 credits), and Platinum (80 or more credits).The process of achieving LEED certification is done through independent, third-party verification services.

Tangible benefits felt by all

Let’s outline the concrete holistic benefits that will be experienced by all.

Cost savings: By using less energy and water, LEED certified green buildings will also generate lower utility bills. Depending on usage, direct savings on residential utility bills may be as significant as 25 percent on average.

Reduced carbon footprint: LEED certified buildings prove they use more renewable resources and building materials and have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the amount of energy and water that they use

Indoor Environment Quality: LEED certification also verifies the installation of all building ventilation systems. LEED certified green buildings maximize the circulation of indoor fresh air and help block out the intake of toxic outdoor pollutants, which increase overall health of everyone who in the building. A cleaner ventilation system has been proven to reduce respiratory ailments – including asthma and allergy, resulting in greater well-being and health for everyone – and a critical benefit with the advent of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19. 

Ask your developers how they’re implementing LEED

Informed investors should ask their land developers how they’re implementing LEED in the building. Ask them about the kind of glass they’re using for their façade; the water management system; and what kind of paints and finishes are being used to paint and decorate interiors.

The best land developers in the market care about your health and the environment. Ask Ortigas Land how it’s implementing LEED certification at Offices at The Galleon in Ortigas Center. We look forward to your inquiries.

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Why Living in Ortigas East Has So Many Advantages

The Advantages of Living in a Condo in Ortigas East


Savvy investors know that people who purchase a condo achieve two goals – first, they buy a property that can become their new home; and second, they gain an investment that appreciates steadily over time and has great resale value. Condo prices grow faster in value over other kinds of traditional investments, especially in times of economic uncertainty. 
Ortigas East, which is being developed by Ortigas Land as the first eco-estate in Metro Manila, offers several advantages because of its location. Let’s discuss them here.

1. It’s located right on C5 and Ortigas Avenue

Ortigas East’s amazing location off C5 and Ortigas Avenue means that it’s a short distance from the dynamic Ortigas Central Business District, which is a booming center for business, retail, education, and residential condo development.

Its closeness to C5 also makes it extremely convenient to access transport routes that lead both north, toward Quezon City, and south, toward Bonifacio Global City.

2. The Ortigas-BGC bridge is nearing completion

The Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) recently announced that the Ortigas-BGC bridge – officially known as the Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge – is getting closer toward completion.

As part of the Bonifacio Global City-Ortigas Center link road project under the administration’s Build Build Build program, travel time between Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City may go down to as little as 12 minutes! The bridge will help decongest C5 – and EDSA – traffic. Everybody wins – including you.

  1. C5 is becoming its own main thoroughfare

Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, or Circumferential Road 5 (C5), has been witnessing a number of revitalization projects along its wide stretch – many of these transforming former idle or industrial land into thoughtfully designed, highly livable spaces for young professionals, couples, and growing families.

The next wave of upscale condo development is in full swing, with a heavy focus on C5. This is enhancing the value of any preselling condo on C5 road – including properties being developed in Ortigas East by Ortigas Land.


  1. It’s near resort-like destinations on the east side of the city

Because Ortigas East is easy to reach from three different areas, it’s equally easy to travel to destinations that lead out of Metro Manila in just an hour or two.

From Ortigas area, it’s easy to schedule so many nearby adventures. Most people think of going north or south; but Ortigas East’s location is perfect for going, well, east!

Here are some examples:

  • a visit to Marikina’s river banks, famed shoe Museum, and shopping outlets;
  • the hills of Antipolo, with Pinto Art Gallery and restaurants with great views of the city in the distance;
  • drive, or bike, toward the scenic highlands of Tanay – and even go swimming;
  • organize exciting adventures to places such as Masungi Geoserve in Baras;
  • go hiking in the mountains of Rodriguez;
  • or explore the ancient petroglyphs in Angono.


Choose A Condo in a Great Location

When considering a condo for its amenities and exceptional location, look for a preselling condo in Ortigas East. It’s an investment that can be enjoyed for years, by members of your family, yourself, and the next generation.

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A Luxury Condo’s Ideal Features and Amenities

5 Ideal Features and Amenities in a Luxury Condo


As the future would-be buyer of a luxury condo, you’re probably thinking about what luxury means to you. You have a wish list of features and amenities this property should possess.

You’re also looking at this future condo as a secure, long-term investment that won’t suffer in value in times of economic downturn. You may be the end-user of this property, but you’re also concerned about resale value – and may be looking to rent it out if you have other homes or apartments in your portfolio.

A really great, really unique luxury apartment is hard to spot. Let’s look at some of the most distinguishing features offered in some of the best upscale condos today – and help you choose a luxury property you really want.

The Best Location

This is a given: a luxury condo commands some of the best real estate locations in its own city. 

It’s close to everything you want it to be close to. Close to friends and family. The best shopping malls. Near favorite restaurants, great cinemas, and other entertainment venues. And best of all, close, if not close enough, to where you work. You’ll spend less time getting to work and arrive conveniently at the airport for a trip without too much trouble.

Some of the newest condo developments even have retail and commercial spaces in the lower floors for the convenience of their tenants. From where you live, it’ll be convenient to walk out for a leisurely stroll, grab a coffee, and do your errands. 

The Best Views

When you invest in a condo, you’re also investing in a great view of the city. Ask for location plans and the orientation of the unit you’re interested in. If you choose east, you’re looking at possible views of Antipolo, Laguna de Bay, and the Sierra Madre mountain range. If west, you’re aiming for views of Manila Bay and the coast of Cavite.

Thoughtful Design and Layout

When looking at your dream condo, examine for size and space. Ask about floor-to-ceiling heights and about spaces where you can work, study, or entertain guests.

Open plan kitchen layouts, for instance, allow you to cook and entertain at the same time. Bedrooms and other designated living areas should be able to provide you with tranquility and serenity when you are at break from work or relaxing on the weekends.

You may also be looking at common spaces and features outside your home that you and your family would enjoy. Parks and running trails, yoga or meditation areas, a spacious pool, and a resident gym, for instance. Some luxury condos also offer saunas, game rooms, day care spaces, and even a mini theater for video showings.

Smart Living Features

If you’re a fan of smart living, you might want to enjoy convenient control and management of various home features such as lighting, temperature, smoke detectors, and motion sensors that will protect your residence.

These kinds of features can already be managed via smart phone applications. Ask your real estate developer whether these kinds of amenities are available in the property you’re considering.

Professional Condo Management

Count this as an essential: the presence of professional home association and condo management professionals who will take care of residential security, property grounds maintenance, and family and community events. They’ve got the strictest protocols for safety and security and respond effectively to emergency situations in a timely manner.

To make the most of your investment, look for preselling condos in areas such as Ortigas EDSA, which is home to one of the city’s most vibrant business entertainment districts. The best luxury condo features amenities are only offered by the best developers in the business, who have a proven track record at building condos in the city’s choicest locations.

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Things to Do in Tiendesitas

Things to Do in Tiendesitas


Tiendesitas is a treasure trove of bargains, a dining destination, and a mecca for pet lovers in the city. Just like when it first opened in 2005, this was a friendly, open-air market subdivided into various “villages.” Recently redesigned and reopened as an air-conditioned space, Tiendesitas retains many of these original villages in its newly refurbished areas, making shopping even more convenient!

Many of Tiendesitas’ shop owners are run by small business owners, so you’re supporting entrepreneurs if you shop here. Though some stores sell products at fixed prices, you can still practice your haggling skills, which like in most Asian countries, is a popular sport.

Ready to shop? Have a budget ready, bring your shopping bags, and let’s go! 


Shop for Village Bargains

Just like its sister market, Greenhills Center, this is where you go for great bargains and unique items at its various village areas, which include Fashion, Furniture, Personal Care and Novelties, and Pet Villages, amongst several others.

In Fashion Village, you’ll find plenty of current fashion for both men and women, children’s clothes, some export overruns at marked down prices, bags, shoes, and even K-pop novelty shops with some of the trendiest accessories and memorabilia! You’ll find them next to with Philippine food sellers, personal care and natural health products like oils, lotions, and soaps; home improvement and hardware; and small electronics goods and accessories. 


Visit Furniture Village

Furniture Village is the furniture market you never know you needed – and not just on the holidays. Just like its counterpart in Greenhills Center, Furniture Village is one of the most accessible spaces for small artisan furniture, home décor and lighting accessories, as well as authentic regional handicraft items from all over the Philippines – even stuff that’s hard to find, like Christmas parol lanterns, capiz shell placemats, or classic Philippine lacquerware. This is why it’s such a popular stop before an overseas trip and a great suggestion for foreign tourists and homesick balikbayan visitors.

Most of the furniture and accessories are new, but some of their sellers offer antiques and vintage items too –pre-loved furniture, records, old comic books, and other sentimental knick-knacks.


Pamper your pets at Pet Village

Pet Village at Tiendesitas is a mecca for pet-owners, not only because it’s pet-friendly, but because it offers a very wide selection of goods and services for your furry pets, with over three dozen retailers ready to serve you. Looking for grooming services, pet food, a brand-new stroller, or a huge dog bed? You’ll find it all here.

Many long-time pet owners swear by the pampering services at PetVille by The Purple Groom, which is a hotel for pets, as well as a grooming service, just like Pretty Paws Pet Specialty & Grooming Center. Then there’s Pet Co., which offers clothes, carrying trunks and all other kinds of accessories for cats and dogs – and Pawfect, Animal Hub Company which offers organic food for pets – a good alternative for nutrition-focused “pawrents”. Cornerstone Animal Clinic also recently opened another branch of their clinic at Tiendesitas, so you’ll be able to give your furbabies medical care and TLC from professional, board-certified veterinarians. 


Shop for sports at Decathlon

If you love sports and the outdoors and visit to Decathlon is a must. This French brand prides itself on its value-for-money offerings, with clothing, accessories and sports equipment for over 70 sports, as well as camping and other kinds of outdoor gear. The huge warehouse-sized space allows for some in-store try-before-you-buy experiences and check out their gear personally before you make a purchase.

Decathlon makes shopping super easy and convenient. It carries the most generous return and exchange policy in the country, allowing you the period of 365 days (yes - that’s one year) to return or exchange any purchase, as well as a 2-year warranty on most products. In-store purchase returns or exchanges are best made in-store, while Decathlon will let you ship back returns bought through their e-commerce website for free.


Eat well and Shop Organic

No shopping experience at Tiendesitas is complete without dining or ordering takeout from its various restaurants. There’s Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Krispy Chicken, as well as delicious Cebu cuisine from Rico’s Lechon. Lovers of Asian food lovers can also choose from Tenya, KPUB Grill, and Oppa Chicken. You can also stop for light meals, all-day waffles, and coffee at Zullo Coffee Roasters. 

If you miss the bargain market or weekend market experience – Tiendesitas by Ortigas Malls is the place for you. Tiendesitas is located at Ortigas corner E. Rodriguez Avenue (C5), not far from Ortigas Central Business District, Metro Manila. Ortigas Land has also developed condos near Tiendesitas, like Maple at Verdant Towers. Visit the Tiendesitas Facebook page to get the latest updates and news on special events and have a great time shopping!

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Relaxing nights of serenade, al fresco dining

By:  - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
 / 04:15 AM February 20, 2021


Find your safe space at Capitol Commons.

People are starting to muster enough courage to venture out of their homes now that more restaurants and leisure hubs have started to reopen.

Just the same, we can never let our guard down—not after spending almost a year sheltering in place and putting up with so much so we can stay healthy and help curb the spread of COVID-19. So if you’re looking to go out anytime soon, make sure to put on your masks and face shields, bring a small bottle of alcohol or sanitizer, practice social distancing, and of course, find spaces where you can safely dine, relax and enjoy.

One safe space you can check out is Capitol Commons. Located along Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Boulevard in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, this 10-hectare estate brings life to its open spaces with new activities for everybody’s relaxation and leisure.


Ortigas Land enhances your dining experience with an al fresco setup amid open spaces and lush greenery at the Capitol Commons Park

Premier property developer Ortigas Land enhances your dining experience here with an al fresco dining setup at the Capitol Commons Park, amid the wide open spaces and lush greenery. We all know that many continue to prefer “outside seating” to ensure enough ventilation and lessen the possibility of contracting the virus. Fortunately, Ortigas Land knows what you want and need. And how we love commercial establishments that listen. With safety and health protocols set in place, Ortigas Land ensures that park goers will be treated to a safe, stress-free and relaxing experience as they enjoy at the park sumptuous meals from their favorite restaurants in Estancia Mall and Gastro Strip.

To make it easy for diners, QR codes are made available on each table at the Capitol Commons Park, which leads one to a digital menu of each restaurant. The restaurants’ contact details are also provided so customers can easily reach them for a more convenient and seamless ordering experience. Once orders are placed, the chosen restaurants will bring the food straight to the customers at their respective tables at the park. As digital transactions provide consumers with the safest and easiest way to pay this time of pandemic, cashless payments may be used at the Capitol Commons Park.


These sessions of Serenade at the Park happen from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

On top of this, diners will also be treated to live serenades as they enjoy their much missed favorite meals. Local buskers showcase their talent and treat park goers and diners to live music at the park. Imagine being on a big, fun picnic with the community—with proper physical distancing and the observance of health protocols, of course. I can just imagine the small groups of families and friends who’ll take this opportunity to catch up, unwind and escape even for at least a couple of hours.

These sessions of Serenade at the Park happens from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend’s featured buskers are announced every week on Capitol Commons’ Facebook page.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/318183/relaxing-nights-of-serenade-al-fresco-dining#ixzz75vU0Hg9A
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Property offers great investment advantage

 / 03:10 AM February 20, 2021

It’s easy to dismiss the idea of investing in a home as an unworkable cause if your sights are stuck on the price tag.

Major investments, admittedly, can hurt. Simply thinking about the compromises to afford this expense can turn us away. For the younger set, such an investment may mean missing out on Friday night gimmicks, new clothes and shoes, among others. But you win big by betting big, and real estate rarely depreciates. Those who discern these facts can easily look past the cost and take a leap forward.

There is a way to make that leap less uncertain and more likely profitable. Go for projects that provide great advantages and are offered by trustworthy entities. Such confidence would help soothe the pain of a big expense and will eventually allow one to reap rewards for years to come.

A project that meets these standards is taking shape in the form of the 42-story Maple at Verdant Towers by trusted property developer Ortigas Land. From its minute details to its place on the map, this residence rising within the 16-ha Ortigas East provides all the great advantages you can think of.


Maple’s choice amenities make it an aspirational home choice.

Opulence in the details

If you look closely, you will notice how the design and technology choices represent the building’s upscale feel. To start off, each unit at Maple at Verdant Towers has an intercom with a videophone. While the windows are placed to provide daylight and stunning views (Ortigas, Sierra Madre or Bonifacio Global City), the lighting is elegant. You have USB ports in the bedroom, as well as cozy wood floors. Countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are made of stone. The shower features ceramic wall tiles and a built-in bench. The lobby alone indicates the chic and fine life upstairs.


Maple’s spacious unit cuts and topnotch facilities will attract young professionals, couples starting out, even families with kids.

Aspirational address

The place symbolizes a life I and so many others aspire for, a cue that the demand is high for Maple at Verdant Towers. I find this best represented by the amenities. Outdoors, dwellers can enjoy the garden walk, lounge pool, splash ground, kiddie pool and The Landscape. Indoors, they have a Resident’s Lounge and Playroom, The Hall, a fitness facility and the Kid’s Playroom, also with an outdoor component. Maple at Verdant Towers is also designed with retail spaces downstairs.

Many aspire for the premium lifestyle that awaits at Maple

Adaptive to the dweller

The cuts are spacious. Units are designed so that occupants can maximize the space, and not feel cramped when emergency situations keep them in. The 692 units are also diverse: studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom, bi-level garden and townhouse units. These configurations will attract young professionals, couples starting out, even families with kids. The variety of people these new homes could appeal to would make a delightfully diverse neighborhood.


The lobby of Maple alone indicates the chic and fine life upstairs

No travel issues

Accessibility is one of Ortigas East’s strong points. It is bounded by C-5 Road, Julia Vargas and Ortigas Avenues. Residents can easily go to BGC or Quezon City; Ortigas CBD; Pasig City and Rizal. Many shops, offices, schools and hospitals are near, even Ortigas Land’s other estates. Opportunities are right around the corner, and Maple at Verdant Towers gives its residents unfettered access to them all.

Future-proof community

Ortigas East is transforming into a sustainable, future-proof enclave in the heart of the metro. The diverse spaces existing or rising now–retails and leisure spaces like Tiendesitas and SM Hypermarket, as well as office spaces like Silver City and The Glaston Tower–already point in that direction. Maple at Verdant Towers is only the first of many residences. In the end, the estate will host various businesses, retail and leisure spots, and dwellings. Some 40 percent of it will be lush greenery and open spaces, and the roads will be pedestrian- and bike-friendly.


From its minute details to its place on the map, this residence rising within the 16-ha Ortigas East provides all the great advantages you can think of

Endless possibilities

Ortigas East is not the only place transforming right now. So is Metro Manila itself. With infrastructure projects like BGC-Ortigas Center Link Bridge and MRT-4 set to improve accessibility, values will indispensably rise. Whether you plan to live in your unit, lease it out or sell it, you will be at a great advantage.

If nothing else, let Ortigas Land’s nine decades in the business of creating upscale, mixed-used estates reassure you.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/318155/property-offers-great-investment-advantage#ixzz75vEpoyy5
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The post-pandemic office

This year brings hope not only to people but also to businesses.

As vaccines against the COVID-19 virus are gradually becoming available to many, workplaces are also starting to re-open and assume regular operations. Even with the threat of viral spread still in the air, many companies have found ways to work around this inconvenience and continue providing services.

The work office as we know it, however, may never be the same again. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many of our attitudes toward traditional work spaces. Armed with newfound sensitivity against the spread of disease and unnecessary contact, many of us insist that our offices undergo necessary changes to ensure health and safety.

Whether you’re an employer eyeing to resume office operations, or an employee worried about going back to your old desk space, you should be aware of the different ways you can adapt to the new normal work space. Here are some ideas to consider in reporting back to work in the post-pandemic office.


Natural light and ventilation can actually promote healthy environments in offices.

An altered open office setup

While at first the idea of the open office seems to be the ultimate breeding ground for COVID-19, this setup can actually help you keep a healthier work environment. The open office offers flexibility and limits commonly touched surfaces. If your office has access to windows, you can easily switch from HVAC systems to natural ventilation while a lot of people are at work. More importantly, you can maintain social distancing by reducing the office occupancy rate, providing enclosed private rooms and modifying furniture placements to discourage close interactions.

Touchdown spaces

If your company successfully carried out operations last year through remote working, you might still be inclined toward keeping this setup. For the times employees would need to report to the office, however, consider re-arranging your work space to create a “touchdown” area.

According to Clayton Whitman of the CallisonRTKL design firm, these spaces can be likened to phone booths but larger in size. They are meant to be used by workers who would only need to report to the office occasionally but would require desks to work. These spaces can easily be sanitized after each use, ready to accommodate the next worker who will come in for work. This would not only save on maintenance costs, but would also reduce the need for a larger floor area for employees who work mostly from home anyway.


Re-layout of traditional open offices allows flexibility of workspaces in the new normal

The “Hoteling” concept

Another option would be to create a space that is designed after furniture showrooms. Endorsed by the CallisonRTKL firm, this concept proposes that each employee be provided with their personal lockers but given various furniture setups to choose from when working. Phone booths, touchdown rooms, open seating areas, and conference pods can be spread throughout the office for people to choose a working environment they are comfortable to work in. Like the touchdown space, this allows easy maintenance and quick setup for those coming in and out of the office.

Old and new materials

The pandemic has brought about the rise of anti-microbial surfaces, contactless technology and UV light cleaning systems. While you can retrofit your office to feature these enhancements, bear in mind that simpler solutions also work well. Silver, copper and copper alloys are now well-known for their anti-microbial properties, but wood has also been scientifically proven to be naturally antibacterial. Stone countertops and laminate finishes allow easy cleaning of frequently-touched surfaces in the office too.


Wood and laminates offer easy cleaning and maintenance

Simple solutions, modern technology

While you can introduce contactless technology to the office by installing motion sensor switches, you can also replace frequently used appliances such as coffee machines and fingerprint scanners. Automatic coffee machines and tap-based RFID card systems effectively reduce the need for contact.

UV Light systems have been proven to work well in eliminating viruses and bacteria, but they do so to the detriment of our health. Remember that these systems are meant to be used with the office empty. Consider investing in air filtration systems as well that has a high rate of air change and frequently uses outdoor air. A more attractive and often cheaper alternative is to place plants indoors.

Biophilic office

Biophilia, or our tendency to gravitate toward natural environments, has been shown to reduce stress, improve productivity and encourage creativity in the work place. If your office has an open plan setup, you can introduce plants, natural ventilation, and water stations in the office. These elements would not only help reduce the spread of viruses and microbes, they can also encourage people to take a breather and relax to avoid work-related stress.

Relocation to a new site

If your current setup just won’t do in the new normal era, relocating to a new office environment may be a wise solution. Given the many new buildings in Metro Manila, choosing to pack up and re-assemble in a new location can prove to be the more cost-effective and health-efficient solution. Cities outside the usual central business districts (CBDs) may just be what you need to start over post-pandemic.

Areas like Pasig, Cavite, and other new urban hubs would not only provide more nature-filled environments for your employees. These places also have less traffic and population densities which can help ease the transition for your employees who have become used to remote working.

In particular, if you have your eyes set on Pasig City, consider checking out Capitol Commons. A brainchild of the real estate giant Ortigas Land, the development offers Offices at Estancia. Set atop the Estancia Mall, this office is connected to the Unimart Supermarket and Paragon Cinema Complex. It is positioned right in front of Capitol Commons Park, which gives its tenants scenic views while at work. The place has easy accessibility with its drop-off points located along Shaw Boulevard and Meralco Avenue. A Class A work space set in a green environment, the Offices at Estancia is a fine example of an office setup well-adapted to the needs of the new normal era.

While the COVID-19 virus remains in our midst, remember that there are ways we can go about pursuing fulfilling careers in the new normal. We just have to make some changes in our environments to ensure our health and safety especially in our office spaces.


Offices at Estancia in Capitol Commons provides a strategic, nature-filled and healthy environment for workers.

Sources: www.workdesign.com, www.mckinsey.com, https://vicuspartners.com, www.npr.org, www.ortigas.com.ph, Pixabay, Eunice Lui, Andrea Denise via pexels.com

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/317687/the-post-pandemic-office#ixzz6mWqTHVCu
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Ortigas Land eyeing to double office portfolio

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 03:00 AM February 13, 2021


Ortigas Land offers premium grade office spaces well suited to the new safety, health and technological demands in the post-pandemic era.

Amid continuing challenges this year, the Metro Manila office property market may likely see a recovery starting 2022 to be fueled by expected positive economic and legislative developments.

In a briefing earlier this week, officials from Colliers International Philippines explained that while they expect office vacancy rates to further increase and leasing rates to drop this year, the sector will likely bottom out in the last two quarters of the year before it starts its eventual recovery.

According to Colliers, this expected rebound may be fueled by the gradual recovery of the economy, sustained growth of certain outsourcing sectors, easing of travel restrictions, availability of COVID-19 vaccines, and the enactment of the proposed Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE) Act, which seeks to reform the country’s corporate income taxes and incentive systems.

Colliers Philippines, which believes that offices will continue to remain relevant in the post-pandemic era, further disclosed that among the central business districts likely to lead recovery in 2021 are Makati, Fort Bonifacio and Ortigas, as a mix of traditional and outsourcing firms already have pre-leased office space in these CBDs.

Based on its estimates, new Metro Manila office supply for this year will hit 886,200 sqm. Up to 2025, Colliers sees an annual average delivery of about 658,300 sqm in new office space.




Locators benefit from Ortigas offices’ strategic locations, accessibility and proximity to other commercial hubs.

‘New normal’ offices

Within the Ortigas CBD and its fringe areas alone, one developer is poised to add over the medium term some 120,000 sqm of premium grade office spaces well suited to the new safety, health and technological demands in the post pandemic era.

Seasoned developer Ortigas Land is looking to double its office space portfolio to 250,000 sqm by 2028, from its current gross leasable area of 120,000 sqm in nine buildings, said company AVP-Head of Office Leasing Trina R. Chan.

“Should all plans push through (assuming the climate, market and economy will improve), we will be able to double our office GLA to more or less 250,000 sqm by 2028. This will include Hudspace (in Greenhills Center which is targeted for completion by 2023) and four projects in the pipeline,” Chan said.

“The location of these (four) projects are all within Metro Manila for now—mostly in our estates undergoing development and some strategic locations. The offices will complete the offerings of our masterplanned communities and make them truly live, work and play communities,” she further explained.

According to Chan, six of Ortigas Land’s nine office buildings are already 100 percent occupied, leaving them with less than 9,000 sqm for lease in their inventory. More than half of the total GLA are occupied by business and knowledge process outsourcing sectors while traditional occupiers comprise 30 percent of the office leases.

She explained that Ortigas offices remained attractive, conducive business hubs for local and foreign companies due primarily to their location—within or near the Ortigas CBD and its safe, secure masterplanned estates. Locators in Ortigas Land offices are afforded easy access to various transportation hubs; amenities, including convenient access to retail, parks and open spaces for tenants and their employees; 24/7 customer assistance to match tenant operations.

“New buildings under construction and for planning will also have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications with updated green, safety and security features,” Chan added.


Estancia Offices is located within the 10-ha Capitol Commons.

Healthy, conducive spaces

Currently, Ortigas Land has existing and planned offices within its estates.

In the 16-ha Ortigas East, Silver City 1A has 6,000 of GLA and is already operational. Its locators are currently benefiting from its highly strategic location given that this estate has access to three main thoroughfares namely C-5 Road (southbound), Ortigas Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue. Add to that a complete mix of offerings that include other commercial, dining and retail areas, schools and upcoming residential high-rise complex.

Soon to rise within the 16-ha Greenhills Center, where a massive P60-billion redevelopment plan is underway, is Hudspace. Set to be completed by the first quarter of 2023, Hudspace will offer 42,532 sqm in GLA to locators who will benefit from its surrounding retail hubs and the vibrant communities in San Juan.

The 10-ha Capitol Commons, a global luxury community that offers a holistic live-work-play lifestyle, has the Estancia Offices. Its West Wing, in particular, has begun offering since last year 15,000 sqm in GLA. This estate in Pasig City, located within the fringe area of the Ortigas CBD, significantly benefits locators with its accessibility, completeness of offerings, and proximity to key hubs, establishments and institutions.

Within Ortigas Center, said to be the most centrally located CBD in the metro, Ortigas Land has the existing and operational IBP Tower, and the upcoming Offices at The Galleon. The latter is part of The Galleon, a two-tower development rising of modern and sophisticated design and will have a holistic mixed offering of office, residential and retail spaces that will further strengthen Ortigas Land’s presence in Ortigas Center.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/317633/ortigas-land-eyeing-to-double-office-portfolio#ixzz6mWq9KVFc
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My kind of neighborhood

By:  - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
 / 03:30 AM January 23, 2021

You could go for a walk unbothered at the Capitol Commons Park, where you can also enjoy the open spaces and fresh air

What a lot of us didn’t really pay much mind to is now among the absolute essentials when it comes to selecting a neighborhood.

Before, it didn’t really matter if you would have to drive a long way to get to a park. It wasn’t such a huge worry if you are not within walking distance of a grocery. It wasn’t really much of a concern either if there are no restaurants within a two-kilometer radius from our house.

But all that quickly changed, especially at a time when we are asked to hunker down in our homes as much as we can. Many of us had no place where we could go for a quick run and get some fresh air that we wished for the next door neighbor’s house to magically turn into a sprawling park with a jogging path. We had to prepare for supermarket trips as if we’re going to a long war. We found ourselves thinking how uncomplicated it would be if only there were nearby shops so we won’t have to be stressed out each time we would forget something on our shopping list.

All these months of being grounded inside our homes got me thinking, where in the city is a nice neighborhood that has all these so-called must-haves in the new normal? One place that immediately came to mind: Ortigas Land’s Capitol Commons in Pasig City.


Capitol Commons is conveniently nestled right in the heart of the bustling city, yet it is its own calm, steady and sustainable community.

The dining strip here is most perfect for those nights when you’re just too exhausted from work and you don’t feel like cooking.

There’s no doubt in how expansive the former site of the Rizal Provincial Capitol is. Knowing Ortigas Land, its 10-hectare mixed use project is designed with lush greenery and open spaces where we can easily relax and breathe some fresh air—and we don’t even have to leave the city. It has the Capitol Commons Park where you could go for a walk unbothered, or get some meditating done on one of the benches. It’s also not crowded and peaceful, making it an enjoyable area for short and medium distance runs—something which I truly love.

One thing I’ve missed so much during the lockdown is getting together with friends. I’m thinking of all the good restaurants here that we could go to and make up for all the months we weren’t able to spend time together. Plus, the dining strip is most perfect for those nights when you’re just too exhausted from work and you don’t feel like cooking. The options are mind-blowing, from Sentro, Florabel to Tipsy Pig and Black Olive.


Going out for essentials and gifts amid the threat of COVID-19 was, I must admit, daunting and tricky. And I thought nothing could bar me from shopping. It’s a far cry from previous years when we could easily pop in and out of shops without any worries. Estancia at Capitol Commons, however, makes shopping trips a lot easier. It houses premier global brands as well as local retailers, giving you an extensive array of choices for all your needs.

It really has to be said: Ortigas Land has got a good thing going with Capitol Commons. It’s conveniently nestled right in the heart of the bustling city yet it is its own calm, steady and sustainable community. Here, it’s possible to live practically just a stone’s throw from the park, the mall, restaurants and everything else we could possibly need. What more could we ask for?

The Imperium at Capitol Commons

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/316323/my-kind-of-neighborhood#ixzz6mWoJrswz
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Premium spaces in progressive Pasig

 / 03:25 AM January 16, 2021

Ortigas East

Some places fared better than others during the onslaught of COVID-19. With news of infections and restrictions hitting us daily, we have looked for bright spots and Pasig has been one of them.

On many fronts, this city has proven itself as a model of resilience, even going viral on social media a number of times due to its various undertakings amid the pandemic.

It thus comes as no surprise that Pasig City ranked third among the most popular real estate hotspots in Metro Manila, according to Lamudi Philippines’ latest report titled “Hotspots Unwrapped: 2020’s Most Popular Locations.” That property seekers are eyeing Pasig is a strong sign of confidence on the city’s prospects.

Lamudi revealed the most looked up property destinations on its platform based on pageviews from January to December last year. Pasig was third at 4.56 percent, next only to Quezon City (12.76 percent) and Makati (7.16 percent).

“Cities that host central business districts have maintained their popularity all throughout the year,” the Lamudi report explained.

Capitol Commons

Tiendesitas in Ortigas East

Progressive city

Pasig City was once a sleepy riverside town. With a push from the government and stakeholders, it is now a progressive city with much to offer and a lot more to achieve. And one would find no difficulty appreciating the role Ortigas Land has played in the city’s continuous ascent.

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Finding the right first investment

 / 03:15 AM January 09, 2021

Empress at Capitol Commons

We see the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, but we will emerge different from what and how we were before.

The COVID-19 vaccine signals that we are near the close of this chapter in history. However, what we’ve gone through has been transformational. This disruptor upended the life we had known and changed the workings of our world.

This might sound dramatic, but the adaptation got me to reflect on my life. Working remotely for nine months in my rural hometown, I was forced into a simpler life. Before COVID-19, I could barely save up. The hard work mostly went into fads and indulgences—to waste. With a renewed mindset, I’m now more committed to buying a home—a human necessity and, while the priciest buy of a lifetime, a beneficial one. This began as wishful thinking but, the more I looked, the more I got motivated.

Recently back in Manila, I’m still adjusting to city life. But I noticed that I’ve become a more conscientious buyer, asking if I absolutely need something, if it is worth it and if, afterwards, I get to set money aside. If I can keep this attitude up and do well career-wise, I just might afford a fine home.

I’ve set some standards for my ideal address. Poring over countless e-brochures, virtual showrooms and websites, I’ve come to visualize my dream space through Ortigas Land’s Empress at Capitol Commons and Maple at Verdant Towers in Ortigas East.

Maple at Verdant Towers


My future address must look awesome. Call it egotistical but, if I am investing in something big, I want to be the envy of town. Empress is a 56-story residential tower while Maple at Verdant is 42 stories high. Both are architectural stunners in the urban skyline. Passersby should look up in awe and wonder about the life I live. They wouldn’t be wrong to think I’m doing fine because everything inside screams opulence. Empress, set for a 2026 turnover, has only 771 units. Maple at Verdant, ready for occupancy by 2023, offers 692.

Ortigas Land did not hold back on the amenities as evident in the wide array of features it made available in its residential developments.


Ah, one of our biggest learnings from the lockdowns. If there comes a time—and we would be wiser to expect that there will be—that we once again have to hunker down at home and accomplish tasks remotely to be safe, more space will always be an advantage.

Both Empress and Maple share well-placed windows that prevent a claustrophobic feeling and a design that allows maximum use of space. Empress has studio to three-bedroom units with sizes ranging from 30 to 241 sqm. Maple at Verdant offers one- and two-bedroom options, as well as bi-level garden units or townhouses. Cuts range from 27 to 184 sqm. Both residences provide configurations befitting any lifestyle or arrangement.

Amenities allow residents to relax and unwind.


Dwellers at Empress and Maple at Verdant Towers can take the lift to get to the retail spaces at the ground floor, a convenience in normal times and an advantage when a situation like COVID-19 hits.

Even more exciting is the fact that Ortigas Land did not hold back on the amenities. Empress has a Reading Room and Pamper Room indoors, and active and quiet zones outdoors. Maple, all about contemporary life, has stylish facilities indoors. Outdoors, The Gardenwalk and The Landscape beckon. Both properties feature gardens and fitness facilities, as well as pools and lounges.


Crises make us sink or swim, but adaptable residences lighten the load. Empress is touted as the country’s first wellness lifestyle real estate, built with feng shui and color therapy, biophilia, reduced carbon footprint and waste management. Residents benefit from smart technology, as a mobile phone app helps them control the smoke detector and appliances. Maple at Verdant Towers emulates the hardiness and adaptability of a maple tree, fitting Ortigas East’s profile as an ecofriendly estate.

Ortigas Land’s residential developments offer a modern urban sanctuary in strategic locations.


Both residences belong in estates with economic, cultural and recreational spots. Empress is the third high-end condo in Capitol Commons, a great workplace and popular destination for shopping and leisure. Maple at Verdant Towers is the first residential project within Ortigas East, which also hosts the iconic Tiendesitas, an SM Hypermarket and Silver City. The enclaves are designed with open spaces, as well as pedestrian- and bike-friendly features. Everything residents will ever need, then, is inside the estate. If they decide to roam, though, schools, churches, hospitals, retail spaces, business hubs and transport nodes are nearby.

My eyes are really on Empress and Maple at Verdant. And my fingers are crossed.

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Premium investment choices for 2021

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 12:26 AM January 02, 2021

The past year had many rethinking their life choices and priorities.

Be it about their current work or business, safety of their families, homes and communities, financial stability or even their investment options—practically all facets of one’s life had gone through a major shakeup amid the unprecedented crisis that is COVID-19.

With these redefined priorities and new preferences, many have started to prepare more earnestly for what everyone calls the new normal. For instance, when it comes to homes, many are now likely scouting for those that can offer bigger spaces to accommodate one’s need for an office, study area, gym and so on. Others, perhaps, are eyeing self-contained communities where essentials can be easily had, while some may be looking at tech-enabled homes and buildings.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new home for yourself or add a sound investment to your portfolio, Ortigas Land offers an array of innovative, upscale residences that are well-suited to your new priorities in this new era. Here are some of its premium residential developments that are well worth your consideration.

With these redefined priorities and new preferences, many have started to prepare more earnestly for what everyone calls the new normal. For instance, when it comes to homes, many are now likely scouting for those that can offer bigger spaces to accommodate one’s need for an office, study area, gym and so on. Others, perhaps, are eyeing self-contained communities where essentials can be easily had, while some may be looking at tech-enabled homes and buildings.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new home for yourself or add a sound investment to your portfolio, Ortigas Land offers an array of innovative, upscale residences that are well-suited to your new priorities in this new era. Here are some of its premium residential developments that are well worth your consideration.


Priceless benefits of a mixed-use community

The Galleon

Rising in the heart of the Ortigas central business district is a modern two-tower mixed used development that no doubt raises the bar in convenience and accessibility.

The Galleon, Ortigas Land’s latest landmark project, brings you a seamless mix of offices, residential and retail spaces, enabling you to live near your work, your essentials and more. This seasoned developer clearly shows a unique kind of foresight as it was able to conceptualize a future-proof community that is able to address the needs in this era as highlighted by the pandemic—ease of accessibility and proximity to essential shops, establishments, major thoroughfares and even offices.

Located along ADB Avenue, The Galleon will feature a retail podium, which will carry a curated array of shops and restaurants. Its residential component—Residences at The Galleon—will have 509 well-appointed units of varying cuts and sizes. Besides offering unmatched convenience afforded by a strategic location and the unique leverage of being part of a mixed-use project, Residences at The Galleon will also feature choice amenities meant to support a holistic, multifaceted lifestyle within the safe confines of your tower.

Premium-grade spaces meanwhile await businesses at the Offices at The Galleon, which can cater to headquarter-type tenants. Apart from having conducive spaces to work in, Offices at The Galleon presents an investment opportunity as Ortigas Center is well poised for a resurgence as a prime business hub in the metro, according to experts.

Wealth of wellness

Empress at Capitol Commons

A 56-story residential tower in the 10-ha Capitol Commons estate in Pasig City is offering the luxury of wellness. Touted as the “first wellness real estate in the country,” Empress was proactively designed and built to help residents achieve balance and wellness.

Here, health and well-being are highlighted through concepts carefully integrated in its design, architecture as well as features and amenities. For instance, units in this Ortigas Land project are equipped with smart features that allow you to control your smoke detector, smart appliances, air con, among others, via a mobile app.

Color therapy was also used to create the right ambience and mood to aptly support the functions of common spaces within Empress, while its biophilic design will allow residents to nurture a connection with nature via pockets of spaces. Besides offering fresh air, adequate breathing room in the midst of a city, lush foliage and beautiful colorful blooms, such spaces can also do wonders to one’s mental health, productivity and creativity.

And as Empress is all about balanced living, amenities were likewise strategically divided into a quiet zone and an active zone, based on their function, to ensure that residents will be able to truly enjoy the varied features and amenities of Empress, sans the unnecessary distractions.

Striking the right balance

Maple at Verdant Towers

It’s all about that sustainable, balanced, premium lifestyle that offers an unrivaled access to many of the city’s luxuries and opportunities.

Maple at Verdant Towers, which will rise in the 16-hectare Ortigas East estate in Pasig City, will similarly bring to fruition Ortigas Land’s vision for today’s modern urbanite—that is, to have upscale residences that will fit your pressing need for accessibility, convenience, modern comforts and green open spaces in the new normal.

As it is located within Ortigas East, Maple at Verdant Towers offers residents a self-contained community where residences, offices, retail hubs, entertainment centers and dining areas are all within walking distance. If you need to venture out of this sustainable community, where 40 percent of the area had been dedicated to open spaces, you can take any of the major thoroughfares surrounding it as Ortigas East has the unique advantage of having three entrance and exit points that lead to key roads such as Ortigas Ave., C-5 Road and Julia Vargas Ave.

And of course, units at Maple at Verdant Towers can cater to practically any demographic given its variety of cuts—from a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, to its garden units and townhouses, which are both bi-level.

No doubt that Ortigas Land is all set for 2021. With such offerings that are well attuned to the needs of its highly discerning market, Ortigas Land is indeed in the midst of a new era where it clearly has a distinct upper hand.

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2021 home design trends

It’s that time of the year again when we can all look forward to new beginnings. In a few days, 2021 will be upon us, signifying new hope for a brighter tomorrow.

When it comes to architecture and design, our unique experiences in 2020 will definitely shape our tastes and preferences in the future. Health and wellness, which have been thrown around frequently this year, will most probably still remain in focus next year. Contactless technology, low-maintenance spaces and nature-inspired elements will also remain popular as we continue to battle the challenges of the pandemic.

Here are the design trends to watch out for in the upcoming year, as predicted by various experts in the field.

Open layouts offer much needed room in our homes.

Open layouts

As many of us spent 2020 quarantined at home, it’s no surprise that there is a clamor for more spacious and generous interiors. While only a few have access to large homes especially in the city, open designs offer the next best alternative.

According to the design platform Arch Daily, living spaces will have a tendency to feature less formal barriers. Mobile partitions and curtains are just some of the more fluid dividers that are set to shape the way we live in the near future.

While this concept is not fairly new, 2020 has definitely inspired up and coming projects to incorporate open designs in the mix. For example, Ortigas Land’s Residences at The Galleon, which is part of a mixed-use complex set to rise in the Ortigas central business district, features open plan living, dining and kitchen areas in many of its offered units. This approach will help residents adapt a more relaxed and flexible approach when it comes to carrying out domestic activities even in the middle of the metro.


The kitchen island is one multi-functional feature that is set to make our homes more flexible in 2021

Multi-purpose rooms

In relation to the open design, multi-functional rooms are set to make a comeback as well in our homes. As we all learned to work, study, bond and play at home this 2020, it has become essential for our domestic spaces to easily be transformed into varying venues. The year 2021 will see a surge in this kind of spaces, as many of us will continue to make our homes an all-around venue to meet our family’s needs.

In particular, kitchens are set to become the most adaptable spaces in our homes. Island counters are becoming popular again due to the multiple activities it can host in a small amount of space. Storage solutions, such as open shelves and pantry cabinets, will remain essential as ever to keep up with the new activities that we are now conducting at home.

Incorporating multi-functional areas in our homes will definitely help us live more comfortably. In The Galleon, for example, island counters are incorporated in its units, from the one-bedroom cuts to the penthouse offerings. This feature will help make food preparation, dining and even cleaning up a cinch as residents will have more room to move about and work with.

Smart devices offering contactless technology will still be popular for 2021.

Smart spaces

As we continue to live in fear of COVID-19, contactless technology is not only convenient nowadays—it is also essential for our peace of mind.

Smart devices such as keyless entries, temperature sensors, motion-activated light switches and phone-activated appliances have definitely reduced our fears of virus transmission. These items will continue to be prized in the upcoming year, as technology becomes more developed and accessible to people.

Thankfully, there are already places in our country which already incorporate this technology in the building design. Residences at The Galleon is one of these projects, as it is fitted with smart features designed to make residents’ lives more comfortable. Living in a home that already offers technology will allow you to harness the benefits of smart spaces immediately.

Plants and other natural elements are to be expected in future architecture.

Biophilic design

Biophilic or nature-inspired architecture has already been winning fans for many years now. Yet this concept is set to capture many more hearts in the upcoming year due to the benefits it offers. As people now realize the benefit of natural lighting, fresh air and vegetation, we can expect nature-inspired spaces to become a hot trend in 2021.

In particular, urban gardens and indoor plants have become very popular. This 2020, we saw the rise of the “plantitas” attesting to this idea. While not all places have access to the natural ground, landscaped areas and pocket gardens will definitely become essential in urban homes.

Many modern condominiums already incorporate these natural features in their design. To exemplify, an outdoor garden is one of the common spaces that will be included in the up-and-coming Residences at The Galleon. This provides residents a breathing space in the middle of the city, and provides them a place where they can stroll and relax even in the middle of the urban jungle.

The Galleon is one of those innovative projects that are set to lead the way to a more responsive future

Innovative thinking

2020 marked a very memorable year for many of us, as the world underwent its first pandemic in decades. Despite this unfortunate event, we have learned to value the important things in life this year- our families, our basic needs, and our homes.

The lessons that that we have picked up in 2020 will definitely change the way we design in the future. Thankfully, there are those that have managed to take the step ahead. Projects such as The Galleon of Ortigas Land already respond to our needs, even before the pandemic started. This kind of innovative design will lead the way toward a brighter tomorrow and will help us move ahead into greater heights.

Sources: www.archdaily.com, www.levantina.com, www.architecturaldigest.com, www.ortigas.com.ph, Cleyder Duque, TheFacesISeek, Charlotte May, Lisa Fotios via pexels.com

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Healthy workspace in the heart of Ortigas

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 03:10 AM December 12, 2020

Regained investor and consumer confidence, increased economic activities, and the gradual recovery of local and global economies will help the Philippine real estate industry bounce back starting second half of next year.

Main element of recovery

Five property consultancy firms polled by the Inquirer pointed out that this recovery, however, will still hinge on several key factors apart from the Philippines being able to secure vaccines against COVID-19. Although there is liquidity in the market, banks are offering low mortgage rates, and property developers are extending attractive, flexible payment terms, the industry’s recovery may also depend on the policies and economic stimulus that the government may roll out over the next 12 months and the kind of innovations that companies will be adopting.

“The main element to the recovery is regained business and consumer confidence that would drive economic activity. The vaccine remains key to this regained confidence and depending on how soon this is rolled out, would influence the window of recovery,” said Janlo delos Reyes, head of research and consultancy at JLL Philippines.

“With the current landscape, we maintain our forecast of a subdued real estate market in early 2021 with recovery beginning middle to late next year. We can expect market practices that were adopted under the pandemic such as focus on safety and wellbeing, technology adoption and digitalization, and flexible work arrangements to become part of the norm,” delos Reyes added.

Claro dG. Cordero Jr., director and head of research, consulting and advisory services at Cushman & Wakefield Philippines, meanwhile said that “we can expect a recovery in real estate, as soon as consumer and investor confidence return.”


“The return to growth trajectory of both consumer and investor confidence does not rest solely on the mass production of the vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. Equally important is the choice of policies and proper economic stimulus that will support this recovery,” he said.

Its future-proof features will allow locators to thrive in a post-pandemic era.

Leading the recovery

According to Cordero, one of the biggest drivers of the industry’s recovery will still be the office sub-sector due to the expected growth of the outsourcing business. This expected growth, in turn, should be supported with the more stable connectivity and stringent online security measures which will allow flexible work arrangements for the workers, as well as appropriate and predictable business incentives for outsourcing companies.

Similarly, Fred Rara, senior research manager at KMC Savills, noted that in terms of office tenants, business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the healthcare industry are expected to expand during this time. The logistics industry, as fueled by increased e-commerce activity, is likely to perform well, too.

“Office leasing recovery will primarily hinge on recovery of general business sentiment which should entice local businesses to reopen; and recovery of global economies that outsource services from the Philippines,” added Joey Roi Bondoc, senior research manager at Colliers International Philippines. “In our opinion, key segments such as telecommunications, medical coding, health information management, and e-commerce should help lift leasing and hence, rental growth recovery in the second half of 2021.”

Bondoc however pointed out that for the office sector, property developers must be more proactive in responding to tenants’ requirements which now include implementation of more stringent health and safety standards. Landlords should also be more discerning with design considerations such as proper air circulation, bigger spaces, and glass ratio for natural sunlight, as well as property management capabilities as the pandemic highlighted the need for healthy office buildings.

Even prior to the pandemic, Ortigas Land has ensured that The Offices at The Galleon will have sustainable and environment friendly features to ensure the health and safety of its future locators

Choice offices

One office building that is poised to offer a healthy, conducive environment for its tenants is The Offices at The Galleon, which will soon rise in the heart of the Ortigas central business district. It will be part of a two-tower mixed-use complex called The Galleon, which will also have upscale residences and a retail hub.

Even prior to the pandemic, Ortigas Land had already set out to ensure that its premium Grade A office spaces here will have sustainable, efficient and environment-friendly features to ensure the health and safety of its future locators. Coincidentally, these exceptional eco-friendly, “future-proof” features are the same assets that will allow its locators to thrive in a post-pandemic era.

For instance, The Offices at The Galleon is strategically located in the heart of a thriving business district, which ensures its accessibility and proximity to all essential shops, institutions and services—a critical need that the pandemic and lockdowns have highlighted over the last nine months.

Ortigas Land also commissioned several studies including the Outdoor Thermal Comfort Study, which looked into the interplay among the wind, sun, humidity and temperature to create a more pleasant experience for locators and residents. Based on its plan, The Galleon will have added shading where people need it, bring in overheated corners, while windbreaks were positioned where required, among other features.

Its Solar Reflectivity Study looked into the reflections of buildings, which are crucial particularly for multi-tower developments. It looked at how often direct and reflected sunlight can impact a space, either within or outside The Galleon, and how the two towers will “interact,” so as to ensure all units are not overexposed to nuisance glare or heat gains.

An Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics technique was also used to design effective and efficient ventilation systems that help create value for locators and residents. Ventilation consultation helps in taking advantage of airflows to help reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort and to allow the delivery of clean, odor-free air through filtration and air exchange with the outdoors.

Beyond that, the office tower’s glass exteriors will allow natural light to fill the spaces while the expansive lobbies and wide open spaces will further ensure adequate breathing room for its tenants. The Offices at The Galleon will also have state of the art building management system; LED lights and water saving urinals for energy and water efficiency; double-glazed glass finishes; telecom fiber optic; a fire detection system; 100 percent backup power; 24/7 security, CCTVs and x-rays; and material recovery facilities.

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When commercial centers build communities

The mall is arguably the modern center of Philippine culture.

Many Filipinos flock to commercial centers on a regular basis, whether it’s to buy essentials or unwind. While online shopping has become popular in the digital age, many still head to the malls on weekends because they enjoy it. And even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people help keep malls running by patronizing delivery services or visiting while following safety protocols.

With this kind of mall culture, it’s no wonder why many commercial centers have slowly integrated other kinds of vital spaces into the mix. After all, if people love going to the mall, it makes sense to offer them opportunities to work and live near this modern attraction.

Do these mall-centered developments, however, actually create holistic communities? Is it actually beneficial for us to live in commercial estates which try to provide everything we need around the mall? Let us take a look at some examples from around the world.


The Brickell City Centre in Downtown Miami incorporates green features in a large-scale, mixed-use development.

Brickell City Centre

A $1.05-billion project in downtown Miami, the Brickell City Centre is a gargantuan landmark that encompasses 455,225 sqm in total area. It was developed by the world renowned design firm Arquitectonica for Swire Properties, one of South Florida’s largest real estate developers.

The Brickell City Center started construction in 2012 and opened its first phase to the public in 2016. Currently, it offers retail, residential and office spaces in three high-rise buildings. These structures are known as “EAST,” “Reach” and “Rise.” Additional structures are poised to be built in the near future, including a hotel and several Class A offices.

The remarkable thing about this estate is that despite its size, it manages to deliver healthy offerings. Brickell City Centre is LEED-certified for Neighborhood Development. One of its key sustainability features is the $30-million worth Climate Ribbon—an elevated trellis that will soon connect the estate’s three city blocks, while providing an environmental management system. This also means that the various spaces are easily accessible because of interconnections.

This estate found success among locals. According to the Miami Herald, 80 percent of Brickell’s condominium spaces have gone to local and domestic buyers. Downtown Miami has become the “New Manhattan,” where people can easily go to work, drop off their kids at daycare, and shop to their heart’s content—all in a matter of minutes. It proves to be one of the most successful large-scale developments featuring mixed-use spaces in America.

True North Square focuses on highlighting local talent in its newly opened food hall.

True North Square

Situated in Downtown Winnipeg, Canada, the True North Square is a joint project of James Richardson & Sons and True North Sports & Entertainment (TNSE). Currently, two towers have been built—the first, a privately-developed office building, and the second, a mixed-use residential building with office and retail offerings. Once completed, it will be composed of five towers and a public plaza. The pending structures include a hotel, a condominium and an office building serving Wawanesa Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies of Canada.

While partially finished, True North Square has created much buzz in its local scene due to its exceptional offerings and modern architecture. The first Tower, known as the Scotiabank Tower, is certified LEED Gold. It features approximately 33,900 sqm of office space at the upper floors. The Hargrave Street Market is situated on the second level, featuring local and regional dining spaces. The goal of the food hall is to highlight local talent by prioritizing local chefs and businesses.

The first tower became fully occupied within a year after its completion. It has managed to attract big businesses to the estate due to its speedy construction process and exceptional features. According to Jim Ludlow, president of True North Estate, the goal was not only to build high-rise buildings. The ultimate goal is to create a downtown community.

Capitol Commons in Pasig City features the Estancia Mall which has adjacent residential and office spaces.

The Imperium at Capitol Commons offers exclusivity with its four-units-toa-floor ratio.

An emerging urban community

In the Philippines, numerous mixed-use estates are in progress. Only a few, however, manage to bring together retail, residential and office spaces in an environment that encourages community and culture. Capitol Commons, a brainchild of Ortigas Land, is one such project that does. Situated on the former Rizal Provincial Capitol site, the estate is designed to be self-contained and innovative.

Capitol Commons features the upscale Estancia Mall, which prides itself in being a lifestyle center that carries a variety of international retail brands. The mall is easily accessible from the nearby condominiums: the Imperium, the Royalton, the Maven and the Empress. Each of these residential towers has its own unique character that aims to meet the needs of various urban dwellers. The estate also features numerous work areas located above the mall. In particular, the North and South Wings of Estancia are home to 19,461 sqm of business process outsourcing (BPO) office spaces. This section offers a comfortable environment due to its proximity to the Capitol Commons Park and Estancia Mall.

Overall, Capitol Commons aims to create an urban community with its attention to modern needs and convenient features. It is poised to make Pasig City the next urban hub, by redefining the Filipino commercial estate and turning it into a lifestyle center. By providing the people various offerings in one place, the project makes city living accessible and convenient. More than just a commercial estate, it is a modern community that brings together spaces to serve people’s needs and aspirations.

Elements of success

These examples demonstrate well-designed mixed-use projects that have found success due to their strong attention to what people actually need: remarkable amenities, walkable spaces, accessible transportation hubs and a variety of destinations. What set these projects apart are their human-centered offerings. Despite their large areas, they manage to offer green spaces, rich attractions and effective office spaces that make locals proud.

Beyond creating new real estate, these developments have become beloved landmarks of their cities, elevating the lifestyles of people around them and improving the land value of surrounding communities.

Sources: Brickellcitycentre.com, Miamiherald.com, Fortunebuilders.com, Truenorthsquare.com, Westerninvestor.com

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/312759/when-commercial-centers-build-communities#ixzz6f3RcAil7
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Rebirth of Ortigas

By: - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
/ 03:04 AM November 28, 2020

Among the business hubs likely to benefit from a pick-up in residential demand is Ortigas Center. —PHOTO BY MJDIAMZON/WIKIPEDIA

Even a business district will need to evolve to remain an attractive location.

And this often happens with the confluence of right factors—from the completion of key public infrastructure projects to boost accessibility, to the creation of bigger and more complete mixed-use complexes that will further transform and modernize the urban lifestyle.

Such is, in fact, happening with Ortigas Center, one of the oldest business districts in Metro Manila. While this dynamic hub has long been a viable location for office, hotel, residential and commercial projects as evident in the number of multinational companies and malls that have flourished here, recent developments and announced plans are poised to further ensure the continued evolution and reinvention of this business hub.

More specifically, geographical connectivity, community integration, accessibility through infrastructure and attractive business costs are amplifying Ortigas Center as an ideal commercial location, according to Colliers International Philippines’ November report titled, “Visions of the Future: The Rebirth of Ortigas.”

Colliers cited in particular the planned and ongoing infrastructure projects that would further enhance connectivity and accessibility of the Ortigas central business district (CBD).

“While Ortigas is already fully conducive right now for business, the planned transportation and accessibility infrastructure in the pipeline will further amplify its attractiveness as a commercial location and a place to work for office employees,” it said in its report.

Colliers pointed out that as it is, Ortigas Center already has “all the basic quality support required making this central business district one of the preferred locations for businesses” as it serves as geographical midpoint of Metro Manila. It is bounded by major thoroughfares like Edsa, Shaw Boulevard and Ortigas Avenue and made accessible by two major transport hubs.

That accessibility will be further amplified with the completion of the BGC-Ortigas Center Link Road Project and the Estrella-Pantaleon bridge (Rockwell Bridge), which are seen to reduce congestion along Edsa and improve the connectivity from Ortigas (Pasig) and Mandaluyong to Makati and Taguig. Add to that the proposed P355-billion Metro Manila Subway Project, a 36-kilometer rail transit line that will have 17 stations across the metro, two of which are in Ortigas.

The Offices at The Galleon

Once completed, the Ortigas central business district will continue to become a major gateway and transit hub—the largest office district that will be directly accessible from two major rail lines in Metro Manila namely the MRT Line 3 and Mega Manila Subway.

Currently, the office property market in Ortigas has been flourishing, given the growth of traditional, outsourcing and gaming sectors over the last decade.

“With a rental growth rate of 5.7 percent, the real estate cost for operations remains competitive. This makes Ortigas a discerning choice for companies looking for a cost-effective location with the full features of a central business district,” it said.

Add the fact that major telco players have launched 5G services in Ortigas, thus providing “a platform for companies to operate but also allows businesses to innovate and expand online. The implications of a technological upgrade to companies is limitless as it enables online access, presence, and services 24/7.”

Companies looking to tap the potential opportunities that may arise in Ortigas Center are fortunate to have a chance to still be part of this thriving, evolving hub.

Rising in the heart of the Ortigas CBD is The Galleon, a premier two-tower development of Ortigas Land which will offer a healthy mix of office, residential and retail spaces.

The Offices at The Galleon, in particular, presents a conducive environment where businesses can thrive. Here, locators are offered premium Grade A office spaces with sustainable, efficient, and environment friendly features. Ortigas Land is, in fact, in the process of securing a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver accreditation from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). As such, these spaces are highly ideal for multinational companies, professional firms (law, architectural, engineering, among others), high-end business owners, and investors looking for upscale properties with high yield locations.

The office tower itself exudes a modern look, with glass exteriors allowing natural light to fill the spaces. Apart from utilizing high quality materials and finishes, other features to be enjoyed by future tenants include the wide open spaces at the amenity level; dedicated, expansive lobbies for office and residential use; dedicated drop-off areas to mitigate traffic; state of the art building management system; LED lights and water saving urinals for energy and water efficiency; double-glazed glass finishes; telecom fiber optic; a fire detection system; 100 percent backup power; 24/7 security, CCTVs and x-rays; and material recovery facilities.

Offices at The Galleon is part of Ortigas Land’s growing office portfolio, which comprises The Glaston Tower and Silver City in Ortigas East, the Ortigas Building and the IBP Tower in Ortigas Center, and the Offices at Estancia in Capitol Commons.

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Ortigas Land lights up Christmas Tunnel

ORTIGAS EAST’S Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel tradition continues this year, with the theme “Light Up for Our Heroes” dedicated to the frontliners.

In a statement, Ortigas Land said it hopes the Christmas lights display will bring hope and inspiration to the community amid the pandemic.

Located on Central Avenue near Tiendesitas at Ortigas East, guests can enjoy the lights display while Christmas songs are played in the background.


Visitors should observe social distancing guidelines and other safety protocols. Ortigas Land identified areas where visitors can enjoy the best views of the Christmas Street Light Tunnel.

A recording of the lights display is available on Ortigas East’s Facebook page (@OrtigasEastOfficial).

The tunnel is open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day until Jan. 3, 2021.

Read article in Business World website

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Ortigas Land Lights Up the Holidays

 / 03:26 AM November 21, 2020

No hardship has ever given Filipinos a strong enough reason to forego the Christmas revelries.

If anything, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our lives helped many of us rediscover the deeper meanings of this festive season that we may have lost in the repetitiveness of the tradition.

Premier real estate developer Ortigas Land, however, is recapturing the true essence of Christmas as it decides to adorn and embellish its developments in celebration of the Filipino values that were proudly on display as the country weathered the pandemic.

Ortigas Land proudly displayed the Christmas Street Musical Tunnel in Ortigas East to pay homage to front-line workers.

Spirit of solidarity

Capitol Commons is marking the holiday season with its annual “Lights at The Park” as a monument to the spirit of solidarity that has kept many individuals and communities motivated to fight even in these unprecedented times. Over the past months, through the lockdowns, economic recession and various calamities, kindhearted Filipinos have mounted various goodwill missions to aid hard-hit populations.

The generosity and selflessness inspire Capitol Commons’ well-loved lights installation for 2020. While past themes for the yearly tradition brought us all over the world, this year’s concept embraces elements of Filipino culture: the parol and the kapit-bisig ideal.

Zenas Events and Floral Stylist came up with the design this year. The installation showcases Philippine diversity with fabric sourced from Ilocos—the inabel—and the T’boli in Mindanao. Stars, inspired by the traditional Filipino lanterns most popularly attributed to Pampanga province, symbolize the hope for a brighter future. Viewers will appreciate the message that comes with the light-and-shadow play of people holding hands.

The installation showcases Philippine diversity with fabric sourced from Ilocos—the inabel—and the T’boli in Mindanao.

Homage to front-liners

Ortigas Land also proudly displayed the Christmas Street Musical Tunnel in Ortigas East to pay homage to front-line workers who have become modern-day heroes because of the courage, tirelessness and altruism they displayed throughout the battle against COVID-19.

The seasonal attraction, spread along Central Avenue near Tiendesitas, carries the theme “Light Up for Our Heroes” this year, a recognition of the invaluable contribution of the country’s front-liners and first responders. Past experiences show that whenever infectious diseases emerge, those who work in the front-lines are disproportionately infected because of extended exposure to people, and weakened defenses due to great stress and overwork. They brave the risks to keep the greater population safe.

The Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel features bright and colorful stars, a spectacular view accompanied by the uplifting beats of familiar Christmas jingles. For Ortigas Land, the bright stars represent the frontline workers who stepped up and shone brightly in these dark and challenging times. Every time spectators look at the display, the company hopes that they are all reminded that the goodness of workers at the front-lines, often away from coverage and fanfare, enable us to hope for a day of triumph against COVID-19.

The Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel features bright and colorful stars, a spectacular view accompanied by the uplifting beats of familiar Christmas jingles.

Observing protocols

Visitors may begin shooting with the picture-worthy, meaningful Lights at the Park installation starting Nov. 21. The display lights up from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. The open space provides better security against COVID-19, but on ground personnel will ensure protocols are observed. The location also gives people the option to take a relaxing stroll at the park or to find a restaurant where they can eat a nice meal together, safely. The installation stays on until Jan. 17. More activities will mark Christmastime at the Capitol Commons estate so stay tuned for announcements.

In Ortigas East, the Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel has begun captivating pedestrians. It was first lit up on Nov. 18 and will continue to awe until Jan. 3. The lights show also starts at 6 p.m. The stretch of road will remain open for those who would like to safely and quickly pass through.

To keep viewers safe, social distancing guidelines and other safety protocols will be observed. Ortigas East has identified spots across the estate where guests can get the best views of the lights. Those spots will be assigned teams to strictly monitor COVID-19 protocols. People who want to take extra precautions may view the lights spectacle from the comforts of their home through a special recording available on Ortigas East’s Facebook page.

With such a beautiful tribute to the Filipino value of solidarity and the heroism of front-line workers and first responders this Christmas, Ortigas Land reminds us that, while this year made our nation kneel, we still have a lot of reasons to smile, celebrate and be grateful.

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Luxe Investment for a Distinct, Premium Lifestyle

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 03:05 AM November 14, 2020

It’s not entirely unexpected that people are willing to pay a premium for a home.

Easily, it all boils down to wanting a home that is more than just a postal code—one that offers better security, exceptional amenities, unparalleled convenience, bigger and more sophisticated spaces and exquisite finishes, high tech features, a highly conducive environment and an enhanced, more refined lifestyle, overall. Add to that the prestige of owning a home that speaks of modern elegance and exclusivity.

And today, such luxury features are finding their way to the top of homebuyers’ priorities, as the pandemic underscored the need for wide, airy spaces, contactless solutions, proximity to essential shops and institutions, among others. This is perhaps why, even in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis and stringent lockdowns, the luxury real estate market seems to have gained even more ground, generating increased interest among homeowners and spikes in sales.

Residences at The Galleon is your relaxing sanctuary in the heart of a CBD

Firm demand

Bloomberg Wealth reported last month that demand for luxury homes in the United States soared by 42 percent in the third quarter, reportedly the largest jump seen since 2013. Architectural Digest, in a feature published in September, similarly reported that Manhattan’s luxury real estate was on the rebound as real estate firms showed “the borough’s luxury market at its highest levels since the start of the pandemic.”

Locally, Colliers International Philippines reported, too, that demand for upscale, luxury condominiums held firm despite the pandemic and the lockdowns which remain in effect today.

Its data showed that the upscale, luxury and ultra-luxury segments accounted for 37 percent of the total launches in Metro Manila in the first nine months, and 41 percent of total sales in the pre-selling market in the same period. It bears noting that in the past two years, the upscale and luxury segments accounted for only 26 percent of the total pre-selling take up in Metro Manila.

Fortunately, there are still opportunities for the discerning, well-heeled market to snap up the few remaining luxury residences in Metro Manila that truly offer more than just a postal code.

Units come with smart living features that will address your need for contactless technology amid this pandemic.

Latest gamechanger

Soon to rise along ADB Avenue is the 51-story Residences at The Galleon, poised to become the latest gamechanger in this segment as it seeks to elevate known standards in premium residences—from its pricing, capital appreciation to exquisite lifestyle offerings within Ortigas Center.

Putting together this new archetype community is Ortigas Land, a seasoned real estate company whose 89 years of expertise in building landmarks will be aptly showcased in its latest project. It tapped a stellar roster of industry leaders in the fields of design and architecture to ensure that the Residences at The Galleon will indeed deliver that prestige, that enhanced, refined lifestyle.

The US-based Architecture International Ltd., known for world-class landmarks such as Lotte Tower (South Korea) and Desa Parkcity Town Center (Malaysia), serves as the masterplanning and concept architect, while the architect of record is GF and Partners Architects. Ortigas also tapped Magnusson Klemencic Associations, known for its work in Chase Center (San Francisco), Mumbai Four Seasons (India) and Hunan Road Suning Plaza (China), as the structural engineer.

Future residents can elevate their day to day life with sophisticated amenities like the game room and a swanky mini-theater.

Modern marvel

From the structure alone, one could already surmise that the Residences at The Galleon will be a modern, sustainable marvel well suited to your needs amid and beyond this pandemic.

The building itself was designed with 45 percent glass ratio facade and double glazed glass finished windows with low emissivity. A luxurious 284 sqm lobby will welcome residents to their units, which will be provided 100 percent back up power and exquisite finishes.

More importantly smart living features will address your need for contactless technology amid this pandemic as you can control your devices at home through an app—from your smoke detector, smart plugs, smart aircon, light switches, contact sensors and temperature sensors. Add to that a state-of-the-art building management system to ensure utmost convenience and security.

Haute, upscale amenities for the exclusive use of residents will offer that much sought wide open spaces and expanded breathing room without having to leave the city, while helping ensure they achieve a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle. Future residents can elevate their day to day life with these sophisticated offerings—a game room, a swanky mini-theater, lush foliage of outdoor spaces, a social hall to a lounge area, sauna room and fitness facility, among others.

Exclusivity, one of the hallmarks of a truly premium community, is likewise assured as there will only be 509 units on offer within a 51-story tower.

Residences at The Galleon will be a modern, sustainable marvel well suited to your needs amid and beyond this pandemic.

Exciting redevelopment

Zoom out and you will see Residences at The Galleon at the forefront of the exciting redevelopment of the Ortigas business district. Besides reshaping the Ortigas Center skyline, Residences at The Galleon will place you at the heart of a dynamic business district that allows you to be within a short distance from everything you could possibly need and think of. This kind of proximity, this kind of unparalleled convenience that can be had at The Galleon has become an utmost essential in the midst of a pandemic.

Its highly strategic location will become even more appealing once key infrastructure projects such as the Ortigas-BGC Link, Mega Manila Subway, MRT-4 are completed. With the improved accessibility of both the Ortigas business district and your home at The Galleon, it will only be a matter of time when the property values will reflect the advantages of the connectivity and centrality that the Ortigas business district affords to residents and investors alike. As it is, land values and property prices in this district continue to offer a huge room for growth. The average price-per-sqm of residential projects in Ortigas Center had grown by 6 percent yearly from 2013 to 2018.

Paying a premium for your home is by no means an excessive venture. Provided that you bank on a seasoned developer like Ortigas Land, you will find that luxury homes do offer distinct, priceless benefits that will do wonders not only for your investment portfolio, but more importantly, for your overall well-being and lifestyle in the new normal.
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When Amenities Become Practical Luxuries

Amenities have always been seen as the luxury of condominiums. Features that provide entertainment, promote fitness, or deliver a relaxing atmosphere are usually the ones that entice potential residents to a building. But what if these features go beyond entertaining or pampering us, and instead, help us reach our goals in life? What if these luxuries were designed to cater to our actual needs?

Nowadays, practical amenities have become a trend in many modern residences. Going beyond luxury, these features are aimed at helping us excel in our work, pursue our passions and improve our lifestyles. They provide more than just our basic needs yet they remain essential to us. Hence for some, paying condominium dues is but a worthy investment. Here are some of the best examples from around the world that show how amenities have become the practical luxuries of today.

A pet haven in Manhattan

Rich or poor, young and old, many people love taking care of animals. They offer us unconditional love and support and in some instances, they help us manage physical and emotional disorders. That is why for a lot of pet owners, animal-friendly establishments are essential to allow them to be with their animal companions as much as possible.

Thankfully, many residential buildings are now designed to cater to pets and pet lovers. The MiMa of New York, for example, offers amenities that cater well to our furry friends in the middle of the city. Short for Middle of Manhattan, MiMa is a 63-story tower designed by renowned design firm Arquitectonica. It offers indoor and outdoor spaces that are animal-friendly. The building has a Dog City Pet Center, where owners can have their beloved pets groomed, trained or taken care of while they head off to work. The Center reportedly has a bone-shaped pool as well, to the delight of dog lovers. Morever, owners can hire in-house services that offer dog walking and in-home feeding services to their pets.

It’s no wonder why a third of the building occupants are dog owners. The MiMa not only caters to its human residents, but also ensures that their pets are well-taken care of.

The Spoke Apartments in Chicago has the Virtual Cycling Studio where residents can cycle and engage in Peloton classes.

The biker’s dream home in Chicago

Chicago is fast becoming the ultimate biker’s destination in recent years. Catering to Milwaukee Avenue, a so-called “Hipster Highway” often filled with cyclists, the city has become more attuned to the needs of bikers. In particular, one residential building in the Windy City has become a fantastic model for buildings wishing to cater to bike aficionados. The Spoke Apartments not only emanates a love for cycling through its name, but also offers features that would make any passionate biker squeal with delight.

For one, the building has more than 350 bike parking spaces and offers a Virtual Cycling Studio, where residents can train with instructors from around the world to engage in Peloton workouts. In addition, Spoke Apartments offers a “bike kitchen” where cyclists can maintain their gear’s upkeep free of charge.

A telecommuting paradise in Washington

Working from home has become the new normal as the world continues to battle COVID-19. Thankfully, there are a lot of modern residences well-designed to cater to telecommuters and home-based employees. The Edison of Washington D.C., for example, provides its residents some of the best amenities well-suited to home-based professionals.

Designed by Maryland-based architectural firm SK+I Architecture, The Edison features co-working spaces and break-out rooms that can be used by residents. The property also has a well-staffed concierge and package acceptance center that can help residents who frequently receive deliveries for their work. Most importantly, the building offers high-speed fiber optic internet that can provide upload speeds of up to 980 Mbps. The Edison provides state-of-the-art fiber optic network that is professionally managed and serviced 24/7. This exemplary feature makes the property one of the best places to live in for those who need a stable and reliable internet service to survive.

The Amenity Bar of Maven at Capitol Commons provides various areas for residents to pursue their passions.

Philippines’ own ideal model

All over the world, architecture and property management are evolving to meet our modern needs. In the Philippines, various projects have also started to cater to our specific lifestyles. Providing more than luxury, these buildings turn amenities into our new normal essentials.

One such property is the Maven at Capitol Commons. A brainchild of real estate giant Ortigas Land, this 62-story residential tower features the “Anything Anytime” amenity program, which offers a wide array of features to improve their lifestyles. A chat room, craft room, media room, play room and an outdoor living room are just some of the numerous amenity areas made exclusive to the residents. These areas aim to give Maven’s inhabitants everything they need to be the best versions of themselves without having to venture far.

Overall, amenities have evolved to become more than entertainment venues. Gradually, they are becoming essentials in modern living as spaces become tight and people begin to have more unique needs. If you’re looking to live in a place that caters to your lifestyle, check out the amenities in your potential residence. Beyond luxury, these spaces have now become the sites where dreams are made.

Sources: Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons, Cityrealty.com, Forbes.com, Spokeapartments.com, Skiarch.com

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The Galleon: A Quintessential Choice for Property Investment

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 03:20 AM October 31, 2020

Spotting opportunities in real estate can be tricky.

Moreso during a crisis when dips in prices and slowdown in demand could easily sway one to play safe instead. Today for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the operations of most industries, including real estate, which has seen a more subdued demand, slower take-up and price corrections compared to last year.

Some investors, however, are still choosing to bet big on real estate and they may be right to do so. If the projections are accurate, some segments in Philippine real estate, such as the residential condominium market, may already see some green shoots of recovery as early as next year.

Colliers International Philippines said in its latest report on the residential sector that despite the projected price drop this year, it expects prices to slightly recover by 2.1 percent annually from 2021 to 2022. Similarly, rental rates of condominiums in Metro Manila are seen to pick up pace by as much as 2.5 percent starting next year.

Lower mortgage rates, attractive packages and the resumption of most businesses are likely to enable the recovery of the residential segment—on top of the fact that property developers have been upping the ante, creating more innovations and providing an even more compelling, attractive proposition for its homebuyers and investors.

Exquisite finishes and upscale amenities are a standard here at Residences at The Galleon.

Quintessential choice

Seizing potential opportunities amid this crisis would thus require one to be more cautious, prudent and discerning. One should keep in mind that the time-tested wisdom behind a great property investment continues to hold true even today—that is, location, quality, value proposition and the track record of the developer.

Seasoned developer Ortigas Land presents such a quintessential choice for property investment, which impeccably weaves together all the essential features that the modern urban dweller will need and appreciate in a post-pandemic era.

Rising along ADB Avenue, at the heart of a thriving Ortigas central business district, is The Galleon, a two-tower, mixed used complex that has long anticipated the needs of a market that thrives on convenience, accessibility, wellness and modern technology.

As the only mixed-use development in the Ortigas CBD, The Galleon is uniquely poised to become the archetype community that presents unmatched convenience afforded by a strategic location, the leverage of being part of a mixed-use project, smart innovations incorporate in the project, and the luxury of exquisite finishes and upscale amenities as a necessity—and not a mere luxury. Here, one can find premium grade office spaces, upscale residences for the highly discerning well-heeled market, and a two-level retail podium that will serve as the future residents’ hub in Ortigas Center.

Well-appointed units await residents at The Galleon.

Key to a premium lifestyle

Given its solid track record spanning close to nine decades, Ortigas Land will pull out all stops to create and offer opulence, convenience, privacy and exclusivity for its future residents.

The 51-story Residences at The Galleon, with its 509 well-appointed units of varying cuts and sizes, ensures that you will enjoy proximity to every imaginable need and destination, owing to the fact that it will rise within the most centrally located and most accessible CBD. One can never be too far from commercial establishments; medical, educational and religious institutions; fitness and wellness centers; massive mall complexes; hotels; and even other business districts—moreso once the big ticket infrastructure projects such as the BGC-Ortigas Center Link Road and the proposed Metro Manila Subway are completed.

This is crucial as the pandemic and the quarantine have shown how one’s proximity to essential shops and services can provide a crucial lifeline for the residents.

Live in style, too, as Residences at The Galleon integrates luxurious amenities designed to elevate your daily urban lifestyle—from its mini-theater, game room, swimming pool, gym, sauna room, to the lush open spaces that will offer you that much needed “green breathing spaces” without having to leave the metro. Well-thought-out features and innovative designs—including its modern, mindful architecture, landscaped, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and its light, airy lobby—will carve for you a healthy, relaxing sanctuary right in the middle of the city.

There are opportunities for passive income as well since Residences at The Galleon offers an attractive location for those who seek to lease out a residence that is just a few steps or a short ride away from their offices and headquarters such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB). And given the promising value proposition of The Galleon, it will be much easier for you to clinch that leasing deal.

There is no doubt that The Galleon will truly be the archetype mixed-use community that will thrive in the post-pandemic era. Once its residential component is completed by 2028, residents can look forward to a premium lifestyle in what will be one of the metro’s most coveted addresses in the future.

The Galleon is a two-tower complex poised to be an archetype community that will thrive in the post-pandemic era.


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Ortigas Center and Pillars for Long-term Growth

 / 03:00 AM October 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted several sectors of the economy, including property.

Investors and developers, however, should consider that the long-term growth prospects for the Metro Manila condominium market still look good despite the pandemic.

The property sector is, after all, among the major beneficiaries of the government’s Build, Build, Build program. Apart from dictating strategies of condominium developers in the capital region, infrastructure projects, once completed, should help raise land and condominium prices in Metro Manila.

Ortigas Center is one of the most thriving business districts in the metro today

Buoying demand

The growing interest to be in an integrated community as well as office leasing prospects should also lift residential demand beyond the pandemic.

Colliers Philippines data showed that since 2012, Metro Manila has seen a steady appetite for vertical projects. The pre-selling condominium market recorded some 44,900 units of annual launches and about 45,900 units of yearly take up from 2012 to 2019.

Despite the strict lockdown imposed in Metro Manila in the second quarter of 2020, Colliers recorded a decent take up in the pre-selling market. During the quarter, take up reached 8,700 units compared to the 8,600 units recorded a year ago. In the first half of 2020, total sales reached close to 20,000 units, still a decent figure compared to 22,000 units a year ago.

If we dissect the data further and focus on the price segments of the more popular projects in the first half of 2020, it’s obvious that the mid-income, upscale and luxury units dominated. The three price segments covered 81 percent of total take-up in the pre-selling market in the first semester, higher than their 71 percent share in the same period a year ago. Note that these segments are priced P3.2 million a unit and higher.

We also saw price increases for selected pre-selling luxury projects in Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Makati fringe, and Ortigas Center in the first six months of the year.

Stable sector

Colliers Philippines believes that a stable sector during the period is the luxury market. Under this segment, condominium units are priced at P8 million to P20 million a unit while the ultra-luxury projects are those priced upwards of P20 million a unit.

Despite the pandemic and the lockdown which resulted in an economic slowdown, the luxury condominium market showed resilience in the first six months of 2020. Of the total launches in Metro Manila in the first half, the luxury and ultra-luxury segments only accounted for 7 percent. However, it covered 19 percent of total sales in the pre-selling market during the said period.

Over the past two years, the luxury segment accounted for 22 percent of total pre-selling take up in Metro Manila, next to the mid-income segment, which covered 42 percent.

Colliers Philippines attributes the good sales performance in the first six months of 2020 to attractive payment terms offered by developers. We see these flexible schemes being extended to buyers of mid-income and ultra-luxury projects. In our opinion, the developers’ shift to digital platforms also chipped in. Colliers Philippines believes that the pace of take up indicates that there is liquidity in the market.

So far, we are seeing a slower pace of drop in overseas Filipino worker remittances while unemployment is starting to ease. These should have a positive impact on the residential market across Metro Manila, including Ortigas Center. Colliers Philippines believes that OFWs partly drive the demand for mid-income residential units in the country.

Among the submarkets in Metro Manila which are popular battlegrounds for upscale and luxury units include Makati central business district, Fort Bonifacio, Bay Area and Ortigas Center. In Ortigas Center, for example, condominium projects classified as mid-income to luxury have an average take up of about 95 percent.

Sustained edge

Ortigas Center is one of the oldest business districts in Metro Manila but has remained a viable location for office and residential projects. In our opinion, this attractiveness will further be sustained by the development of new infrastructure projects.

In 2019, Colliers Philippines released a report on the proposed Mega Manila subway entitled “All aboard: The impact of Manila’s subway on the strategies of property developers.” The project, one of the most expensive to be approved under the current administration, is likely to further raise interest in condominium projects across Metro Manila, especially those near the proposed stations.

The project will have two stations in Ortigas Center. In our view, the completion of these proposed stations will contribute to the competitiveness of Ortigas Center and result in a further redevelopment and differentiation of office and residential projects in the business center.

The implementation of the P393 billion subway should further help provide access to properties that could be redeveloped into mixed commercial, residential and institutional projects. Colliers also sees this infrastructure project raising the prices of land and properties within a kilometer from the subway’s stations.

Another crucial project is the Ortigas-BGC Link. It will connect and significantly reduce travel time between two major business hubs, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas Center. The P5.7 billion project aims to decongest Edsa and C-5.

Recovery in office leasing

At present, we are seeing challenges in the office leasing market, but a number of government agencies and credit rating agencies are projecting a faster economic growth for the Philippines in 2021. This should be supported by economic recovery of other countries that outsource services from the Philippines.

From 2020 to 2024, Colliers projects the delivery of about 590,000 sqm of new office space in Ortigas Center, which comprise about 18 percent of new supply in Metro Manila during the period. The recovery in office leasing should help lift residential demand in the business district.

Condominiums in integrated communities

All these factors will be complemented by the need to be in an integrated community. Condominium investors and end-users, for instance, have become more aggressive in scouting for properties that are within estates.

Colliers believes that in the next 12 to 36 months, the demand for residential projects will likely hinge on integrated features, i.e. residents having immediate access to essential goods and services. The pandemic and physical distancing protocols further underscored the need to have immediate access to health services and facilities. Hence, Colliers recommends that developers highlight the integrated features of their residential projects and for investors to continuously look for projects within estates.

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Is this the perfect property investment in Ortigas Center?

Located in the center of Metro Manila, Ortigas Center is a location that’s ripe for property investment. The sprawling area includes quality amenities – from luxury malls to sports facilities – major educational institutions and new developments that house the offices of top local and international corporations.

If you’re looking to get in on the action and invest in a commercial property in the district, The Galleon should be at the top of your list. Construction on the high-rise mixed-use development began in 2019 and is slated for a 2025 completion. Besides modern and functional office units, the luxurious space will also house retail and residential offerings.

Read on to find out why you should invest in The Galleon.

A central and convenient location
The Galleon is situated in one of the country’s more established business districts, Ortigas Center, which stretches to Mandaluyong and Pasig City. Linked to a wide network of existing freeways – including EDSA – that lead to major parts of the city such as BGC, Makati CBD and the airport, it’ll be a breeze getting to many other destinations in Metro Manila and beyond. Retail attractions such as Robinsons Galleria, SM Megamall and The Podium are also within easy reach, as are various top hotels, educational institutions and sport complexes.

Exciting new infrastructure
Two upcoming infrastructure projects are set to make Ortigas Center even more connected with the rest of the city. The upcoming Santa Monica-Lawton Bridge, which is set to be completed imminently, will offer a direct link between Ortigas Center and BGC, lessening the travel time from one hour to just 12 minutes. There are also two planned subway stations in the works – Ortigas North and Ortigas South – with a target completion year of 2025, which coincides with The Galleon’s completion and handover dates.

Gorgeous and considered architecture
Set across a lot area of 6,996 sqm, The Galleon’s high-rise office tower is a Grade-A traditional office that will sit on top of a large retail podium. Built to resemble a ship, its elegant and striking structure stands out amid the rest of the Metro Manila cityscape. The office tower will feature spacious suites with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sleekly designed public spaces, high ceilings and beautiful landscaped communal gardens throughout.

An eye on sustainability and energy efficiency
Other than its attractive aesthetics, The Galleon is an eco-friendly and sustainable development that was built with energy efficiency in mind. The complex is compliant with the Green Building Code and is also pursuing a LEED Silver Accreditation. All office units contain double-glazed windows in order to reduce air-conditioning use and energy consumption and energy-efficient LED lights are employed throughout. Furthermore, the building is equipped with efficient water fixtures for reduced water consumption. Rain water will be collected to irrigate the landscaped gardens, thereby conserving fresh water.

High potential for growth
Upon completion, The Galleon will be the only mixed-use development in the Ortigas Central Business District, making it a unique investment with huge growth upside. Rental rates in the region are steadily increasing, making lease rates extremely attractive, and The Galleon offers a range of unit sizes (spanning 75 sqm to 195 sqm) to suit your needs. Coupled with its central location and exciting upcoming infrastructure, there’s no reason not to set your sights on investing in The Galleon and claiming a prized piece of Ortigas Center for yourself.

To find out more about investing in The Galleon, please visit the website here.

This article is published in partnership with Ortigas Land.


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Achieve Anything with the Right Amenities

There comes a time in our lives when we yearn to leave our parents’ nest and fly on our own.

While many of us enjoy the company of family and reminders of our childhood, the idea of striking it on our own has become the ultimate millennial adventure. To do this, we need more than a place where we can sleep and reside in. We need to find a space that will allow us to hone our talents, sharpen our skills and get our creative juices flowing. Such a home will help pave the way for us to become full-fledged adults, capable of maneuvering the world and pursuing our dreams.

The Maven in Capitol Commons is one such home that enables its residents to discover the best version of themselves. Primarily a residential building, this up-and-coming project by Ortigas Land uniquely offers a five-level amenity bar exclusive to its residents. This modern feature enables one to work, play and relax—all just a few steps away from one’s bedroom. If you’re eager to spread your wings and pursue your passions in your own new home, discover the wide array of amenities waiting for you at the Maven.

The 5-storey Amenity Bar of the Maven provides a wide array of fun and engaging activities for its residents.

For the driven dreamer

Work is a fact of life that many of us have to face every day. That, however, doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it especially nowadays when telecommuting and home-based work have become the norm.

The Maven provides motivating communal spaces for career-minded people. It has a dedicated work room where one can browse online, check emails and work in peace. There is also a meeting room that can host small groups wishing to discuss business privately. A craft room, meanwhile, has been built with creative entrepreneurs in mind. The room allows residents to conjure their latest artworks and designs in an inspiring, imaginative environment. Lastly, a chat room is available in the amenity bar. Taking cues from the design of cafés, this room provides the space for people to have casual or intimate chats with friends.

Whether you’re a budding executive or an innovative entrepreneur, the Maven is set to welcome you in its own version of shared work spaces right next to your home.

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Showrooms in the New Normal

Some things never change.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, people continue to crave for experience. When it comes to shopping for instance, there are still those who decide on purchases with their senses. Cars, furniture, homes—these are just some of the items many of us still wish to experience first-hand before buying.

To cope with this continuous demand, showrooms all over the world implement measures to ensure the safety of their clients in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them have adjusted to the standards of the new normal to continue giving clients memorable experiences. Here are some of those that have adapted well to the needs of the times, proving that life can go on even in the middle of the pandemic.

Transforming shops into museums

While Tupperware opened its pop-up location in New York City before the COVID-19 pandemic, the showroom serves as an ideal precedent to the new normal retail experience.

To celebrate its 73rd anniversary, the company opened a temporary store in the Big Apple called the TuppSoho in November 2019. The pop-up shop is unique as it features many of the company’s best-selling products in a museum-like environment. Instead of numerous plastic containers lining up rows and rows of shelves, visitors are greeted by display stands featuring only a few items.

The design and aesthetics of each item are emphasized by the surrounding space, and visitors are discouraged from touching the products. If a person wants to purchase items, he or she informs a staff member who lists down the products on a table. The collection and packaging of the products are done in the back room. Visitors simply wait for the staff in the store and are then presented with a reusable tote containing their purchases.

The experience reduces the need for contact and elevates Tupperware to a high-end, sophisticated level. This strategy can be adapted to the new normal, providing a unique yet safe experience for visitors to buy kitchen organization and household products.

Utilizing digital, physical solutions

A fourth-generation, family-owned company, Bender is a Connecticut-based group that offers decorative plumbing, kitchen, as well as bath finishes and fixtures. It has been around since 1949 and its response to the COVID-19 pandemic shows why it managed to be in the business for so long.

Bender has several showrooms and parts counter distributed throughout the state. These have been vital in the way it conducts its business. COVID-19 closed these showrooms temporarily, but today they are open to in-person visits subject to some protocols.

For one, all visits must be done via appointment. A showroom consultant only becomes available during a scheduled visit. All visitors to the facility must wear a mask and social distancing is enforced at all times. Thorough cleaning is conducted after each client visit, meaning all products that were touched during the visit are given due attention when it comes to sanitation.

As a more cautious approach, the company has also created a 3D model of one of its showrooms. This allows interested clients to tour its facilities online. Unlike an in-person visit, this digital tour is available anytime online. Clients can jot down ideas and pick out a few products virtually, before consulting with store representatives using various videoconferencing platforms.

By merging digital solutions with physical safety measures, the Bender group has managed to continue offering its services amid the pandemic. Its showrooms showcase not only its products, but also the company’s readiness to adapt to people’s needs.

Turning visits into exclusive, personal affairs

In our country, showrooms continue to be in use, especially by the real estate industry. While many companies have migrated to virtual tours and consultations, there are those that still recognize the impact of first-person experience on consumers.

Ortigas Land is one such group that continues to offer the thrill of experience, as it recently opened a new showroom in Estancia, Capitol Commons. The new facility is the company’s biggest showroom yet, showcasing model units of its up-and-coming premier residential developments namely Maven and Empress, both of which are located also within Capitol Commons.

The facility features a posh visitors’ lounge where clients can wait comfortably for consultants. A gallery of scale models can be easily accessed from the area, featuring Ortigas Land’s most recent projects. Partitioned transaction areas allow clients and consultants to conduct business privately, accentuated by decorative lighting, plush seating and a panoramic view of the Capitol Commons estate.

Visitors of the Estancia Showroom will be able to experience bare and dressed-up one-bedroom units of Maven. They can also see the one- and two-bedroom model units of the Empress. Each model unit reveals how Ortigas Land units can be designed to suit various needs and personalities, emphasizing generous spaces and convenient home layouts.

In each visit, which is strictly scheduled by appointment, new normal protocols are always enforced. Temperatures are checked and visitors need to sign health declaration forms. Social distancing and wearing of masks are implemented at all times. Ortigas Land also ensures that there will only be a maximum of 10 people inside the showroom at any given time.

The future of showrooms

While many of us continue to stay at home to avoid the COVID-19 virus, it is comforting to think that the world has adjusted to help us continue with our lives. Many public places have evolved to accommodate new normal standards. Showrooms, in particular, have been greatly affected by the quarantines and restrictions, but they have proven themselves adaptable and enduring.

So if you’re keen to feel the thrill of experience again, don’t hesitate to visit a showroom. The facility will be a delight to your senses—plus they will help you decide on purchases, especially those that require substantial investment. Pandemic or not, showrooms are here to stay and to offer the best of life’s experiences.

Sources: Hbr.org, Benderplumbing.com, Atortigas.com, FB Page of Tupperware US & Canada

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Manila’s New Breed of Luxury Architecture

Manila architecture has come a long way from the humble bahay kubo.

As a country known for its year-round tropical climate and warm people, the Philippines has gone through various influences when it comes to its built environment. While we continue to celebrate our traditional creations and heritage treasures, we have also become haven to exemplary works of architecture.

Combining the ingenuity of foreign and local designers, several up-and-coming projects are set to redefine Metro Manila’s skyline. The following structures, developed by real estate giant Ortigas Land, will soon serve as the pinnacle of premier living in our country.

Using color, texture, and light, the Empress provides its residents a therapeutic environment.


A 56-story tower situated across the Capitol Commons Park, the Empress is the latest premier development to rise in Pasig. It is the brainchild of numerous established firms, such as Architecture International Ltd. and GF & Partners Architects. The former is a San Francisco-based design group responsible for globally celebrated projects such as the Lotte Tower in South Korea, Verona Office Towers in Italy and Xi’an Hi-Tech Business Center in China. The latter is the Philippine-based architectural firm behind the Pacific Star Building, Alabang Town Center and GT Tower International among others.

The design of the Empress is its strength. It aims to serve as an oasis amid the chaos of urban living, and it does just that by focusing on the details. It utilizes chromotherapy, or the science of promoting health through colors, by implementing a light and calming color palette in its interior spaces.

Outdoors, it harnesses the power of faura by using plants to create an enclosed, relaxing environment. Even the hardscape is well-thought-of, with a pedestrian walk in the quiet zone specially designed to stimulate acupressure points in the feet.

When it comes to each unit, the attention to detail continues. A smart living system is implemented in all residential spaces, allowing owners to carry out day-to-day tasks with minimal effort. The inclusion of a home gateway system, temperature sensor, smart light switches and motion sensors in one’s living space permits contactless control of the whole home. This system does not only make things efficient, but it also minimizes one’s risks of acquiring viruses and other pathogens.

Besides the smart technology, other features inside the home makes living in the Empress truly spectacular.

Integrated microwave cabinets, built-in shower benches, video-enabled intercoms and WiFi router cabinets are some of the additional features in each unit that show the project’s strong focus on design.

Overall, the project is ideal for those looking for a sanctuary in the middle of the metro and those who value comfort and convenience especially during today’s New Normal era. The Empress is set to become the benchmark of luxury design, giving people the best life has to offer in a lush environment.

The Imperium

When it comes to exclusivity, no project does it better than The Imperium. Another emerging star at the Capitol Commons, this impressive development prides itself in being able to offer lavish privacy in high-rise living. While it is set to rise at 62 stories high, each residential level accommodates only four residential units, providing residents generous space and unhampered views.

With four residential units to a floor, The Imperium sets a new standard when it comes to exclusive living.

The amenities of The Imperium also attest to its commitment to premier design, with numerous offerings providing residents various ways to relax and enjoy. Indoors, a grand lobby, high-performance fitness facility, mini-theater, daycare center and function rooms are all designed with hotel-like finishes. Outdoors, an exclusive play area, infinity edge pool, landscape garden and garden lounge/deck allow residents to bask in the sun and enjoy nature even in the middle of the city.

The Imperium is another brainchild of the design firm GF & Partners Architects Co. The project was created in consideration of feng shui requirements and sound engineering practices, further cementing its identity as an exceptional piece of architecture in our country.

The Galleon

The Galleon offers a lush environment for its residents, integrated with sustainable features and premier design.

Paying homage to our country’s Spanish heritage, The Galleon is another upscale project by Ortigas Land that combines luxury with comprehensive design. The development is made up of two high-rise towers, offering residential, office and commercial spaces in one premiere address.

The Galleon finds inspiration in the multi-deck, massive ship that used to brave the seas in past centuries.

Each structure is fitted with a tower spire, akin to the mast of a ship. Tower crowns curve toward the sky suggesting wind-blown sails, providing a hint of movement in the Ortigas Skyline. A two-level podium at the base represents the ship’s hull, providing communal spaces for all the users of the building. Lastly, wave-shaped grilles enclose the parking structure of the development, a nod to the gentle seas that once carried the Spanish galleons of the past.

Situated along ADB Avenue in Ortigas Center, The Galleon is strategically located near in-demand academic institutions, shopping centers and office buildings. It provides world-class amenities, with a game room, social hall, daycare, mini-theater, yoga room and outdoor pool just a few of the exclusive features residents can enjoy exclusively. The office building, meanwhile, offers generous spaces to work and pursue dreams, with the smallest inner unit starting at 75 sqm.

Both residential and office spaces incorporate sustainable features, such as wastewater management, double glazing, rainwater collection and energy-efficient utilities.

This premier project was designed by the same team behind some of Ortigas Land’s topnotch projects. The masterplanning and concept architect of the project is Architecture International Ltd. and the local architect of record is GF & Partners Architects. The Galleon is set to sail soon, are you ready to come on board and partake in its glory?

Some of Ortigas Land’s up-and-coming premier developments are situated in Capitol Commons, where future residents will have easy access to Estancia Mall and other retail centers.

A bright future in luxury living

Whether you’re looking to live or invest in real estate, premier developments offer the best value for your money. Soar ahead and discover Manila’s new breed of luxury architecture. Poised to make waves in the Philippine real estate market, these offerings from Ortigas Land are some of the best architectural works set to redefine our country’s skyline in the near future.

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Future-proofing Condominium Investments

 / 04:04 AM September 26, 2020

Residential end-users and investors have embraced condominium living in Metro Manila given the convenience of residing within its established and emerging business districts.

Since 2012, Metro Manila has seen a steady appetite for vertical projects. The pre-selling condominium market recorded some 44,900 units of annual launches and about 45,900 units of yearly take up from 2012 to 2019.

Clearly, demand also moved in step with supply. We saw a significant increase in launches and take up in 2018 when take-up in the pre-selling condominium market reached a record-high 57,000 units. The pre-selling market performed well from 2017 to 2019, with launches averaging about 46,000 units a year while take up reached about 52,000 units.

Resilient sector

A stable sector during the period is the luxury market. Under this segment, condominium units are priced at P8 million to P20 million per unit while the ultra-luxury projects are those priced upwards of P20 million a unit.

Despite the pandemic and lockdowns which resulted in an economic slowdown, the luxury condominium market showed resilience in the first six months of 2020. Of the total launches in the Metro Manila market in the first half, the luxury and ultra luxury segments only accounted for 7 percent. Despite this, the sector covered 19 percent of total sales in the pre-selling market during the period. Over the past two years, the luxury segment accounted for 22 percent of total pre-selling take up in Metro Manila, next to the mid-income segment which covered 42 percent of total demand.

Room for capital appreciation

Earlier, Colliers Philippines noted there is still room for growth for the luxury market especially as Metro Manila prices are relatively cheaper compared to luxury projects in other Asian cities.

For instance, the most expensive condominium project in Metro Manila is priced between P500,000 to P550,000 per sqm. This is much lower than Bangkok’s most expensive development, while the price of a comparable project in Singapore is three times higher. In other key cities around the world, New York’s is about 10 times more expensive; London’s is 15 times higher; while Hong Kong’s is 20 times more expensive.

Over the past five years, prices of luxury projects in major business districts in Metro Manila increased by about 11 to 18 percent a year.

Recovery-post crisis

Colliers noted that previous crises have affected demand for residential projects in Metro Manila, resulting in a price correction. But as historical data would show, the luxury segment is one of the more resilient, exhibiting stability amid financial crises and showing signs of immediate recovery after an economic slowdown.

Luxury residential projects in Metro Manila have recorded a steady rise in prices after the Asian and global financial crises. Over the past five years, prices of luxury projects in major business districts in Metro Manila increased by about 11 to 18 percent a year. Colliers Philippines estimates that luxury pre-selling projects in Metro Manila that are likely to be completed in the next six to 24 months have sold about 94 percent of their inventory.

Given the prices of projects in the luxury market, Colliers believes that buyers will be more discerning. In our opinion, investors are likely to look for innovative amenities and facilities, connectivity to masterplanned communities that offer open spaces, health facilities and services, new office buildings, and a high level of concierge services. Several projects that are being marketed to the luxury and ultra-luxury markets have even partnered with prominent personalities and brands.

Luxury market demand drivers

Colliers Philippines believes that condominium demand should remain strong as Metro Manila continues to have one of the most attractive rental yields in the region; relatively low prices; and sustained demand from affluent Filipinos as well as local and foreign investors.

More affluent locals are seeing luxury condominium projects as a viable investment option aside from the stock market. This is a trend in the Metro Manila pre-selling market, which we continue to see despite the pandemic and the lockdown.

Prior to the pandemic, the shift in lifestyle further encouraged high-end buyers from posh villages to embrace condominium living. Aside from providing tight, round-the-clock security, these properties also offer well-equipped gyms, resort-like pools, ample parking spaces and quality interiors, among others. Most high-end projects, for instance, are near major shopping hubs in the metro. This is also important as consumers need to have immediate access to basic needs such as food and beverage and medical supplies.

Premium condominium projects continue to entice both end-users and investors due also to their proximity to the bustling business hubs of Makati, Ortigas Center, Rockwell Center, and Fort Bonifacio. The demand has likewise spilled over to alternative business locations in the metro.

Attractive investment option despite the pandemic

In our previous property market briefings, we presented graphs showing Philippine economic growth criss-crossing condominium price increase in Metro Manila. It showed a steady increase in condominium prices despite the boom-bust economic growth cycle starting in the late 1990s. This explained why condominiums remain an attractive investment option, particularly the luxury segment, which we believe is least affected by the pandemic and the economic slowdown.

Over the near to medium term, Colliers believes that Filipino end-users and investors are likely to see the launch of new luxury projects, greater acceptance for condominiums with large cuts, and the incorporation of innovative amenities and high-quality design.

Post-pandemic, the condominium market’s growth prospects look good, especially the luxury segment.

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Luxury Projects in Demand

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:02 AM September 26, 2020

Higher demand for luxury projects helped push up residential property prices in the second quarter, even as the Philippines was in the midst of a pandemic and a stringent lockdown.

Based on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Residential Real Estate Price Index (RREPI) released Friday, nationwide residential property prices rose by 27 percent for the said period—reportedly the highest year-on-year growth rate recorded since the start of the series in 2016.

By area, residential property prices in both the National Capital Region (NCR) and in Areas Outside NCR (AONCR) registered a year-on-year growth of 34.9 percent and 18.1 percent, respectively. By category, residential property prices similarly grew across all types of dwelling, with condominium prices rising the fastest at 30.1 percent year on year.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the pre-selling residential market in Metro Manila. In the second quarter of 2020, take up reached 8,700 units compared to 8,600 units a year ago. In the first half of 2020, total sales reached close to 20,000 units, still a pretty good take up compared to 22,000 units a year ago. That’s a decent sales performance given the country, particularly Metro Manila, was under a strict lockdown during the period,” said Joey Roi Bondoc, senior manager for research at Colliers International Philippines.

“If you also look at the price segments of the more popular projects in the first half of 2020, the mid-income, upscale and luxury units covered 80 percent of total take-up in the pre-selling market, higher than the three segments’ 71 percent share in the first half of 2019… We also saw price increases for selected pre-selling luxury projects in Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Makati fringe, and Ortigas Center in the first half,” Bondoc said in a statement on Friday.

Beyond exquisite finishes, Ortigas Land projects offer the luxury of space.

Strong appetite

Such a strong appetite for luxury projects shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of such luxury and ultra luxury projects in the Philippines, particularly in key urban districts in Metro Manila. While investors can choose from an array of such upscale offerings, only a few developers have managed to provide distinct and innovative projects that are well worth your investment.

Ortigas Land, for one, has in its portfolio a range of luxury and ultra luxury projects catering to the different upscale lifestyles of the highly affluent urban dweller. Beyond the benefits of a strategic location, capital appreciation and wealth preservation, Ortigas Land’s modern, high-tech residences also offer sustainable and healthy environments; “experiential luxury” through its impressive, well laid out amenities; privacy and exclusivity; as well as the convenience of having almost everything you need within walking distance or just a short drive from where you live.

Luxury in real estate indeed comes in many forms and Ortigas Land has aptly shown how all these can be seamlessly integrated within a single development.

Topnotch amenities offer residents a conducive place to raise their kids

Luxury of wellness

At the Empress, Ortigas Land offers the country’s first wellness real estate, where the residents’ well-being takes precedence.

Located within Capitol Commons in Pasig City, this 56-story vertical community brings exquisite finishes, groundbreaking features and smart designs that are geared towards supporting residents in achieving a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle amid the frenzy of the city.

At the Empress, you’ll have smart living features including contactless technology that has become the norm in this new normal. You’ll also see a perceptive use of colors in common areas to help stimulate positive emotional responses among residents and guests while its biophilic design, via its lush, green pocket spaces, will likely do wonders for your mental and cognitive health. One ingenious approach that Ortigas Land took was to carefully divide amenities for the quiet zone and the active zone. In this way, residents will get to fully enjoy these exceptional amenities without unnecessary intrusions.

Well-appointed units offer you a sanctuary in the middle of a dynamic city.

Luxury of convenience

That The Galleon will rise at the heart of Ortigas Center will most certainly accord its residents a most prized privilege—one that many are willing to pay a premium.

Future residents of this two-tower complex will offer a distinct kind of convenience that places you right where the action is—near large-scale shopping complexes, offices housing multinationals and local businesses alike, transport hubs, major thoroughfares and planned key infrastructure projects that will ensure ease of accessibility and connectivity.

At The Galleon, exquisite finishes and upscale amenities are already a given. In this seamless mix of posh residences, premium grade offices and commercial spaces that are just an elevator ride away from each other, future tenants and residents will get to enjoy a modern, sustainable environment where convenience trumps all other benefits and advantages—a kind of convenience needed to thrive in the new normal era.

Wake up to a stunning view of the city.

Luxury of space

One of the most luxurious residential towers to rise in Capitol Commons highlights the luxury of space amid the dense clusters of communities increasingly crowding the capital region.

With its spacious, well-appointed suites, The Imperium highlights the importance of having enough room to move about within your sanctuary. This 62-storey architectural wonder further expands your space—breathing room in the middle of the city—with its landscaped gardens, fitness facilities, recreation room, residents’ lounge, mini-theater, and stunning views of the metro and the Capital Commons Park.

All these three projects have showcased Ortigas Land’s expertise in creating upscale residences that offer luxury in so many levels, making these the ideal home for the modern and highly affluent urban dweller.

Ortigas Land’s residences evoke luxury and elegance.

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The Perks of a Premium Development

It’s a fact of life: money doesn’t always last.

Considering inflation and the uncertainty of the future, storing all your money in one place may not be the best decision. It might get lost or worse, it might lose its value over time. Your millions of cash today may just be the loose change of tomorrow. As a wiser move, why not place your money in something that will last longer?

Real estate, for instance, has always proven to be a dependable investment. More often than not, the value of properties continues to remain stable even during a recession.

This is particularly true for those that exhibit desirable features: prime location, exemplary architectural design and a trustworthy developer. Properties with such characteristics are considered the cream of the crop. While they often come with a hefty price tag, the long term returns more than make up for it.

So if you’re looking to make your money last, try looking into real estate investment. And if you’re looking to grow your investment, choose a property based on its desirable features and its unique offerings. Read on to discover why premium properties are worth a look and how they offer prime returns for life.

The Empress in Capitol Commons offers first-class amenities such as this children’s playroom

Serves needs beyond the basics

Whether in times of prosperity or poverty, man’s basic needs remain the same: food, shelter, sleep, water and breathable air. These elements are essential to the survival of any person. Investing in a business that can provide one of these essentials is usually stable. But what if you can meet all these needs and offer a lot more in terms of experiences?

Premium developments have been designed to go beyond our most basic needs. While most homes can provide the essentials, those that elevate living standards make daily lives more enjoyable. These properties go beyond the basics to offer comfort and convenience, things that may appear extravagant at first but are actually life-saving in the long run.

For example, The Galleon by Ortigas Land combines residential, office and retail spaces in one vertical community.

This development not only allows its users to have everything within their reach, it also gives them more time to enjoy life rather than spend it sitting in traffic. Its spaces are designed to provide tranquil and relaxing experiences even in the middle of a bustling city.

Located in the heart of Ortigas Center, this up-and-coming project is strategically situated near numerous schools, office buildings and BPO centers.

With its mixed-use nature and prime location, it is poised to receive a strong rental market among urban dwellers, foreign businessmen and even millennial employees. While The Galleon meets basic human needs, it has been designed to make living an enjoyable and exciting affair.

The Imperium in Capitol Commons does not compromise on space or views, with only four residential units per floor

Outperforms bonds and stocks

Whenever our country hits an economic bump, many stock and bond investors become nervous. This is not usually the case with real estate investors. While the stock market can fall significantly during times of hardships, the price of property rentals aren’t as quick to drop. According to Jason Laux, adviser at the South American company Synergy Group, “Consistency of the yield is what makes real estate investments more suited for riding out a recession.”

Annual renewal of leases allow landlords to adjust rental rates based on inflation. When times are difficult, properties are often sold with better payment terms. When times are good, these same properties can sell for more than their original prices. In between, owners can rent out these spaces to gain passive income. Real estate investors can make money off their properties all year round, especially when these assets are well-designed and strategically located. While stocks and bonds are heavily affected by economic factors, properties are relatively more stable.

Moreover, properties that respond to current demands appeal to the market. To exemplify, the Empress by Ortigas Land offers contactless technology inside each unit, a feature that befits today’s standards in the new normal.

This offering allows residents to control the unit’s temperature, lighting, security and utilities via an app, thus reducing the risk of viral transmission. With such a feature that meets today’s demands, it makes the project more appealing to possible tenants, thus improving the lessor’s chances of renting out spaces even in the pandemic era.

The Galleon in Ortigas Center takes the concept of mixed-use developments to greater heights.

Provides exceptional experiences

With a luxury property, you aren’t just investing in a piece of real estate. You are enabling yourself to live a certain lifestyle that makes the most out of life. If you’re planning to rent out units, you’re actually leasing out opportunities for people to enjoy this kind of living standard.

This exceptional experience doesn’t fluctuate with our country’s economic climate. If you’re aiming for stability, premium properties set you up for life because the living standards remain constant under any economic climate.

Luxury real estate projects are the cream of the crop for a reason. They give you generous spaces, lush surroundings, first-class amenities and extraordinary security.

The Imperium at Capitol Commons, for example, provides exclusivity to its residents with its low-density design. Only four living units are accommodated per floor, thus giving each resident unparalleled views and the luxury of space. Rarely can you get a unit in the city that exceeds 100 sqm in floor area and doesn’t compromise on amenities as well. This kind of exceptional experience is a luxury in itself. Owning a piece of this property is like owning a piece of rare treasure.

Allows you to maximize your life

Whether you’re looking to grow or to enjoy your money, real estate remains a reliable and stable investment.

Even if the economy fluctuates, it is constant, with rent prices rarely changing and living experiences unvarying. Premium properties, in particular, can set you up with the best kind of living standards that will always remain attractive to those looking to meet more than their basic survival needs.

If you’re in the market at the moment looking for a premium property, consider partnering with a real estate developer that has decades’ worth of solid experience in the industry.

A partner like Ortigas Land will always give you the best kind of living standards, in the worst or best of times.

Sources: www.elegran.com, www.mansionglobal.com, www.ortigas.com.ph

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Luxe Residences for the Affluent, Discerning Few

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:00 AM September 19, 2020

Manila remains one of the fastest growing luxury residential markets in terms of price appreciation in 2019, according to Knight Frank’s 2020 Wealth Report.

Based on the report’s Prime International Residential Index (PIRI), Manila ranked eighth, along with Berlin, as it posted a 6.5 percent increase in the prices of luxury residential property from September 2018 to September 2019. Manila was one of the 100 global prime markets assessed by Knight Frank for the 13th edition of the PIRI. Topping this list was Frankfurt, which recorded a 10.3 percent price hike in luxury residential property in 2019, followed by Lisbon (9.6 percent), Taipei (8.9 percent), Seoul (7.6 percent) and Houston (7.4 percent).

Wellness attributes

One notable feature of this report showed a growing trend, wherein high net worth property buyers and investors are starting to place importance on wellness attributes when choosing a new home. Based on the Wealth Report’s The Attitudes Survey, access to nearby green spaces was considered by the respondents to be the most important, followed by the availability of wellness facilities and the design of the property and how it contributes to their physical and mental well-being.

Other attributes cited in the survey were energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of the building; air quality around the property; quality of nearby medical facilities; and wellness amenities offered by a development.

Alasdair Pritchard of Knight Frank’s private office team pointed out that this was a burgeoning trend, noting that “young professionals are prioritizing health and well-being more than ever before. It is no longer the preserve of burnt out executives in their 40s or 50s. Young professionals such as tech millionaires are increasingly seeking a haven to retreat to for one month a year to focus on well-being.”

“Design and functionality are important whether it is courtyards, meditation rooms, resistance pools or living walls. But the reality is, it is the location and proximity to nature that are the decisive factors,” Pritchard was quoted in the report as saying.

Ortigas Land’s well-appointed units ensure residents’ comfort.

Priceless benefits

In the Philippines, seasoned property developer Ortigas Land has long recognized the growing importance of including wellness attributes in all of its upscale developments in the metro. It knows that the highly discerning market nowadays is willing to pay a premium to have access to lush open spaces, wellness amenities, and sustainable design and architecture.

Indeed, the true benchmark of premium developments today has gone beyond having well-appointed units, exquisite finishes and topnotch amenities. Homebuyers and investors now seek for safe, smart and healthy homes where they can enjoy the priceless benefits of having a well balanced, holistic lifestyle amid these challenging times.

Elegance defines Ortigas Land’s upscale residences.

Game-changing concept

The Empress, for one, is touted as the first wellness real estate in the country, comprised of premier residences proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of the residents.

This 56-story residential tower in Capitol Commons in Pasig City is a game-changing concept from Ortigas Land, as it offers smart living features including contactless technology, and integrates colors in common areas that can stimulate positive emotional responses. The Empress’ biophilic design will also allow you to commune with nature through its open spaces, lush greens and blooms, which could help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood.

Balance and wellness remain a central theme in the Empress as amenities were carefully divided into two areas, namely the quiet zone and the active zone, based on their function. Further ensuring that the Empress is your ideal home in the bustling metro, Ortigas Land will integrate sustainable measures that make it compliant with green building standards.

Archetype community

At the heart of Ortigas Center will rise The Galleon, which is poised to be the archetype community of the modern urban dweller. This two-tower complex by Ortigas Land offers the unique leverage of a mixed-use project where posh residences, premium grade offices and commercial spaces are seamlessly integrated in a modern, sustainable environment.

At The Galleon, future residents will not only get to revel in the luxury of exquisite finishes and upscale amenities, but will also get to indulge in the comfort and convenience of a central, strategic location—of being in the center of a thriving business district where practically everything is nearby, such as commercial establishments; medical, educational and religious institutions; fitness and wellness centers; mall complexes; and other offices.

The Residences at The Galleon, in particular, highlights amenities that will allow you to achieve wellness and enhance your daily urban lifestyle: a mini-theater, game room, swimming pool, gym, sauna room, as well as green open spaces that offer a much needed breathing room in the heart of a dynamic district.

Ortigas Land offers the luxury of space in all of its developments

Architectural wonder

Also rising within Capitol Commons is one of the most luxurious residential towers in this district. A highly coveted address in Pasig City, The Imperium offers spacious two- and three-bedroom units that speak of exclusivity, convenience and opulence within 62 storeys of an architectural wonder.

It’s all about elegance and luxury for The Imperium—which won Best Luxury Condo Architectural Design in 2018—with its design, circular form and trapezoidal canted windows made to lessen the need for artificial lighting, well appointed suites and exquisite finishes, as well as the stunning, relaxing views of the metro and the Capitol Commons Park.

Luxurious amenities, which include landscaped gardens, fitness facilities, recreation room, residents’ lounge and mini-theater among others, further offer the much sought opportunity to achieve balance and wellness in the city.

Ortigas Land has no doubt set the gold standard for smart, healthy and sustainable luxury residences in the metro, making it a perfect fit for the country’s discerning, affluent market.

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Residential Opportunity in Metro Manila Periphery

 / 04:10 AM September 12, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Colliers Philippines noted that the expansion of business opportunities in Metro Manila had been fueled by the influx of multinational outsourcing companies. The fast-evolving demands of the capital’s workforce and households played a crucial role in driving a shift in the mindset and strategies of real estate developers.

Property firms saw the need to add value to the usual stand-alone building. Market demands dictated that they build residential condominiums, supermarkets and institutional facilities such as hospitals alongside offices. Metro Manila residents’ rising disposable incomes have enhanced their standards of living and reinforced their demand for “convenience, accessibility and exclusivity”—features only a masterplanned community could provide. They prefer to be in a community surrounded by healthy, safe and sustainable buildings with green surroundings and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Colliers believes that there will be a greater demand for masterplanned communities especially once the pandemic wanes and the economy starts to rebound. Hence, we believe that developers will continue pursuing integrated communities within and outside Metro Manila. The concept of building offices, condominiums, supermarkets and health facilities within one community satisfies the millennials’ demand for greater mobility and convenience.

In our opinion, this should also raise the demand for residential projects outside of core locations in Metro Manila. Millennial employees and investors will constantly scout for residential units in the fringes and this should raise the viability of newly-developed integrated communities in the peripheries of the capital region.

Ortigas Center is one of the most thriving areas of Pasig City

Redevelopment in eastern Metro Manila

Over the past few years, the rising demand for integrated developments as well as soaring land values in central business districts provided the opportunity for developers to transform idle properties on the outskirts of CBDs into masterplanned communities. A bustling BPO hub is the former site of a textile mills; a thermal power plant used to occupy a portion of Rockwell Center; an integrated community in Makati is the former site of International School-Manila; while Capitol Commons is a redevelopment of the former provincial capitol.

Rising demand and land prices are also enticing industrial property owners in strategic locations to liquidate land holdings in favor of mixed-use township developments. Examples of these are the projects along C-5 Road. In our opinion, the strategic location unlocks the potential of these former industrial properties for more profitable uses. These integrated communities augment the existing office and residential developments in the eastern part of the metropolis.

The eastern part of Metro Manila, including Ortigas Center and its fringe area, remains an attractive location for end-users and investors because of infrastructure projects lined up by the government.

Infrastructure to lift demand

Colliers believes that the area will benefit, either directly or peripherally, from the completion of a number of big-ticket infrastructure projects. In our opinion, infrastructure projects near new business and residential districts are crucial in driving demand in and raising the viability of thriving communities.

There’s the proposed MRT-4, a monorail project with an estimated cost of P59.3 billion that will connect Metro Manila and the province of Rizal. This 18.4-km rail line is targeted for completion by 2025. Another important project is the LRT-2 East Extension, a P9.7 billion project that will extend the existing LRT-2 system from Santolan in Pasig City to Masinag, Antipolo. This is an important project especially for businesses trying to capture the skilled manpower from the eastern part of Metro Manila.

There’s the 19.4-km, six-lane Pasig River expressway (Parex) that provides an alternative route to the country’s business districts such as Makati, Fort Bonifacio and Ortigas. Also a crucial project is the BGC-Ortigas link bridge which should raise property demand in the two business districts namely Ortigas Center and Fort Bonifacio.

Emphasis on lifestyle, integrated features

We still expect end-users to gravitate towards mixed-use satellite communities as these enhance working and living conditions. The pandemic has further emphasized the need to be in an integrated community where unit owners can easily access essential goods and services. We thus encourage developers to highlight the integrated features of their residential projects as this is likely to be among the major considerations of unit owners post-lockdown and amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Developers should continue to highlight the sanitation and property management procedures implemented within their projects.

Given that a lot of employees are now working from home, residential investors should also ensure that their units are adaptable to work-from-home arrangements and have stable internet connection. Some condominium buyers are also looking for bigger cuts so they can carve out their own home office.

Possible yield enhancement

We believe that investors continue to choose projects in townships, especially the newly-developed ones, due to possible yield enhancement. Given that prices in core locations have significantly escalated in recent years resulting in yield compression, lower entry price for residential projects n peripheral areas could offer some enhancement in yields for the remainder of 2020. Yields could further raise in 2021 especially when market sentiment stabilizes.

Economic recovery to fuel demand

There are various forecasts on the country’s economic performance for the remainder of the year. What’s positive is that a number of economic indicators are showing some signs of recovery. The unemployment rate has eased; foreign direct investments have increased; while OFW remittances are starting to grow at a faster pace. It is also important to note that interest rates remain low as the central bank hopes to prop up economic activities in the country.

We remain optimistic that the government’s forecast of an economic rebound will have a spillover impact on condominium leasing and sales in the capital region. Government agencies and credit rating firms are projecting an economic growth ranging from 6 percent to 8 percent in 2021 and this should be complemented by a revival of traditional and outsourcing business activities in Metro Manila. These should help prop up residential take up by foreign and local employees and investors.

In our view, projects in new integrated communities located in the fringes of Metro Manila are among those that will immediately capture the benefits brought about residential demand recovery.

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Ortigas Land logo

A Crisis-proof Investment

 / 04:22 AM September 12, 2020

Given our current economic climate, is it wise to invest in luxury real estate?

Believe it or not, the answer is yes. While many businesses have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter remains a constant need. Though affordable homes continue to be in-demand among the general market, the pandemic has revealed to us the importance of quality living.

Today, it’s no longer enough to have a roof over one’s head. Living in a comfortable and convenient setting provides us with a better sense of security, even in the worst of times. Investing in luxury developments has been proven many times to be a wise move, even in a crisis. If there’s a silver lining in our current difficulties, it’s that developers are offering better payment terms because of the pandemic. As the following examples would show, real estate remains a secure investment, especially those that offer the best in terms of service, location and amenities.

Read on to find out why luxury developments are worth looking into, even during a crisis.

One Bishopsgate Plaza offers residents a view of some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Known as London’s most coveted neighborhood, Chelsea Barracks offers a lush home in the middle of a thriving business district.

When luxury equals security

With the COVID-19 pandemic and its future Brexit plans, you’d think that London’s real estate market would be suffering. Contrary to logic, however, new luxury apartments in Britain’s capital continue to sell well, especially among foreign investors. As reported by the South China Morning Post last March, luxury developments like Chelsea Barracks and One Bishopsgate Plaza attract a lot of rich Chinese and other foreign buyers.

The strength of London’s real estate is its setting. Even during a global economic crisis, the UK has always proven to be a stable country, with a dependable government, transparent tax system, excellent transportation routes and a strong economy. Its exemplary schools and international business groups also help attract both locals and migrants to the city. According to Mark Elliot, head of international residential for Savills in Hong Kong, “Historically, instability and uncertainty are very good for the London market. People see London as a relatively safe haven.”

Despite its expensive price tag ranging from £5.25 million to £42 million, Chelsea Barracks attracts investors because it offers one of the last opportunities to buy a London property basked in green spaces. One Bishopsgate Plaza meanwhile is the first mixed-use, high-rise project in the city, offering security, posh amenities, generous spaces and unhampered views of London’s most famous landmarks—the Gherkin, Tower Bridge and the River Thames.

Caracas, Venezuela’s urban capital, saw a rise in luxury building development during the 2016 recession.

Stability amid uncertainty

A country that fell into deep recession in 2016, Venezuela saw many of its industries suffer. Yet this South American nation had one sector that succeeded during its dark ages: luxury real estate.

With Venezuela’s steep inflation rates and restrictive policies on foreign exchange back then, companies turned toward luxury properties to protect the value of their assets. Chacao, home to the country’s major financial and commercial centers, experienced a boom in office space rental and purchases.

According to Beatriz Yilo of the CBRE Venezuela office, an affiliate of the real estate giant, the real estate sector absorbed bolivars, the local Venezuelan currency, that was quickly dropping in value due to the recession. High-end offices and residences became the wealthy’s way of coping with the recession, as these properties still promised some revenue even amid political troubles and economic uncertainty.

The building boom of 2016 was concentrated in Caracas, the country’s capital and its most urbanized area. While affordable and middle-class housing suffered oversupply and a shortage in materials, private companies financed the construction of numerous buildings offering office and luxury home spaces. Even when other properties were hit badly by extreme inflation the following year, luxury real estate proved to be strong. The offices and homes in Chacao still gave its investors revenues even during the worst times of Venezuela. These investments not only helped companies save their assets during a recession, but it also helped save the local construction industry and numerous Venezuelans.

Ortigas Land projects—The Imperium, Empress and The Galleon—promise comfort and convenience in a luxurious setting.

A promise to progress

In the Philippines, luxury real estate continues to develop even amid a pandemic. Considering the standards of the new normal, many of these high-end developments have evolved to feature contactless technology, mixed-use setups and even personalized services to bring a new level of comfort and convenience to their future users.

The up and coming projects of Ortigas Land, in particular, feature premier spaces that are promising in terms of revenue to potential investors. The Galleon, a mixed-use complex set to rise in the heart of Ortigas Center, offers retail, residential and office spaces that feature exquisite finishes exuding an opulent vibe, smart living features that make for a seamless and worry-free living, and a state-of-the-art building management system that further amplify the exceptional lifestyle that can be experienced at The Galleon.

The Imperium—a 62-story residential tower that has only four units per floor—gives a whole new meaning to exclusivity and privacy. Unique and premium features including its slanted windows, infinity-edge pool, landscaped garden decks, residential lounge and even a mini-theater furnished with recliner chairs, would allow its residents to revel in an exclusive lifestyle with an address that speaks for itself.

Lastly, the 56-story Empress, the latest development in Capitol Commons, offers smart home features that ensures limited contact with frequently-touched surfaces such as door knobs, plugs and switches. Here, health and wellness take center stage as the Empress also boasts of therapeutic colors, sustainable features and a biophilic design. Spacious living spaces are on offer, too, as available units are in one-, two-, three-bedroom cuts, as well as three-bedroom bi-level size.

All these projects by Ortigas Land have been planned to provide the most comfortable and convenient experience one could hope for in the local setting. So if you want to keep your investments secure, you may want to consider buying luxury real estate. Whether you’re looking to buy a retail, residential or office space, premier real estate has always proven to be a stable and strong sector, in cities all over the world.

With its exquisite offerings, upscale amenities and strategic location, you can be sure that your property will be a reliable asset that can bring you either revenue or refuge, even in the worst of times.

Sources: www.reuters.com, www.economist.com, www.scmp.com, www.chelseabarracks.com, www.plparchitecture.com

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Ortigas Land

Laying the Groundwork for Recovery, Growth

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:06 AM September 05, 2020

It has become, by far, the ultimate measure of a company’s mettle and resilience amid a crisis.

The deadly COVID-19 contagion, which continues its tight grip on economies globally, has since slowed down all economic activities, halted many operations and even caused business closures across industries. Such a sweeping, crippling impact had no doubt put a severe strain on companies’ financial health, while testing leaders and their skills, acuity and quick thinking.

But while no business may have been left unscathed by this pandemic, some managed to respond better to the needs of these challenging times. An 89-year-old property developer, for one, has had the benefit of experience, hindsight and keen foresight that allowed it to keep pace with the pandemic and remain resilient during this challenging period.

Capitol Commons offers all the essentials for the new normal.

Ortigas East continues to take the lead in the C5 corridor.

Blueprint for recovery

Ortigas Land, one of the pioneers in Philippine real estate, has managed to admirably navigate through the COVID-19 contagion, as it did with many of such crises throughout its close to nine-decade history.

“This resilience is due mainly to the time-honored principles it has adopted and continues to apply in dealing with crises of this proportion. These principles revolve around preserving the value of the company, strengthening its ability to weather the challenges, and preparing itself and the organization for the eventual recovery,” Jaime E. Ysmael, president and CEO of Ortigas Land, said in an interview with Inquirer.

“Key to this strategy is to ensure that the company protects and enhances its assets, which include not only its balance sheet and its landbank, but equally important, the welfare of its various stakeholders—its customers, its employees, its supply chain and the communities where it operates. By adopting this holistic and long-term view, we ensure that the key elements of the recovery plan—our key assets—are preserved and strengthened, so we can draw on them as we implement our blueprint for recovery,” Ysmael explained.

During this period, Ortigas Land also made sure to accelerate its efforts to further improve customer experience at all touchpoints, apart from ensuring a healthy balance sheet and continuing with the planning of new projects to ensure launch readiness when the market turns.

According to Ysmael, a significant aspect of this thrust involves increasing the pace of digital transformation. Hence, Ortigas Land has created a Customer Care Department and has used digital technology in almost all aspects of the business to ensure better customer service, increase operating efficiency and reposition itself to better play under this “low touch economy” that has become the norm amid this pandemic.

Like most businesses, however, Ortigas Land had to remain cautious and prudent amid these difficult times. Admittedly, the seasoned property developer had to defer launches and postpone major capital expenditures for this year.

“This year is all about preserving the value of the company, keeping its financial health intact and preparing for the eventual recovery. The economic conditions are not normal and are not ideal for major commitments, as our focus as a company is to navigate through the challenges brought about by the crisis… We have, however, continued planning of new projects to ensure they we are ready to launch once conditions improve,” Ysmael said.

A question of how soon


Fortunately, there are early signs of economic recovery as latest government data would show—from the growth in foreign direct investments in May, rise in remittances sent by expatriate Filipinos in June, to the easing of unemployment rate in July. Add to these the government’s proposed 2021 national expenditure program, as well as fiscal and infrastructure stimuli that will help the country reset, rebound and recover.

While much has yet to be done and accomplished for the country to fully recover from a recession, these positive signs offer a sliver of hope for industries such as real estate.

Ysmael similarly believes that although conditions remain challenging, there are emerging signs of improvement in the various sectors of the industry with the easing of restrictions. He however stressed that it is important to restart the economy to restore jobs and livelihood, while continuing to contain the spread of the virus. It is likewise important to bring confidence back, so consumers will start spending and businesses will start investing again.

“We see growth starting to manifest again next year albeit at a gradual pace, as things hopefully normalize and industries come back to life. Of course, this scenario is based on the assumption that we will be effective as a country in managing this health crisis,” he said.

“The Philippines is a young and vibrant emerging country, which has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. All our competitive advantages as a country remain intact. The Philippine real estate industry, to a certain extent, is a mirror image of the economy, so there is no question if we will recover—it is just a question of how soon,” Ysmael concluded.

The Galleon in Ortigas makes for a premium investment.

Empress at Capitol Commons

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Real Estate Sector’s Road to Recovery

 / 04:28 AM September 05, 2020

We are on the brink of a major global recession.With the COVID-19 virus still in our midst after more than six months, and without a tested cure in sight, many of us are fearing for the future. Many businesses have been affected by the quarantines, especially in the real estate sector. With our health still at risk and our businesses in peril, will we ever recover and bounce back from our losses?

Fortunately, history would tell us that the answer is a clear yes. Though we have encountered a lot of challenges this year, this isn’t the first time the world has been in an economic slump. In the past, countries have been affected by stock market crashes, an influenza pandemic and even a mortgage crisis. Despite these challenges, people have managed to pick themselves up and recover. The real estate sector, in particular, has remained a durable industry, surviving through financial challenges every time.

Let’s take a look at the past and see how people managed to recover from a global recession. If they were able to do it then, chances are, we will also bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic with the same adaptive measures and attitude changes.

The Guardian Real Estate Services used its property ma naagment experience to develop enticing affordable homes during the 2008 recession.

Shifting focus

When the 2008 recession hit the United States, many lost their homes. The primary reason for the economic downturn was caused by poorly regulated bank mortgages which led to a lot of foreclosures. Amid this challenge, one Portland-based real estate company saw a way out of the mess.

The Guardian Real Estate Services is a 40-year-old property management firm that had 13,000 residential units across seven US states. When its business was hit hard by the recession, the company turned its focus on affordable housing projects.

Using its experience in property management, the Guardian invested in existing affordable housing complexes and redesigned them. The buildings were provided with new community spaces and green features that would make them enticing and allow them to stand out from the competition. While the company first encountered challenges in selling homes to the cash-strapped market, it managed to thrive with the government’s help. Due to the mortgage crisis, the US government started reallocating resources to push the affordable housing sector, and this greatly propelled the Guardian’s new business venture amid the recession.

By the end of the recession, the Guardian had developed and leased out 6,000 apartment units. Today, the company operates over 130 communities in four states. It has since grown into a multi-service real estate firm, offering management, development and investment services. It has shown that while a recession can hurt businesses, it can also be an opportunity to discover a new viable market.

The Emme building, one of Gerding Edlen’s latest offerings, exemplifies how the firm listens and responds to their tenants’ call for more green spaces.

Personalizing services

Another Oregon-based real estate firm survived the 2008 US recession by doing the opposite of the Guardian’s strategy. Gerding Edlen Development, a company that used to outsource property management in its real estate projects, started to provide the service in-house.

While the move helped diversify its business opportunities, the company’s main reason for venturing into project management was so that it can get first-hand information on what its clients want. Damin Tarlow, the company’s current director of asset management said: “We wanted to differentiate ourselves…[by] getting feedback from our customers and putting it into action.”

The input that the company received from its current tenants allowed it to develop better design approaches when it came to new projects. One of the innovations it introduced during the recession was an online concierge service, wherein tenants can forward mail, set-up utilities and apply for cable television. Through this avenue, it can also solicit personalized services such as home massages and function room reservations. The website also became the company’s way of offering exclusive deals to its tenants when it came to purchasing from nearby shops or groceries.

The company implemented these new strategies in three apartment buildings, which allowed it to succeed even through a recession. Gerding Edlen continues to offer project management services up to now. The venture allows it to ensure each project’s success, as it became involved from the pre-construction to the post-construction phase of each building.

The Stockyards District Residences is one of Greybrook Realty Partner’s multi-family residential units currently being constructed.

Updating strategies, diversifying portfolios

Many real estate companies have turned their focus on developing multi-family units especially during a recession. Even if the economy is down, housing remains a fundamental need everywhere. Greybrook Realty Partners of Toronto, Canada, in particular, states that imposing one-year lease terms in multi-family apartments allows rents to be based more closely on current inflation rates. The team invests in a range of building types, from commercial to residential. The diversity of its business ventures ensures that its investors would not lose assets, even during a horrible recession.

The Galleon by Ortigas Land exemplifies a project wherein investors can diversify their portolio with its mixed-use offerings.

Improving the game

The examples above show that the best real estate companies have managed to pull through the worst of times by improving their game. They studied the market, made design improvements and diversified their portfolio to ensure their survival.

Here in the Philippines, one such company that demonstrates these approaches is Ortigas Land. As a company with more than 80 years of real estate experience, the group has weathered through many storms and have emerged wiser each time. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the company offers various multi-family units that feature contactless technology and green design, making it responsive to the needs of the new normal.

Its mixed-use development in the making, The Galleon, also allows investors to diversify their assets with the project’s retail, residential and office spaces for sale. Strategies like these would allow Ortigas Land’s clients to withstand and recover from the worst economic times, time and time again.

So even with the ongoing crisis, don’t lose hope. Partner with a group who can adapt to necessary changes, allow you to ride it out until the good times get here. Each loss offers an opportunity to do better and this works out not only in real estate but also in life.

Sources: https://emmechicago.com; www.gres.com; https://djcoregon.com; www.ortigas.com.ph

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/306695/real-estate-sectors-road-to-recovery#ixzz6c2eYI1RM
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Remaining Resilient Through Innovations

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:00 AM August 29, 2020

It has fittingly illustrated what it takes to stay competitive and relevant.

For close to nine decades now, Ortigas Land has been performing a delicate balancing act of ensuring that the right kind of innovation would be able to fuel its continued growth; of remaining prudent, and intuitive in all its strategies; and of retaining some of the best practices that were able to buoy up the company through turbulent times, economic boom-and-bust cycles, and even political upheavals.

Today, Ortigas Land is already reaping the benefits of sustaining such a complex balance which, by all means, has been a brilliant display of its prowess and caliber. It has remained competitive, relevant, and even well ahead of the game with a wide array of residential, office and commercial offerings that have become top-of-mind for many, aspirational for some.

While it would be easier to stick to a tried-and-tested strategy, Ortigas Land instead had the foresight to include features that very few would consider a “must-have” back in the day, was quick to adapt and would go to great lengths to know what its market needed and wanted.

Circulo Verde offers healthy, verdant spaces in the middle of a bustling city.

Among the pioneers

Think about it. When Greenhills opened in the early ’70s, it was among the pioneers of its time, being one of the first shopping centers in the Philippines. Small shops, restaurants, a grocery, banks, arcades and other stores here became popular hangouts in the following decades.

But as more and bigger shopping complexes started to open across the metro, Ortigas Land had to redevelop, responding to the changing needs of an ever evolving market.

Today, the 16-ha Greenhills in San Juan City is undergoing a massive, P60-billion redevelopment plan to make it at par with the rest of the metro. A new mall, office spaces and upscale residential projects such as the 53-story Viridian and the 55-story Connor, will now complement the rest of the locators here, while breathing new life into your favorite shopping mecca.

Ortigas Land managed to make great strides to create the archetype of future cities.

Novelty offerings

Ortigas Land was, perhaps, also the first to house in a single “village” a whole array of licensed pet dealers, groomers, providers of care services and other shops that cater to every imaginable need of your pets. Tiendesitas, when it formally opened its doors to the public in the mid 2000s, indeed made waves for having a massive collection of different shops housed in villages—whether it’s fashion, food, handicrafts, pets, antiques and novelties, among others.

Located within the 16-ha Ortigas East estate in Pasig City, Tiendesitas has since seen many renovations and new neighbors, too—grocery, pharmacies, banks, offices, leisure and entertainment areas that once included a small zoo, and soon, high rise residential towers that offer the convenience of having practically everything you need within reach. More can be expected upon completion of this estate’s P50-billion redevelopment plan.

Capitol Commons reflects the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle of the present.


Amid the global financial crisis in the latter part of the 2000s, Ortigas Land opted to offer the Philippine market with a “sanctuary” where one can revel in an enclave made more serene by the calming views of the river, yet still enjoy proximity to modern conveniences. While only a few harped on the benefits of adequate spaces then, the 10-ha Circulo Verde already gave its residents breathing room, fresh air, as well as healthy, verdant spaces in the middle of a bustling city.

Today, these same features are so highly sought that many are willing to pay a premium to live in an estate that affords them of such lush open spaces. Yes, Circulo Verde in Quezon City already has five residential towers, a townhouse community, Industria Mall, parks, exclusive recreational facilities, CV Sports Hub, CV Pitch, a bike playground, CV Quad (basketball, volleyball, badminton court) and Hachi Park, which is an off-leash dog park. But there remains such a huge room for residents to move around, offering healthy, spacious areas needed in the new normal.

Greenhills is in the midst of a massive redevelopment plan.

Archetype community

The 10-ha Capitol Commons in Pasig City reflects the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle of the present as it is one of the newer districts to rise in the metro. Currently, it offers a healthy mix of upscale residences, premium-grade offices, a shopping mall, a food strip and lush pocket parks that seek to redefine one’s concept of urban living.

Yet again, Ortigas Land managed to make great strides to create the archetype of future cities. Beyond offering convenience, accessibility and a refreshing green urban space, Capitol Commons has residences primed for the new normal. For example, the 56-story Empress, touted as the first wellness real estate in the country, features contactless technology, biophilic design that helps reduce stress and improve cognitive function and a host of amenities that will allow you to be holistically healthy.

Ortigas Land estates offer refreshing green urban spaces.

New normal

With its prudent, skillful approach to innovation and flair for remaining relevant, Ortigas Land will, without a doubt, be able to ride out the challenges brought about by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. As it is, this seasoned developer already offers the ideal homes that will enable you to move forward amid this health crisis and this so-called new normal.

But just as it had done so in the past, you can trust that Ortigas Land will once again come up with smart, innovative ways that will address new needs that you have yet to anticipate, and create even safer, healthier spaces that will tide you over and beyond this pandemic.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/306115/remaining-resilient-through-innovations#ixzz6c2ctoXmw
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Ortigas Land Logo

A Sure Investment in Uncertain Times

Nowadays, our lives always seem to be at risk.

With the COVID-19 virus still in our midst, many of us continue to fear for the future. No one is certain what is to come soon as the world continues to adjust to the new normal or life amid a pandemic.

Thankfully, there are some things that remain certain, even in the most difficult times. In particular, our basic need for shelter has become more pressing, as our homes nowadays serve as our sanctuary against the spread of the virus. The accessibility of essentials and work places has also been highlighted by our current situation, with transportation being affected by the pandemic as well.

If you’re looking to invest during these times, it might be a wise idea to consider real estate. People would always need homes to live in, offices to work in, and shops to buy essentials from, whatever the situation is.

One project, in particular, serves all these needs in the heart of a bustling business district. The Galleon, a premier development in Ortigas Center, might be your best investment yet, even in these uncertain times. Read on to find out more about this latest offering from Ortigas Land.

What the Numbers Say

Even before the pandemic, the Ortigas central business district has been promising a good yield for its investors.

Since 2001, the area has consistently increased in terms of land value, rivaling only Makati CBD and Fort Bonifacio. Compared to other business districts, however, Ortigas Center shows a larger room for growth as its home, Pasig City, continues its development as a bustling urban center of Metro Manila.

In terms of residential spaces, Ortigas Center has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Metro Manila. According to a 2019 report by Colliers, the area boasts of a 4.5 percent vacancy rate and 6 percent appreciation in prices among existing residential units.

With the pandemic upon us, Ortigas Center remains to be a haven for investors. This is because even before the pandemic, the area is already being developed to accommodate integrated communities.

The Benefits of Integrated Communities

The demand for homes that have easy access to everything has never been greater than today. Thankfully, some developers had the foresight to design spaces which offer residential, office and commercial spaces in just one estate.

Ortigas Land is one such developer that did this with its up and coming project. Consisting of two tower structures, The Galleon is a mixed-use development that caters to our basic needs and more.

The first tower offers 418 office units and 53 retail units. It is the ideal setting for premier office firms in the metro, offering majestic views of Ortigas Center and its nearby vicinities. The tower is certified Grade A­-LEED, assuring its users of a sustainable and eco-friendly place to work in.

The second tower, meanwhile, makes up the residential sector of the project. It is designed to house 509 residential units, consisting of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and penthouse cuts. Each floor will only have 12 units, limiting the population density and thus increasing the security of its residents.

In addition, every residential unit is equipped with contactless control of lights, electricity, temperature and other conditions inside the home. The exclusivity and high tech features of Residences at The Galleon are particularly appealing nowadays, as we live in the era of the new normal.

These offerings make The Galleon an ideal model of an integrated community. You basically have everything within your reach, with your work space and residential space brought closer together. With the addition of retail units in the area, you know that you’re also just a few steps away from the supermarket or shop whenever you need to purchase essentials. By living in a community such as this, you know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Promising Prospects

If you’re thinking of renting out your office or residential unit at The Galleon, there are numerous prospective clients that you can cater to in the area.

In particular, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is nearby. The staff of this multilateral agency may be a promising market to The Galleon investors, as its proximity to their office would definitely be an enticing factor. In addition, other large offices are also situated in the area, which include Maersk, BDO Corporate Center, JG Summit Holdings Inc., and San Miguel Corp. The presence of numerous corporations in the area offers a lot of promising prospects for those hoping to lease out their spaces.

To accommodate this upscale clientele, The Galleon has been designed to feature luxurious amenities. Future residents of The Galleon will have access to a mini theater room, game room, swimming pool, sauna and gym for their exclusive use. More significantly, green open spaces abound in the area, offering both residents and office employees a break once in a while from the urban setting.

Coupled with the building’s exquisite finishes and generous spaces, you know that you’re going to be offering the best to your prospective clients with a unit at The Galleon.

Secure a Bright Future at the Galleon

Whether you’re looking to live or lease out spaces, The Galleon by Ortigas Land is worth considering as your next investment. Even if we live in uncertain times nowadays, you can be sure that this development is well-designed for the future, even if the future is the new normal.

While nothing is guaranteed in life, there are just some things that you know will always be needed by people.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/305794/a-sure-investment-in-uncertain-times#ixzz6c2asGYDr
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Modern Bastions of Feng Shui

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes balance and positive energy, has a lot of fans among Filipinos.

After all, this movement isn’t all about trusting in lucky objects. More often than not, its principles focus on the harmonious arrangement of spaces and the use of complementary materials. A building that adheres to feng shui principles usually provides a comfortable atmosphere, easy circulation, and a naturally beautiful environment.

All around our country, several icons in Philippine architecture actually adhere to the principles of feng shui. Whether by accident or on purpose, these structures reflect a harmonious arrangement of spaces, which is also part of the reason why they are admired. So without further ado, here are some examples of Philippine architecture that successfully adhere to the art of feng shui.

The Mind Museum, a brainchild of Arch. Ed Calma, exemplifies the use of aluminum to encourage a creative and child-friendly environment.

The Mind Museum

A popular tourist spot in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), the Mind Museum features modern galleries and exhibits centered on science. A brainchild of the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc., the museum was designed by Ar. Ed Calma of the architecture firm Lor Calma & Partners. It opened its doors in 2012 and has since captivated the public not only for its remarkable contents but also for its exemplary architecture.

In relation to feng shui, the building highlights the metal element with its predominant use of aluminum. As metal is often used to foster child-friendly and creative atmospheres in Chinese Geomancy, the element is only fitting for use in the Mind Museum. With metal also considered a yin or an “inward-looking” element, the building’s make puts greater emphasis on the contents of the museum. Even with its fantastic form, the design of the building reminds us that its exhibits are the main attraction. The building’s curvaceous forms encourage natural ventilation and the easy flow of visitors.

Despite its modern features, the Mind Museum blends well into the landscape, complementing the environment rather than obstructing it. While feng shui might not have been the primary concern of the designers during its planning, the Mind Museum is a good example of a structure that successfully embodies its principles.

An exclusive gated village in Makati, Forbes Park is strategically located to receive an abundant flow of energy.

Forbes Park

Considered one of our country’s most posh villages, Forbes Park is known to cater to some of the wealthiest Filipinos. As one of the nation’s earliest gated villages, Forbes Park features the Manila Polo Club, Sanctuario de San Antonio church, and the San Antonio Plaza. While its rich history and strategic location certainly make it in-demand among the wealthy, its natural features also make it alluring for those adhering to the feng shui philosophy.

According to Master Judith Eugenio, an internationally recognized feng shui practitioner, Forbes Park is an ideal home location as it lies close to a natural body of water. As Pasig River is nearby, the area receives an abundant gush of qi and wealth. Factories, landfills, and other possible sources of pollution are far away, allowing the area to maintain a quality environment.

The ideal location of Forbes Park allows homeowners to have much access to positive energy. Master Judith says that the building interiors and positioning come after this primary consideration. Thus, residents of Forbes Park are only left with the task of encouraging the abundant flow of energy into their homes. With this kind of setting, it’s no wonder why Forbes Park continues to attract Manila’s elite.

The Viridian in Greenhills puts residents at the center of a thriving community, encouraging opportunities in work and life.

Greenhills Center

For many urban dwellers, Greenhills Center is one of Metro Manila’s go-to places when it comes to bargain buys and one-of-a-kind products. Besides the allure of shopping, however, this San Juan-based commercial complex also hosts residential buildings. According to feng shui principles, these homes are some of the best places that you can live in due to numerous opportunities of good fortune.

For example, the Viridian, a luxury residential tower situated on Connecticut St., serves as a calming oasis in the middle of the bustling city. It provides sufficient access to sun, wind and views, allowing its residents to recharge their energies at home. Located in a place that reflects much prosperity and growth, the Viridian emanates a good balance of exciting opportunities and relaxing surroundings. Developed by Ortigas Land, it exemplifies good feng shui in the city. While it has been occupied with residents since 2016, the same developer currently offers new projects that also adhere to the same principles.

The Empress at Capitol Commons promotes a balance of yin and yang spaces, with active areas separated from quiet spaces.

Capitol Commons

One of the latest offerings from Ortigas Land, Capitol Commons further explores balance and positive qi in building design and town planning. With its scenic location in Oranbo, Pasig, the estate gives residents a wide expanse of greenery and space to move around.

Though its residential buildings are high-rise structures, there is abundant supply of natural ventilation and daylight per unit. Potential buyers can choose from four upscale towers: the Royalton, the Imperium, the Maven and the Empress.

The Empress, in particular, offers a harmonious play of nature and technology. While it integrates smart home features, it also introduces plants abundantly in its interior spaces to create a home that reduces stress, improves mood and fosters creativity. There is also a distinct division of “yin and yang” spaces. The quiet zone features a garden, a pamper room and a reading room, while the active zone features a pool, fitness center and several function halls. Overall, residents have equal access to work and play opportunities, thus setting them up for success at Capitol Commons.

Grow positively with feng shui

Whether you believe it or not, feng shui has definitely influenced the way Filipinos live. When it comes to architecture in particular, this ancient way of thinking affects site and space planning. Beyond luck and charms, feng shui actually promotes a comfortable environment and easy circulation for people.

If you think feng shui only exists in a few places in the Philippines, think again. Good design is everywhere, coinciding with the basic concepts of Chinese Geomancy and proper planning. Consider investing in a home that actively resonates with the elements of feng shui and have been built by seasoned developers. Who knows, this might just bring you closer to your aspirations and ultimate happiness.

Sources: www.ortigas.com.ph; www.themindmuseum.org; www.fastcompany.com; https://businessmirror.com.ph; Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons

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Inviting Luck During Ghost Month

By:  - Columnist / @Inq_Lifestyle
 / 04:18 AM August 08, 2020

Situated in Ortigas East, the Maple at Verdant Towers is just one of several projects making up the grand masterplan of the area

As the world continues to fight the pandemic, our local operations in this new normal are already facing numerous challenges with the confusing quarantine changes.

And with the coming Ghost Month, which starts on Aug. 19 and ends on Sept. 19, we all need to make important preparations to welcome the good chi into our living spaces without disturbing the spirits.

To know more about the Ghost Month, you can join us today at 4 p.m. for a webinar hosted by Inquirer Property and Ortigas Land and where I’ll be one of the panelists. Titled “Inviting Luck during Ghost Month,” the webinar will be streamed via the Facebook page of Ortigas Land.

Meanwhile, here are my five helpful tips to enhance your home and to make sure it is “protected” from negative energies caused by the coming Ghost Month.

A clean house allows chi to flow through all spaces.

Disinfect regularly.

Keep your house clean and tidy

Chi flows through all spaces but it is blocked with negative elements like dust, clutter, mess and dirt. A clean and clear house, car and computer, not only bring a clean and clear mind but also allow positive energy to protect you by easily clearing away the negative energy.

The computer and TV are considered portals because of their mirror-like surface so they also need to be cleaned and ideally covered if in the bedroom.

Keep spaces bright and well lit.

Keep the lights bright especially in dark corners

Light is also positive energy. Invite this into your home by keeping spaces bright, especially the main entrance of your home. Make sure to replace all busted bulbs and broken lamps. Invite natural lighting into the room by drawing open the curtains especially in the morning.

A fresh coat of paint can bring in new chi energy.

Repair all cracks and repaint if possible

Now that most are working from home, small repairs could be done. Check on walls with visible cracks and repair them. If possible, apply a fresh coat of paint to bring in new chi energy into the space. If not, cover the cracks with a painting or decorative fabric during Ghost Month.

Your main door should be strong, solid and balanced.

Check on your main door to invite good chi

The care and upkeep of your front door is of vital importance. Your door should be strong, solid and balanced—no squeaking and could open widely without any obstacles. Make sure also the surrounding area is not cluttered and that there are no cracked pots or dead plants. All outdoor lights should be functioning and lit up nightly.

Make sure to replace all busted bulbs and broken lamps.

Keep natural air flowing into your place

Whenever possible, open all windows to have cross ventilation into the various areas inside your home. Especially now that the virus could be transmitted through air vents, have your airconditioning units cleaned from dust and bacteria.

I highly recommend BactaKleen Philippines (contact them through IG @bactakleenph) for total disinfection. BactaKleen products are non-toxic, water-based, anti-bacterial and odorless. They are also safe for plants (could be sprayed on fruits to kill germs), pets and even babies. Their disinfecting treatments last up to three months for long term protection.

During these uncertain times, keeping a healthy mind, body and soul is important to generate positive chi energy inside the home. Make sure to always appreciate blessings, move with gratitude and do acts of kindness to help protect us from the negative energies during Ghost Month.

Photos by cottonbro, Colour Creation, Kaboompics .com and Dmitry Zvolskiy from Pexels

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Technology Amid a Property Evolution

 / 04:12 AM August 08, 2020

Outdoor garden at Residences at The Galleon

History teaches us that pandemics accelerate change. Haste is necessary because time determines whether more lives would be saved or would be at risk.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, we have integrated health and safety precautions into how we live, understanding that these are our best defense in the absence of a cure. Some eight months since the virus first surfaced, so much has changed, not only in our individual habits but also in the way we do business and run our communities.

Helping us power through the adversities is digital technology–from contactless transactions and web-based meetings to the internet of things, 3D modelling and more. Not spared from the pandemic, the real estate industry now looks to property technology to improve amid the fast changing times. Proptech appreciates how information technology and new platforms can help real estate adjust to the new normal. Here are some advances currently reshaping the landscape.

Residences at The Galleon’s mini theater


This is an exciting front because some projections resemble science fiction. From the usual hard hat and safety jacket, the gear for onsite workers may now evolve to complement social distancing and other health protocols. While 3D printing has been used in design, some are already working with it to up-skill their workforce. Developers are also entertaining artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation to keep manpower safe from exposure.

The Empress takes pride in the therapeutic use of colors in its interiors.


Hunkered down in their homes, the customer base can’t be expected to see billboard ads or showrooms. The points of contact have abruptly changed. Developments now focus on visibility in the virtual realm, where people are present. They more aggressively get on property listing platforms and intentionally beef up their presence on social media pages. Their own websites are more responsive these days for when people wander to them with their queries.

Empress’ smart home technology minimizes contact.

Closing deals

It isn’t safe yet to try and close a deal over coffee. Briefings, viewings and contract signings have migrated to the cloud or adapted to protocols. Many sellers now provide virtual tours with drones, 3D models and 360-degree tours to simulate a visit. In other countries, customers visit a property on their own, with a realtor guiding them over Facetime. Brokerage can go digital as well, with seller and buyer meeting on Zoom. Services are made available via websites; and contracts edited via e-mail and then sent over for signing via courier.

Amenities allow one to unwind at Residences at The Galleon

New normal home

However great the customer experience may be, the choice boils down to the product in most cases. On top of accessibility and comfort, the market is currently looking for abodes that allow them to live and work in one place; accomplish errands without stepping out of home; and move without touching too many surfaces. Some developers now consciously design properties to include home-based workspaces, while others make sure the addresses they offer are fitted with smart technologies. Of course, there are those that can offer all that, like Ortigas Land.

Packing an extensive knowledge and an appetite to blaze a trail, seasoned developer Ortigas Land offers the 56-story Empress and the 51-story Residences at The Galleon, located in Capitol Commons and Ortigas central business district, respectively. Both allow residents to entertain their passions and work through thoughtfully cut units. At Empress, the country’s first wellness lifestyle real estate, units range from 30 to 241 sqm. The ultra premium Residences at The Galleon, meanwhile, offers homes from 69 to 411 sqm. Both developments also boast of smart home technology. Through an app, owners can control and monitor smart plugs, smoke detectors, air conditioners, lights, as well as temperature and contact sensors from anywhere. Their homes are literally at their fingertips.

Before the pandemic, most looked for the criteria above for their convenience or hipness. It is clear now that these are not only easy or cool, but also more secure, timely and resilient.

Empress offers a balance of quiet and active spaces.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/304829/technology-amid-a-property-evolution#ixzz6c2V5nOsn
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A City’s Partner in Progress

Pasig City boasts of a rich and prosperous history. Once considered a sleepy rural town, this riverside community is now a flourishing urban development where many seek to live. While the city government and residents have certainly shaped the Green City’s evolution, it cannot be denied that some private companies also contributed to its triumphs.

One of the city’s most enduring partners is an 89-year-old real estate developer. Ortigas Land, the real estate giant behind some of Pasig’s most popular landmarks, has certainly changed the city landscape for the better. Let us take a look at the partnership shared by the company and Pasig City throughout the years and discover how this collaboration has given birth to one of the best success stories in Philippine real estate.

Even though it is one of the oldest towns in the country, Pasig City has consistently kept up with modern needs and demands

Ortigas Center

Ortigas Center had humble beginnings. The area was originally a desolate parcel of land called “Hacienda de Mandaloyon” owned by the Augustinian Order. It occupied portions of Pasig, Mandaluyong and Quezon City. In 1920, the estate was divided into several parcels that were sold off. A portion was bought by a group of Spanish-Filipino businessmen. The group was “Ortigas, Madrigal y cia., S en C.”, led by Don Francisco “Paco” Ortigas Sr. This group eventually evolved into what was then known as Ortigas & Co.

In the 1960s, the parcel of land owned by Ortigas & Co. gradually became a flourishing business district. Most notably, it became home to the Benpres Building, an icon of Filipino modernist architecture. The Meralco building, a masterpiece designed by National Artist for Architecture Jose Maria V. Zaragosa, was also built inside the Ortigas Center in the 1960s. Both landmarks were constructed in the Pasig side of the business district, eventually paving the way for more high-rise structures to be built in the city.

Over the years, Ortigas Center has yielded large financial revenues for our country. This central business district (CBD) is only second to Makati in terms of income generation. Nowadays, the area accommodates corporate offices, business process outsourcing companies, and start-up groups. It is also home to various residential towers and entertainment centers.

Ortigas & Co., now known as Ortigas Land, is responsible for some of the famous structures in the CBD, which include its current headquarters. More real estate projects spearheaded by the company are also in the works, including The Galleon, a two-tower, mixed-use upscale development offering residential and office spaces. Time and time again, Ortigas Land has helped Ortigas Center maintain its status as a thriving business hub.

Ortigas Center is one of the most thriving areas of Pasig City.

Ortigas East

Located next to Ortigas Center, Ortigas East seems to be an extension of its successful commercial neighbor at first glance. Yet the area has become a landmark in its own right, offering its own unique blend of residential, office, and retail structures in a well-designed development.

Ortigas East is located along the stretch of E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, otherwise known as C-5 Road to motorists. The area was developed around Tiendesitas, a retail mall that showcases the best of Filipino products and culture. The mall is one of Pasig City’s sources of pride, as it often attracts foreign visitors who want to experience Philippine culture in a comfortable commercial setting.

Ortigas East is also home to The Glaston Tower and Silver City, two office buildings which are quickly becoming popular among international and local companies. The first is a 34-storey office building currently pursuing LEED certification while the second is known for its campus-style arrangement of spaces. These offices are poised to change the way we see work spaces, with their innovative and functional offerings.

Lastly, the 16-ha Ortigas East has a residential enclave in the works called The Verdant Towers, which will comprise of three buildings. The first of these is Maple, a 42-storey tower that offers 748 residential units. This tower is unique because it allows some residents to have their own private gardens or townhouse units. It presents a balance of leisure and urban spaces, perfectly redefining the modern home in the City of Pasig.

Tiendesitas is divided into several villages, offering a variety of Philippine-inspired experiences and products

Capitol Commons

One of the newest developments built in Pasig City, Capitol Commons is a 10-ha estate located on the corner of Meralco Avenue and Shaw Boulevard. Like other Ortigas Land projects, the area is an integrated urban community which offers commercial, office and residential spaces.

The area is made popular by the Estancia Mall, a retail development which offers luxurious dining and shopping experiences. The mall is particularly proud of its exclusive movie halls, with some offering comfortable waiting lounges, leather reclining seats and private screenings. Right above the commercial spaces, offices abound in Estancia as well. Composing of eight floors of work spaces, the Estancia Offices are home to both local and international companies.

Lastly, Capitol Commons is quickly gaining fans among high-rise residents. The estate is home to several residential towers, such as the Royalton, Imperium, Maven and Empress. These buildings have been designed to satisfy the most meticulous homeowners, with their conceptual designs and state-of-the-art technology. In particular, the Empress features smart home devices, that minimize the need for contact when it comes to switches, controls and doorknobs.

Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons is one of the newest malls to visit in Pasig City.

City and company combined

Pasig City is remarkable because despite its age and historical character, it has managed to keep up with the needs of the times. It remains consistently in-demand among those looking to build a business or a home, making it one of the most diverse cities of Metro Manila.

Pasig City is an exciting place to be, not only because of its natural features but also because of its urban offerings. Many of these developments were spearheaded by private companies, such as Ortigas Land. We can only anticipate the future of this beautiful city, as it is propelled further into progress by its enduring partners in progress. Sources:

www.pasigcity.gov.ph; www.ortigasmalls.com; www.ortigas.com.ph; Leonardo D. Santos via Wikimedia Commons

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/304190/a-citys-partner-in-progress#ixzz6c2S6Ghux
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Turning the Tide

 / 04:16 AM August 01, 2020


Pasig City has become a highly urbanized business district that is home to many multinational companies, large-scale commercial centers and other important institutions.

From being one of the oldest municipalities and rural residential areas, Pasig City has become a highly urbanized business district that is home to many multinational companies, large-scale commercial centers and other important institutions. But there is a rich history that tells of how Pasig has risen to its status of being one of the most dynamic cities in the Philippines today.

“Pasig” is an old Sanskrit word referring to a “river flowing from one body of water to another,” in the case of Pasig River, from Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay, according to the late Dr. Jose Villa Panganiban, a linguist, polyglot, professor, and former director of the Institute of National Language.

Created by the Augustinians in 1572, Pasig is one of the oldest towns in the Philippines. It eventually became part of Rizal Province in June 1901 through Act No. 137 of the Philippine Commission. More than seven decades later, Pasig was carved out of Rizal to be part of Metro Manila in 1975. It was then converted into a highly urbanized city through Republic Act 7829 in 1994 and ratified by the people of Pasig through a plebiscite on January 21, 1995.

Pasig is bounded by Quezon City and Marikina on the north, municipalities of Cainta and Taytay on the east, the City of Mandaluyong on the west, and the cities of Taguig and Makati and municipality of Pateros on the south.

Turning point

An important event in the timeline of Pasig City is the formation of the Ortigas Center Association Inc. on October 6, 1982. The non-stock, non-profit organization for the advancement of Ortigas Center as one of the leading business districts in the country was organized by Rafael Ortigas Jr., Manuel C. Lozano, Narciso Padilla, Ramon Cuervo Jr., and Eulegio R. Rodriguez.

With this as one of the drivers for development, Pasig has begun its conversion from a rural residential area to a highly urbanized city that is home to the second largest business district in Metro Manila, which has remained an attractive area for businesses. Ortigas Center, which is the central business district here, and its surrounding areas now house local and multinational companies that have established their headquarters here, including San Miguel Corp., Manila Electric Co., Jollibee Foods Corp. and Asian Development Bank. Also located here are the University of Asia and the Pacific, the head office of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, malls, leisure and entertainment hubs as well as high-rise residential enclaves. Even micro, small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from the thriving commercial vicinity, making the district an appealing area for aspiring business owners.

Ongoing infrastructure projects are also set to link the area to other business hubs in Metro Manila, including the Bonifacio Global City-Ortigas Center Link Road Project, which will reduce the travel time between Taguig and Pasig to 12 minutes.

On the Pasig side of E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue or more popularly known as C-5 Road, one can find integrated mixed-use communities and estates that have attracted many to reside here.

New era of governance

Another positive spin for Pasig City is the election of the 31-year-old Vico Sotto as mayor during the May 2019 midterm elections.

Just a year after his election, the young maverick mayor saw a meteoric rise in popularity following his quick and smart initiatives that became even more evident at the height of the enhanced community quarantine, which was imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was able to deliver his promises and reprioritize budgets to make lasting changes in the city.

For instance, he raised the city’s health budget by 42 percent to P2.5 billion this year; signed signed a memorandum of agreement with the Rizal Medical Center to boost barangay healthcare facilities and services; started to reinforce the city’s disaster preparedness through partnerships with other local governments and institutions; and raised P1.2 billion to buy learning devices like laptops and tablets for its public schools in preparation for virtual learning during the pandemic.

As early as February, the city government of Pasig has already started implementing safety measures for virus mitigation. The Pasig City General Hospital has prepared an isolation tent while public schools started monitoring students’ temperature. Pasig was also among the first cities to announce its own financial assistance package for residents left out of the national government’s Social Amelioration Program as the city secured P1 billion to provide P8,000 to each family.

The country is still not out of the woods as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned, but Pasig is at the forefront of helping ensure that its residents and locators will be able to adjust to the new normal—thus further making this city an attractive, conducive place for residents and investors alike.

Source: Inquirer Archives, www.pasigcity.gov.ph, www.facebook.com/pg/ortigascenterassociationinc

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/304178/turning-the-tide#ixzz6c2PpNZ4e
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Reaping the Benefits of a Smart, Tech-savvy Home

 / 04:12 AM July 25, 2020

Two-door refrigerators fascinated us then, but all eyes are now on fridges that can send photos of what’s inside them to their owners. Light bulbs now change into any color, televisions link up to Netflix and doorbells take snapshots of people at the door.

Our need for efficiency, functionality and sustainability evolved our technologies. We don’t have flying cars—yet—but some items at home were sci-fi items just a few years ago. Obtaining the latest makes us look cool. But, with concerns like work-life balance, climate change and COVID-19 coming at us, many more advantages come with smart tech at home.

Sit pretty

With packed schedules, it would be wise for us to work smart rather than work hard. Routines become more manageable if we can accomplish goals with less effort. That’s how online shopping and home delivery caught on. Smart homes imbibe that philosophy. Do things while relaxing in one corner. Let smart doorbells alert you to visitors. Turn devices on and off where you are. These benefits find new value amid the COVID-19 pandemic—the lesser surfaces you touch, the smaller the chances you get infected.

Connect to home

The “anytime, anywhere” proposition has been an unfailing motivation for people to avail of certain products and services. Consistency keeps us at ease. Smart home technologies afford us this. Check on your kid and elderly family members, even pets, from wherever through video monitoring. Keep harmful places off-limits with smart locks and motion detectors. Some apps and devices will allow you to talk to people at home from your phone.

Protect your investment

A home is a big investment, so we ought to protect it. Install products that prevent disasters or automatically alert us about events that can quickly turn up costly damages. A Wi-Fi connected smoke detector can help kill fire and then send out an alert. Some link up to fire departments or 911 hotlines. There are monitors that turn gadgets off when something unusual happens, such as leaks and power fluctuations. Detectors can also protect against crimes like burglary and vandalism.

Live with energy efficiency

Environmental crises make us want to live greener. Because of this, many of the newest devices in the market also promise less energy consumption and carbon footprint. Smart airconditioning and lighting consume energy more efficiently. When we leave home and forget to turn off appliances, smart technology allows us to check on them via phone—no need to drive back and burn fuel needlessly.

Work from home

COVID-19 made the work-from-home arrangement popular. That requires internet access, which not all addresses are conducive or ready for. A smart home, given the central role of the internet, is better equipped for Wi-Fi. Those who already live in one have it much easier right now, no doubt,

Get to reap all the rewards with the 56-storey Empress, the country’s first wellness lifestyle real estate offered by seasoned developer Ortigas Land. Not only does it offer topnotch security features, luxury amenities and well-balanced life, it also suits a tech-driven homeowner. It is Wi-Fi ready and USB ports in all the bedrooms. Dwellers can also take full control of their unit via a mobile app. With smart living, a software links them up to the smart plugs of the TV and kitchen appliances, smoke detector, airconditioner, lights, as well as temperature and contact sensors. Here is truly a “home smart home.”

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/303498/reaping-the-benefits-of-a-smart-tech-savvy-home#ixzz6c2MFuKxJ
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The Rewards of Today’s Real Estate Market

With no end for the COVID-19 pandemic yet in sight, how do you see your future?

Many of us are probably afraid of what the future might bring, as commercial establishments and financial investments are seemingly on the line. We remain unsure as to when things would return to normal, or if this so-called “new normal” would successfully eliminate the virus in our midst.

Despite the uncertainty, there are those who make the most of these times to seize opportunities. While we have fallen in difficult times in the past, our nation has always managed to rise and recover. The real estate market, in particular, has always been a stable choice of investment for those looking to grow their money in the long term.

Consider some of these reasons why investing in the Philippine real estate market today can prove to be a wise decision.

The Empress at Capitol Commons features contactless technology that meets the standards of the new normal.

Housing will always be a necessity

Whatever the economic situation is in our country, people will always need a roof over their heads. You can never go wrong with investing in a human necessity. Moreover, our time in quarantine has demonstrated why living in a well-designed and strategically-located home pays in the long run.

Even in the middle of a crisis, you will always remain secure if you have a sanctuary to come home to and if you have easy access to the essentials.

Comfort and convenience have become the new essentials

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged many designers and developers to think how their offerings would be able to respond to the new normal. Thankfully, there are those who seem to have anticipated the difficulties of daily living even in the pre-COVID era.

Luxury residences, in particular, have proven to be well-designed to rise to the challenges of the new normal. While comfort and convenience were once seen to be extravagant considerations in choosing a house, today, these factors have become the lifeline of many people living in the city. These elements have now become the essentials of potential homeowners and lessors looking to live a good life in the new normal era.

Residential towers designed with natural features will always offer comfort to homeowners.

Modern offerings respond to current needs

Many of us have made modifications in our current homes to protect ourselves from the new coronavirus. Whether it’s as simple as adding a sanitation area or as complex as creating new rooms in the house, we have all realized the importance of updating our homes to the standards of the new normal.

Thankfully, many properties being sold on the real estate market today have also updated their features to respond to the crisis. In particular, offerings from real estate giant Ortigas Land serve as excellent benchmarks in integrated community design in the new normal era.

To exemplify, the Empress Residences at Capitol Commons seem to have been made with our current situation considered. Each unit in the project comes equipped with smart home technology, allowing residents to minimize contact.

Keyless entry, smart plugs and motion sensor switches limit frequently touched surfaces in your home, lessening the chance of bacteria being spread. This kind of thoughtful design makes the project well-adapted to the new normal, even if it is still in the pre-selling stage.

Real estate remains one of the most stable investments you can make for the future.

The right partner will always be there for you

As wedding vows go, the right partner will always be there for you, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Like a husband or a wife, choosing the right partner when it comes to real estate investment can prove to be the best decision that you will ever make.

With the uncertainty of the times, it’s best to go with seasoned developers who have proven time and time again that they can deliver quality results. Well-established companies, such as Ortigas Land, have numerous projects to their name which already show you what they are capable of.

If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to consult with a real estate agent to determine your options. Despite the challenges we face today, the real estate market remains a wise investment for your future, as people will always need a place that they can call home.

Sources: Cottonbro and Skitterphoto via pexels.com; www.ortigas.com.ph

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Safe, open spaces for balance and well-being at Ortigas East

Health and well-being are at the core of a good life. By influencing the way people live, think, and feel, the environment can actually play a major role in being able to attain good health and maintain one’s well-being.

For this very reason, Ortigas East is designed as a self-sustaining and resilient estate where people can bounce back from the challenges of urban living, and where they can continue to live safe, productive lives even during a pandemic.


With its wide, open spaces and lush greenery, Ortigas East fosters a relaxing environment that instantly soothes the spirit from the stresses of a busy, urban lifestyle. Ortigas East has allotted 40% of the whole estate to open spaces, consisting of parks and roads, to break the monotony of tall buildings in the area.

Within these open spaces, outdoor activities can be enjoyed to allow each one in the community to nourish the body, mind, and soul. Thus, improving the holistic growth of the community, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and making the body more equipped to fight diseases most especially during this time. With a large expanse of space, physical activities can be safely enjoyed while maintaining adequate distance from others to guarantee both safety and privacy.

With new road works now in the pipeline, a wide boulevard, sidewalks and bike lanes will facilitate ease of access and mobility. Ortigas East boasts a pedestrian-friendly area environment, with walkways especially designed to allow people to safely walk around and enjoy the greenery. Biking is also encouraged within Ortigas East. Its bike-friendly roads and bike racks allow bikers to be free of worry when it comes to safety and security.


Most importantly, Ortigas East manages to foster a sense of community. Within this oasis, people can safely stay connected with themselves and with the rest of the Ortigas East community – a luxury that can still be enjoyed in the post-lockdown world. Here, safe community convergence in the estate’s wide, open spaces is an everyday reality.

For Ortigas East, people’s health and well-being are a priority and a living commitment.

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Green and Sustainable: Get ahead by being part of Ortigas East

In today’s world, sustainability is a common goal and aspiration. For Ortigas East, we believe that sustainability is the key to get ahead.

Recognizing that sustainability is the way of the future, Ortigas East has built a holistic estate where communities can reap the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle, creating harmony between people and the world around them. It is deliberately designed with features that make green living a reality. 


Maple at Verdánt Towers

All of Ortigas East towers are built to sustainable standards. Residential towers are proudly compliant to the Philippine Green Building Code, while the community’s office building The Glaston Tower is obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. As such, these buildings are especially designed for forward thinking companies and discerning individuals who value well-being, a healthy and modern environment, and a conscious way of living.


The Glaston Tower 

Sustainable lighting designs are found in all buildings. This brings in natural light which is known to help enhance people’s well-being while at the same time bringing down energy costs. Window glazing for all buildings comply with the Philippine Green Building requirements to allow less transmission of solar heat and greater shading ability which prove to be more cost effective for the residents.

Even roof insulation of all building occupancies are Green Building Code compliant. Insulation helps these areas to be kept at a good room temperature, thus minimizing the need for air conditioning. Exposure to allergy-causing toxins are also reduced byusing paintings and coatings made from non-toxic and non-harmful adhesives and sealants.

Good air conditions in common areas and individual units are also ensured by Ortigas East. Operable windows and balcony doors are strategically placed in regularly occupied areas to grant natural ventilation and promote better air quality. Pocket parks and gardens that surround the community ensure breathable spaces and create a relaxing ambiance.

To conserve water resources, all developments within the estate make use of a rainwater recovery system. This efficiently recycles rain for use across the whole estate.

Ortigas East also extends its efforts to influence tenants to adopt sustainable practices by introducing a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) which encourages proper solid waste management through the accommodation of containers for compostables, non-recyclables, recyclables and other or special wastes.

These highly valued features of the estate bring additional benefits to the community such as improved well-being, sustainable business practices, increased worker productivity, and a sense of community among those who live and work in the estate.

At Ortigas East, sustainability is a way of life for its community to get ahead and thrive.

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Maple: Your Vibrant Home in the East

 / 04:16 AM July 18, 2020

Maple at Verdant Towers

Drive down C-5 Road to realize how much spaces can turn from stagnant to vibrant because of accessibility. Once vast expanses, the areas along that stretch are now populated with symbols of the premium urban life—malls and retail outlets, gastronomic selections, prime workplaces and upscale residences.

If you want to harness the advantages of this dynamic thoroughfare or if you believe that its robustness represents your own ambition, it wouldn’t be a mistake to live nearby. But while you look for easy access to those metropolitan spots, you will also need a sustainable address that can give you peace and privacy, and which will truly allow you to breathe.

Tapping into that aspiration, seasoned developer Ortigas Land is offering Maple at Verdant Towers, the first residential project within the 16-hectare mixed-use estate called Ortigas East.

You wouldn’t miss the estate passing through C-5 Road as it includes iconic Tiendesitas, a shopping destination that aesthetically reinterprets Filipino culture for the urban setting. Ortigas East also has SM Hypermarket and Silver City. All these become instantly accessible to a resident at this tower named after an environmentally adaptable hardwood (and emulating the same sturdiness and sustainability).

This project, which would be the first of three towers, is a 42-storey building with 692 units whose variety can fit the needs of anyone from a young professional to a grown family. It has studio units as well as one- and two-bedroom options. Take one of the four garden units or six townhouses, both bi-level, and it will be like getting a house and lot.

The PlaySpace will serve as your kids’ haven for fun and learning.

Maple will feature amenities that are perfectly suited for the most discerning clientele.

A stylish residential lobby reflects the life that waits upstairs. The lift lobby that leads to four high-speed elevators is made with wood and stone. The building also boasts of upscale amenities that include a residents’ lounge and game room, a lounge pool, a fitness facility and function rooms. The Gardenwalk and The Landscape entice residents to stay outdoors while kids have their own space: a playroom, an outdoor pool and The PlaySpace.

Maple at Verdant Towers’ ground level will be filled with retail shops. The project, which will have a common podium with the two other upcoming towers, will have nine levels of parking, six in the podium and three in the basement.

One should also consider the place where the building rises. Ortigas East highlights Ortigas Land’s take on a sustainable and eco-friendly mixed-use project. It promises wide connected walkways and bike lanes while some 40 percent of the estate would be green open spaces, where people can marvel at the balance between nature and concrete, structures and spaces.

If you want to get to other quarters of Metropolitan Manila, there is also a planned dedicated transport terminal inside Ortigas East. The place is also accessible via Ortigas and Julia Vargas Avenues, and to the BGC-Ortigas Link and the future MRT-4. Zoom out on the map and you will also find schools, churches, hospitals, retail spaces and business hubs near the compound. From the estate, you can even walk to some of those spots depending on how many steps your feet can take.

Green, balanced, premium living with unprecedented access to all the luxuries and opportunities of the city–yes, all in one–is no longer just a concept. It is Maple at Verdant Towers, and it can be your home.

Upscale amenities await residents at Maple at Verdant Towers.

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Stomping Ground in the East

 / 04:10 AM July 18, 2020

It was in 2007 when this writer first stepped on the sprawling wonderland that is Tiendesitas. My boyfriend gifted me with the cutest dachshund puppy and we wanted to get Roxy all the essentials—a dog bed, playpen/cage, carrying bag, harnesses with matching leashes, toiletries, small sweaters for when she gets cold.

It was my first time to care for such a small breed as we’ve always had bigger dogs at home so I was excited, stressed out and hell-bent on pampering this tiny, seemingly helpless creature. (Little did we know that she would grow into such a ferocious, spirited dinosaur. But that’s another story.)

Located in Ortigas East, Tiendesitas wasn’t kidding when it comes to being a one-stop shop for pets with its “Pet Village.” This area has everything for every kind of pet imaginable—from furry ones to the scaly kind. More importantly, it has an animal clinic and shops offering pet grooming services. It’s no surprise that many pet parents from all places troop here. Good thing it lies smack along C-5 Road, easy to find and very much accessible. (You can even choose from three routes from Waze, if you’re coming from the south.)

But Tiendesitas is not all pets and cute critters. It has furniture, sporting and fitness essentials, food and a supermarket next door. This makes the sprawling shopping complex most convenient, especially these days when stepping out of the house to run errands has turned into an intricately planned hunt. Every single stop you need to make, you have to list down. You need to maximize that precious yet risky time you’re spending outside the safety of your home. We are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic, lest we forget.

From Tiendesitas’ Pet Village, a stop at Decathlon should be part of the itinerary, whether you are a sports buff or simply planning to set up a mini fitness corner at home. The world’s largest sports retailer offers quality equipment and apparel for every sport imaginable, and at affordable prices, too. Bikes are also offered here, if you’re one of those who are considering bikes as a mode of transportation especially since going around the metro is still a challenge during this time.

Many families are giving their living spaces a makeover as well these days, transforming areas of the house into home offices and study nooks. Tiendesitas’ Furniture Village has a lot to offer—from study tables, shelves and storage for your little ones’ books and toys, home office desks and whatever else you need to make your home more conducive for work and distance learning.

Stock up on essentials for the next couple of weeks or so at SM Hypermarket next door. But before that, you might want to stuff your tummy happy at nearby Rico’s Lechon. You deserve a treat. Taking your adorable critters to the groomer, shopping for their necessities, browsing through a myriad of sports merchandise and racking your brains which additional furniture you need for the house are no easy feat.

You can tick off each and every item on your to-do list in one day with a trip to Ortigas East, a 16-hectare masterplanned estate along C-5 Road in Pasig which offers a complete mix of components such as banks, offices, grocery store, pharmacies, upscale residential condominiums, dining outlets and retail shops. Here, everything is well within reach—even Meridian International College (MINT College) recently opened a campus here.

Rising in the same community as Tiendesitas is Maple at Verdant Towers. Named after the tree that is known for its hard wood and adaptability, Ortigas Land’s new offering promises convenience, comfort and security in this time of a new normal. Just like the sap that the maple tree produces, residents can definitely look forward to the sweet life within this 42-storey residential enclave. And having experienced a lockdown wherein we were all rendered helpless—from going on grocery runs and getting other essentials for the home—one can’t help but think of how perfect it would be to reside in such an area as Maple at Verdant Towers, where all is walkable.

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Ortigas East: enjoy an integrated lifestyle in a resilient community

Choosing where to live is an important decision that calls to mind many considerations. And while different people may value one aspect a little more than others, luckily, there are choices that combine the best of everything.

Such is the mark of Ortigas East, the 16-hectare master-planned estate developed by Ortigas Land in Pasig City. The integrated community thoughtfully brings together life, work, and leisure in its prime location nestled along the C5 corridor with access through C5, Ortigas Avenue, and Julia Vargas.


Artist's perspective of Ortigas East's master plan

With the ongoing pandemic reshaping everyone’s lives, the fusion of all essentials and luxuries in one community makes Ortigas East a smart choice. Here, community members will soon be able to enjoy the convenience of an all-in lifestyle, where residential sanctuaries, business spaces, and retail and lifestyle hubs merge for a truly self-sustaining community.

Each and every one can live their ideal lifestyle in Ortigas East. Its community mall will soon feature diverse brands with fresh and unique shopping concepts. No need to step out of the neighborhood when everything is in Ortigas East.

Complementary to the integrated features of Ortigas East are the structures and spaces that embody safety and well-being. Carefully designed spaces and impressive amenities surround the estate, while its residential and business towers are proudly built to sustainable standards. Its first residential development Maple at Verdant Towers is proudly Green Building compliant, while its office development The Glaston Tower is currently in the pursuit of obtaining LEED certification.

Ortigas East’s 16 hectares also provides access to open spaces that maintain a sense of community amid the quarantine. With about 40% of the estate’s total space planned to be dedicated to walkable spaces and bike-friendly roads, members of the community can confidently step into the outdoors while still following social distancing protocols. Here, the new normal does not feel unsure and uneasy, but rather familiar and friendly.


Artist's perspective of Maple at Verdánt Towers' pool

Choosing and making a home in an integrated community is the decision that makes the most sense, especially with the current times. Ortigas East is the top choice, with features that build towards resilience and self-sustainability in this pandemic and beyond.

Enjoy the best of life, all within your reach at Ortigas East.

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A Not so Common Adventure at the Capitol

By:  - @inquirerdotnet

 / 04:14 AM July 11, 2020



Pasig transformed into an aspirational address one evening, as I sat on a bench at Capitol Commons.

After work friends and I ate dinner nearby, we decided to cap the night with coffee at this place that I had only heard of. Since Starbucks was full at the time, we claimed our drinks then hung out at one of the benches. A few minutes later, coffee in hand, we were awestruck—people jogging; cliques eating together; streets generous and well lit, buildings magnificent. How could this exist, and in Pasig at that?

It was a 180-degree turn for me. Growing up in the northern countryside, I would equate Pasig City with the eponymous river, which to my juvenile mind meant pollution and discord. The few times I visited, I either got lost or caught in traffic. I once rode a jeepney in Marikina headed for Pateros—and got stuck for over two hours in Pasig.

That evening with friends revolutionized my thinking of what this city holds. Envy then filled me. I felt jealous of the dwellers, workers and individuals from nearby who could easily access the offerings of this 10-hectare paradise of retail establishments, food hubs, dwellings, offices, open spaces and possibilities.

The completeness of Capitol Commons is highly prized now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After severe limitations to mobility, we all itch to go out. I love my rural hometown but, stuck here for four months now due to the lockdown, what I would give to get to Capitol Commons—the perfect place to complete tasks and enjoy without having to commute or keep your guard up (currently, physical distancing and wearing face masks are promoted).

I’m imagining kicking off the morning with coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or Tim Hortons. I scan my e-mails and get some work done, then put in a few steps to get to Estancia Mall and visit Lacoste, Old Navy, Sperry, Superga, Lush, GNC and L’Occitane. I drop by the National Book Store to see the bestseller list, Miniso to hunt for quirky home items and then Digital Walker to look at new gadgets. If I’m lucky, I chance upon bazaars and special events.

For late lunch, choices abound at the mall: Motorino brick-oven pizza, xiao long bao at Shi Lin, laing at Pinoy heritage bistro XO 46, ramen at Botejyu, crabmeat salad at Florabel, etc. Step outside and you find Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken. Beside it, Sentro 1771 serves Filipino delicacies with a twist. My mouth waters at the thought of the corned beef sinigang.

I now go to Unimart for groceries, my main purpose for visiting. I get fruits and veggies, then take instant noodles and canned goods, the go-to food for crunch time. I roam the aisles and pick up random items before checking out. A friend then texts to invite me to dinner so I decide to just get my shopping bags delivered at home. I walk to the Capitol Commons Park to pass the time in silence.

At dinnertime, I choose between Black Olive Cerveceria and Tipsy Pig Gastropub because I want beer. As my friend and I catch up at the latter, it crosses my mind that Capitol Commons, while already complete with experiences, is a work in progress. I envision myself owning a unit in the area, particularly in the 56-story Empress, the first wellness lifestyle real estate, boasting biophilic designs, quiet and active zones, and topnotch tech features. Maybe I start by getting a job at the offices here?

Oh, to reside in Capitol Commons and be the envy of many. Sorry if the mind wandered.

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Secure your future with home investments

The future may seem uncertain nowadays, with the COVID-19 virus still present in our midst. As the number of positive cases continues to rise, various quarantine measures have been implemented to help curb the transmission of the new coronavirus. Unfortunately, such restrictions meant to protect us from infections have taken a toll on our economy. With challenges like these plaguing us, where can we run to?

Thankfully, there is one place in the world that continues to offer us a sanctuary in the middle of the pandemic—our home. Our homes serve as our best protection against viruses and disease. Apparently, it is also the place where we can begin anew through work-from-home schemes and online businesses. Recognizing the value of the home, don’t you think it might be time to consider getting another one? Despite the challenges that we face today, here are some reasons why investing in a new home might help secure and protect your future.

Luxurious amenities offer quality living in Residences at The Galleon.


Ensured comfort and convenience

While many of us have managed to make it through the pandemic by being resourceful, it cannot be denied that some people have things a bit better. They have immediate access to groceries, hospitals, and other essential providers. They have no problem getting to work even with traffic and transportation restrictions in place. Even though times have been tough on all of us, these people have managed to thrive by making the most of their premier homes.

While premier homes were once considered an extravagance, these spaces have more than proven their worth in today’s times. Offering comfort and convenience, luxury units have become the lifeline of residents during the quarantine. If you’re having difficulty nowadays in getting your essentials, investing in a luxury home might make your future brighter. Beyond the pandemic, you can definitely benefit from living in a prime location in the middle of the city.


Situated in the middle of the Ortigas CBD, it would be easy to attract potential tenants at the Residences at The Galleon.

An integrated community

As mentioned, it is always convenient to live in a place where your daily essentials are just a few steps away. Commercial, retail, residential and office spaces rarely come together to provide people the best of what life has to offer. Nowadays though, there are several projects in the metro that offer this integrated community setup to the city dweller.

One such project that is worth mentioning is Residences at The Galleon by Ortigas Land. Situated along ADB Avenue within the Ortigas central business district, this 51-story upscale residential enclave affords you easy access to key institutions and commercial establishments including Podium and SM Megamall for your retail and grocery needs. School such as Poveda and University of Asia and the Pacific, meanwhile, are within walking distance from your home. Lastly, offices abound in the area, allowing you to pursue your careers full-time while enjoying the best amenities in the city.

The grand lobby at the Residences at The Galleon offers you a warm welcome after a day’s worth of hard work.

Reliable investment

If you’re looking to earn money in the long run, investing in a luxury home will also prove to be a good buy. It will be easy to rent out your home as long as its features and offerings are suitable to a particular market. If your home is situated inside a central business district (CBD), it can easily attract yuppies, business executives, or even young couples.

Residences at The Galleon serves as a good example of a possible income-generating investment. With its prime location in the Ortigas CBD, proximity to commercial and office buildings, and luxurious array of amenities, it is bound to attract city dwellers in a cinch. The units are also spacious and well-designed by an established developer, so you are assured of quality construction. If you’re looking to rent out residential units in the future, investing in a luxury unit might be the way to go for you.

Retail shops at The Galleon provide easy access to the essentials.

A way to secure the future

Who knows what the future has in store for us in the “new normal”? Despite this inability to see into the future, investing in a new home has, more often than not, proven to be a good buy. Whether you’re looking to move in or rent it out to people, make sure you invest in a residence that offers quality and convenient living. If you also go with a tried and tested developer with a solid track record, you can also be sure that you have a partner that you can rely on even in the worst of times.

Secure your future by investing in a home. Even if the challenges abound nowadays, you can be sure that there will be a place where you’ll find comfort, convenience, and security in the middle of the city. Consider a home in places such as Residences at The Galleon, and you’ll always be ready for whatever the future might bring tomorrow.

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Well-equipped spaces to fit the new normal

By:  - @inquirerdotnet

 / 04:10 AM July 04, 2020

Global challenges can compel us to rethink long-standing concepts. See how the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to redefine human connections, work-life balance, even the idea of home.

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted our perception of the world. The rethinking of the shelter came after governments worldwide instructed citizens to retreat to their homes as a matter of life and death. As we boxed ourselves in, we asked: “What now?” Soon, we started new hobbies, accomplished tasks online and worked from our homes.

COVID-19, indeed, evolved the ideal home, but seasoned developer Ortigas Land can provide addresses that still fit the new criteria, thanks to its time-tested foresight and expertise. The 56-storey Empress in Capitol Commons and the 51-storey Residences at The Galleon in the Ortigas central business district (CBD) prove how the company remains ahead of the curve.

Spacious rooms at The Galleon offer a relaxing sleep.

No-touch technology for safety

COVID-19 cannot travel far but notoriously lingers for long periods, and this is why experts ask us to regularly disinfect surfaces and sanitize our hands. But there are ways to avoid contact altogether. At Empress and Residences at the Galleon, contactless technology is an essential security feature which now also has a health advantage. With smart living, unit owners can control and monitor their appliances or property through an app. The software links up to the smart plugs of the TV and kitchen appliances, smoke detector, airconditioner, lights, as well as temperature and contact sensors. The only surface that needs regular disinfecting will be your phone’s screen.

The Empress is touted as the first wellness lifestyle real estate

Kids will have their own space at The Galleon


Generous space for residents

The lockdown-resilient home must accommodate a multifaceted life. It must possess functionality and fluidity. It must have no problem housing indoor plants, materials for arts and crafts, passion projects, a home office, a virtual classroom and a gym, among others, on top of the traditional living space. It must not make its residents feel cooped up or, at least, must enable them to accomplish tasks efficiently. Providing choices for prospective buyers, Empress has a number of units from a studio to a three-bedroom unit with sizes ranging from 30 to 241 sqm. Residences at The Galleon, meanwhile, has one-bedroom, two-bedroom and penthouse units with sizes from 69 to 411 sqm.


High accessibility

Throughout the quarantine period, authorities have warned against nonessential travel. This stems from the fact that the more we go outside our homes, the more we might acquire the virus. For their location alone, Empress and Residences at The Galleon minimize one’s exposure. Shopping, reporting to work or school, going to the doctor, even exercising, can all happen downstairs or just outside the building. Both are near office spaces, shopping centers, entertainment hubs and essential establishments. CBDs, the airport and expressways are likewise accessible. Both projects are also set to benefit from the nearby big-ticket transportation infrastructure projects that are nearing completion.


The lockdown-resilient home must accommodate a multifaceted life.

Empress is perfectly suited for the new normal

Community and well-being

The isolation over the past few months taught us to know more about our neighbors and to look after ourselves better. Residences at the Galleon and Empress encourage social connections and self-worth as important elements of living. The latter is touted as the first wellness lifestyle real estate, ingeniously integrating balance and sustainability in design. Amenities in both projects, such as the lounge, social hall and children’s area, help residents socialize and bond. They also feature active zones that encourage exercise and quiet zones that promote meditation. In a world changed by COVID-19, we become less vulnerable by staying at home or within the community as much as possible­—even when buying groceries, doing business with government agencies and fulfilling tasks at work.

Indeed, Ortigas Land’s Empress and Residences at The Galleon are well-adjusted to the demands of a redefined home.

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Prime address in thriving Pasig

 / 04:06 AM June 27, 2020

The great strides of Pasig City are just hard to miss.

Its milestones are documented on the news and social media. The city has sustained a high satisfaction rating for its measures against COVID-19 and other pressing issues. Residents are so happy with the health and safety protocols and the local government’s relief efforts, they are posting thank you messages and videos on social media.


The joy has spread beyond Pasig. People everywhere have developed an affinity with the city and Mayor Vico Sotto because they gave us positive vibes amid such challenging times. He showcased good leadership implementing fresh, ingenious takes and solutions. We can all admit that the good news from Pasig had been much needed in our continuing struggle against the pandemic and the other issues it has further exacerbated.


Amenities are meant to ensure the health and well-being of residents.


The two-tower Galleon is set to rise within the Ortigas CBD


So envious are many of the great work in this city that netizens would declare: “Lilipat ako sa Pasig” (I am moving to Pasig). It’s not a far-fetched proposition nor a bad idea. If you are, indeed, looking for addresses in Pasig that are resilient in this new normal and beyond, seasoned developer Ortigas Land has some enticing offerings that will surely suit your needs.


Consider Empress, a stunning 56-storey residential tower located in the exclusive residential block of Capitol Commons—a masterplanned community where residents can live, work and play. Some of the best ways to avoid exposure to COVID-19 include living in an area that is not congested, staying in places where social distancing is possible, and being in a contained community—thus making Empress a perfect fit.

Health is a strong point of the project, too, with the Capitol Commons Park right in front of it. It is also touted to be the first wellness lifestyle real estate, with its color, architecture and design planned to promote balance and sustainability. It features lush greeneries and has areas for quiet (the garden, wellness lawn and reading room) and activity (the pools, lounge areas and play areas).


Ortigas Land developments offer ample space for residents.


Ortigas Land ensures enough open spaces in its projects.


Each unit features smart technology, which drastically decreases contact with surfaces where COVID-19 may be lurking. Residents can use a mobile phone app to easily control the smoke detector, smart TVs and kitchen appliances. Units also have sensors for lights, doors and airconditioning. Further, the units come with a WiFi router cabinet and USB ports in all the bedrooms, as well as an intercom with videophone.

Also featuring smart technology is Ortigas Land’s Residences at The Galleon: a 51-storey tower with 509 residential units offering spacious cuts. Targeted for turnover by 2028, it is the latest high-end luxury residential tower to rise in the heart of the Ortigas central business district (CBD) and will be part of a bigger mixed-use project where another tower will hold premium office spaces.

Residents can control and monitor the unit with an app, as with Empress. It links up to the smoke detector, the smart plugs for the TV and kitchen appliances, airconditioner, lights, temperature sensor and contact sensor for motion and the door. A state-of-the-art building management system promises utmost convenience and security—a necessity in this new normal.


Lush greeneries abound within Capitol Commons.


Empress makes for a good home investment in the new normal.


As The Galleon features residential, commercial and retail spaces in one place, it once again enables residents to find all their needs in one place—most definitely a win in the post-COVID-19 world. The units are exquisitely finished so staying at home for work or a hangout would be no problem. Residential amenities include a mini theater, resident’s lounge, gym and sauna, as well as a swimming pool and green open spaces. Ride the high-speed elevators to get to the shops below.

The address is accessible to the various spots of the Ortigas CBD, main thoroughfares like Edsa, and hospitals, schools and other essential establishments. Those necessary and emergency travels will be much easier from Residences at The Galleon.

COVID-19 has taught us that we play a part in lessening our vulnerabilities. We can always choose the better, wiser options. If you’re looking for a new address, might as well move to secure and resilient homes like Empress and Residences at The Galleon. That they are both in well-loved Pasig is also a welcome bonus, wouldn’t you say?


Residences at The Galleon


Read in PDI website: https://business.inquirer.net/301101/prime-address-in-thriving-pasig 

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Pre-Selling vs. RFO Condo: Which is the Better Investment?

Ortigas Center is rising to new heights, with ongoing developments boosting the business district’s growth. Businesses flock to the area for premium office spaces, strategically located commercial lots, and lifestyle destinations.

Ortigas CBD is also the next residential address of choice, with the city’s groundbreaking residential projects. Plenty of move-in-ready and pre-selling condo units rise at Ortigas Center, attracting city dwellers wanting to be in the heart of the thriving urban center.

Home seekers looking to move to the district can either acquire a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) or a pre-selling unit. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to define your needs first before putting down a deposit.


RFO Condo Unit


Immediate ownership: Is your work in Ortigas Center and you’re looking for the perfect home that's just a 5-minute walk away from your office? Or perhaps you just want the excitement of living in the middle of a thriving community? You don’t need to wait two years to do that as move-in-ready condo units are just waiting for your confirmation. Once you’ve settled all your paperwork, requirements, and down payment, you’ll receive the key to your new home and live the lifestyle you deserve.

Less move-in stress: If the current color scheme don’t match your style, you can easily change it in the near future. Building admin services can assist you for signing up with your preferred utilities service provider.

Available amenities: A swimming pool, a park, a fitness gym, a retail center -- these are all amenities that you can enjoy at mixed use developments like Circulo Verde who sell RFO condo units. Whether you're starting to be more independent or growing a family of your own, you'll have access to exclusive recreational facilities that fit your lifestyle and provide you the best in modern living.


Higher prices: The property has already increased in value since its pre-selling and launching phases, so you’ll have to pay a premium for a move-in-ready unit. And as the real estate market continues its bull run, properties can quickly appreciate over time, especially if it’s fully developed and furnished.

Limited choices: Many RFO units are those left from the pre-selling period, leaving you a small pool of options. If you’ve found a great property, it’s best to put down a deposit as soon as possible or else another homebuyer can beat you to it.

Why choose an RFO unit: Ready to relocate? A move-in condo is a smart choice, especially for working professionals, newlyweds, and starting families. After all, urban living isn't just trendy, it's also practical! That’s why many people dream of living in a place where malls, fitness centers, and transportation hubs are just an easy reach from their doorstep.

If you work in the Ortigas CBD and prefer a short walk or commute, or if you just want the convenience of living near shops, restaurants, and train stations, an RFO unit will make modern city living all the more exciting and convenient. You'll love where you live!


Pre-selling Unit


Best unit options: In the pre-selling stage, you have the privilege of choosing your ideal unit during the project launch. You can pick the best unit, such as those that offer great views or come at the right size, which are highly attractive to future renters. You can also choose the ones located right next to the playground, the swimming pool, or the topmost floor where one can enjoy the beautiful metro skyline -- all premium amenities that give your property an edge over the rest.

Flexible payment terms: Since the condo is still in construction, your payment term tends to run longer. There’s less pressure to complete your payments, allowing you to set a more manageable budget. The property can be paid in monthly installments, with the down payment payable in two to three years.

More time and freedom to design: Everyone wants their home to be their ultimate comfort zones, and that's easy to achieve if you design it exactly the way you want it to look and feel. Not just for you, but your family, friends, and other visitors too. With a pre-selling condo, you have the absolute freedom to design it however you wish. Planning to go the minimalist route? Do it! Want to stay up to date with the trends? No one's stopping you!

Since it'll take some time for the condo's construction to be completed, you'll have plenty of time to search for the perfect interior designer or shop around for furniture.

Excellent investment option: The value of real estate, especially ones in prime locations, appreciates over time. This is especially true for pre-selling properties. After their completion, the value of pre-selling condo units increase considerably and you can earn a profit by selling them in the secondary market. It's not uncommon to see condo units bought five years ago, especially those in Ortigas and Makati, that now fetch double their original amount.


Longer turnover: You’ll have to wait until the condo’s completion before you can move into your new home. You may have to wait three to five years, depending on the speed of the construction. But this shouldn’t be that big a problem if you’re buying a condo for investment.

Possible delays: A lot of things can happen between the date of your purchase until you move in; the developer may encounter some construction problem, you may run into an issue with your interior designer, or some other delay may happen. This complication becomes a burden since it forces you to extend your temporary living setup until turnover.

Why choose a pre-selling unit: This is the best option for individuals who want the luxury of choosing the best units at their ideal locations. And since they're cheaper at their introductory price, it's great to know that your condo has the best view, yet at the best price! You also have plenty of time to plan the design of the unit as you wait for the construction to finish.

Additionally, pre-selling units are the ideal option for investors who plan on reselling or leasing the property later. Real estate value always goes up, so you'll get a higher return on investment

Regardless of your choice, choose a reputable developer to ensure the quality of the condo – from the construction and architecture to the amenities and facilities.


Premier Real Estate Developer in Ortigas

One of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate landscape, Ortigas Land builds master-planned developments that perfectly balance life, work, and leisure. We continue to create first-class homes with accessibility and convenience in mind.

Ortigas Land introduces Maple at Verdánt Towers, the first tower of a three-tower condominium development that fosters a thriving live-work-play community. Units are now pre-selling. Contact us for inquiries about the property.

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8 Advantages of Condo Living

8 Reasons Why Condo Living Makes Perfect Sense

More and more Filipinos living in the city have gotten smart and are discovering the benefits and conveniences of living in a condominium. Singles, successful young couples, families with growing children, and even older citizens moving into retirement have all realized that condo living can outweigh traditional residential community life.

For most, here are the clear benefits.      


Living closer to work

One of the main reasons why Filipinos are more interested in condo living is the option to live closer to the workplace. You’ll avoid the stress and fatigue of traveling to and from work, but the more important gains are time and money.

If you live close enough to work, you may choose to walk, bike, or use hired transport services like Grab, instead of driving your car, which entails gasoline, parking, maintenance, and insurance costs. You’ll have more time for the gym, spending time with family and friends, and precious, needed rest before work the next day.


Nearness to goods and services

Living near places that provide convenient goods and services feels more essential than ever. The latest condo developments in the city’s most happening neighborhoods give you access to grocery stores, banks, coffee shops, malls, and restaurants just a few minutes away from where you live. Some might even be downstairs from you, or in the next block.

You’ll be able to order takeout and delivery from restaurants in the area, do important errands, or meet friends without the inconvenience of travel or looking for parking. For retirees, especially, these neighborhood conveniences, as well as living in smaller, more manageable spaces, is a distinct benefit.


Sports and lifestyle amenities

One of the biggest advantages of living in a condo community is access to several types of amenities that no longer require separate memberships or traveling long distances to visit. Today’s upscale high-rise neighborhoods are fully equipped with swimming pools, workout gyms, badminton or tennis courts, and basketball courts.

There are areas too where you can hold parties or special activities, even rooms where you can sing to karaoke. Rental and use of these resources is managed and coordinated by your condo management staff.


Condo management

Condo management offices, which run on association dues paid by all unit owners or tenants, have many key tasks. A key aspect of their management functions is the maintenance and cleanliness of your residential surroundings.

This includes routine cleaning of driveways, lobby and elevator areas, gardening, landscaping, and outdoor maintenance, and management of utility installation and repair for your phone line, cable TV, and Internet. If something breaks down, there will be someone there to assist you.

Condo owners or unit tenants share in this cost. It’s a fair exchange for the time and effort it takes to maintain these facilities, which are there for everyone to enjoy.  


Safety and security   

The other important aspect of condo management relates to safety and welfare of all condo owners and tenants.

Lobby staff and association office staff take care of coordinating rules and regulations within the condominium complex. Entrances, parking, and other access areas are guarded and monitored, as well as the inflow and outflow of external visitors. All safety and security-incidents are recorded and documented, and any CCTV monitoring footage can be consulted to help resolve any incidence of unauthorized entry, theft, or unpleasant confrontations.

In these post-pandemic times, condos have also adopted and are able to enforce strict sanitation and cleanliness procedures, as well as cleaning schedules for common areas and high-touch zones like the lobby desk, common bathrooms, elevator buttons, and door handles, with hand sanitizer stations in key locations to keep everything in safer, cleaner condition. 


Condo developments that feel like residential resorts

This really relates to the choice of condo you eventually choose to live in. Some of the more modern condo developments in the city have designed and developed the feel of their surroundings in a way that creates more of a resort-feel to them.

Pocket parks; wide, airy spaces; jogging trails; yoga and meditation areas. A common theme to urban residential resorts is the feeling of being able to get away without leaving your neighborhood; of having access to a haven that lets you relax and destress and get out in the open.

User plans optimize common areas and activity spaces, with things to do and places to go to, all of them not far from your condo unit. And when the long weekend finally rolls in, you don’t have to leave; you’re all set for a relaxing staycation.


A sense of community

One of the best aspects of well-developed condo communities is the creation of a neighborhood where you and your neighbors can be friends. There is an opportunity to meet and discuss common issues, as well as the chance to organize parties and activities for all ages.

Young families moving into condos as their starter home get to meet other families like them at a Halloween Trick or Treat or Easter Egg Hunt. Parks, playgrounds, and the swimming pool let families interact with one another in a safe, common environment.


An investment that appreciates over time

Beyond living and enjoying your condo unit, your condo is an investment that increases steadily in value every year, at rates that are appreciably higher than most financial investment products in the market.

Should you eventually decide to live somewhere else, you will earn a profit from the sale of your unit, even after only a year or two. You also have the option of leasing it to other tenants, making your condo a regular source of passive income. It’s also possible to use the condo as collateral for a loan if you need startup or additional capital for a business.  

There’s a land developer out there for you whose projects match your budget and the kind of lifestyle you seek. If you’re looking for a place to settle; a new home for yourself or your family; or a short, medium, or long-term investment, contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your queries.

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Thrive, survive in the right community

For several months now, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a struggle for many of us. From our jobs to our homes, various aspects of our lives have been rattled by the deadly and infectious new coronavirus. Amid the challenges however, the communities we live in helped us to fight back.

Neighborhoods have been vital during the implemented quarantines. Many of us have realized the benefits of living near essential providers such as groceries and supermarkets. Others discovered the joy of tending their own gardens or viewing Metro Manila from the safety of their balconies.

Besides comfort and convenience, our communities have provided us assistance through acts of care and support. All these benefits tell us that the right communities can actually help us grow and thrive even in the worst times. But where do these neighborhoods abound in our cities today? Let us take a look at the elements that make up the best communities to live in during and beyond a pandemic.



For several months now, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a struggle for many of us. From our jobs to our homes, various aspects of our lives have been rattled by the deadly and infectious new coronavirus. Amid the challenges however, the communities we live in helped us to fight back.

Neighborhoods have been vital during the implemented quarantines. Many of us have realized the benefits of living near essential providers such as groceries and supermarkets. Others discovered the joy of tending their own gardens or viewing Metro Manila from the safety of their balconies.

Besides comfort and convenience, our communities have provided us assistance through acts of care and support. All these benefits tell us that the right communities can actually help us grow and thrive even in the worst times. But where do these neighborhoods abound in our cities today? Let us take a look at the elements that make up the best communities to live in during and beyond a pandemic.

Proximity to essentials

When the community quarantine was first enforced in Metro Manila last March, many of us became worried about the supply of our resources. Groceries and other essential providers were allowed to operate, but due to the suspended public transportation and strict checkpoints, buying our daily needs have remained a difficult task.

Thankfully, several communities around the metro had their own essential providers within their vicinities. These shops allowed people to get their weekly groceries without having to travel far or risk being in crowded areas.

For example, Unimart and the Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons provided residents in nearby condominiums with their basic necessities even throughout the lockdown. This surely helped people to stay at home and flatten the curve. By living in a place that offers easy access to your essentials, you don’t have to venture far to get what you need for everyday living.


The Empress at Capitol Commons features contactless technology which helps prevent the spread of viruses in your home.


Presence of natural spaces

As many of us were confined to our homes during the quarantine, green and natural spaces became our means of escape. Herb gardens and communal gardens allowed us a break from the indoors, and even provided us food supply in some cases. For those who lived in the cities, small spaces limited our areas for greenery.

Thus, communal spaces became the next best thing as they gave us a breath of fresh air amid the pandemic.

Recognizing our need for these natural spaces, property developers are now seeking to provide us more green spaces in future developments.

To exemplify, Ortigas Land offers several new projects that feature more elements of the natural environment. In particular, its ongoing development, the Maple at Verdant Towers, offers bi-level townhouses that come with private gardens. This project also offers more green spaces than the average condominium. The Gardenwalk, the Landscape and The Gardens are areas in their communal amenity floor that offer residents a lush environment to relax and recharge in.

The Maple at Verdant Towers offers various green spaces.

Provision of home technology

Our days of fiddling with the remote controls and switches are numbered. With the need for contactless living, motion sensors, cloud-based appliances and smart devices are now becoming in demand.

Fortunately, several up and coming projects in the Philippines today have been designed to feature these same elements in their units.

The Empress at Capitol Commons, for one, will be fitted with smart home features such as contact sensors, temperature regulators and smart plugs.Each unit will help you carry out your daily tasks without having to worry about the spread of diseases through commonly-touched surfaces. Beyond the convenience, these features can also help put your mind at ease when it comes to safety and cleanliness.



Promotion of mixed-use spaces

While in the past it has been difficult to withstand traffic to go to your favorite hangouts, today it is almost impossible to reach these places. Due to the enforced quarantines, some of our favorite gyms, parks and even swimming pools are now inaccessible. If you live in the right community though, all these amenities can be found just outside your door.

Nowadays, the best places to live in are those that enable you to easily pursue your desired lifestyle. Mixed-use developments, in particular, provide you the opportunity to live, work and play all under one roof.

For example, The Galleon, a project set to rise in the heart of the Ortigas Center, offers easy access to office, residential and retail spaces. A high-end luxury project consisting of two towers, The Galleon allows you to pursue your passions without having to leave the confines of the development. This setup enables you to accomplish your tasks in a day without having to deal with traffic, pollution and other challenges of the urban jungle.


The Galleon is a mixed-use development that allows you to pursue your passions under one roof.

Promotion of mixed-use spaces

While in the past it has been difficult to withstand traffic to go to your favorite hangouts, today it is almost impossible to reach these places. Due to the enforced quarantines, some of our favorite gyms, parks and even swimming pools are now inaccessible. If you live in the right community though, all these amenities can be found just outside your door.

Nowadays, the best places to live in are those that enable you to easily pursue your desired lifestyle. Mixed-use developments, in particular, provide you the opportunity to live, work and play all under one roof.

For example, The Galleon, a project set to rise in the heart of the Ortigas Center, offers easy access to office, residential and retail spaces. A high-end luxury project consisting of two towers, The Galleon allows you to pursue your passions without having to leave the confines of the development. This setup enables you to accomplish your tasks in a day without having to deal with traffic, pollution and other challenges of the urban jungle.

Finding the one

If you’re planning to invest in a new home in the new normal era, make sure you look for it in the right community. Beyond comfort and convenience, the right community will allow you to pursue your passions without having to compromise your safety, security or your time. A seasoned developer such as Ortigas Land can provide you with such a community that molds you into your best version, whether in a pandemic or on a regular day. With a partner like Ortigas Land on your side, you can be sure to survive any challenge that life will throw in your way.

Source: www.ortigas.com.ph

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/299849/thrive-survive-in-the-right-community#ixzz6PPXZ2qCp
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Future-proofed estates for the new normal

By: - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
/ 04:02 AM June 06, 2020


There’s reason to remain hopeful and optimistic despite the fact that COVID-19 is probably one of the worst health crises in recent history.

Economies may be reeling and businesses are girding for what could be difficult times ahead, but there are also opportunities that can be tapped, occasions to level up, new chances to raise the bar and rise up to the challenges presented by this pandemic.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF), said in a statement on Wednesday that while “the COVID-19 crisis is affecting every facet of people’s lives in every corner of the world,” this “tragedy need not be its only legacy.”


“On the contrary, the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable and more prosperous future,” Schwab said.

Ortigas Land’s 10-hectare Capitol Commons in Pasig City offers adequate spaces

Healthier environments

In real estate for instance, the emphasis has shifted to healthier built environments, adequate spaces, convenience and mixed-use developments.

While most of these have been offered before as features that put a premium on a project, they are now necessities, must-haves, the new benchmark or the minimum standard for the discerning buyer. There is thus a need to reflect on these changing realities, reimagine spaces so they can adapt to the so-called “new normal,” and reset previous standards to cater to the new needs of today’s market.

For example, the continued threat of contracting COVID-19 has highlighted the need to have healthier homes, offices or buildings that afford one natural lighting and ventilation; to have in place better protocols to ensure everyone’s safety, health and well-being; and to conduct regular disinfection, over and beyond what most have been used to. Adequate spaces, already touted as a luxury in a dense urban area like Metro Manila, are now deemed as a lifesaver in this pandemic.

In the Philippines, there are property developers who have fortunately been proactive—creating residences, offices, retail spaces and industrial areas that offer features beyond what was needed during the time they were launched.

Ortigas Land, for one, offers integrated, mixed-use developments that can aptly address the needs of its homebuyers, investors and clients in today’s new normal. Ortigas Land’s foresight played a crucial role in developing estates that were clearly built for the future and are now highly suited to meet head on the challenges of the pandemic.



Case in point are two of its estates, each built with a distinct design but with the same foresight and purpose that clearly serve today’s market well.

Ortigas Land’s 10-hectare Capitol Commons in Pasig City offers adequate spaces within its community to allow for social distancing, and within its residential towers, which meanwhile foster health and wellness in varying ways. For instance, the Empress, touted as the first wellness real estate in the country, has amenities that can encourage you to keep physically fit while its use of biophilic design will enable one to commune with nature, and in the process reduce stress, improve cognitive function and enhance mood and creativity. Smart features in this residential tower also suit today’s growing preference for contactless technology.

It also helps that everything in Capitol Commons is within walking distance—allowing you to conveniently avail of essential goods and services without having to leave the safe confines of your self-sufficient community.

Ortigas Land projects are defined by the comfort and luxury they provide.



Similarly in Ortigas East, one will be afforded that same comfort and convenience of having everything within reach. This masterplanned estate along C-5 Road in Pasig has all the components that served as a lifesaver for many during the enhanced community quarantine—you have the banks, offices, grocery store, pharmacies and even several dining outlets which allowed deliveries and takeouts during that period.

For sure, future residents in Ortigas East will be assured of that holistic lifestyle premised on convenience, accessibility and even sustainability because this early, Ortigas Land has already made good on its promise.

There’s no doubt that Ortigas Land estates are indeed built for the future. With close to nine decades of expertise backing its stellar record, Ortigas Land clearly has the benefit of hindsight and that distinct advantage of foresight—and they have these estates to show for.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/299272/future-proofed-estates-for-the-new-normal#ixzz6Ola6BzCT
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A Healthy Sanctuary to go with the ‘New Normal’

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:05 AM May 23, 2020


The Ortigas East estate features pedestrian lanes and open spaces that make it easier to walk from one area to another

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/298000/a-healthy-sanctuary-to-go-with-the-new-normal#ixzz6NiUwCcq2
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Having spent most of your waking hours inside your home over the past two months would have led to some realizations and revelations.

Either you have started appreciating a time well spent cooped up in the comfy, relaxing sanctuary that is your home, or you suddenly find yourself wanting more. You may have found yourself being productive working at home or you found it difficult to concentrate, becoming stressed and uneasy while ploughing through your daily tasks. You may have a newfound appreciation for the community or building you live in, or you may have begun noticing flaws, finding your space to be too constricting and lacking in things you have wanted for a home.

Architects and interior designers know all these too well. The way a building or community is designed and built has a profound effect on one’s productivity, mood and health. For instance, the lack of natural light source, proper ventilation and green open spaces alone has been known to negatively affect one’s overall well-being.

An article penned by Christele Harrouk in March this year for archdaily.com cited the psychology of space or “the study of human relations and behaviors within the context of the built and natural environments.” Harrouk pointed out that “lighting, colors, configuration, scale, proportions, acoustics, and materials address the senses of the individual and generate a spectrum of feelings and practices. From inducing warmth and safety, defining well-being, or creating a positive and efficient working environment, space can have a whole lot of impact on how we act or on what we feel.”


Residents are enjoying wide open spaces in Circulo Verde.

Wealth of benefits

And the same holds true for outdoor spaces.

Scores of studies have shown the wealth of benefits that can be had from having lush greenery and wide open spaces where people can walk, exercise, commune with one another, and get a refreshing breath of fresh air. Having these pocket parks spread across the community can already help relax one’s mind and body and generally, offset the stress of living in the city.

Journalist and urban planning researcher John Surico discussed “the power of parks in a pandemic” in his article for Citylab in April. He cited that “for city residents, equitable access to local green space is more than a coronavirus-era amenity. It’s critical for physical, emotional, and mental health… The COVID-19 pandemic should reawaken interest in parks and open spaces long overlooked by city officials, or unnoticed by city residents.”

Future residences in Ortigas East will offer ample spaces.

Open spaces in cities

Although Metro Manila lacks adequate spaces, there are a few pioneering property developers that have taken on the task of providing lush parks within their communities.

Take the case of the 10-hectare Circulo Verde by seasoned developer Ortigas Land.

Tucked in a quieter nook in Quezon City, Circulo Verde offers a well-deserved sanctuary in the middle of the city, where you can easily enjoy nature alongside modern conveniences. It’s predominantly a residential community with support retail in a nice part of Metro Manila where residents get unique views and water features because of the Pasig River.


Circulo Verde’s Avila North and South

What’s good here is that residents get to revel in the wide open spaces within the community as only a third of the estate has so far been developed. Circulo Verde is currently home to five residential towers; a townhouse community; an Industria Mall where you can enjoy the parks, shops and exclusive recreational facilities; the CV Sports Hub; CV Pitch; a bike playground; CV Quad (basketball, volleyball, badminton court); and Hachi Park, which is an off-leash dog park.

But even though a second phase of development for Circulo Verde is in the offing, Ortigas Land is making sure that it will continue providing the much needed breathing space in this part of the urban jungle—like what it does in its other developments.

The 16-ha Ortigas East estate

In Pasig, the 16-ha Ortigas East features wide pedestrian lanes and open spaces that make it easier to walk from one area to another—an advantage that surely comes in handy especially since this estate features multiple components (residential, offices, commercial, retail and entertainment hubs) that are strategically placed near one another.

For sure, nothing beats having a curated, diverse mix of offerings within a single estate just like all the developments of Ortigas Land.

But what makes its estates stand out is the fact that Ortigas Land also took to heart the importance of health and well-being of its residents, guests, tenants and workers—and it does so by meticulously and thoughtfully creating spaces not only inside the homes and buildings, but also outside one’s residence and within the community.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/298000/a-healthy-sanctuary-to-go-with-the-new-normal#ixzz6NiVhTBJf
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Laying the Groundwork

By:  - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 04:00 AM May 16, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic would drastically upend economies, governments, business and individual lifestyles, it just as also swiftly shifted priorities and reshaped preferences.

The increasingly discerning eye of customers may have kept many businesses on their toes over the last several years but this health and economic crisis has offered a new perspective on how companies can and should further exceed expectations. There’s a growing appetite for an even higher quality, a more efficient system, and a better delivery of obligations, preferably beyond what was committed—all of which should comprise the new minimum.

In the real estate industry for instance, the last decade saw many developers flaunting the benefits of a mixed-use community, highlighting the presence of several components that allow you to live near where you work and where you can relax, dine out and unwind after a long day.

Ortigas East estate

Focus on “more”

But as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the country and throws everyone off course, many are now looking for more, more and more: the so-called “essentials” should not only be near, it should also be just a stone’s throw from where you live (read: walkable); a medical facility should at least be within convenient reach; and the building should adhere to established green standards.

There’s been a shift in one’s priorities, too: beyond location and amenities, there is a growing interest on communities that can foster health and wellness amid the ongoing threat of the new coronavirus, can provide bigger open spaces as social distancing measures now become a norm, and most importantly, have an efficient property management team that can aptly and immediately respond to the crisis at hand.

Capitol Commons


Responding to COVID-19

A series of articles by global design and architecture firm Gensler has sought to explore “how design is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.” One of these articles, in particular, looked at what has to change for mixed-use developments to be both safe and vibrant.



The piece authored by J.F. Finn III and Duncan Paterson cited “a renewed focus on making our spaces and places healthier and safer.” It noted that “healthy building standards will come to the forefront” with focus on ensuring safer interchange of clean air in our built environments and help to address “air-hygiene.” The introduction of outside air will also become a greater part of new-builds, according to the authors, as the “introduction of fresh, clean air not only helps maintain healthier environments, it can help dilute the human-to-human passage of airborne elements.”

Another article in this series highlights the critical role that technology will play in creating a touch free environment—facial recognition technology; digitally controlled temperature scanners; LED lights that can provide visual cues as to where people should stand safely away from others; integral technology that darkens the panels based on the path of the sun, eliminating the need for shades or blinds; and sensors that can track optimal weather conditions and open the panels to allow fresh air inside.

The Royalton features trapezoidal canted windows and light shelf to provide adequate ventilation and lighting.

Delivering ‘new normal’

These concepts are not too far off. In fact, some estates and mixed use communities in the Philippines have started to introduce “more” significant features that ensure the overall wellness of its residents even prior to the crisis and which have proven to be responsive to COVID-19. These estates are well-equipped to deliver what seems to be, at the moment, the new normal.

Ortigas Land’s 10-hectare Capitol Commons in Pasig City, for example, offers a healthy mix of upscale residences, premium-grade offices, the Estancia Mall, Unimart, an SM store, a food strip called Gastro Hub and a lush, refreshing green urban space—all of which are within walking distance from one another, thanks to the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks built for convenience.

Residential towers in this estate, while each sporting a unique character, offer wellness across several fronts. The Empress, touted as the first wellness real estate in the country, has smart living features such as an app to control appliances and switches, as well as temperature and contact sensors. It also makes use of color therapy to influence one’s well-being and stimulate positive emotional responses, while its biophilic design allows one to commune with nature, and in the process reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood and creativity.

The three other towers here, The Royalton, The Maven, and The Imperium, also highlight the importance of having spacious units, pocket parks and other features such as trapezoidal canted windows and light shelf to provide adequate ventilation and illumination inside the unit—all of which are geared towards helping ensure one’s health and well-being.

Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons


Equipped with essentials

Ortigas East is another prime example of a masterplanned community that can truly provide residents a holistic lifestyle premised on convenience, accessibility and even sustainability. And it has more than proven itself during this crisis.

Since the lockdown began mid-March, the different features within this 16-ha masterplanned estate along C-5 Road in Pasig proved to be a lifesaver for many of those working within Ortigas Estate and more so, for the villages and communities surrounding it.

The banks, offices, grocery store, pharmacies and several dining outlets that allowed deliveries and takeouts provided a much needed lifeline as they have remained open during the enhanced community quarantine. It’s also a safe environment where social distancing measures were observed, temperatures were checked every time you enter an establishment, and constantly roving guards had ensured that Ortigas East remains a secured community.

Clearly, Ortigas Land, through its estates, delivers beyond expectations, showcasing an expertise honed by close to nine decades of experience in creating upscale, mixed-use communities.

Beyond satisfying the oft considered factors such as strategic location, accessibility and connectivity, well-thought-out amenities and attractive investment proposition, Ortigas Land’s estates have already laid down the essential groundwork that will enable its residents, guests, tenants and office workers to better adjust to what may eventually become the new normal.

The Empress makes use of color therapy to influence one’s well-being.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/297384/laying-the-groundwork#ixzz6NASFsucA
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Ortigas Land Logo

Ortigas Land's Together We Give


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Ortigas Land Logo

Best Partners in the Worst Times

When 2020 began, who would have thought that the world was going to face a deadly pandemic?

Truth be told, no one saw this coming. While some doctors and scientists pondered the possibility of an outbreak early on, many of us were too busy with our daily lives to realize the severity of the situation. Now, as we try to make it through the crisis, we can only rely on the safety of our homes to protect us from possible infection.

Thankfully, many homes today have been built to withstand the challenges. Projects spearheaded by established companies, in particular, offer essential facilities and comfortable amenities during quarantine. Even without knowing future possibilities, seasoned real estate developers have prepared well, building homes meant to serve as safe havens in any storm.

Let’s take a look as to how established developers are the best ones you can rely on during uncertain times. Even without knowing the future, you can be ready for it by partnering with the best to ensure your survival.

A 10-hectare community in Quezon City, Circulo Verde offers race tracks for bike and RC car aficionados.

Comprehensive facilities

While there are a variety of real estate companies that exist nowadays, only a few focus on providing you with more than just a home. Ortigas Land, for example, takes into consideration domestic and career needs when planning its projects. From location to interior details of each unit, this developer ensures that everything is within easy reach for you to live a full life.

In particular, the Circulo Verde community in Bagumbayan, Quezon City offers residential and community amenities. With each residential tower equipped with several garden areas, you can enjoy nature without having to leave your home. Coupled with the community park, retail shops, a bike track and an RC race track, you can easily unwind and relax in these areas right within the estate. In addition, Ortigas and Eastwood City are just a stone’s throw away, making it the perfect place to settle in for working yuppies or young families.

Quality design, construction

When you buy a pre-built home, you have no way of knowing the workmanship and structural integrity of the building. That is why when it comes to your residence, you should research and trust only the companies with a solid reputation. More often than not, those with decades’ worth of experience prove to be the most reliable ones if you’re looking for long-term results. Ortigas Land fits this bill with close to nine decades of experience in building construction and real estate.

Going back as far as the early 20th century, the group pioneered many masterplans in Metro Manila. The Greenhills Center, Circulo Verde, and Ortigas Center are only some of the communities established by the real estate giant over the years. Its list of completed projects continues to grow, with the company set to open more residential and commercial projects in its newest venture, Capitol Commons in Pasig City.

You can be further assured of quality design and construction if you choose to work with a developer that can deliver quality results. A well-made decision today can provide you a secure future, even in the most difficult circumstances.


Though it is considered the first shopping complex in Metro Manila, Greenhills Center remains attuned with the times with its continuous renovation and expansion projects.

Smart technology

Going contactless when it comes to devices used to be a luxury. This technology, however, has proven to be helpful in our fight against COVID-19 and other pathogens. In the Philippines, only a few real estate developers are including this feature in their current projects.

Ortigas Land has proven itself worthy of mention again with its new offering at Capitol Commons, the Empress residential project. Still in its pre-selling stage, the Empress is designed with smart living features. Each unit features keyless entry, cloud-linked devices and smart plugs to ensure that limited contact is needed to operate your home. Airconditioners, smoke detectors, light switches and temperature monitors can all be controlled from your mobile phone or via a motion sensor. This technology ensures that your home’s commonly used appliances and devices can be controlled easily and conveniently. For sure, this feature will also come in handy in times of virus outbreaks and disease fears.

Each unit in Ortigas Land’s Empress project is fitted with smart home features providing touch-free control.


A holistic township

The best developers don’t just create buildings–they create communities. With a home built inside a township, you can be sure that your family will enjoy the ease of accessibility. Commercial centers and office buildings are just nearby. Essential institutions such as hospitals, supermarkets and schools are also a few minutes away. In a township, you can live a full life without venturing beyond your comfort zone.

Ortigas Land projects are founded on the estate concept. Going beyond one building allows the group to design not only your home, but also your lifestyle. A holistic estate will allow you to grow and thrive without having to travel far. Investing in a property by Ortigas Land does not only get you a building unit, it provides you an opportunity toward better living.

Prepare for your future by teaming up with tried-and-tested companies when it comes to real estate. Established brands such as Ortigas Land ensure that you get more than just a home with your investment. They seek to give you peace of mind during ordinary days and periods of crisis.

While no one knows the challenges that await us tomorrow, there’s no harm in preparing for them today. Go with seasoned developers when it comes to buying your new home. Once you do, you can be assured that even during the worst times, you have the best partners to help you pull through.

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When Luxury Becomes Your Lifeline

/ 04:12 AM April 25, 2020

Set to rise in front of the Capitol Commons Park, the Empress turns luxury into the new necessity

If you were hunting for a home a few months ago, you probably considered the following factors in your selection: location, amenities and cost. With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, these priorities may have taken a backseat as you realize the new essentials: comfort and convenience. Once deemed a luxury, these elements have become crucial in surviving weeks’ long confinement with your mental and physical health intact.

If you’re still planning to move homes or invest in a project right after the quarantine, consider a residence that ensures you get the best in terms of comfort and convenience. The Empress at Capitol Commons, for example, features several design elements that aim to make you feel happy to stay at home even without the quarantine. Reconsider the elements which you once saw as luxury but which now defines the new necessity. Check out what makes the Empress your ideal lifeblood in times of pandemic and of everyday life.

The therapeutic use of colors in Empress’ interiors provide a visual break from the daily grind.

Uplift mood with color

Color has long been discovered to affect our mental health and moods. With the right palette of hues, your home can turn to a relaxing haven that offers solace during your most stressful days.

The Empress takes pride in the therapeutic use of colors in its interiors. The common areas like the main lobby and the resident’s lounge are washed in neutral and light colors. These shades provide you with a blank slate that allows you to unburden your mind of the day’s worries and recharge for tomorrow. In addition, spots of green areas provide you visual breaks to help you rest your eyes during times of work at home. This is essential to ensure your mental well-being especially if you have to stay home for a while.

The Empress innovates residential design with smart home features.

Minimize contact with a smart home

Nowadays, it pays to go contactless. Reducing the need for touch has been proven to reduce our chances of being infected with viruses or bacteria. Ordinary things like doorknobs, light switches and remote controls have been noted for harboring the most of these pathogens, invisible yet deadly to us humans.

Thankfully, technology has given us a way out. With a smart home system, you can control temperature, light, humidity, air-conditioning and sound with just a touch of your cellphone’s button. This feature is one of the key design features of homes at the Empress. Contact is limited with a keyless entry through a smart door. A home gateway links your devices to an online cloud, which allows you to monitor your smoke detectors, air-conditioners, light switches, motion sensors and temperature sensors. In addition, smart plugs are provided in each unit, allowing you to enjoy television and operate kitchen appliances with minimal use of hands. With a smart home at the Empress, there’s no need to worry about death or disease by contact.


Find nature in biophilic architecture

One of the problems often encountered by urban dwellers is the lack of green spaces in the city. For those of us who are bereft of nature nowadays, that can translate to anxiety, brooding and stress. In addition, having no access to our natural surroundings can limit our attention capacity, creativity and overall connection to the world.

While located in a bustling city, the Empress at Capitol Commons recognizes this human need to be one with nature. It introduces biophilic concepts in its architectural features. By biophilic, we refer to elements which are inspired by natural processes and features. Through various scientific studies, biophilia has long been established as a necessity to improve our health, moods, energy and overall sense of well-being.

The Empress embodies the concept of “yin and yang,” which implies a balance of quiet and active spaces. The interiors take after a Japanese garden, spreading Zen vibes to residents, employees and visitors. Landscaped areas are set to fill the amenity floor, which successfully defines the active zone and space for contemplation. Most importantly, the Empress is situated right in front of the Capitol Commons Park, which offer majestic views of lush vegetation and open spaces to help you breath and settle in.

This model unit of the Empress gives us a peek on the relaxing life waiting for us in Ortigas Land’s latest venture.


Self-sustain with a strategic location

Access and proximity to essential providers such as supermarkets and restaurants are usually touted as convenience features in residential projects. In the light of global pandemic woes, however, this feature has become the saving grace of many, ensuring their security and survival.

Living at the Empress means that you are just a few steps away from Unimart and Santi’s Delicatessen, which offer grocery essential you may need on a day to day basis. The area also caters to the Estancia Mall and its expansion, ensuring that other necessities are met without need for long distance travel. Lastly, numerous cafes, restaurants and bars populate Capitol Commons and its surrounding vicinity. This ensures that you can still access a wide variety of food choices and entertainment options should you need to stay in for long periods of time.

At the Empress, convenience and comfort are treated as necessities and not just mere luxuries. These elements will help you make it through the most difficult challenges you may encounter in life, may it be a pandemic or the daily grind. Developed by established real estate giant Ortigas and Co., you can also be sure that the build and design of the building are up to world-class standards.

Don’t be ashamed to seek out the best if you know that it will help you survive and thrive in the long run. The Empress is set to rise in the city soon, and now is the right time to secure your lifeline for tomorrow.




Capitol Commons FB Page

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Ortigas Land Logo

Together, We Give

To further support the communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ortigas Land has launched #TogetherWeGive, a fund drive that will enable its personnel to share and pool together resources dedicated to COVID-19 relief efforts.


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Logo of Ortigas Land

Statement from Ortigas Land Management - 18 March 2020


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Logo of Ortigas Land

A Letter from Mr. Jaime E. Ysmael, President and CEO of Ortigas Land - 16 March 2020


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Photo of woman taking temperature

Your Health is Our Priority

Ortigas Land ensures that all our developments comply with the precautionary measures as prescribed by the Department of Health.


Safety protocols are being strictly implemented to protect the welfare of our clients, partners, and employees. Hand sanitizers are available in all entrances of our developments as well as hand soap in our restrooms. Temperature checks are also being conducted at the entrances of all of our developments.

Those who present fever and/or respiratory symptoms will be asked to seek immediate medical assistance and call the DOH Hotline (02)86517800 local 1149-1150 for proper referral to the appropriate health facility.

Stay safe everyone.

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Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

By: - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
/ 04:04 AM December 07, 2019

Each has its own unique character, a distinct quality that smack-dab caters to the precise needs of its market.

Beyond just creating differentiators that allow its mixed-use estates to stand out, Ortigas Land is more importantly offering variations of enhanced lifestyles within its four master-planned estates to suit the evolving requirements of a much wider base of clientele.


According to Ortigas Land president and chief executive officer Jaime E. Ysmael, they make sure to leverage on the strengths of each estate by creating offerings specifically for the markets they sought to serve. From Capitol Commons in Pasig City, Ortigas East along C5 Road, Circulo Verde in Quezon City, to Greenhills in San Juan City, all four estates exude their own definitive vibe that many of today’s urban dwellers seek and aspire for.

“We are fortunate to have a very good land bank with the four estates uniquely positioned in key locations that make them attractive in itself. Of course, that’s not enough. We also have to do a lot of things with respect to the masterplan to make it really attractive for the intended customers. It’s also about having a clearer view of the kind of positioning that we intend to have for specific estates because they have characteristics that are unique to them,” Ysmael explained.


“Greenhills is really known for its shopping component so we’ll leverage on that, while Capitol Commons is all about being a lifestyle destination. Ortigas East is a work in progress, but we believe that its unique location and connectivity are something we can leverage on, then Circulo Verde is more of an enclave—a predominantly residential community with support retail in a nice part of Metro Manila where you have unique views and water features because of the Pasig River. The rest [of our land bank] are pretty much small parcels within the Ortigas Business District that benefits from the fact that it’s located in Ortigas Center, which is at the very center of Metro Manila,” he added.

And even within these four estates, one can readily find a curated, diverse mix of offerings, from residential, commercial to office developments that create a self-contained community to complement the hurried pace of modern-day living—not to mention the lush greenery in pocket parks and open spaces that offer a much-needed breathing space in the heart of the urban jungle. Some of these components already exist within the estates while planned ventures are set to provide a more exciting, more promising proposition for the homebuyers and investors of Ortigas Land.




Within a 10-hectare expanse in Pasig City is a healthy mix of upscale residences, premium-grade offices, a shopping mall, a food strip and lush pocket parks that seek to redefine one’s concept of urban living.

Capitol Commons, one of the newer districts to rise in the metro, proves to be the archetype of future cities where comfort, accessibility and convenience are all a given.

So far, Ortigas Land has launched here four upscale residential projects: the 64-story Royalton, the 62-story Imperium, the 62-story Maven and the 56-story Empress.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates


Comprising the commercial and entertainment component of Capitol Commons are Estancia Mall and the newly opened Estancia East Wing where the first-ever Ortigas cinemas and an SM store can be found; Unimart; and Gastro Hub, a food strip offering different dining concepts to the market.

Meanwhile, the upper floors of the Estancia Mall house 15,000 sqm of premium office spaces known as the Estancia Offices, while the Capitol Commons Park provides a refreshing green urban space where residents and guests can just relax.

Capitol Commons checks on accessibility, too, since it’s located along Meralco Avenue cor. Shaw Boulevard, within Ortigas Center in Pasig City. A lot of major thoroughfares and transport nodes are highly accessible, thus making it easier for anyone to go to and fro Capitol Commons, whether via private car or public transport.


Everyone’s favorite shopping mecca is undergoing a massive, P60-billion redevelopment plan to make the 16-ha Greenhills at par with the rest of the districts in the metro.

According to Ysmael, the ongoing Phase 1 of redevelopment here, which entailed a P10-billion capital outlay, will see the completion of a new mall with an office-for-lease component to be ready by 2021 to 2022. As much as 100,000 sqm of fresh leasable space will be made available upon completion.

So far, two residential projects have been launched in Greenhills, namely the 53-story Viridian and the 55-story Connor, while a wide array of dining and retail concepts awaits guests and residents at the shopping centers here, Unimart, O Square 1 and 2.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Greenhills may still be in the early stages of its redevelopment plan, but an exciting and impressive vision for this estate makes it all worth the wait.

Ysmael earlier said that the target was to transform Greenhills into a bustling, integrated estate: with a shopping center that will be expanded and modernized to augment the estate’s retail strengths; offices, upscale residential high-rises; possibly, serviced residences or a hotel; a new boulevard; and cinemas.

“We would like to make sure that Greenhills will retain that charm and tradition of having small shops. The first phase of development will make it much more complete as we will be adding more shops while at the same time retaining the original elements so we can continue the Greenhills legacy,” he had said.


Tucked in a quieter nook in Quezon City is a residential enclave that creates a new benchmark in city living.

At the 10-ha Circulo Verde, one can have a well- deserved sanctuary in the middle of the city, where you can easily enjoy nature alongside modern conveniences. As Ysmael had put it: “Circulo Verde is more of an enclave, a predominantly residential community with support retail in a nice part of Metro Manila where you have unique views and unique water features because of the Pasig River.”

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Here, you can find five residential towers; a townhouse community, an Industria Mall where you can enjoy the parks, shops and exclusive recreational facilities; the CV Sports Hub; CV Pitch; a bike playground; CV Quad (basketball, volleyball, badminton court); and Hachi Park, which is an off-leash dog park.

According to Ysmael, only a third of the estate has been developed, which means one can expect more exciting offerings over the next decade.


Exciting things are heading towards this bustling corridor, touted as the new battleground for real estate developers.

Along C5 Road in Pasig City is the 16-ha Ortigas East where a residential community (Maple at Verdánt Towers) and Glaston, which offers office spaces for sale, have been launched. It is home to Tiendesitas, a shopping complex; Silver City Office Campus; and other locations that include SM Hypermarket and Transcom Center.

While Ortigas East is already a thriving community, more can be expected upon completion of its P50-billion redevelopment plan.

According to Ysmael, they will be unveiling a fresh look for and a unique concept behind Ortigas East, formerly known as Frontera Verde, as based on the new masterplan. It will anchor on the fact that Ortigas East has one of if not the best locations among the company’s estates given its three major access points.

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

Distinct offerings define Ortigas Land estates

“It has a very unique location. Also, we have some anchors there which we believe will add to the viability and vibrancy of the estate,” he said.

One of the initial plans is to put up a new mall with an office-for-lease component to complement Tiendesitas.

“We will configure it in a way that will make it stand out because that corridor is quite competitive. As you know, C5 is the new battleground and that’s why we have to make sure that our new products in that area will be competitive and will stand out,” Ysmael said.

“We’ll see if we can already outline the beginnings of what the new Ortigas East will look like. We will put in the necessary infrastructure utilities, landscaping, lampposts, signages, pedestrian areas, and then of course, we will have the mall, office component, and Maple, the first in a series of residential towers. We’ll intensify further the effort there so that we can already start demonstrating to the public what the new Ortigas East will look like,” Ysmael explained.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/284857/distinct-offerings-define-ortigas-land-estates#ixzz67abDvfOa
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New era dawns for pioneer builder Ortigas Land

By: - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
/ 04:10 AM December 07, 2019

New era dawns for pioneer builder Ortigas Land


It’s been one phenomenal year that marked significant turning points in its 88-year legacy.

Ortigas Land Corp., formerly Ortigas & Co., is ending the year strong, to say the least, with a stellar financial performance, successful project launches, sold out residential towers, exciting and innovative developments in the pipeline, new prospects that will diversify its growing portfolio, and a change in its corporate name, meant to further solidify the company’s position as a seasoned real estate developer.

All these only make Ortigas Land a formidable force to reckon with, as it builds on the solid legacy of the Ortigas brand while further enhancing its offerings on the back of the strengths and expertise of its partners, Ayala Land and SM Prime.

“All of these are part of the success story that we have demonstrated over the last couple of years. Of course, the Ortigas legacy, its development experience, and workforce provided the original DNA. What we did was build on that, added new things coming from the Ayala DNA and SM Prime DNA and effectively, marry all these three. So far, it worked,” Ortigas Land president and chief executive officer Jaime E. Ysmael said in an interview.


Stellar performance

And the numbers, indeed, attest to that success.

“It’s another banner year for the company. We expect our top line to grow double digit at 20 percent thereabouts, while the bottomline is stronger, with 27- to 28-percent growth on the back of the continued high performance of the residential and office-for-sale business, as the demand continues to be quite brisk while pricing is also quite good. Of course, there’s also the continued strong performance of our mall business despite the continuous redevelopment of Greenhills. Our other malls in Estancia, Tiendesitas and even Circulo Verde have actually been active in terms of leasing out,” Ysmael told the Inquirer.



“We’ve now reconfigured most of our malls to accommodate new tenants and new concepts. We’re now almost fully leased in terms of mall space. For our offices, we’re practically 100-percent leased as traditional offices have started to come in strongly. So we expect another banner year for the company,” he added.

New era dawns for pioneer builder Ortigas Land


Ysmael pointed out that when the partnership started in 2014, the net income then was only around P100 million. This year however, he revealed that their net income may hit around P2.3 billion, about 20 times higher than their earnings when they entered this sector.

Part of this robust growth can be attributed to the continued completion of residential, mall and office projects as based on the massive redevelopment plan for its four masterplanned estates, as well as the company’s clear-cut, ingenious strategy that brought Ortigas Land to a new level of growth and profitability.

Ysmael further disclosed that Ortigas Land currently enjoys a healthy balance between its leasing income and development income. He expects that in the immediate term, they will see an increase in the contribution of the development side of the business or the property for sale side, which they meanwhile intend to complement with a continued expansion program for the malls.

Sustaining growth

Sustaining this stellar financial performance, however, would require Ortigas Land to continue launching new projects in its key estates every year. This year, for instance, the company had two major launches: The Galleon, a 39-story mixed-use project that will offer premium grade office spaces, and The Empress, a 56-story residential tower set to rise within Capitol Commons in Pasig City, and touted as the “first wellness real estate in the country.” These two projects can generate a combined P28 billion in sales for the company.

New era dawns for pioneer builder Ortigas Land


“The key is to continue launching in our four estates while making sure that our estates would be developed based on our plans. We will continue to market, promote, and position them for the intended market and so far, we’re quite happy with the way the estates have been performing,” Ysmael said. “We will continue to innovate as well and try to introduce something different, which we believe is the key to ensuring the success of these developments.”

Continued enhancements

Ysmael cited as an example the 10-hectare Capitol Commons where it has four residential projects namely The Royalton, The Empress, Maven, and The Imperium; office spaces; Estancia Mall; a food strip called Gastro, and Unimart.

“Capitol Commons, as you know, is already on the map. Everybody recognizes the successful model of development there and we continue to enhance it with new offerings like the opening of the new wing of Estancia Mall which will add another excitement to the overall estate with the introduction of more shops. More specifically, we will now have an anchor department store which is the SM Store and also, we will have our very first Ortigas cinemas where we’ll have six screens, two of which will be high end which we call The Screening Room and hopefully, the first of its kind as one of them will be the first e-games ready cinema,” Ysmael explained.

The three other estates are the 16-hectare Ortigas East along C5, for which the company will be rolling out a P50-billion masterplan; the 16-ha Greenhills, which will see a P60-billion allocation for its own redevelopment, and the 10-ha Circulo Verde, located along Calle Industria in Quezon City.

For 2020, Ortigas Land plans to launch three major projects—one each in Circulo Verde, Capitol Commons, and Ortigas Center, which would collectively have about P29 billion in sales value.

“By next year, hopefully, we can start one office-for-lease project within Capitol Commons so that by the time the proposed subway gets completed, we have one other office tower that will take advantage of the connectivity. I’m also asking the team to push harder and at least be in a ready-to-launch mode—not just for malls and offices-for-lease, but even for property-for-sale, whether residential or offices, in identified locations so that we are ready to (offer something new) depen-ding on market situation,” Ysmael disclosed.

Name change

As Ortigas Land aggressively moves to become a major player in the local real estate industry, it has also undertaken a name change this year to further enhance the brand’s offerings.

“Now that we have built up the brand to a level we’re comfortable with and given all the projects we’ve launched that allowed us to become a top-of-mind choice, it’s time to also change the corporate name. We’re changing it to Ortigas Land Corporation to best depict the brand that we stand for and the business that were in. We believe this will further enhance the value and the strength of the brand. Ortigas Land Corporation is the holding company, then our leasing arm is now Ortigas Commercial Corporation, instead of Capitol Commons Corporation, while our development arm will remain OCLP or Ortigas & Co. Ltd. Partnership,” he said.

New era dawns for pioneer builder Ortigas Land


“We still carry the Ortigas name which, at the end of the day, is in itself quite strong. We’re just making it clearer for the public but it’s the same brand promise, same set of values, vision and mission that will guide us. At the same time, (the name change) denotes progress—it’s something that is forward looking and truly solidifies our position as a real estate developer,” Ysmael added.

Aggressive launches

Amid this name change in the course of the company’s 88-year history, Ortigas Land will become even more aggressive in terms of project launches, while retaining the mission, vision and values redefined when the partners came in back in 2014. These, he added, remained relevant and consistent with the positioning of Ortigas Land.

In fact, Ortigas Land is even exploring potential prospects in co-working and co-living spaces as well as in the logistics business, to take advantage of the increasingly robust sharing economy and the growth of the Philippine real estate industry. This was also meant to maximize the landbank of the company’s subsidiaries outside Ortigas Center.

“It’s all work in progress —we’re still studying it. But the intent is to actually diversify into other businesses that are aligned with the overall business of Ortigas. Taking advantage of what we already have in terms of landbank is something we will be pursuing to diversify the portfolio,” he added.

“For now, aided by the landbank we currently have, we intend to continue growing. We’re trying to see if we can expand initially in adjacent areas (of our estates) to enlarge our footprint because with the success of our developments, the availability of land may start to become an issue. We are looking at areas for expansion within the current estates we have and also within the trade area where we operate which would be the cities of Pasig, San Juan and Quezon City,” he said.

It’s an exciting time indeed for Ortigas Land as a new era dawns for one of the pioneers in the Philippine real estate industry. Without a doubt, one can only expect great things from a partnership that banks on a wealth of experience culled from close to nine decades of operation and the expertise of property giants that have made significant waves in the local economy.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/284883/new-era-dawns-for-pioneer-builder-ortigas-land#ixzz67aZkp3Ue
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FIRST LOOK: Ortigas Cinemas Is Now Open at Estancia's New Wing

You can now catch the latest films in Estancia Mall!

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Natural Home: How to Create Green Spaces in Your Condo

Admit it; as convenient as it is to live in Manila, you wish the air was a bit cleaner. While you may think that your best bet for fresh air is to visit the province, you can still get your fix while living in the city.

A recent study published in the Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaption in Urban Areas Journal found that urban green spaces like the nearest park have significantly better air quality compared to the rest of the city. This is because they’re full of trees and plants that filter out pollution. Trees also cool the area by providing shade and spritzing water vapor. Apart from their physical benefits, green spaces may help improve one’s mental health, as walking around them reduces stress. 


However, not everyone has the time to blow off steam at the park. After a long day, you want to rest and unwind in your bed. Fortunately, you can do more than turning on the AC to improve your indoor air quality. You can actually create your own green space in the comfort of your home. Here’s how to do it.


Small Plants, Big Benefits

If you’re worried that the Ortigas Avenue condo you got during preselling is too intimate for greenery, there are a lot of tiny plants to choose from. Start with succulents. They’re low maintenance and come in different interesting shapes and colors. Take these choices into consideration: 


Echeveria - This is a rose-shaped succulent that can come in light green, brown, or even purple. They also produce flowers during the summer.

Aloe Vera - If you’re a skincare buff, this succulent is perfect for your home. Once your plant is about a year old and has a reddish shade to it, you can snip one of its leaves to harvest its gel. This substance can be used to moisturize your skin or treat sores and burns. 

Jade Plant - These have puffed, bright green leaves that can jazz up any room. Plus, they’re a symbol of good luck!

These succulents only need watering when their soil gets wholly dried out. Place them on your terrace or let them decorate your windowsill to get as much sun as possible. 


The Wall is Your Friend

If you’ve amassed a collection of plants and you’re running out of floor space, it’s time you used your wall. There are many vertical gardening kits to choose from online, and they require little to no tools to set up. You can also get creative and easily craft your vertical garden using old drawers and dressers. If you want to grow some vines, create a trellis with some wood, nails, and glue. 


Your condo is an escape from the chaos and pollution of the city. Make it even more comfortable by making small green spaces in every room. Use these suggestions, and you’ll be greeted by the relaxing and healthy ambiance of your plants every time you come home. 


Live in a Green Space

If you want to enjoy nature without leaving home, the Verdant Towers by Ortigas East is for you. Our new development is situated along Ortigas Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue, which is known for having 40% green spaces and convenient, interconnected walkways. And with amenities like a lounge pool and a garden deck, you’ll definitely get the relaxation you need after a long day at work.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new project.

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5 Good Reasons to Move to Pasig

These days, up-and-coming professionals, high-level executives and those seeking a relaxed atmosphere to balance their active lifestyles are attracted by Ortigas Center in Pasig City. Here’s why you should consider moving to this established metropolis in the heart of Metro Manila.

  1. You can Live Close to Work

Years ago, this formerly rural district of over 750,000 people evolved into a 1st-class highly urbanized city. It has transformed into a vibrant city that’s home to thousands of businesses, approximately 7600 and counting. Part of Pasig City is Barangay San Antonio, where Ortigas Center is located. This busy district is home to many companies in diverse industries such as BPO, IT, banking, beveragesreal estate, entertainment, and advertising. Finding a home and growing roots here is possible, especially when you have the right skills to carve a career path. To live closer to your workplace in Ortigas, consider a condo for sale in Capitol Commons

  1. Schools are Nearby

Speaking of skills, you or any children you plan to have can get quality education from the nearby educational institutions. Schools for all of your kids’ stages in education can be found in Pasig, from preschools to universities. Choosing them is a matter of deciding what paths your child wants to take and how much you’re willing to allocate for their education.

  1. Abundant Food Choices

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dining options in Pasig City. Barangay Kapitolyo alone offers a vast number, ranging from simple carinderia fare to popular pork BBQ, to sushi and many Filipino and international cuisines. Even the most fastidious of foodies will be spoiled for choice in Pasig City. 

  1. It has Rich Heritage

Pasig city has a few hidden historical and cultural gems. There’s the Freedom House, the oldest, long-standing bahay na bato similar to those in Batanes, and it is still occupied by the direct descendants of one of its first occupants, Don Cecilio Tech y Cabrera. Pasig is also home to possibly the oldest bakery in Manila, the Dimas-Alang bakery which opened in 1919 by Ambrosio Lozada.

Dimas-Alang bakery still operates today, and you can catch the aroma of freshly-baked pandesal wafting through its doors.

  1. There’s a New Mayor

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for people to consider moving to Pasig city was its appalling traffic situation. Fortunately, there’s a new mayor in town who appears to be very serious in dispensing with the old, ineffective methods and, instead, finding novel and creative ways to ease traffic. 

In Conclusion

Thanks to the fast-rising developments that include condominiums, malls, and office buildings, coupled with already-established recreational and entertainment features, Pasig City is quickly becoming a viable location for up-and-coming professionals and those established in their careers. These are only a few reasons why you should consider moving to Pasig city, as buying a home or condo here is bound to be a wise decision and a good investment.

Did you find this article on Pasig city informative? If you’d like to explore the idea of moving here, get to know the available living options.

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Ortigas Logo

What condo suits your personality?

/ 04:26 AM November 23, 2019

Nowadays, a condominium is not just a place to sleep and crash in. It serves an important purpose of accommodating our basic needs, hobbies and priorities in life. Besides offering ample space and an ideal location, the best condominium is one that is conducive to your lifestyle.

The Capitol Commons in Oranbo, Pasig City, is one of the few mixed-use developments where you can choose to live in a condominium that suits your personality. Developed by seasoned developer Ortigas & Co., this community offers a mix of residential, commercial and entertainment spaces for just about every person.

If you’re looking to live, work and thrive in an area which offers both comfort and convenience, consider the different residences that make up Capitol Commons. Choose the best place for you to live in by checking out which personality describes you below.

For the architecture aficionado

Dubbed “The Sexiest Tower in the City,” the Royalton is a 64-storey building that offers a unique architectural experience. Currently targeting a turnover date this end of 2019, the building is designed with the concept of a veil in mind.

Taking cue from the folds of a fabric, the façade of the structure is made up of sweeping curves. No balcony is alike as each floor offers a unique view of Ortigas Center, Pasig River, Laguna de Bay, and the Sierra Madre mountain range.

True to its name, the Royalton offers units that are fit for anyone dreaming of a royal lifestyle. The building features exclusive amenities such as a lap pool with cabanas, landscaped garden, community room and a business center. There are also retail units and a grand lobby welcoming residents on the ground floor.

The Royalton was designed with sophistication in mind. The building has 100 percent emergency power provision for common areas and 50 percent provision for each unit. There are five high-speed elevators that can service residents on the go, as well as a “club room” for their private affairs.

The Royalton Tower is located along Camino Verde Road, fronting the Paragon and Estancia Mall. For someone who values good design, breathtaking views and a comfortable environment, the Royalton is the best place to be. It offers a home fit for a king, without the high-maintenance castle.

What condo suits your personality?


For the sanctuary seeker

The Empress Tower at the Capitol Commons is the ideal location for one who wants to take a break from city living.

Within this 56-storey structure are spaces that can easily soothe the weary urbanite. Wellness is clearly the priority in this chic residence, which boasts of a smart home, therapeutic colors, sustainable features and a biophilic design.

Health is given emphasis here with the relaxing design of the interiors. Color is used to influence mood and the psychological well-being of residents. Units are available in one-, two-, three-bedroom cuts, as well as three-bedroom bi-level size.


The design of the Empress is patterned after the “yin” and “yang” duality that is common in Chinese culture. The yin or quiet spaces are evident in the garden, pamper room and reading room. The yang or active zone, meanwhile, is seen in the pool, gym, children’s playroom and dance studio.

The Empress is the latest addition to the projects to be built in Capital Commons. Targeted for completion in 2026, there is much anticipation building up for this health-driven residence in the heart of Pasig City.


For the luxury lover

Rising 62 storeys high, the Imperium is the most exclusive offering of Capitol Commons. It has exclusivity written all over it, with only four units to a floor. Spacious spaces are available here—the smallest one featuring a two-bedroom layout.

The most unique feature of the Imperium is its slanted windows, offering a shaded view of Pasig City and Capitol Commons Park. Its amenities are also some of the best one can avail themselves of in the city. Residents can make use of the infinity-edge pool, landscaped garden decks, residential lounge and even a mini-theater furnished with recliner chairs.

Even though it is slated for a 2020 turnover, the Imperium has already garnered accolades from award-giving bodies. It has won the Best Luxury Condo Architectural Design and the Best Luxury Condo Development (Metro Manila) categories in the 2018 Philippine Property Awards of the Property Guru. If you want an address that speaks for itself, this residence immediately puts you at the top of society.


For the youthful yuppie

The Maven, a 62-storey residential tower, was designed with yuppies in mind. Colorful, vibrant and curated, the building boasts of spaces which encourage community interaction. Its unique feature is its five play rooms which are designed to be located at the center of the tower structure. These rooms are to be designed differently for residents to relax in and enjoy.

Maven is the only tower in Capitol Commons offering small units. The studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units populate the tower, which are ideal for young professionals sharing spaces. In terms of amenities, the tower offers a fitness center, a party room, meeting rooms, play rooms, a swimming pool, a game room and a media room to keep its residents entertained and active.

The building is conveniently located in front of the Estancia Mall, which offers everything a city dweller might need. Unimart is walkable, making a quick run to the grocery a simple errand. Overall, the Maven is ideal for the young and young-at-heart who wants to be at the center of action and fun.


A development for everyone

Offering condominiums that suit different lifestyles, Capitol Commons is a place for various personalities.

Whether you seek solitude or action, luxurious or shared spaces, there is a condominium that can cater to your lifestyle in Ortigas & Co.’s development. Visit Capitol Commons today and discover your future residence amid a green environment and a vibrant community.

Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/283960/what-condo-suits-your-personality#ixzz66SMpsVjk
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What Makes Ortigas CBD Perfect for Office Space Hunting for Startups?

Central business districts, or CBDs, serve as the economic hub of a city or region. As the focal point of trade, CBDs are characterized by well-developed infrastructure, high-performing utilities, major developments, high foot traffic, and accessibility.

In the Philippines, the three major CBDs are located in Makati, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig, and Ortigas. Each contributes largely to the country’s economic growth. But of the three, Ortigas is the most ideal for startups.

Take a look at what sets Ortigas CBD apart from the other two.


Office lease rates in Metro Manila are getting more expensive, now averaging P1,419.68 per square meter. As the rates continue to rise, Ortigas CBD is the ideal area to lease. An office space in Ortigas Center can go as low as P500 per square meter per month, which is significantly cheaper than the P1,300 to P1,600 rate in Makati CBD.

The affordable lease rates in Ortigas Center make it ideal for small and medium businesses and startups that are working with tight budgets. Apart from affordability, the low rates give investors plenty of room for value for appreciation, which can increase your return on investment.


Ortigas Center acts as a pass-through point for these key metropolises: Pasig City, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong City.

The CBD is bounded by three major thoroughfares: Shaw Boulevard on the South, Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue (EDSA) on the West, and Ortigas Avenue on the North. Ortigas Center’s strategic location places it in proximity to transport networks and terminals by way of the Metro Railway Transit (MRT), bus stations, and jeepney bays.

Upcoming infrastructure developments such as the BGC-Ortigas Link and the MRT Ortigas South Station are expected to reduce traffic congestion. These projects will cut travel time, making it easier for professionals and consumers to get to and from the area.


Points of Interest

Anchored on Mandaluyong, dubbed the “Shopping Capital of the Philippines,” Ortigas Center serves as a gateway for mall-goers. This is a big advantage for Ortigas since shopping malls have ingrained themselves into the modern Filipino culture. Among the many malls located in Ortigas Center are Shangri La Plaza, the Podium, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, and Estancia Mall, which is a relatively new addition to the mix.

Ortigas Center is abundant with lifestyle destinations. First is Barrio Kapitolyo, a popular “food crawl” spot. Kapitolyo is home to an extensive selection of cafes, bars and pubs, and restaurants, allowing foodies to indulge in international and local flavors in their own backyard. Another go-to lifestyle spot is Capitol Commons, a mixed-use development that houses the Estancia Mall.

These key spots in the Ortigas CBD ensure that the area is always teeming with people. Steady foot traffic in a certain location can be potentially good for a business, especially startups, since it increases the chance of visitors in brick-and-mortar shops. Heavy foot traffic may also help raise awareness about the brand since more people encounter its logo, signages, symbols, and other marketing materials.

Ortigas CBD is also home to high-end and low-end stores, which means it can attract consumers from middle- to high-income brackets. Compared with Makati and BGC that some people may find too upscale or expensive, Ortigas Center can capture a larger share of the market by means of socioeconomic class. Startups and small businesses can benefit from this market position to create as much noise about their brand as possible.

Ortigas Center is a bustling nest of industries, from financial institutions and banks, BPOs, retail, real estate, manufacturing, and media. As such, your startup can expect high-quality office buildings with all the amenities your business will need. A prime example is The Galleon.

Office Spaces in Ortigas Center

The Galleon is a two-tower, mixed-use development with modern, functional office spaces - a unique offering within the heart of Ortigas CBD. Its convenient location ensures that everything your startup needs is within your reach.

Contact us today to know more about the latest developments in Ortigas Center.

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Greenhills Laser Light Symphony To Run Until January!

It’s going to be an exciting holiday season as Greenhills launches its first Laser Light Symphony that is sure to keep everybody entertained.

The first of its kind in the Philippines, this brilliant show features two expert laser dancers showcasing their talents with the play of laser lights – a delightfully entertaining and colorful show that will appeal to all. Staged in collaboration with Smart, the laser show will run every half hour from 6 to 10 pm from November 15 through January 5, 2020 at the G-Strip Parking area,  bringing an element of fun and surprise to the holiday festivities. Best of all, this laser show is free. Watch the inaugural show on November 15 and be amazed at the amazing fireworks that will signal the start of the Christmas festivities. 

Photo: Greenhills


The laser show is a unique accompaniment to the Christmas Night Market that will rise at the same spot, allowing everyone to enjoy the best holiday shopping right at the country’s shopping mecca – right up to midnight. Tenants such as Kyuri Sushi, Curry Boss, Sinji Dimsum, Pinoy Yakitori, Bulacan Lugaw Kitchen, The Tipsy Tea and so much more will be there to fill everyone’s holiday cravings. Find gifts for everyone on your gift list as you make your way through the widest array of items you can ever dream of. For even more choices, there’s also the Wonderland Bazaar at the VMall Lobby and the Holiday Tiangge Fair at the Center Mall, both open until 10 PM, with items to match every budget. Start your Christmas shopping with the array of clothes, accessories, bags, furniture, makeup, and specialty food at the fair. 


What’s Christmas without food? For the most memorable dining experiences this Christmas, Greenhills has partnered with Mastercard and Zomato for Holiday Feast with Treats, where diners with a single receipt worth P2,000 and use their Mastercard debit, credit, or prepaid card to enjoy special treats. Get rewarded at participating food establishments such as Bangus Republic, Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo, Jay-jay’s Chicken Inasal, Kamameshi Town, Luk Yuen, Mesa, Mom & Tina’s, Moshi Koshi, Pho Hoa, Shakey’s, Shrimp Bucket,  Sugar House, Omakase, Tim Hortons, and more.

Photo: Greenhills


Spreading the spirit of good cheer will be Santa Claus, who will come for a meet and greet every Saturday of the Christmas Season, right at the VMall on Greenhills’ Giant Santa Chair. Indulge your little ones’ fantasies with a photo session with the man in red. To let everyone feel the joy of the season, carolers will serenade guests with well-loved holiday songs every Sunday in the run-up to Christmas. 


Keeping a beautiful Filipino tradition alive, Simbang Gabi masses will be held nightly from December 15 to 23 at the Chapel of the Holy Family right within the mall – allowing guests to hear mass right while staying close to all the conveniences and delights that Greenhills Shopping Center offers.

Drop by Greenhills for a great Christmas experience! For more information on Greenhills’ Christmas Festivities, visit their social media pages at www.facebook.com/greenhillsofficial and www.instagram.com/greenhillsph, and subscribe to their newsletter at www.ortigasmalls.com.


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All the essential, adorable and edible must haves from Tiendesitas Pet Village

Gerald Dizon (Philstar.com) - November 19, 2019 - 1:55pm

MANILA, Philippines — Through easy and tough times, you can always count on your pets for companionship, comfort, and cheer. They stay without judgment and suspicion, and are only happy to see you, any time of the day.

Owning pets is so beneficial that they can, in fact, even help you live longer.

In a recent study, pet ownership—of dogs, for example—has been associated to reduce mortality by 24%, as opposed to non-ownership. Separate research suggests that even just watching cat videos online leads to better emotion regulation.

These are just a few good reasons why pet owners should treat their pets with the utmost care, whether feline, canine, and everything else in between.

For existing pet owners and those planning on having their own fur babies, Tiendesitas Pet Village is the perfect place to visit. With several stores ready to cater to all your pet needs, you’d be hardpressed to look anywhere else.

Here are just some of the Pet Village stores you can visit, and all the must-haves they offer:


1. Pampered pets at Petville Hotel

Petville offers daycare services in the metro, where pets are taken care of while the owners are away.  Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas

Much like real parents, you want trusted friends and family to look after our pets when we are out or away. But what if none of them are available? Thankfully at Petville, you can rest easy.

“We’ve been in the pet care and grooming business since 2011, and the emergence of pet hotels is a relatively novel concept in the country, and there is now a growing demand. We at Petville offer daycare services in Metro Manila so that their owners can leave their pets with us during their busy schedules,” said Brian Chua, proprietor of Petville.

The business also offers specialized services, depending on the specific needs of their pets, like frequency of feeding, playtime, and so on.

2. Professional shots by PetSnaps Studio

PetSnaps creates lasting memories with pets through professional shots. Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas

Pets often do stuff that just makes you go “aww.” They have unexpected expressions and cute acts that can melt your heart and make your day. As is often said about children, furbabies themselves also grow up so fast.

Create lasting memories with your pets through professional shots.

PetSnaps, a premier photography studio for pets, does precisely this for pet parents. With their passion, skill, and patient handling, the people over at PetSnaps can produce crisp, high-quality snapshots. These are perfect if you’re looking to get long-lasting mementos, or just aiming to level up your #Petstagram game. Visit their Instagram for more details.

3. Nutrition boost from GAT Petshop

GAT Petshop offers nutritional supplements to help advance your pet’s overall health and performance.

Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas


Re-established in 2017, GAT Petshop is a one-stop-shop for all things pet essentials. Immediately captivating at the storefront is the abundant display of pet nutritional supplements, which come in different forms and uses.

Whether you want to boost your pet’s energy and appetite, improve coat quality and shine, digestion, mobility, and memory, GAT Petshop is the place that has the right merchandise. This is the store to go so that you can improve your pet’s overall health and appearance.

4. All for pet satisfaction by PetCo.

PetCo. has products that cater to different pet parenting lifestyles.

Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas


5. Organic is also best for pets – Pawfect!

Pawfect offers good quality, organic trade goods that are sourced from European countries, like France and Germany.

Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas


Edward Limoanco established Pawfect 15 years ago in Tiendesitas, specializing in pet care needs and good quality, organic trade goods that are sourced from European countries, like France and Germany.

Being in the business of show dogs and having competed as an exhibitor himself for the last 30 years, Limoanco naturally advocates for animal health and knows more about pet care than your average fur parent. Because of this, he has earned the trust of the store’s long-time clientele when it comes to pet-rearing needs.

“We’ve been here for 15 years, and we’re doing well because we have a lot of customers who trust us to take care of their dogs. We don’t force them to buy things they don’t need. With our years and years of experience and know-how, we know what’s good for our customers’ pets, so we know what to tell them when they consult with us,” he said.

6. Adorable accessories by Dogaholics

Over the years, Dogaholics Petshop has evolved to cater to the needs of other pets: cats and other small animals, like hamsters and rabbits—including all manner of accessories.

Philstar.com/Erwin Cagadas


For nine years since 2010, Dogaholic Petshop has been providing customers apparel and supplies of the best quality. Storeowner Minda Baldo, who was originally specializing in dog supplies, has evolved the store to cater to the needs of other pets: cats and other small animals, like hamsters and rabbits—including all manner of accessories.

Most notable of these are their leashes, and cute dog “jerseys” in time for the basketball season.

Treat your pets at Pet Village today

“Pet Village aims to give the best pet shopping experience in all of Manila, especially since we have everything pet owners need all in one place, making it very convenient and accessible, because it saves you the time from having to visit separate shops in different points in the metro, for example,” shares Gerald Tarayaw, owner of GAT Petshop.

“Treat your pets like you would important people in your lives, because like human beings they need love, care, and protection. Given all the irreplaceable happiness and affection they inspire in you, it is only right that you give them the best care,” he added.

Tiendesitas' love for pets doesn't end here! This holiday season, Pet Village shares the gift of wonder at Pets Unleashed.

Located right at the center of the stores, Pets Unleashed is a giant Christmas box where visitors can enter and enjoy an animal and lights show projected from floor to ceiling to all four walls. This unique and exciting destination is perfect for pet lovers young and old.


Visit the Pet Village in Tiendesitas Mall at Ortigas Avenue Corner E. Rodriguez Avenue, Pasig. You can also follow Tiendesitas Mall on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for their newsletter at https://www.ortigasmalls.com/tiendesitas/ for more updates.

Read more at https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/shopping-guide/2019/11/19/1966244/all-essential-adorable-and-edible-must-haves-tiendesitas-pet-village#oOdfmDSEVywxrOMs.99

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Logo of Verdant Towers at Ortigas East

Construction Update - Maple at Verdant Towers


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logo of Circulo Verde

Construction Updates - Avila North & South


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Logo of Ortigas East

Positivity, joy to light up the season

MANILA, Philippines — It was a fitting celebration of the community, meant to foster joy and positivity to usher in this festive holiday season.

On Monday night, Ortigas & Co. officials, headed by their president Jaime E. Ysmael, and Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto led the opening of the Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel—a yearly tradition in the Ortigas East estate, located along C-5 Road. The ceremonial lighting, aptly titled “Light Up,” also kicks off the highly anticipated activities that the company has lined up for the public over the next two months.

“We choose the title, ‘Light Up,’ for tonight’s festivities because we felt that it truly captures the message we want to send everyone this Christmas. It sends out a strong message of positivity and joy — a simple yet powerful sentiment that is fitting for the holiday season,” Ysmael said.

“Every year, the Ortigas East estate aims to light up everyone’s celebrations and hearts through the various activities we prepare for the community. We are proud to present once again the Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel, a one-of-a-kind experience held annually to provide a delightful and memorable experience for the community during the holidays,” he added.

BEDAZZLED A shower of sparklers forms part of the Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel, a holiday display formally switched on by Ortigas & Co. at Ortigas East estate along C-5 Road in Pasig City on Monday night. —EARVIN PERIAS 

Sotto, meanwhile, took the opportunity to thank Ortigas & Co. for this event.

“As someone who lives right around the corner, this light tunnel has been something we have grown to expect and enjoy. I would like to thank Ortigas & Co. for helping us build our community especially come Christmas time,” Sotto said.

Comprised of 74 arches with 9,216 bulbs, 5,130 flash pods and 1,200 pixel tube lights, the Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel is an enchanting light display spectacle spread across a 213-meter stretch along Central Avenue of Ortigas East. The bright, flashing colorful lights are meant to inspire hope and joy for all during the yuletide.

To make the ceremonial lighting more exciting, Ortigas & Co. came up with a “fun and collaborative dance challenge that highlights the spirit of unity within the community.” Families and friends are encouraged to dance to the light and sounds of the Christmas Tunnel and post their videos online with the hashtag #OrtigasEastDance-Challenge. Those with the most creative dance videos stand a chance to win great prizes.

“It’s a challenge that symbolizes that it is through the coming together of everyone that the (Ortigas East) estate is able to light up and shine this stretch of Central Avenue, formerly Frontera Drive, (which would also serve) as our very own dance floor. Let’s light up the Ortigas East Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel along with our community of families, friends, tenants and neighbors,” Ysmael added.

From Nov. 5 to Jan. 5, 2020, a series of activities will take place at Ortigas East including the unveiling of a mural advocating environmental awareness and to be designed by students from MINT College and the Gift of Wonders, a larger than life installation to awaken the Christmas spirit; the StrEAT Food night market, which will be open every night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; and a gift-giving rush at the Food and Pet Village, among others.

The 16-hectare Ortigas East, formerly known as Frontera Verde, is undergoing a P50-billion redevelopment plan which is being rolled out over the next 15 years. The first phase of the redevelopment will bring new residential, retail, and office developments to Ortigas East, which aims to seamlessly integrate a modern, bustling community with a lifestyle grounded on accessibility, community, and sustainability.

Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1186242/positivity-joy-to-light-up-the-season#ixzz652Ymop3Z
Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on FacebookBy: 
 - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
 / 03:50 AM November 06, 2019
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Logo of Ortigas East

Tunnel of light illuminates Pasig

The usual bright lights and noise of establishments in Frontera Verde were replaced by well-loved Christmas tunes and a lights display as Ortigas East launched its annual Christmas Street Musical Tunnel on Monday, ushering in the holiday season.

Now on its third year, the light display continues its tradition of lighting up the stretch of Frontera Verde with red, blue, and green lights that flicker to the beat of the music. 

This year, Ortigas East also included a separate lights show inside Tiendesitas called “Gift of Wonders.” Shaped like a giant gift box, mall-goers can go inside to look and take photos of a room full of twinkling lights.

Both installations will run every night starting at 6pm and ending at 10pm, from November 5 to January 5, 2020.

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto speaks during the launch of the Ortigas East Christmas Street Musical Light Tunnel on Monday. The light installation plays alongside well-loved Christmas songs in time for the holiday season. Photo by George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News


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Ortigas & Company logo

Capitol Commons Condos: Everything You Need Right at Your Doorstep

More and more people are moving into the heart of major cities, specifically in central business districts (CBDs). The Jones Land LaSalle’s Philippine Property Digest revealed in their 2017 report that about 125,000 residential condominium units will soon add to the total housing market of Metro Manila, from the second quarter of 2017 until 2021.


One of the developments that is quickly getting traction is Capitol Commons. Hailed as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines 2019 by the Asia Pacific Property Awards, Capitol Commons is a 10-hectare community that showcase modern living spaces, office buildings, and commercial areas that feature premium entertainment and retail selections. 

Its three residential towers are The Royalton, which is about to be turned over to homeowners, The Imperium, and the Maven. The last two are still in the pre-selling phase, so there are still Capitol Commons condo units for sale.  And with these three key benefits, Capital Commons is poised to become the next address of choice in Pasig City.


Modern and Top-notch Amenities

The three condominium towers feature an incredible array of amenities suited for diverse lifestyles. The Maven, The Imperium, and The Royalton have their own set of facilities dedicated to leisure and recreation, entertainment, and fitness. Residents can also accomplish tasks from the comfort of their home, since each tower houses its own meeting rooms and function rooms.

These amenities make Capitol Commons the perfect abode for those with dynamic lifestyles without sacrificing their work-life balance.

Strategic Location

Capitol Commons benefits from its prime location in the bustling Ortigas CBD, which boasts of world-class entertainment, great working opportunities, and prominent establishments. Residents have the chance to grow professionally because a wealth of job opportunities is close to their home.

The development is within a short distance from premier schools, such as Saint Pedro Poveda College, St. Paul College Pasig, La Salle Greenhills, and University of Asia and the Pacific. Also within proximity is the Medical City, one of the leading providers of patient care in the Philippines.

Ortigas is accessible as well, being near the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) Ortigas Station, bus terminals, jeepney bays, and UV Express stations. Infrastructure developments, such as the BGC-Ortigas Center Link (with a target date completion by 2020) and the Ortigas South subway station (with a target date completion by 2025) are also expected to cut travel time to minutes. So if you’re planning to visit neighboring cities, like Bonifacio Global City in Taguig or the Makati Central Business District, you can easily find a convenient transport method.

Prime Entertainment Hub

Capitol Commons residents may also easily head to Kapitolyo Village, a popular food hub. This famous food destination is home to an extensive range of cafes, international and local restaurants, and bars and pubs, allowing foodies to go on a gastronomic adventure without having to stray too far from their homes.

For mall visits, there is the Estancia Mall, a shopping haven that houses retail and dining options. The mall is home to international luxury brands, giving residents a global shopping experience without having to book a flight.

Office spaces are situated at the top eight floors of the mall, collectively known as Estancia Office.

When it comes to choosing your home, location does matter. Capitol Commons is the perfect illustration of this valuable factor for every real estate purchase.

Everything Within Reach

Capital Commons’ ideal location plus its amazing residential spaces make it the perfect address for people who thrive in the hustle and bustle of the city life. Fill out our short contact form for inquiries about our real estate developments.

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To New Heights: How to Effectively Communicate With Employees About Your Office Move

Your office’s physical environment significantly impacts your workers’ productivity. If your office building has poor lighting, fluctuating temperatures, or even regular power and internet failures, it may be time to relocate. However, moving is still a big shakeup for your company. Some employees may find it hard to commute to your new location, while others may be worried about work schedules being disrupted. Months before you start work, consider these pointers to effectively communicate with your workers about the big move.


Announce Plans as Soon as Possible

Even if you only have preliminary drafts of your new office or you’ve found the perfect workplace for sale or rent in Ortigas, let your employees have a heads up on possible moving and construction dates as soon as possible. Gather everyone for a short meeting and show them the plans. Make the following details clear: the building name and address, tentative moving day, and features the new office or building has that your current one doesn’t have. 

If you have multiple designs you’re choosing from, ask your employees to vote for the entry they like the most. This way, you’re giving your workers an office they want to work in. This short announcement allows your employees to anticipate the move and adjust their work schedule accordingly. After the meeting, keep your door open if anyone has questions or suggestions about the move that they want to ask or discuss privately.

Form a Moving Committee

Now that you’ve revealed your plans, it’s time to gear up for the move, even if it is months away. Start by forming a moving committee that you can brainstorm with about the timeline, packing methods, moving companies to hire, and possible vehicle or housing incentives for employees who may have to commute further to get to your new location. 

It’s ideal to have managers and team leaders as members of your committee, as they know the needs of their department the most and they can cascade updates down to their members without having to call a big meeting. 

Provide Helpful Informational Material

Ask a few people from your committee to create an information pack for workers. Include updates about the information you disclosed during your initial announcement. Indicate how the workplace will be set up. Will you be transitioning to an open office system? Or are you going to go with a more private design with cubicles? Make sure to back these changes up with research. 

Tell them about the amenities the building has like better parking and security. Will your future windows let in enough natural light? Natural light is one of the workplace qualities employees want the most, as it improves mood and wellbeing. You can distribute these facts through email as a full-fledged booklet. Chunking the information down as a weekly newsletter with a countdown may also build excitement among employees. 

Even if you’re excited about your move, your employees may have concerns about your soon-to-be workplace. Keep them informed and engaged by providing regular updates and assurance that the relocation is worth it. Before you know it, it’ll be business as usual in your new place.

Choose an Experienced Developer for Your Property

Safety and comfort are vital when choosing an office space. Here at Ortigas & Company, we provide secure and well-maintained office spaces for a wide range of industries. Our buildings are all situated in prime locations across Pasig, San Juan, and Quezon City. One of our offerings is the 34-storey Glaston Tower, which is well on its way to a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Contact us today to secure the office space you need.

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Spread the Wealth: What a Condo Investment Does for Your Portfolio

Diversification is the key to maintaining a strong investment portfolio. It’s typical for your holdings to sometimes fall short and at other times do well, depending on how the market performs. But limiting yourself to a single asset type, stock, or industry could also affect your portfolio because it creates risks that may lead to a major financial loss.

In distributing your investments to different assets, sectors, and industries, you’re creating a safety net for your portfolio. A diverse portfolio of investments gives you the ability to offset risky choices with dependable ones. In doing so, you can avoid losing the entirety of your investments from a poorly made decision.

Real estate is a popular choice for diversification. Beginners and veterans of the game invest in different properties for its resilience, dependability, and high capital appreciation. This tangible commodity has big ROIs that will start showing as early as the day you make the down payment.

Aim for the Sky: The Advantages of High-Rise Properties

High-rise properties are sought-after by investors. Condominiums, in particular, are gaining popularity for their design, affordability, and location. So the pre-selling of condos from Capitol Commons to Ortigas East is a common sight. These high-rise properties, influenced by the influx of professionals moving to the city, have features that are attractive selling points that make them smart investments.

What else do condominiums contribute to your portfolio?

Market Stability

The country’s real estate market continues to experience a steady growth rate. This is especially true for properties in urban areas. As the population grows, the demand for affordable housing will as well. Investing in a condominium in or around central business districts (CBDs) ensures the stability of your asset. Even if there is a property bubble in a specific city, this will rarely affect other locations.

Property Appreciation

Investing in real estate requires patience and trust. Price depreciation and dips in demand will occur. But the market's resilience has proven that these are only temporary. Once they pass, prices will go back to normal and your property will experience a positive appreciation. Moreover, you can increase your property’s value by adding improvements or modifications that make it a desirable living space.

Tangible Asset

As a tangible asset, your real estate investment will be in your portfolio as long as you hold onto it. You can also easily leverage it across different revenue streams. When located in a popular area, you can rent it out for passive income or sell it for a larger, one-time profit.

When you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, you prevent a potential loss. And using real estate to diversify allows you to reduce your portfolio’s volatility. With the right investment, you’re also likely to get a better return.

But the key is choosing the ideal property at the right time.

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Ortigas & Co.

Ortigas & Co. is pre-selling premium condos in prime locations. The Maven at Capitol Commons has 62 stories of beautiful living spaces and unique facilities designed for future residents who want to pursue their passions.

Get in touch with us today for any questions about our properties.

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Logo of The Imperium at Capitol Commons

Construction Update - Imperium at Capitol Commons


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Logo of Maven at Capitol Commons, Ortigas Center, Philippines

Construction Update - Maven at Capitol Commons


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Wealth of wellness fit for an Empress

Seasoned developer Ortigas & Co. is bringing a novel, possibly a gamechanging concept to the real estate scene.

Through the Empress, a 56-storey residential tower set to rise within Capitol Commons in Pasig City, Ortigas & Co. will be introducing to the Philippine market what it claims to be the “first wellness real estate in the country”—one that would allow residents to live, breathe and take it easy in a space that embodies the true meaning of home.

Wellness lifestyle real estate refers to homes that were proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of the residents. And as wellness lifestyle real estate and communities gain traction globally, the Philippines, too, will soon have its taste of such a residence that has your wellness as priority.

At Empress, future residents will surely revel from the joys of living in the heart of a bustling city while fostering a sense of self and a sense of community, through a space designed to have all the elements necessary to achieve balance and wellness—concepts that have become increasingly elusive and even priceless, amid the fast and exciting pace of lifestyle in most major urban centers.

So what is this lifestyle all about? Six things will tell you six ways how Empress will help improve your well-being.


Smart home



Technology gave rise to a new level of comfort and convenience as it now allows you to complete some of your tasks, errands and even business transactions with just a few taps on your phone.

And it’s that kind of lifestyle that awaits at Empress given its smart living features. A mobile phone app allows you to easily control your unit’s smoke detector, smart plug (for your smart TVs and kitchen appliances), IR control smart aircon, smart light switch, temperature sensor, and contact sensor (door, motion and water).

Mindful designs

A home designed for wellness should be able to reduce the stress one has to face every day and hence, it has to be mindful of the residents’ needs.

For the future residents of Empress, they no longer need to bother with certain details when they move in as units would already have a lavatory with vanity cabinets, integrated microwave oven cabinet, a WiFi router cabinet, built-in shower bench, built-in cabinets with lights, kitchen cabinets with task lights, USB ports in all the bedrooms, as well as an intercom with videophone.

Color therapy

Scores of studies have shown that colors can influence one’s well-being and stimulate positive emotional responses. The wrong use of these colors, whether too much or lack of, may however have an adverse impact on the residents.

Empress knows all too well that color can have a tremendous influence on the emotions and physical health of an individual and hence, it considered the impressions of a color and the kind of message it conveys.

For instance, red is said to bring warmth, energy and stimulation while blue can help calm breathing and heart rate. The color green is said to help calm the nervous system whereas yellow is seen to bring a sense of security. Such colors have been strategically integrated in the common spaces at Empress as these are seen important in creating the psychological mood or ambience to support the function of a particular space.

Biophilic design

Empress will allow you to nurture a connection with nature without needing to travel far and leave the convenience of your home. Within Empress, you’ll find pockets of spaces with lush greens and blooms that are sure to soothe your frazzled nerves.

Ortigas & Co. believes that the use of plants in spaces can create a natural and human-centered approach that can help improve work and living spaces that offer numerous benefits to one’s health and well-being. More specifically, a biophilic design as that of Empress, can help reduce stress, improve cognitive function, and even enhance mood and creativity.

Balanced living

In feng shui, it’s all about balance. It’s through having that balance that you are able to promote peace and harmony within a space, and allow positive energy to flow through your home.

Certified master feng shui consultant Joyce M. Co noted that the design features and components of the Empress present the five elements namely water (also representing the color blue), with the swimming pool; wood (green), with the use of natural plants and wood; fire (red), with good lighting in the so-called active areas; metal (white/silver/gold), with the use of these color tones throughout the building; and earth (yellow), as represented in the careful planning of structural design and materials used.

“The use of these five elements basically constitute the basic principles of feng shui. You can see these in the Empress’ color therapy palettes which were used in the strategic places where there is a need to produce, subdue and control certain areas to create a well-balanced space,” Co explained.

Amenities at the Empress were also carefully planned and strategically divided into two areas namely the quiet zone, where you’ll find the garden, wellness lawn and reading room, and the active zone, where the pools, lounge areas and play areas, among others, are located. These zones, Co said, are basically attributed to the “yin and yang” thus, creating a perfect balance of spaces based on their function.

Sustainable living

Beyond all these features that make Empress an ideal home in the bustling metro, there are sustainable measures being employed to ensure that this 56-storey tower will last for future generations to enjoy, but with a reduced carbon footprint to benefit the environment.

This is why Ortigas & Co. is ensuring that the Empress is green building compliant, through the provision of open spaces, a materials recovery facility and rainwater collection tank, among other features.

By: - Reporter / @amyremoINQ
/ 04:02 AM September 14, 2019
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Ortigas & Co. wins 'master planner' award

Property developer Ortigas & Company was recognized as the “Master Planner of the Year” during the Japan International Property Awards (JIPA).

The recognition, which was deliberated by a panel of industry experts from various fields in real estate, was awarded to the Philippine company in a ceremony held on September 4 at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills in Tokyo, Japan.

The “Master Planner of the Year” award is a special distinction given to developers who have executed their vision of building seamless communities that integrate a diverse selection of developments in a masterful way.

Ortigas & Company is the developer of Greenhills Center, Ortigas East, Circulo Verde and Capitol Commons.

JIPA said Ortigas & Company has been successful in introducing properties which have become hallmarks for celebrating life's defining moments. The award-giving body also recognizes that the company is able to evolve with their communities and deliver products of innovation and creativity catering to the needs and dreams of today's future generation.

For more than 88 years, Ortigas & Company has been guided by the philosophy of master-planning—developing spaces for communities to thrive and evolve with the people who live in these spaces. As one of the pioneer developers in the country, Ortigas & Company has built—and continues to introduce—properties that cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

Ortigas & Company is able to offer something different and unique to shape the urban landscape of Metro Manila. Each estate has residential, retail, and office spaces, and has integrated green open spaces such as parks and recreational hubs; testament to the company’s commitment of building great places for life.

Each residential tower offered by the company across its estates boast distinct features and unique amenities appealing to different investors, depending on their lifestyle. The various offices are strategically located to be confined within the estates, and another one is set to rise at Ortigas Center, one of the country’s top Central Business Districts.

The retail concepts of the company continue to attract crowds as the company always searches for new concepts among budding entrepreneurs and established brands in the country.

Last year, Ortigas & Co. was given a special award by JIPA recognizing the company as the Fastest Growing Real Estate Developer.

The Japan International Property Awards showcases Southeast Asia’s best developments from residential to commercial, recognizing top regional developers and their flagship projects that passed the rigid Japanese standards of development excellence.

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Built for wellness

There is a growing movement towards wellness as more people choose to have healthier lifestyles.

Some city governments are starting to encourage mobility by clearing road obstructions to provide lanes where people can walk or ride their bikes. More parks and wide open spaces are being provided to the public, while private fitness gyms and health and wellness centers have started to proliferate.

Even the Department of Health (DOH) is promoting wellness and encouraging Filipinos to adopt a healthier and more active way of living to help reduce major health risks that go with a sedentary lifestyle.

Wellness in cities

Wellness refers to the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Achieving wellness in the concrete urban jungle, however, could pose a serious challenge to city dwellers given the lack of open spaces, pollution, limited time to exercise and the highly stressful, fast-paced lifestyle.

Urbanites, however, now have a choice. They can choose to find a home where they are afforded that space to live, breathe and take it easy.

Seasoned developer Ortigas & Co. is introducing the concept of a wellness lifestyle to the Philippine market through the Empress—a 56-storey residential tower set to rise within Capitol Commons in Pasig City. This is touted to be the country’s first “wellness lifestyle real estate” where homes are proactively designed and built to support health and well-being of residents.

Indeed, it is possible to counter the stress and chaos that have become constant companions of those living in urban communities. Wellness can be within easy reach, thanks to projects like the Ortigas & Co.’s Empress, where you are given spaces that will allow you to lead an active lifestyle and achieve balance. And even within your unit there, you can also mirror the kind of wellness offered by the Empress. Here’s how.

Choose ‘happy’ colors

Do away with the hospital look. Each room in your home should exude warmth and joy. Choose colors which induce happy feelings and stimulate positive emotional responses.

Paint your space with the color red to bring warmth, energy and stimulation. Blue is soothing to the eyes, brings about calm and helps normalizes the heart rate. Green meanwhile relaxes the eyes while yellow brings a sense of security.

Take a walk

Combat stress by taking a walk as this can clear the head and increase your heart rate. Stop living a sedentary lifestyle. Move while your body still allows you to move. Brisk walk or follow a exercise regimen for an hour or so. Roam around the garden and enjoy the lush view and just forget the world. Fortunately, Empress will offer parks and open spaces where you can take a leisurely walk, spend some quiet moments, or meditate.

Find your spot

Don’t allow work to rule over your house. Find a spot where you can just breathe in the sights. It may be a nook where you can read a book in peace. Or just a comfy couch where you can laze around and think of nothing. Empress will offer expansive views of the metro that will surely calm and soothe your nerves.

Best home

Choose a place that fits the bill of having the best environment and a home that allows you to be the best version of yourself. The road leads to Empress by Ortigas & Co. It has all the amenities that one seeks to achieve health and well-being. From biophilic designs to color therapy, Empress aims to create a balanced lifestyle where its residents achieve holistic growth.


/ 04:22 AM September 21, 2019


Read more: https://business.inquirer.net/279434/built-for-wellness#ixzz60o71DTLp

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A seamless blend of local, foreign expertise

Nearing nine decades in the real estate scene, Ortigas & Co., plans to scale new heights in an aggressive, ambitious expansion plan. And with a massive redevelopment plan underway, Ortigas has also secured and acquired the services of topnotch local and foreign firms to help ensure the sustainability, liveability, quality and value of its developments.

While Ortigas & Co is going full throttle in creating landmark developments in Metro Manila to provide Filipinos better communities with a world-class feel, it has also employed the latest technologies in creating these masterpieces while adhering to a strict building guideline across all developments.

This seasoned developer has long placed its faith on local architectural firms as it continues to acquire services from reliable local construction companies. But in keeping up with the times, Ortigas & Co. has also acquired the services of foreign partners (for design and architecture, among others), who can lend their expertise regarding the most innovative and latest techniques available.

Top design firms

Ortigas & Co. turned to premier design firms such as RTKL, which has consistently ranked among the world’s top design firms. As proof of its renowned expertise, Building Design in 2011 ranked RTKL’s retail sector first in the world; its planning services, third; and its urban design, fifth.

For 70 years, RTKL has created one of the most memorable and successful environments for developers, retailers, investors, institutions and public entities. Its work has been a cut above the rest with numerous accolades received across multiple disciplines and sectors. Included in its portfolio are the Dubia Creek Harbour, The Pearl in Doha, Qatar and LA Live in Los Angeles, California.

Now, RTKL will serve as the consultant arm for the masterplan of Capitol Commons and also of Ortigas East.

The company will roll out a P50-billion masterplan to redevelop “Ortigas East,” which is formerly known as Frontera Verde along C5. This estate is launched with an initial offering of the first office-for-sale building, The Glaston Tower.

The Glaston Tower is poised to become Metro Manila’s prime business address. The 34-storey building plans to infuse more life into the office space market with its unique form and functionality. This building is also a recipient of Bronze Stevie Awards for innovation in business-to-business products under the New Product Category.


Capitol Commons estate in Pasig, on the other hand, will continue to undergo development with a P26-billion fund to bring it to a new level of growth and profitability.

Estancia, Capitol Common’s retail component, opened its doors to retail markets with 15,000 sqm of prime offices on its upper floors. But it was the three luxurious residential towers in Capitol Commons that takes the cake for future residents with a taste for the good life. The Royalton, The Imperium and Maven will offer a range of experiences for families, millennials and guests.

The Imperium at Capitol Common even bagged the Best Luxury Condo Architectural Design during the 2018 Philippines Property Awards. Highly Commended citations were bestowed for Maven, The Imperium and Capitol Commons for mixed use development of the year.

Structural integrity

The sound structural integrity of every building of Ortigas & Co resonates with its desire to create a building that will last from one generation to the next. Magnusson Klemencic (MKA) is the chosen structural and civil consulting engineers by Ortigas & Co. The firm carries a long history of enhanced expertise in seismic, wind, vibration, blast-engineering and site strategies for low-impct design, site infrastructure planning, strategic water planning and excavation shoring.

Magnusson Klemenic has 99 years of building experience in creating safe, highly functional, innovative designs that withstand the test of time. With projects in over 54 countries, MKA has consistently created safe, economical and state of the art design for buildings of all sizes. Among its most notable works are Chase Center in San Francisco, Vista Tower in Chicago and China’s Hunan Road Suning.

Not to be outdone is the 16-ha Greenhills Shopping Center. Being the crown jewel of the entire Greenhills complex, it will also house the first luxury residential tower—The Viridian in Greenhills. It is now being currently turned over to its buyers. Conor, another residential tower in Greenhills estate will soon rise, was launched early this year.

Latest masterpiece

The Galleon is the newest offering located in the heart of Ortigas Center. It is a two-tower, mixed use development complete with a ultra-modern design. A roster of highly renowned experts is helping create this latest gem in Ortigas Center. Ortigas & Co. tapped Architecture International Ltd. (San Francisco) as its masterplanning and concept architect. Among the more well known works of this US-based firm include the Lotte Tower in South Korea; Verona Office Towers in Italy, and Xi’an Hi-tech Business Center in China.

The architect of record is GF and Partners Architects, while for interior design, Ortigas & CO. commissioned the services of andAssociates. It also tapped world class structural and civil engineering firm Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA) to create a modern, functional office space with a view of lush landscapes in the communal gardens.


Redefining skyline

There’s no stopping Ortigas & Co when it comes to innovating the Metro Manila skyline.

Soon, The Empress will be added to its roster of master-planned developments in Capitol Commons.

The Empress, a residential building that showcases fine living, exudes femininity and strength. Three things that were top of mind when The Empress was designed: health, balance and well-being.

A balance of yin and yang to complement the lifestyle of its residents. The Yin will comprise the quiet places such as garden, pamper room and reading room. The Yang will be embodied in active zones like pool, gym, function halls and dance halls.

With an unparalled land bank and a long list of experience in building townships, Ortigas & Co. has more to offer in developing choice residential communities, coveted commercial areas and prime business spaces. The revitalized property giant plans to give and build more for the Filipinos.

Read from news site here.

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Common desire for functional design

It’s not just about aesthetics. Beyond appealing to one’s senses, efficiently designed spaces and structures actually play a key role in the well-being of the residents and tenants.

Numerous case studies and projects have already shown that design can influence one’s health, productivity, behavior, and at times, even one’s mood. But achieving an ideal design suitable to today’s urban dwellers entails meticulous planning, painstaking attention to every single detail of the project, and a certain expertise honed by years of experience. It also meant taking no shortcuts and paying for premium materials to create an environment conducive to one’s wellness.


Fortunately, there are local developers who recognize the significance and impact of the built environment on the quality of life of residents, visitors and other guests and locators.

Designed for a purpose

In Pasig City, for instance, the 10-ha Capitol Commons is offering an integrated urban haven, where each component was designed and strategically placed to complement the other facets of this mixed use project. While showcasing a stunning architecture that features Philippine culture, Capitol Commons provides residents, workers and guests with a much needed breathing space at the heart of the urban jungle.

Seasoned developer Ortigas & Co. aptly displayed its prowess and expertise arising from an eight-decade legacy in creating this sanctuary. How so?

Ortigas & Co. designed and had masterplanned Capitol Commons to house five luxury residential towers, strategically located in areas where residents will still enjoy privacy, security and exclusivity. While this is so, residents and guests will still find it easy to reach the prime office spaces and commercial areas that showcase a wide array of retail, dining and entertainment selections at Estancia, Unimart Supermarket and Gastro, a strip of free-standing concept restaurants. The idea is to have all these within walking distance from your home.

Lush parks and open spaces abound within the development, too, with the Capitol Commons Park serving as the “green heart” and the centerpiece of balance and holistic wellness. Almost a hectare of space has been made available for residents and guests to relax and enjoy leisure activities with loved ones.

Designs with benefits

All the planned residential towers, located within a 1.4-ha block within Capitol Commons, were also designed to derive certain benefits for the people.

Each project, which has a distinct architectural design, poised to grace the Ortigas skyline, will offer breathtaking views of either Ortigas Center, Pasig River, Laguna de Bay and mountain ranges. Each has its own character and was designed to provide comfort and convenience to its residents.

For example: The Royalton, a 64-storey luxury residential condo, was designed to be “a home fit for royals.”


According to Ortigas & Co., the design inspiration for The Royalton is what it called as “The Veil”—which showcases a sweeping, sexy tall building that is iconic and aesthetically unique. The veil “seems to lightly wrap on the building as if to flutter and flap in the wind. The fold in the fabric of the veil becomes the balconies of the units. Just like the fold of the fabric, the balconies will not have the same cuts and sizes, giving a unique lay-out on each floor and different features in each unit,” it explained.

The tower was also designed to have a proper orientation of the sun and wind, enabling it to block off solar heat from the afternoon sun, thus protecting its residents, guests, workers.

Designed to maximize

The Imperium, which is Latin for “Power to Rule,” is the second residential project to be launched within Capitol Commons. True to its name, this 62-storey tower is touted as the next highly coveted piece of real estate property in Metro Manila. A premier address offering only four units to a floor, this luxurious high rise exudes sophistication with its simple yet elegant architectural design.

According to Ortigas, The Imperium is shifted forward to ensure unobstructed views, while emphasizing its majestic positioning as the “king” of the block, hence its imperial name. In contrast with The Royalton’s sexy and sweeping curves, The Imperium’s architectural design is simple and elegant, made up of clean lines that emphasized its circular form from afar, it added.


Ortigas further pointed out that the trapezoidal canted windows were designed to provide an impressive perspective not just of the horizon but of the Capitol Commons park below. Aside from providing a unique viewing experience, other benefits from this design would be increased illumination and ventilation inside the units.

The Imperium also has a light shelf, an architectural element that allows daylight to penetrate into the units by using a surface to bounce the visible light up towards the ceiling and down into the unit space. This simple horizontal surface reduces the need for artificial lighting, counteracts the harmful glare of direct sunlight, and helps in the preservation of furniture inside the units.

The design of The Imperium offers more height and space given its beamless ceiling, which was achieved through the use of flat slab ceiling directly supported by columns. Obviously, this increases the net clear ceiling height, thus adding more space in a unit, Ortigas said.

Designing for the young

At 62 storeys, The Maven was designed to standout. Its design was inspired by the “lantern” which “symbolizes a movement towards the hip generation. The three-bedroom special units, located at the topmost floors, are said to form the shape of a lantern. A vertical notch on the building face serves as a breezeway while punched balconies create depth and character in the building.”

Located at the northeast corner of Capitol Commons, Maven is seen to be the new haven—an ideal space for the young modern dweller to live, work, play and learn since everything is practically just right outside your doorstep.

Designing for balance

And soon, Ortigas & Co. will be launching its fourth residential project here called “The Empress.” As its name suggests, the latest development will exude femininity and strength while, at the same time, bear that natural nurturing touch of a woman, which means health, balance and well-being would be the top priorities when The Empress was being designed.

To create that much sought balance amid the frenetic pace of life in the city, The Empress was designed to offer a balance of “yin” and “yang” spaces, with yin comprising of the quiet spaces (garden, pamper room, reading room) while the yang pertaining to the active zone (pool, gym, function halls, fitness and dance halls, etc.).


Read from news site here.

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Taking wise, vigilant steps to ward off ‘hungry ghost’

It’s that time of the year when many prefer to lay low, stay out of the limelight and avoid making crucial decisions.

In Chinese culture, the seventh month of the lunar calendar year or most commonly known as the Ghost Month is considered a dangerous period, a time to be extra vigilant and careful, particularly at night.


“The Ghost Month is when the portals of astrological heavens open, allowing spirits to go in and out the portal. The gates of hell are open and when this happens, the (spirits) can easily penetrate our world and do harm. That’s the reason why there are certain taboos during this month,” said certified master feng shui consultant Joyce M. Co.

During this month of hungry ghost, it is widely believed that the yin overpowers the yang, and when the yin chi dominates a house, it starts to attract ghosts and wandering spirits, which were released from hell to roam freely among the living.

While there are precautions you can take, it doesn’t mean that your life will stop during Ghost Month, Co stressed.

“Of course, this doesn’t mean you will stop everything literally. You cannot stop your business during this month, you need to move on with your life. My one advice is to not risk it too much, or take calculated risks. For instance, when you invest, make sure to invest in something that would likely prosper,” Co explained, adding further that this practical advice can go for everything else in one’s life all year round.

One of the best options for investment, according to feng shui, is real estate, Co disclosed.

“Real estate is earth. In feng shui, we talk about five elements namely water, metal, wood, fire and earth. Earth is considered dominant because all elements are there and therefore it can control and affect the other four elements. In feng shui, land is like food which is a basic commodity,” Co explained.

Certain real estate developments however trump other property projects as these have characteristics considered favorable under feng shui.

Co pointed out that feng shui is all about balance, about common sense and practicality.

To usher luck in your investment, choose a reliable developer with a solid track record that can offer you tangible proof about the kind of developments that a company can create. She further advises a potential homebuyer or investor to choose a development that caters to one’s needs and whims, whether it’s about convenience, accessibility, privacy, wellness options, among others, which can give you a holistic, well-balanced lifestyle.

Co further pointed out the significance of land configurations and having conducive living spaces, which are necessary in creating good feng shui.

“Space is very important. It’s one of the basics in feng shui—having air to breathe and space to explore. Air should be meandering. For practical reasons, would you like to live in a cramped space with limited air? When investing in a property like a condo unit, you have to make sure there is enough space,” Co further explained.

Hence, it would be good for your feng shui—and practical too—if you invest in a property that could give you enough space to move around and ample breathing room as well.

Currently, there are developers like Ortigas & Co. that have been creating masterplanned projects that provide residents that much sought space and sanctuary in the middle of a bustling city.



The 10-ha Capitol Commons, touted as a new destination for luxury living, is one mixed use development that offers modern living spaces, office facilities, commercial areas that showcase an array of retail, dining and entertainment selections, as well as lush parks and open spaces that provide the residents, office workers and tenants a much needed breathing space at the heart of the urban jungle.

Here, one can expect no less than a life well lived—one that is centered on comfort, convenience, elegance and wellbeing.

So far, three upscale residential towers were already launched namely 64-storey The Royalton, 62-storey The Imperium, and 62-storey The Maven. Estancia Mall meanwhile offers an array of exciting retail, dining and entertainment options, while the upper floors house 15,000 sqm of prime office spaces.

Accessibility is not a problem too since Capitol Commons is located along Meralco Avenue cor. Shaw Boulevard, within Ortigas Center in Pasig City, and is near major thoroughfares and public transport nodes as well.

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Developer ups the ante at famed Kapitolyo

The vibrant Kapitolyo village in Pasig City has been long known to be dotted with food hubs catering to various tastes and cravings.

Ranging from cafés, restaurants with international and local menus, to various bars and pubs, the streets of this mixed-use area have been attracting scores of visitors for years precisely because it was a food destination.


But today, Kapitolyo is no longer just a food destination. Now looming above the famous Kapitolyo restaurants are premium developments housing the same food hubs, with office spaces and residential areas now standing alongside them. And this perhaps has become the reason why this 96-ha area has been transformed into a major investment destination in the highly urbanized city of Pasig.

The area now prides itself as the home of premier development Capitol Commons, brought to the city by real estate pioneer Ortigas & Co.

But the rise of various horizontal business and residential spaces was not done all at once.



Ortigas & Co. first built The Royalton, a 64-storey residential condominium at Capitol Commons. The Royalton is known best for its veil-like appearance, allowing the tower to block the afternoon heat while residents enjoy a view of the Pasig River, Laguna de Bay and Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Its unique shape is also accompanied by the varied designs of its individual units—no two rooms are made alike.

Also rising in Capitol Commons is its second residential building, The Imperium, designed with trapezoidal canted windows made to lessen the need for artificial lighting. This 62-storey tower will have 233 two- to three-bedroom units and suites.

The Maven, another 62-floor residential tower, is different than The Imperium as this future premium high-rise will feature a resort-like amenity bar of five floors, distinctly designed for people “in pursuit of their passion.”

Capitol Commons, however, has more than just residential homes to offer: Ortigas & Co. also made Kapitolyo an even more luxurious space through Estancia Mall. Besides housing the food destinations Kapitolyo was once known for, Estancia became the home of many global luxury brands.

Situated at the top eight floors of this mall are office spaces, collectively known as Estancia Office.



Developed along Shaw Boulevard and Meralco Avenue, Capitol Commons stands in close proximity to other shopping malls and allows faster travel to public transportation.

Easier access to these destinations have further raised Kapitolyo’s land value to almost P250,000 to P300,000 per square meter, according to online real estate platform Lamudi.

Indeed, Kapitolyo Village has since evolved from a well-known food hub to a high-quality investment destination, surrounded by a lively environment made even more vibrant by the premier developments of Ortigas & Co.

Read from news site here.


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Meet CV Sports Hub, Haven for Active Sports

Get Fit with Friends and Family at CV Sports Hub

Few spaces in the metropolis are fully dedicated to active sports, the outdoors, and team sports as much as CV Sports Hub in Circulo Verde, Quezon City.

CV Sports Hub is a place for sports enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and those who want to take the first step towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. The sports hub features two  key facilities for outdoor and indoor sports that you can enjoy with friends and families.

The Bike Playground


The Bike Playground is the first and only indoor asphalt pump track in the Philippines. Developed by Ortigas Land in collaboration with global pump track and trail builder Velosolutions, it has captured the attention of cyclists both in and outside Metro Manila. 

The indoor pump track is designed with berms, rollers, and jumps that loop back on itself, allowing you to ride the course continuously without pedaling. Experienced riders can ride the pump track to showcase complex stunts, but it is also a suitable area where newbie cyclists can learn and practice new cycling skills.

The Bike Playground also has an outdoor trail, ideal for cyclists and bikers who don’t have time to go out of town to get their trail biking fix. The outdoor track features a rough and grassy terrain, perfect for those who want to test their skills on uneven surfaces. The track also has a giant ramp that lets you experience the thrill of riding up and down a hill. Also located outdoors is the Kids Track, built for the young ones and those who are not yet confident to try the pump track and outdoor trail.

The Bike Playground is not just for cyclists. If you have friends or relatives who ride skateboards and scooters, you can also bring them with you so you can try the amenities together. The Bike Playground also offers bike and gear rentals care of Celeste Cycles, all at affordable rates. If you have kids, you can enroll them in the facility’s cycling class.


The CV Quad


Situated just beside The Bike Playground is CV Quad, a spacious outdoor court where you can play basketball with your friends. This quad is also ideal for other types of team sports, including volleyball, badminton, and futsal.

The CV Quad has been painted with Deco-flex flooring and boasts a FIBA-based quadrangle, which will give players a feel of how it is to play in the international basketball arena, as well as LED lighting, a digital scoreboard, and a shot clock.  

If you’re going alone, you can also use the area for running and jogging.


Where Urban Living Meets the Beauty of Nature

All these facilities are located inside Circulo Verde, an Ortigas Land 10-hectare community that combines nature with modern urban living, with condominiums and townhouses alongside parks, restaurants, and retail shops.  Whether you’re a young professional, a newly married couple planning to start a family, or someone who is nearing retirement age, the Circulo Verde community is a place you should consider.

Ortigas Land is an estate developer that designs and builds master-planned developments where people can live, work, shop, and play. We offer residential properties located close to entertainment, retail, and sports facilities. For more information about our developments, contact us today.

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Looking for an Office Space in the Metro? Consider Ortigas CBD

Metro Manila is one of the prime business destinations in Asia. The city, in recent years, has picked up some steam and became an emerging global city like Jakarta, Shanghai, and Seoul. In fact, UK-based Oxford Economics predicts that Metro Manila will be the 9th fastest-growing city in the Asia-Pacific from 2018-2022, according to its report published in Inquirer Business.

Apart from being on that list, Metro Manila is a strategic location for both government offices and commercial spaces due to the types of property available, accessibility, and availability of space.

If your business is looking to rent office space in the metro, consider leasing one of the available commercial spaces in Ortigas. Here are great reasons to go for this location:

Affordable Lease Rates

Office spaces in Metro Manila, according to the Philippine News Agency, are becoming more expensive. Makati CBD, for instance, has the highest weighted average lease rate at 1,419.68 pesos per square meter per month. Ortigas CBD, on the other hand, is becoming the least costly market for office space. Its weighted average lease rate is 698.72 pesos. Small businesses and start-ups with a tight budget can opt for the lower rates in Ortigas.

Excellent Accessibility

Situated at the boundaries of Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and Pasig, Ortigas is unquestionably accessible. Getting to the central business district, in fact, is easy. Professionals working here can commute to Ortigas Center via the following:

  • Metro Railway Transit (MRT) along EDSA – If they’re coming from EDSA-Taft Avenue or North Avenue, they can opt to take the train to Ortigas Station.
  • Bus – Those coming from the South can ride a bus going to Fairview or Monumento and disembark at Ortigas. On the other hand, those coming from the North can take a bus going to Baclaran and get off in Ortigas.
  • Jeepney – Some jeepneys in the Cainta Junction have EDSA Central as one of their stopovers. Additionally, those coming from the city of Mandaluyong can ride a jeep bound for a mall in EDSA-Shaw. From there, they can take the overpass and walk towards their destination.
  • FX – They can ride this PUV in LRT-2 Pureza Station going to major malls in Ortigas. There are also FXs in Quiapo, which goes directly to Ortigas Center. · Subway – The proposed Metro Manila Subway Project (MMSP) will have two stations that will make Ortigas Center more accessible to the public. The first is the Ortigas North Station, whose future location will be in front of Ortigas Building. The second is the Ortigas South Station, which will be in Capitol Commons.

Safe Location

The streets in Ortigas are well lit throughout the night. There are police officials riding in their motorcycles who are visible in nearly every street. Employees working in the graveyard night can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they’re safe as they walk to their place of work. Additionally, Ortigas have overpasses that help keep people safe. In October 2017, three of these walkways opened in Ortigas Center as part of the efforts by the local government and the private sector to make urban cities friendlier to pedestrians. With these convenient bridges, professionals can safely and easily reach the other side without having to walk through the large roads of the central business district.

Ortigas Center is a bustling nest of industries, from BPOs to banks. A few of the master-planned developments that offer commercial spaces for lease are The Offices at Estancia, Silver City, and The Glaston Tower. Get in touch with us today for more information about our real estate developments.

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Ortigas launches P14-B office tower

Ortigas & Company is expanding its office portfolio with the launch of the first phase of The Galleon which is expected to generate P14 billion in sales.

The project is a mixed-use, two-tower development which will soon rise in the heart of Ortigas Center and offer office, retail, and residential spaces.

The first tower to be introduced will be the office building which will provide spaces fit for the needs of businesses — whether multi-national companies, conglomerates, or professional firms.

“We are excited to introduce The Galleon to the market, especially as this is a premier development in the Ortigas central business district,” said Ortigas & Company President Jaime E. Ysmael.

He noted that, “as the demand for high-quality office spaces continues to rise, we are confident that this property will be able to offer something new to investors who place apremium on convenience, accessibility, sustainability, and the prestige to claim their own piece of Ortigas Center.”

Offices at The Galleon will consist of 31 office levels with food and retail establishments on the first two levels of the building. There will also be five levels of basement parking to accommodate office tenants and retail patrons.

Unit sizes for office spaces start at 75 square meters to 767 square meters, with prices ranging from P20.9 million to P184.3 million. It has a net saleable area of 47,000 square meters priced from P250,000 to P266,000 per square meter.

Set to rise along ADB Avenue and right across the Asian Development Bank Headquarters, The Galleon offers convenience, and accessibility given its location. Various food, retail, and entertainment establishments surround the property.

“The Galleon is the first development this year that we’re introducing as we celebrate our 88thAnniversary. As we anchor our premier development in Ortigas Center, we aim to strengthen our position as a developer that builds great places that complement and enhance the lives of people,” said Ysmael.

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Ortigas and Co. expects P14 billion in sales from office-for-sale building

Property developer Ortigas and Co. on Wednesday said it is spending some P11 billion to develop The Galleon, a mixed-use, two-tower property that will be built near the Asian Development Bank in Ortigas Center.

Company president and CEO Jaime E. Ysmael said the company will first launch the sale of office spaces, which he said will be a premium space and not for the business process outsourcing sector. The company is expecting P14 billion in sales from the project, which it is selling at an average price of P266,000 per square meter.

The first tower to be introduced will be the office building, but the entire development will also have retail and residential spaces.

“As the demand for high-quality office spaces continues to rise, we are confident that this property will be able to offer something new to investors who place a premium on convenience, accessibility, sustainability and the prestige to claim their own piece of Ortigas Center,” Ysmael said.

There will be about 47,000 square meters in net saleable area and will be completed by 2025.

Offices at The Galleon will consist of 31 office levels with food and retail establishments on the first two levels of the building. There will also be five levels of basement parking to accommodate office tenants and retail patrons. Unit sizes for office spaces start at 75 square meters to 767 square meters, with prices ranging from P20.9 million to P184.3 million.

“The Galleon is the first development this year that we’re introducing as we celebrate our 88thAnniversary. As we anchor our premier development in Ortigas Center, we aim to strengthen our position as a developer that builds great places that complement and enhance the lives of people,” Ysmael said. 

Other office portfolio of the company, which comprises of The Glaston Tower and Silver City in Ortigas East, the Ortigas Building and the IBP Tower in Ortigas Center and the Offices at Estancia in Capitol Commons.

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Ortigas & Co. sets P12-B capex for 2019

Property developer Ortigas & Co. has allotted P12 billion to capital expenditures this year to finance expansion initiatives.

“Our capex for the year is about P12 billion for all of our requirements for the year ... Last year was only about P9 billion,” Ortigas & Co. president and CEO Jaime Ysmael told reporters at a news briefing in Pasig City on Wednesday.

“That would all be funded by internally generated funds and some borrowings,” Ysmael noted.

Among the major projects to be launched this year is the P11-billion mixed-used “The Galleon” in Ortigas Center along ADB Avenue, offering office, retail, and residential spaces

The project will be launched on July 21, 2019 and is targeted to be finished by fourth quarter of 2025.

“As the demand for high-quality office spaces continues to rise, we are confident that this property will be able to offer something new to investors who place a premium on convenience, accessibility, sustainability, and the prestige to claim their own piece of Ortigas Center,” Ysmael said.

In the next five years, Ortigas & Co. is looking at a capital expenditure program of around P12 billion to P15 billion.

“We see P12-P15 billion in capex over the next five years as we pursue our expansion plans,” Ysmael said.

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Ortigas & Company Anchors Its Premier Development In Ortigas Center With The Galleon

Ortigas & Company sustains its momentum in expanding its office portfolio with the launch of The Galleon, a mixed-use, two-tower property which will soon rise in the heart of Ortigas Center which will offer office, retail, and residential spaces.

Poised to become Metro Manila’s next prime business address, The Galleon offers a rare opportunity for investors to own a piece of Ortigas Center. The first tower to be introduced will be the office building which will provide spaces fit for the needs of businesses—whether multi-national companies, conglomerates, or professional firms.

“We are excited to introduce The Galleon to the market, especially as this is a premier development in the Ortigas central business district. As the demand for high-quality office spaces continues to rise, we are confident that this property will be able to offer something new to investors who place a premium on convenience, accessibility, sustainability, and the prestige to claim their own piece of Ortigas Center,” says Ortigas & Company President and CEO Jaime E. Ysmael.


The Offices at The Galleon will be the first tower to rise in the development. The 30-storey office tower will be built with sustainability features that will benefit both the community where it sits and tenants who see value with investing in an upscale office space in one of the metro’s prime CBDs.

Offices at The Galleon will consist of 31 office levels with food and retail establishments on the first two levels of the building. There will also be five levels of basement parking to accommodate office tenants and retail patrons. Unit sizes for office spaces start at 75 square meters (850 sq. ft) to 767 square meters (8,256 sq. ft), with prices ranging from PhP 20.9 million to PhP 184.3 million.

The tower exudes a modern look, with glass exteriors allowing natural light to fill the spaces. The design is intended to showcase the promise of high-quality and premium spaces which is offered by The Galleon.

Set to rise along ADB Avenue and right across the Asian Development Bank Headquarters, The Galleon offers convenience, and accessibility given its location. Various food, retail, and entertainment establishments surround the property. Situated near EDSA, and rising in the most central point of Ortigas Center, navigating to the surrounding cities is made easy.

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Ortigas East logo

Life at the Philippines’ First Eco-estate Looks Amazing

Life at the Philippines’ First Eco-Estate Looks Amazing

We’re getting a sneak peek at the latest updates at Ortigas East by Ortigas Land, premier real estate developer in the Philippines – and the impressions are stunning. Sustainability is at the heart of this project, which is being developed as Metro Manila’s first eco-estate and is set to become one of the Philippines’ leading lifestyle hubs.  


Mindful Living

Ortigas East is beginning to take shape as the development to watch – an integrated, mixed-use complex, with retail spaces, office buildings, and a swath of residential choices for its future denizens.

More and more Filipinos are demanding higher quality amenities from the places they live in. They’re looking for higher standards of living, which take the form of accessibility, convenience, and exclusivity.

They’re also becoming more eco-aware, health-oriented, and nature-focused. They want to live in buildings that are generate energy efficiently and sustainably; are good at recycling; and give them space to relax, unwind, and recharge.

Residents, workers, and visitors will soon be able to enjoy functional spots, parklets, tree-lined roads, and public art displays that intermingle with residential, retail, and commercial spaces.

The development has been designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle, with its pedestrian-friendly streets making it ideal for walking.

Another key benefit of Ortigas East is that it is the only development along the C5 corridor that has three main access points: C5, Ortigas Avenue, and Julia Vargas. The community sits at the nexus of economic activity in Metro Manila and is likely to become the city’s next prime business address.


1st residential building launches in Ortigas East

Maple at Verdant Towers is the first residential building to launch at Ortigas East and will provide a home to many inside the impressive fully integrated estate. Ortigas Land has worked carefully to craft a living space befitting of the eco-estate.

The interiors use natural materials to create an inspired minimalist design. Meanwhile, the amenity deck of Maple at Verdant Towers features a Gardenwalk that boasts lush landscaping and captivating design to enrich daily life.

Those living here will find both indoor and outdoor play areas for children along with a swimming pool, residents’ lounge, game room and outdoor community space surrounded by greenery.

Of course, the needs of modern residents have been taken into consideration throughout Maple at Verdant Towers. There are retail spaces at the ground level of the building along with nine levels dedicated to parking. Additionally, backup power is available for every last unit at the development.


Living large in Maple at Verdant Towers 

No feature stands out quite like the inclusion of both townhouse and garden units in Maple at Verdant Towers. These rare residential spaces offer a vibrant life in the heart of the city.

The two-bedroom garden units are located on the amenity level of Maple at Verdant Towers. Each residence has two levels and range in size from 137 to 164 square meters. In addition to this, there is a private, green space with spectacular views of the BGC skyline.

The town house units are for those who want to enjoy space and exclusivity without needing to leave the city. These impressive homes have three bedrooms and come with a bi-level configuration. This setup allows them to have a front yard, balcony, and private garden. The townhouses have also been equipped with an exclusive elevator from the parking at podium level 2 to the townhouse units.

There are only six townhouse units and four garden units in Maple at Verdant Towers along with a mix of studio, one- and two-bedroom condos.

Proximity to shopping and leisure

Development in other parts of the Ortigas East area advances steadily. Last year saw the launch of the CV Sports Hub at Circulo Verde, as well as completed renovations and expansions made to Tiendesitas mall.

Tiendesitas is still the top destination for pet care, accessories, and grooming, as well as a hub for lifestyle shopping, and home to a Decathlon superstore in the heart of the metro.

CV Sports Hub is a unique active sports and entertainment center of its own, with The Bike Playground, which has an indoor asphalt pump track; the CV Quad, meant for team sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton, and futsal.

In addition to nearby walkable convenience, Ortigas East is just minutes away from the heart of the Ortigas Central Business District, a thriving destination for international business, shopping, and dining experiences that are amongst the best in town.    


Invest today, enjoy tomorrow

It’s only a matter of time before Ortigas East becomes Metro Manila’s next iconic area. This is why now is the best time to invest. Doing so will allow you to own a property that offers both value for money and high potential for growth. With a wide range of new developments in the pipeline, prices in the future look set to increase at Ortigas East.

Those who want to enjoy life in a modern, vibrant community can be among the first to live in Ortigas East by securing a unit in Maple at Verdant Towers. For real estate investors, there is significant potential for leasing income with new office developments set to be part of Ortigas East.

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Ortigas Projects Win 2019 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

MANILA, Philippines — Premier property developer Ortigas & Company added three Bronze Stevie Awards to its achievement roster as its projects – The Glaston Tower, Maple at Verdánt Towers, and Ortigas Art Festival – received recognition at ceremonies held recently at the InterContinental Hotel, Singapore. Winning bronze in this year’s Asia Pacific Stevies are The Glaston Tower (for Innovation in Business-to-Business Products under the New Product Category); Maple at Verdánt Towers (for Innovation in Consumer Products and Services under the New Product Category); and Ortigas Art Festival (for Innovation in the Use of Events). Deemed as one of the most prestigious and globally acclaimed award-giving bodies across multiple industries, the Stevie Awards honors achievements and public contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. This year’s Asia Pacific tilt recognized companies’ adept use of innovation in its delivery of products and services. “We are honored to have been recognized again by the Stevie Awards. This will further inspire us to continue to innovate and introduce products that address the ever-evolving needs of our customers. The awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and global competitiveness,” said Ortigas & Company president and chief executive officer Jaime E. Ysmael. Poised to become Metro Manila’s next premier business address, The Glaston Tower in Ortigas East is an office development set to provide spaces for both startups and traditional companies.

It is the first office for sale from Ortigas & Company. Through its prime location in an eco-estate, The Glaston Tower offers a holistic environment that fosters productivity and promotes an ideal balanced lifestyle for the modern Filipino professional. Maple at Verdánt Towers, another Ortigas East project, is a prime residential space that will provide city dwellers with a refreshing escape within the heart of the bustling metro. Townhouses and condominium units are masterfully combined to offer living options that provide respite while being conveniently located in an integrated estate that affords access to all business and leisure comforts. Held at Estancia in Capitol Commons, the Ortigas Art Festival featured contemporary art from up-and-coming artists. It made art a more accessible and engaging experience for all by locating the event at Estancia, thus also transforming the mall into a creative space for visitors.


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Ortigas Projects Bag Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

Premier property developer Ortigas & Company has added three Bronze Stevie Awards to its achievement roster as its projects The Glaston Tower, Maple at Verdánt Towers, and Ortigas Art Festival received recognition in recent ceremonies held at the InterContinental Hotel, Singapore.

Winning bronze in this year’s Asia Pacific Stevies are: The Glaston Tower, for Innovation in Business-to-Business Products under the New Product Category; Maple at Verdánt Towers, for Innovation in Consumer Products and Services under the New Product Category; and Ortigas Art Festival, for Innovation in the Use of Events.Deemed as one of the most prestigious and globally acclaimed award-giving bodies across multiple industries, the Stevie Awards honors achievements and public contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. This year’s Asia Pacific tilt focused on and recognized companies’ adept use of innovation in its delivery of products and services.“We are honored to have been recognized again by the Stevie Awards. This will further inspire us to continue to innovate and introduce products that address the ever evolving needs of our customers. The awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and global competitiveness,” said Ortigas & Company president and CEO Jaime Ysmael. Poised to become Metro Manila’s next premier business address, The Glaston Tower in Ortigas East is an office development set to provide spaces for both startups and traditional companies alike.


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LOOK: Christmas Street Light Musical Tunnel dazzles Pasig


Posted at Nov 07 2018 02:10 AM | Updated as of Nov 07 2018 11:54 AM


As night falls and the spotlights dim from a stage, a medley of lights and Christmas music burst along Frontera Drive in Pasig City.

The Christmas Street Light Musical Tunnel opened to the public for its second year, entertaining visitors with a colorful light display synced with various yuletide jingles.

The highly acclaimed display stretches along a section in front of the Tiendesitas shopping center, covering the street with 2,368 pixels of light, made up of red, blue, and green bulbs, flickering to the beat of the music.

From November 7 until January 7, 2019, the musical light show will play every 30 minutes from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., even as vehicles pass the festive street.


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Ortigas & Company has big plans in store for their malls, Rappler

A new mall in Greenhills, award-winning Christmas campaigns in Estancia and Tiendesitas – get to know some of Ortigas & Company’s upcoming plans and activities


MANILA, Philippines — Changing times call for changing needs.


Ortigas & Company has taken these words to heart as they have been prepping big plans to beef up the customer experience across their properties. You could see these from wide-scale initiatives in upgrading their malls to the smaller events and activities held inside them.

Here’s what to look forward to in the coming months and years.


A modern approach to retail

Ortigas & Company is ramping up its P 60-billion development of Greenhills, starting off with a new regional mall. The mall will be a mix of popular global and local brands, as well as Greenhills’ signature tiangges.

Eyed to open in 2021, it’s estimated that the mall will be able to house 150 brands and 2,000 tiangge stalls. It will be seven floors tall, as well have three basement levels for parking.


“We are building on the format that we have now, and making it more attuned to the current trends of global and local retail,” Ortigas & Company Vice President and Ortigas Malls General Manager Arch. Renee Bacani shares.


She adds that while this will be a reinvigoration of Greenhills, it will not lose sight of its advocacy of helping local entrepreneurs. “We have always supported Filipino entrepreneurial talent and we will continue to be a retail incubator for these up and coming businesses,” Bacani stresses.


Fueling San Juan’s growth


The mall is merely an early stage of a long-term plan in developing the San Juan area. In the coming years, the mall will be a central link to more properties in the area: The Connor at Greenhills, a revamped Unimart, McKinley Arcade, and an upcoming BPO office space.


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Sustainability, accessibility, community: Ortigas East is the metro’s eco-estate

By: Inqiurer.net Brandroom


Championing well-being for the public and the environment, this Ortigas & Company development is a worthy investment

The Philippine property market remains robust with developments that offer all sorts of value: affordability, accessibility, and amenities, among others. With all the options available for property buyers, premier developer Ortigas & Company makes a compelling case on why its newest estate, Ortigas East, is worth the investment.

Ortigas East, formerly called Frontera Verde, is now being redeveloped by the company with a P50-billion outlay into an “eco-estate”. This is Ortigas & Company’s first redevelopment plan conceived under the synergy of Ortigas & Company, Ayala Land, and SM Prime. The estate aims to seamlessly integrate a modern, bustling community with a lifestyle grounded on accessibility, community, and sustainability.

“Through the synergies present in Ortigas & Company, we are coming up with a truly unique and iconic eco-estate called Ortigas East. Our masterplan is designed for the efficient and innovative use of mixed-use properties covering residential, retail, and business. All these facets come together to provide the market with an attractive product that they can invest, work, and live in,” said Ortigas & Company Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Thomas F. Mirasol.

Increased property value with location, accessibility


A prime reason why Ortigas East is attractive is because of Ortigas & Company’s proven performance as an investment. Property value in the Ortigas East area has doubled in the last five years. Headlining its distinctions is the estate’s excellent location. Ortigas East is the only development along the C5 corridor that has three main access points: C5, Ortigas Avenue, and Julia Vargas. Its strategic location puts it at the nexus of economic activity.

In fact, Ortigas East is set to become Metro Manila’s next prime business address — a natural extension of the Ortigas central business district. With a high office occupancy rate of 95% according to Colliers International, Ortigas-based offices remain in-demand especially to those looking to base their operations in the area.


Earlier this year, Ortigas & Company launched its first office development in Ortigas East: The Glaston Tower. With 81% uptake only a few hours after its launch, The Glaston Tower proves the strong demand for office supply in Ortigas and marks Ortigas East’s first phase of redevelopment.

The property is also friendly to public transportation, private motorists, and pedestrians. Apart from the three main access points, Ortigas East will have a multi-modal transport terminal, a six-lane boulevard connecting Ortigas Avenue and Julia Vargas, as well as spacious tree-lined road networks within the estate.

Creating an eco-estate

Ortigas & Company is working with world-class firms to create this modern, self-sustaining eco-estate: Callison RTKL is the design consultant for master planning, while WSP serves as consultant for traffic analysis.

“Our vision for Ortigas East is to become the eco-estate. We want to build a fine example of sustainability. Ortigas East is going to set the bar in innovative design and master planning, and will fully showcase our company’s commitment to build healthy, happy places where people desire to work, shop, and live,” Mirasol shared.

To achieve this eco-friendly vision, Ortigas East will have 40% green, open space that will combine functional spots, parklets, tree-lined roads, and integrate public art. The development is also designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle through walking with its pedestrian-friendly streets.


The eco-estate’s redevelopment will come in three phases. Kicking off the first phase are The Glaston Tower, a connecting regional mall, and a residential development that will be launched soon. The second phase will focus on community as Ortigas East unveils its open spaces, parks, and more residential offerings. The final phase, meanwhile, will bring in a hotel — a first for an Ortigas & Company estate — and more retail and office developments.

Setting the standard for sustainability

With its focus on environmental sustainability, Ortigas East is setting the standard as the metro’s eco-estate.

It is bent on reducing carbon emissions through encouraging the use of bicycles by designating bike lanes and bike stands in the property, and prioritizing sustainable lighting throughout the estate. Ortigas East will also promote efficient water use through the implementation of a rainwater recovery system per building.

Lastly, Ortigas East is committed to implementing an efficient waste management system that encourages recycling and proper waste disposal that promotes health and cleanliness throughout its neighborhood.

“We believe that it is of absolute importance to adopt a forward-thinking mindset by constantly reinventing our processes and designs, to make our properties more attractive to investors. We are doing this with our eco-estate Ortigas East, and we are eager for the community to experience this and benefit from it,” Mirasol concluded.


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Ortigas & Company to spend P26B on Capitol Commons

The property developer is expanding Estancia mall and constructing condominiums at Capitol Commons in Pasig City


MANILA, Philippines – Property developer Ortigas & Company will spend P26 billion on Capitol Commons, its 10-hectare mixed-use estate in Pasig City.

The investment includes funds for the expansion of the upscale Estancia mall.


Estancia's expanded section will have a gross floor area of 76,000 square meters (sqm). Ortigas & Company said on Thursday, July 5, that this section will include:

  • a department store by retail giant SM
  • cinemas
  • restaurants
  • global lifestyle brands
  • office spaces (11,000 sqm of the total 76,000 sqm)

The mall's new section is expected to be opened in 2019.

Three condominiums will also rise at Capitol Commons – Royalton, Imperium, and Maven – set for completion in the next 3 years.


"Capitol Commons is one of our key fully integrated developments in the Ortigas central business district (CBD). It is an enclave positioned as truly modern and global, and we are fully committed to unlocking its value," said Ortigas & Company president and chief executive officer Jaime Ysmael.

The property developer also noted that the Ortigas CBD would be more accessible through government infrastructure projects.

These include the P1.6-billion Bonifacio Global City-Ortigas Center Link Road Project, which broke ground in July 2017 and is expected to be completed by March 2020. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) said this road would cut travel time between Taguig City and Pasig City to just 12 minutes.

Capitol Commons can also eventually be reached through the Ortigas South Station of the planned Metro Manila Subway. The P356.96-billion subway will run from Mindanao Avenue in Quezon City to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City, and is expected to be completed by 2025.

"Our master plan for Capitol Commons takes into account not only today's lifestyle, design, and construction trends, but also upcoming developments that involve the wider community. This investment will prepare us to become a truly integrated hub for live-work-play on this side of Metro Manila," Ysmael said.


Aside from Capitol Commons, Ortigas & Company's mixed-use developments include Greenhills Center, Ortigas East, and Circulo Verde.

Back in March, Ortigas & Company said it would spend P50 billion to redevelop the 16-hectare Ortigas East, formerly named Frontera Verde. – Rappler.com

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